PRODUCT FOCUS- Motions pre-wash detangling butter

pre wash

This post will be a short review on the pre-wash detangling butter from Motions that I purchased from the NaturalHairWeek2015 in London. I will talk about the performance and my thoughts on the product. Let’s get started! If you haven’t already, check out my event cover on NaturalHairWeek 2015. >>

So the product claims to and I quote “melt into each strand to provide deep penetrating moisture and instant tangle release. It is infused with shea butter, coconut and avocado oils, this ultra-moisturising butter smoothes over each strand to provide the ideal slip and softness to promote less hair breakage”

You apply it on dry hair to detangle and wash out straight away or leave on for a while for extra dry hair.

So does it live up to its name?

I really love this product. The smell is really pleasant which obviously comes in handy when spending long hours finger detangling your hair! It works really well to detangle you tresses and provide slip.  I experienced less shedding than usual, it may be due to the due that I was only finger detangling this time. I left it on for about 30 minutes or so and it left my hair butter soft!

I am not sure of the retail price as I purchased it as part of deal but check the major BSS or online for it. I like the packaging – the gold colours make it look expensive (or maybe it’s just me lol).

The only con I have about this product is the size! Its 229 ml- barely enough to detangle a whole head of hair! I got two tubs and each one lasted for one detangling session. Obviously if you have thicker and longer hair you may need more than one tub per session!

So is it worth it over a normal conditioner? I don’t think so. It’s a good product and works really well but it’s the size that really lets it down. Also if it was in a bottle with a pump that could have been easier to apply. I could get a normal conditioner probably for the same price or cheaper and it could probably work the same.

Final thoughts- I think it is a good product and someone with shorter and less thicker hair will get more use of it compared to someone with thicker longer hair.


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