song titles poem piece lol

re reading old posts make me smile. I can remember how i felt when i first heard someone use the idea.

Sarah Fynn

So I hope you guys have been enjoying the summer lately. Lool it just began anyways! The sun’s been out and I saw people wearing some crazy stuff using the heat as an excuse! Anyways, as I was enjoying the heatness of the sun one morning, lool, I was reminded of a show I once went to not long ago. Actually it was in May called Vocals and Verses. This brilliant poet, did a piece on a combination of Michael Jackson songs and it was soooo good. Basically she cleverly combined all the titles( well most) of his songs into one poem and it was so hilarious. Anyway that got me thinking and inspired me to make one up as well… its not as good because, well because its my time go at this but hopefully I should get better as I play around with this! Enjoy!

Hey Ya

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