hair update.

Hey guys… so it’s been 3 months since I cut off all my relaxed ends meaning its been 3 months I been all natural!!! I realised it was time to treat the hair since I had it in a protective style for about 3 weeks. It was time. Here is a list of products I used:

Tresemme moisture rich conditioner for detangling and conditioning after shampooing

Lovea bio argan oil shampoo for shampooing

Lovea bio argan oil conditioner for my henna gloss

Pure coconut oil for softness and shine and too add to the henna gloss to keep my hair from drying out

Lush henna caca marron. Was supposed to give a chestnut red colour and also for deep conditioning.

Infecto coconut hair repair treatment it is what it is lool

Miss Jessie’s curling cream for twist out

Superdrug detangling spray for detangling but actually didn’t use it. I use this product on my lace fronts and other hair pieces

Sta sof fro auburn hair dye. I mixed a little bit of this powder in my henna gloss to bring out the redness of the dye

Powdered red henna again to bring out the redness of the henna

For a review on these products check out these links.  ,

Then finally some hair clips to hold my sections, shower cap or plastic bag to cover the hair, a mixing bowl

And in my spray bottle was just water!


Ok there’s hammer time then there was hair time lool… can you imagine I started to take out my hair at 9.30pm! and what was I doing the whole day? Watching YouTube videos and planning a hair day for next Wednesday lool. The excitement got to me and I couldn’t wait any longer!

So after taking out my hair I sectioned it into four parts and detangled with the Tresemme conditioner, then I allowed that to sit on my hair for 10 mins covering with a shower cap because I realised my hair was too dry. After that I mixed y henna and sat down for 2 and a half hours ( you’re really meant to wait for 4 but at this point it was 3.30 in the morning n I wanted to sleep!)

this is what my hair looked like LOL after i took down my weave


i love my lip sticks dont i?


lenght check and one without lipstick…

Henna gloss recipe.

Mix the henna block (the whole block is divided into 6 squares, I used to because I have short hair and even that was too much. Use discretion in deciding how much you need depending on your hair length) with boiling hot water to a thick constituency.

Next add about 2-3 table spoons of any conditioner of your choice. I recommend using a moisture rich conditioner as the mixture will be on your hair for a while. Mix

Add 2-3 tea spoons of any hair oil of your choice. Mix

Wear gloves and do cover your work area with old newspaper and wear an old shirt as henna is likely to stain!

Part and your into sections and apply henna. Cover with a plastic bag and wait for 4 hours!

Ok so applying the hair I washed my hair with the Lovea shampoo, did a treatment then condition for about 10 mins.



My 1st attempt to this didn’t work because, when I took them down it was completely dry!

I added glycerine and coconut oil to my spray bottle and used for 3 days to see if I would notice any difference in my hair and I did! Hair much softer!

unfortunately i dont have a picture! 😦

2nd attempt. With damp hair.

Started my spraying my hair with my spray bottle mixture till it was damp. Sectioned into four parts then each part into two. Detangled with my Lovea spray leave in conditioner and my Denman brush and used elasta qp design foam for twisting. Left this on for a day and a half. Took them down with organic root stimulator coconut oil and yep! Success!!!! Yay!!!!!!

unfortunately i dont have a picture! 😦

Then guess what I did next? Yh played around with my hair for about 30 mins… natural hair who does love it??

LOL. Anyways guys its late at the moment so Imma hit the hay stack. It’s been a good day and am looking forward to the weekend spending time with the family back home in London! Much love

P.s starting a new series called style icon, where I feature people who have really impressed me with their outfit or they have that special one piece that just screammmmsss fieeerrrrccceee….

Goodnight and be good peoples……. xxx

this is how i plan on rocking my hair tomorrow
pompudor and full head turband


and big earrings of course!

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2 thoughts on “hair update.”

  1. All of our hair is temple hair, meaning it was cut from the temple and not mixed in the process, all hair is kept aligned in the same direction. This process is very important! If hair cuticle is not all aligned in the same direction, it will start to tangle as soon as you wash it. Some hair may look very nice when you first receive it, but after a few washes it becomes dull, dry and start to tangle, you can brush all you want and the minute you stop brushing it will just tangle again and will have that “Birds Nest” look to it the minute you stop brushing it. This means that the hair is not temple hair! it is hair that has been collected from different donors, some cuticles facing up and some down, basically “LEFT OVERS” all the tangling in your hair is the effect of using cheap leftovers hair!


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