How to revive your hair extensions + Virtue Glamor update (5 months)

Hey guys, so I’m here with another hair post! I should confess that during my adventure, any type of hair care routines I had went out of the window! (link to my adventures! ) Literally! No styling, no bendy rollers, no leave in conditioners, no oils- NOTHING. And after the heat, rain, beach? Results? – DRY, SHEDDING, TANGLED AND MATTED HAIR! PLUS MY COLOUR BECAME DARKER. And this was my beloved Peruvian tresses from virtue glamor.

After I got back and took out my sew in, the hair needed some serious attention and this post will let you know how I got my hair back to its ‘diva’ state and how its doing now. So it’s also a 5 month update. And if this can work for this hair am sure any sort of hair you have will take out great. I wish I took pictures of when I took the extensions out but nevertheless, I will try and be as detailed as possible.

Part 1

So first thing I did before washing was to saturate the hair with coconut oil. Then I detangled( 1st round lol) with herbal essence hello hydration conditioner. I left this on for 15 mins then shampooed with the hello hydration shampoo. I deep conditioned with beautiful textures rapid treatment deep conditioner for 25 mins by saturating again and putting in a carrier bag then placing it in cold water. Then rinsed and air dried.

After this process, I noticed the hair still had a few tangles, especially around the ‘beard’ area, however the shedding was reduced. But the hair was still dry.

Part 2

Again using coconut oil on the hair, I detangled again with the hydration conditioner, focusing more on the ‘beards’. I let the conditioner sit again for about 10 mins and co-washed the hair. Deep conditioned again with Tresemme breakage defence deep conditioner for 1 hour by placing the hair in a cooking bag (lol) and putting it in hot water. Afterwards I rinsed with cold water and noticed I got the silkiness and the softness of the hair back!

After air drying, no tangles! I re did my colour, using the same process as before ( check it out ) but this time I only used the colour lock conditioner and hot water for 15 mins.

Final results- no tangles and my hair is back! The colour turned out beautifully again! I made my diva wig again and even before I added again product the hair is shiny and soft. There’s still a bit of shedding here and there but after the month it’s had I totally understand. I’m so happy the hair has bounced back and ready for action and it’s worth every penny I paid for it. (Link to first review ) although I think it’s time to get some new locks.

Pictures of the hair now



Anyway folks that’s all for now, if you have any hair revival tricks and tips do let me know, tweet me @slimtings1 or instagram slimtings. Remember to like this post and comment also! You can check out any of these products at your local drug/beauty supply store.

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That’s all folks!


P.S I should say this post is back dated.. this was supposed to be posted in August but as you know time waits for no man lol.

P.S.S- new hair colour and 6 months update coming soon

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