Hey family, hope everyone is doing good and enjoying the weather (no of course you’re not enjoying this freezing cold weather LOL!). However good news is here! (Well for the people who have been thinking of taking hairfinity but are just not quite sure if you want to invest in it!) I have my one month update even though it’s long overdue (I have no excuses). Right so let’s get into it!

Most important question: DID I EXPERIENCE GROWTH?

YES. Normally my hair grows about ½ an inch monthly but I would also say my hair sheds quite a bit. Now obviously that would make it difficult to retain any growth right? So, how did hairfinity help? Well for starters shedding was reduced by up to 70% or more I think. I experienced less shedding during detangling and washing! I wish I took pictures but from month two, I will begin to add hair pictures to these posts.  As you can see from my measurements, I first measured my hair on the 29th of September; however I didn’t start taking hairfinity till the 2nd of October. So from then until the 2nd November when I actually measured by hair, I have experienced about 2 inches growth! As you can see my crown area did not grow (weird) and I have no idea why!


I didn’t have a set time I took the pills, but mostly I took them in the evening( only because in the mornings for me I would be rushing  about for uni or work so it wouldn’t have been ideal for me.) It also did not matter for me if I took them before or after a meal either. About missing pills, there were some days I missed. Some days I couldn’t remember if I had taken them or not so just to be safe and not overdose I did not take them that day. Also there was a whole weekend I was away from home and didn’t take the pills with me, so in total I had missed about 4 days or more, so then I would take them the next day which is probably why I didn’t finish the bottle exactly on the 2nd of November. But I have been taking them for 30 days.


Not for me! The one thing I was worried about was breaking out as almost every woman on YouTube said. To try and combat that I started drinking a minimum of 1 litre of water a day to flush out any excess vitamins/minerals so as to reduce the chances of a breakout. Did it work? YES. However, ( yh there is always a however or but) I started using lemon juice as a toner to help with my complexion and the results have been phenomenal! I am not exaggerating. I USED to have breakout prone skin, but since I started using  lemon juice as a toner PLUS drinking lots of water, my skin is glowing. Like GLOWING.

As for hairs in other areas I have not noticed any weird growth anywhere else. Although my friend has told me about her eyebrows growing a lot LOL (now I wish that happened to me since that woman who threaded my eyebrows made it so thin, but let’s not go there)


A lot of people also talk about how it made their hair softer, thicker (especially at the roots) and healthier. For me, in terms of thickness, I have not noticed a difference. My hair is naturally very thick especially at the roots so in my all processes of detangling and washing I have not noticed a change. As for my hair been softer, again before I started hairfinity my hair was quite brittle as I used to shampoo every week and blow dry after every wash. But (see another but!) in starting my hairfinity journey, I also started a no heat challenge for 3 months. I have noticed a difference with my hair been softer but I can’t say for sure if its hairfinity or cutting out the heat. I also made a few changes to my routine- cowashing every week and shampoo every other week. Hot oil treatments once a month and more finger detangling. (Probably not the best idea now that I think of it to start new things at the same time) so I guess time will tell with that area. I also noticed my nails been a bit stronger and growing a bit quicker.

My overall impression is good for month 1. I think it’s a good investment but be ready to also make some changes in order to help promote new growth instead on fully depending on a pill. I am now on my second bottle and I hope the results can continue.

For more information check out my introduction to hairfinity post-

You can also check out the hairfinity website –

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That’s all folks for now, I wish you guys the best in the coming weeks. Wrap up warm, this weather has no chill! For real when it was sunny in October now winter is here in full force! 6 months exactly till I finish ( but who’s counting though) be good guys

Love Sarah

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