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Hey family! How’s everyone doing?! Can you believe we are more than half way through 2015?! And only 26 more weeks left of 2015! These months be flying by likeee (insert a sentence you think would rhyme here lol). Anyway, so I am back with another monthly products post. Just to clarify, these are not my monthly favourites these are the products I have purchased in the month (Because I realised, I think I buy new products every month #productjunkie). This is a way of me keeping tracking of what I bought and also to help anyone who is looking for new products to try. I will add more information and thoughts if I have used the product and where to buy. I will add price as well where I remember.

So this month, I did not buy a lot of products even though the picture proves otherwise lol. That is because I purchased most of them in a deal e.g. 3 for 10 (lol). Most of them I got from the WITJ event (Check out my event cover by clicking here > )

I got 3 of the Naat Creams for 10 pounds. Amazing right? The size is just everything #allconditionersshouldbe1kg! There are 7 in the full range but I got the Avocado oil and fruit complex, the argan oil and macadamia and the garlic and Cupuacu creams. Currently I am using the garlic and Cupuacu cream and I must say I am loving the results! It has no harsh garlic smell. My shedding has reduced and my hair feels very soft.  I will do a more in depth review once I used it about 4 times. For more information on the range, check out my video below. The NuNaat lady explains all the NaatCreams and their uses.

The Cantu products also came in a 4 for 15 deal and a free t-shirt. I got the leave in conditioner, 2x of the complete conditioning co-wash and their conditioning creamy lotion. All these products are part of their natural hair line! I LOVE everything! For the full natural hair product range check out my post on it >> . They all smell amazing especially that hair lotion! It softens and moisturises my hair to the t! The leave in conditioner also does it job well. Honestly between my Naat cream and the leave in plus the lotion I don’t know what exactly is making my hair so soft but hey I am not complaining! The co wash is ok, I haven’t seen amazing results or a difference yet.

KTC pure coconut oil. £2.99 from ACE hair and beauty shop. Of course everyone knows the benefits of this oil. I mainly use this to detangle my hair now but I also use it in my oil mixes.

Simple micellar cleansing water- if you read my May monthly products (Link> ), you would see how I am now completely obsessed with micellar cleansing water! Simple’s version leaves my skin hydrated and clean although I feel like I have to use more than the Superdrug’s version to remove all my makeup. Nevertheless I really like it and what’s better it contains no harsh chemicals! It was £2.19 from Superdrug

Olive oil. Well lol olive oil £1.49 from ACE

Mango and Lime’s version of jbco. I haven’t used this yet but we all know the benefits of castor oil. Check out my previous posts on hair growth oils > I decided to try it again from another company. I have run out of my sunny isle jbco. Mango and Lime is a good brand so I thought why not? It was £3.99 from Diva hair and beauty. When I got home I then decided to look at the ingredient list and it contains other stuff compared to the sunny isle one! (why didn’t I check in the store lol) also it’s not as thick as the sunny isle one and jbco should be thick! Even though I haven’t used it yet I won’t be repurchasing afterwards (This is when trying new stuff goes weary lol) is not ‘pure’ if its cut with other oils is it?. I even tried to con my bro out of his sunny isle jbco and he said no lool.


Finally L.A pro concealer. This was so unexpected. I have been wanting to try this concealer for ages and I never knew you could get it in stores in the UK. I have been trying to convince myself to get it online but then the problem is I have to get more stuff lol. So I went into ACE with a friend looking for wig caps and randomly I asked them if they had it in store and they said yes! So of course I had to get one! Just in time too, I needed another concealer. I love it so much. All the hype is true, it’s really good and it was £3.99. I think I will go back and get some more shades.

Best swatch video I found

I also got a satin bonnet.


I got sent these products to review for the blog. From her product collection, I chose the pure shea butter soap and shea oil. I will be bringing you a review soon so check back on here. If you haven’t already check out my post on my first look at the products by clicking here >>

That’s all folks. Let me know what products you have been buying and using this month! #sarahfynnmonthly. This is actually a fun way to keep track of your products and the money you’re spending on it. I don’t think I will be buying new products every month (I mean I have conditioner for life lol) so in those cases I will be bringing you favourites (I think that’s better)

Until next time



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