Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing great so far. I am so sorry I am late with this post! I have been so busy with my final year of uni that I have had no time to blog! But guess what? I am officially done with university! Yes 3 years plus a year abroad! I am so happy and I am so grateful for this experience. You forgive me right? Now let’s get into this post!

So as you guys already know, I am on a biotin plus jbco challenge to grow my hair. My goal is to get bsl (bra-strap-length). Please check out my previous posts (links below) and get up to date with me.

Biotin introduction>>

1st month update>>

Ok, so quick summary to get you up to speed before I jump into my results for this month: I have been taking 10,000 mcg of biotin (plus well woman multivitamins to prevent breakouts), once daily and using my castor oil mix (sunny isle jbco, olive oil, spearmint oil and African’s pride herbal oil) on my scalp as often as possible. I also incorporate this mix into my deep conditioner sometimes.

2nd month results

Screenshot_2015-05-10-19-33-38So I measured my hair on the 27th of April (it’s supposed to be the 14th btw) and as you can see I hardly retained growth and experienced any.  I think this is due to the fact that I have been very very stressed from the ending of March up until yesterday so of course that affected my hair. Then my normal hair routines just went out of the door: I was moisturising daily, washing weekly, hell sometimes I forgot to take the biotin or just my oil mix. Then I wash days I would rush the process (DO NOT DO THIS BTW), causing more breakage than normal! When I finally measured my hair, I wasn’t surprised with my results tbh but I was impressed I had lost that much length, which I am very happy about! Plus my diet followed my hair routines out the door too lol.

Anyway now all that is over, I am hoping to get back to my normal self and hopefully that will help this month’s results. Keep checking back for updates and I will speak to you guys soon. Subscribe so you don’t miss a thing and keep up to date with me, I promise it will be worth it. Go ahead and follow me on my social media too, I have a lot in store for you!

Instagram- @sarahfynn

Twitter-@ slimtings1

I was at the Natural hair week show 2015 in london and blog post coming soon!!!

Love Sarah


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