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Hey loves!  Taking a break from the Shea moisture collection, we will focus on the last piece in the Dark and lovely mini collection

It’s been while I know, so let me refresh your memory. We were doing a mini-series on their products for natural hair. We looked at the moisture L.O.C collection > and the anti-shrinkage collection >

The anti-breakage collection aims to strengthen fragile hair and reduce breakage. It’s not a big collection, just 4 products in total:

  1. Root to tip mender
  2. Strength restoring conditioner
  3. Tension release hair wash
  4. Super softening hair butter

So it’s a bit strange to me that this collection doesn’t feature a deep conditioner or a leave in conditioner. I know I say this for almost every collection that doesn’t have one lol, but for an anti-breakage collection/ system it should definitely have one! And I would think it would be a protein based deep conditioner too. I also think some sort of oil/scalp elixir/serum would have be good. Personally I don’t think they put as much effort into this collection, I feel as though they just jumped on the natural hair bandwagon with this one from the looks of things but I may be totally wrong.  But I would never know unless I actually try the products!

Let’s see what others say, it’s time for reviews!





That’s all folks. This concludes or Dark and Lovely for natural hair collection. We will be going back to our shea moisture collection soon.

Here in the UK you can get some of the products on British Curlies > . If you guys know where to purchase the full collection, kindly leave a comment 🙂

Until then




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