Curly By Nature



Hey family, so it’s another product collection. This time from the UK! I decided to add some UK brands to this series to inform you guys of alternative brands. I know some of us really want to support and buy UK based brands but don’t know where to start so hopefully this can help you. I will try to add as many UK based businesses as possible. Let’s get to it then

Curly By Nature was created by Klerissa McDonald and promises to offer you the best tools in treating and beautifying your hair by providing you with simple healthy hair care methods and natural hypoallergenic products. For those who may be wondering, it is black owned too.

The full product collection include

Hair Repair Oil

Moisture shampoo

Intensive conditioning mask

Nourishing gloss balm


She also offers a healthy hair kit which includes everything expect for the nourishing gloss.

She also offers a personal hair consultation online.



The description says

Experienced haircare specialist Klerissa McDonald (founder of award winning British brand Curly By Nature) will conduct an in-depth analysis of your personal hair history, health, preferences and ultimate hair goals. After completing an in depth assessment (online part 1) and a short but in-depth discussion or practical session (one to one online video) you will receive a Personalised Healthy Haircare Prescription. This will feature your own tailored specific advice and effective tips to achieve your ultimate healthy haircare goals accompanied with a list of recommended high quality products, tools and accessories you may choose purchase at a discount 35% (TRY ME KIT is INCLUDED).

For more information by this brand, please visit their website >

For more UK based natural hair brands, please visit >

That’s all folks. I hope you guys found this useful. I have more UK based product collections so stay tuned!

Until next time

With love


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