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Experienced transitioners e.g myelf or anyone pass the 6 weeks stage ( lool) or naturalistas everywhere would have certainly heard of Naptural 85. the youtube natural hair vlogger sensation! Her videos are amazing inspirational and dead easy to follow and guess what?  She gives me the low down about her transitioning phase ( yes she did transition! her fab curls didnt grow over night and yes i know she makes it look as if she was born with it lool well she was loool)

“I transitioned because I hated perming my hair. I never enjoyed going to the salon to get my hair permed. The process, the smell, the time it took, how flat my hair was, the sporadic burns on my scalp… all of that annoyed me, so I decided to go natural! ” – Nap 85

Whitney White or Naptural 85 or Nap 85 as she’s better known was born in Rhode Island ( for those people who dont know where tht is, no its not here in the UK its in the US lool) and moved to Massachusetts when she was about 7 years old. She’s a freelance graphic designer( so holla at her if you want your graphics designed!), a Utilities Consultant ( holla if you want your utilities consulted loool) , and of course a Natural Hair Vlogger!

She says there werent a lot of women with natural hair in Massachusetts however this did not make her transitioning any harder! infact she describes it as a ‘breeze’ ( yes theres hope for us!!!). So how did she transition? in her own words she says;

“Oh, transitioning was a breeze! Lol, I didn’t do anything but put my hair in braids and go about my business! I transitioned with long extension braids that my mother re-braided every month. It was a lot of fun for me and really easy to take care of. I didn’t receive many stares because it’s common to see an African-American woman with braids, but when I took them out, yes, I noticed many eyeballs turning my way! Lol, again, where I’m from you don’t see too many natural African-American women with their hair out, nonetheless with a short “BC” cut. Either it’s relaxed or braided; if you are natural in my area however, it is common to see it “loc”ked up.”

Now the big one- why did you choose to transition? Can you remember the date? How long has it

‘I transitioned because I hated perming my hair. I never enjoyed going to the salon to get my hair permed. The process, the smell, the time it took, how flat my hair was, the sporadic burns on my scalp… all of that annoyed me, so I decided to go natural! Even in college when I was relaxed, I would wear it in it’s wild, curly state; I like big hair! I transitioned around August 2008, right after my senior year of college; it’s been 3 years!’

Did you feel that making that decision was hard for you especially when most of the women around

you had silky straight hair?

‘Oh no, it was definitely an easy decision for me! I was always trying new things with my hair, cutting it, wearing it curly, etc… and I was an art student, so I was used to expressing myself freely without a care. My husband was actually the one to first point out my natural hair “curls” and how much he liked them! When it was time to get a relaxer, he’d say “..why don’t you just let it grow out…?” Soon enough, I was like, “Yeah! Why DON’T I just let it grow out!?” lol, and that was it!’


Currently, I only use shea butter, flax seeds, water, aloe vera juice, organic hair wash, and natural oils to care for my hair. With these 6 items (ingredients) I can solve ALL of my hair care needs… naturally.

shea butter
flaxseed oil

so i google image search organic hair wash and this is what came up…..

organic hair wash lool

yh literally!!!!! you can try it…

Anyways she finds that people over-complicate things with one product for one problem ( which i find is true because whne i first started i thought i had to get so many different products for different things. but thats not the case. althought i have increased my product range because quite frankly i didnt give a toss abot my relaxed hair lool, i find tht many products are multi purpose) anyways she says you can one product for multiple things and guess what it saves money too! lool she said she did cut product consumption.

Has there been a change in your hair routines? Like the number of times you wash your hair a week,
how you protect your hair when you sleep? Protective styling? ( weaves, braids, ponytails)

There really hasn’t been a big change here! I wash my hair with a product about once every 5 weeks, and I still protect my hair with a satin bonnet at night. I don’t do much protective styling, never have and probably never will. I enjoy my hair, and I want to wear it out, lol, that’s why I grew it! The only “protective styling” I do is mini twists. I don’t do them for protection though, I do them when I either want a break from styling my hair, or if I want the feeling, or illusion, of having my hair straighter (I don’t like to straighten with heat because I don’t want to damage it).

 A lot of women I have spoken to say they want to go natural but find there are hardly any products for
them. Can you recommend good hair products and if possible where to get them?

Sure! I love Terressentials Organic Hair Wash in Lavender to cleanse. You can buy it online or in one of their stores (you can check online for the listing of stores). That’s really the only product I use, the rest are ingredients you can buy from you local grocery store and online.

so i google searched terressential organic hair wash and her picture came up again!! but this time i got a proper picture of the product lool

 Would you advise any women to go natural? And why?

If they wanted to go natural, of course! I don’t push my ideals on anyone, so if they like their hair relaxed, “to each their own.” I do think it’s a healthier option, of course, but it’s a personal choice for each woman.

And finally what the best piece of advice you would give to a woman who has just decided to go natural?

Do lots of research! There is so much FREE information online, so take it all in before you get started! Knowledge is power, so knowing what to do and NOT to do before getting started may save you A LOT of heartache along the way!

ok folks… Nap 85 youtube natural hair video sensation has shared her transitioning jounery with me. The whole point of this series is to show that you dont need to have a celeb stylist or a vast amount of products to transition but everyday people like nap 85, you and i can transition easily to enjoy fab curls. You heard it here first and hope you enjoy your transitioning journery!!  check out my girl’s youtube channel for everything!! literally for hair products, styles and simple hair care decisions…

You can check out her hair vlogs and tutorials online at http://youtube.com/naptural85 and other random acts of naptural-ness at http://youtube.com/dearnaptural85.

have a great day guys xxx

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  2. God, I love Nap85, she has a lot of very helpful tutorials. And I gotta admit, that I really want tmy hair to look like hers! thanks for this lovely interview, slimtingz18!


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