RhoVirgin Relaxed Yaki 3 month update

Hey guys! Me again. This will be a very short update on how my unit from RhoVirgin is doing. Check out my intro to the unit by clicking this link>> http://wp.me/p1uQOd-qT

I missed out on the 2nd month update because of uni (of course) so jumping straight into the 3rd month. Let’s get started

So I have been wearing this unit for 3 months now, no interchanging with other units (lol) or nufin! I treat it the same way I would treat my natural hair- shampoo every other week and co wash weekly. I have coloured this to bronze copper by crème of nature (I lost the pictures for the process, sorry but I have the picture of the colour I wanted) and the colour is not as bright as I would like it to be bear in mind the hair is not originally black anyway and I had bleached it for about 5 -10 mins beforehand. I wanted to go for an ombre look so I left the bleach ( 40 developer plus powder) on the ends for about 15 mins then the rest of the hair for about 5-10 mins. The ends took the bleac really well and went blonde actually, the rest of the hair lightened just a little bit.  You know the rest of the story

The colour can be seen well when is really sunny and looks really nice but since this is the UK and it’s not always sunny of course that is useless to me lol. In normal conditions i.e. grey and damp lol, it just looks a bit lighter than usual. I am going to dye to black anyway. In short, you can dye/ombre this hair, but I would recommend bleaching it first and leaving the dye on for a little bit longer.

The hair holds a curl beautifully and for dayzzzzzz. For those who love big hair, this is the hair texture to get! It looks so natural and second day curls are everything! Straightening wise, let me tell you, straightened this hair in a hurry for an interview, divided it into two and each part into four( basically I didn’t straighten it layer by layer) and it still came out straight and silky remained like that for one week! No lie, I didn’t re straighten. Of course I took it off at night but it did retain its straightness. I didn’t use any special products on it or to maintain it- I was in survival mode y’all- literally went back to basics because I didn’t want to spend so much time doing other things and not studying.

Now that I have the pro’s out of the way, a few cons I want to talk about

Matting- this could be my fault because I wasn’t moisturising as usual but I noticed a lot of matting in the back these couple of months. Because I am not sure if it’s my fault or the hair quality, I won’t say much of this now but will keep an eye on it for next month

Tangles/shedding- I experienced a lot of this- was it my fault because I wasn’t doing my usual or bad hair quality? I will let you know next month!

I know you cant see everything but this is 1 week after i straightened my hair. And i look tirreedd no sleep and loong ass day
I know you cant see everything but this is 1 week after i straightened my hair. And i look tirreedd no sleep and loong ass day
Hair curled with a large curling tong
Hair curled with a large curling tong

So guys that’s it for now. I am looking forward to next month and getting back to routine to see any changing in this unit. I do love the hair and get a lot of compliments so I am hoping for it so last a while.

Until next time,

Love Sarah


Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing great so far. I am so sorry I am late with this post! I have been so busy with my final year of uni that I have had no time to blog! But guess what? I am officially done with university! Yes 3 years plus a year abroad! I am so happy and I am so grateful for this experience. You forgive me right? Now let’s get into this post!

So as you guys already know, I am on a biotin plus jbco challenge to grow my hair. My goal is to get bsl (bra-strap-length). Please check out my previous posts (links below) and get up to date with me.

Biotin introduction>> http://wp.me/p1uQOd-rn

1st month update>> http://wp.me/p1uQOd-si

Ok, so quick summary to get you up to speed before I jump into my results for this month: I have been taking 10,000 mcg of biotin (plus well woman multivitamins to prevent breakouts), once daily and using my castor oil mix (sunny isle jbco, olive oil, spearmint oil and African’s pride herbal oil) on my scalp as often as possible. I also incorporate this mix into my deep conditioner sometimes.

2nd month results

Screenshot_2015-05-10-19-33-38So I measured my hair on the 27th of April (it’s supposed to be the 14th btw) and as you can see I hardly retained growth and experienced any.  I think this is due to the fact that I have been very very stressed from the ending of March up until yesterday so of course that affected my hair. Then my normal hair routines just went out of the door: I was moisturising daily, washing weekly, hell sometimes I forgot to take the biotin or just my oil mix. Then I wash days I would rush the process (DO NOT DO THIS BTW), causing more breakage than normal! When I finally measured my hair, I wasn’t surprised with my results tbh but I was impressed I had lost that much length, which I am very happy about! Plus my diet followed my hair routines out the door too lol.

Anyway now all that is over, I am hoping to get back to my normal self and hopefully that will help this month’s results. Keep checking back for updates and I will speak to you guys soon. Subscribe so you don’t miss a thing and keep up to date with me, I promise it will be worth it. Go ahead and follow me on my social media too, I have a lot in store for you!

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I was at the Natural hair week show 2015 in london and blog post coming soon!!!

Love Sarah



It’s officially spring! And almost Easter!

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well and has had a fantastic week! I just quickly wanted to do a one month update on my biotin hair challenge so let’s dive right into it! But first check out my previous posts for more information on my hair journey and past challenges!

Hair growth 101 & 102 >>> http://wp.me/p1uQOd-qx , http://wp.me/p1uQOd-qM

Hairfinity final update>>> http://wp.me/p1uQOd-re

Introduction to biotin>>> http://wp.me/p1uQOd-rn

left-biotin , right- hairfinity measurements


It looks like I didn’t have that much growth and here’s why. I trimmed my ends after my hairfinity measurements and I FORGOT (more like I was lazy and in a hurry) to measure them again. I would say I cut off about 1 to 2 inches of hair. With that been said I still feel like I have experienced some growth. I added Sunny isle’s Jamaican black castor oil on the 1st of March to help my hair get THICKERRR (yass hunty the bigger the better and closer to heaven! Jheez!) So I will also keep up updated on that

In terms of any side effects etc. After two weeks, I did notice my nails were stronger and looked healthier. I previously had my acrylics done and kept them for about 6 weeks (I do not recommend, again I was lazy, wait I had exams! Perfect excuse!)  And when I took them off my nail bed wasn’t too happy about that.  So they biotin really helped my nails grow and become stronger. In terms of breakage, I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary apart from my usual break outs when I’m stressed etc no extras. I have been drinking at least 1 litre of water daily which may have contributed to that but there has also been some days where I have slacked on that big time! My skin looked a bit brighter too.

I read on Amazon (reviews for this brand of biotin) that it really helped with their energy levels throughout the day and people were swearing by this etc but for me I didn’t really notice a change. On two occasions I took the pills quite late in the evening and I had difficulty sleeping but I find it hard to sleep anyway. On two different occasions I took the pills in the morning after breakfast and didn’t really see that much of a difference in my energy levels during the day although sometimes around 4/5 pm I get really tired (because my body thinks it’s had enough but it doesn’t know I am the master lool, you wanna sleep now but be awake at 3 am, nah sweetie) And this time around I wasn’t so tired? Hmm. I will keep experimenting with this and let you know the out. I don’t really mind if it doesn’t help my energy levels or not because the primary purpose of getting the biotin was for my hair but I guess this could be an added benefit. I will keep you posted!

I also did a mini experiment to see how long it takes for the biotin to break down in the body so I sacrificed one pill and timed how long it look to dissolve in water. After 24 hours it had pretty much dissolved but there was still some ‘white residue’ at the bottom of the glass, so that if you stirred it you could see the particles. I did take some pictures but they turned out really horrible so unfortunately I won’t post them, but I am hoping to repeat the experiment again and let you know the outcome. However the problem I had with that is 1. How long the biotin is ‘sitting’ around in my body for and 2. Just water alone is not an accurate presentation of the conditions in a cell (don’t let me go full scientist on y’all. You aint ready. Team scientist by day, blogger by night, poet by 3am LOL)

*thinking of anything else, in the meantime here is picture of a RAINBOW UNICORN NINJA*


*nope! Epic fail*

That’s all folks! It’s been a positive first month for me and I am hoping for it to continue. I did cut off 2 inches again (I maybe growing through something major if am not afraid of cutting my hair like this!) so my next update may not look like much! Please, please follow me on instagram so I can keep you updated with products, discounts etc – sarahfynn.

Apologies for this late post and minimal activity on this blog, uni been CRAZY! Final 4 weeks! BUT I have so much planned for this summer!

Have a fantastic day and enjoy your weekend and please remember just because its sunny that don’t mean pull out your denim shorts haha

Love Sarah

just because am feeling this picture!
just because am feeling this picture!




Hey guys hope everyone is doing well! HAPPY NEW MONTH!

I wanted to take a break from constant uni work (countdown 2 more months to finish!) and hair posts (not everydayhairpostsometimesmakeup LOL) and do something different (looks around my room for inspiration) so I decided to do a sleek lipstick collection and swatches. I did a post previous (link here to view it>>http://wp.me/p1uQOd-nV ) and it was my sleek make up collection not a big one and it’s a start. This is a kind of updated version but with lipsticks only.

I had fun doing this post but my lips are killing me! (Softly) I am also using descriptions from the sleek makeup site because honestly I can’t describe the shades (LOL) to save my life!. I didn’t use any lipliners so you can see the true colour.

If you’re from instagram hey guurl! (Make sure you followed me and like my little flipgram as a little preview to this post. If you’re just reading this, please check out my instagram page- @sarahfynn. I will keep you updated with my blog, hair/beauty products and other shenanigans

Let’s get started.

First here is what SleekMakeup have to say about their lipsticks:

‘Get high impact lips with True Colour Lipstick in a gorgeous matte and sheen finishes in a variety of shades that are highly pigmented, and conditioning to keep lips soft and supple. Enriched with vitamin E helping to hydrate and protect the lips. Comfortable to wear and glides on with ease this is the must have to awaken your makeup look.’

What I LOVE about Sleek Makeup is the price- everything from foundations to lipsticks are so affordable and very good quality. The matte black packaging makes it look really expensive. Their lipsticks are highly pigmented with a huge variety of shades to suit every skin tone. The price? £4.99

Tip- sign up to their newsletter. From time to time they offer discounts e.g. 20% off or 2 for 1 deals and that’s how I got all my stuff from them! (I am yet to try their eye shadow pallets, I have heard great reviews about them but since I’m not a great fan of eye shadows… hmmm)

Beware there is a lot of me feeling myself pictures (lol), bangs over one eye and general neekiness lol. And this is going to be a long post

SMOULDER –  a sheen deep berry red

told you. levels of feeling myself
told you. levels of feeling myself

20150301_203630 20150301_203349


CHERRY- a sheen dark red

20150301_204052 20150301_204112

SMOTHER – a sheen deep purple

20150301_204845 20150301_204912

DARE- a matte dark burgundy

20150301_205322 20150301_205302 20150301_205234


MYSTIC -a matte bright purple-pink

20150301_205728 20150301_205624 20150301_205718

RIOJA RED-  a true bright red (This is now my fav red lipstick. Ruby Woo I’m sorry)

20150301_210533 20150301_210459 20150301_210452


20150301_211652 20150301_211431 20150301_211633

BIRTHDAY SUIT- a classic wearable nude. Clearly this needs a lipliner when i wear it

20150301_210936 20150301_210941 20150301_211009

If you want to see more shades, check out these videos. I found these helpful when I was thinking bout getting mine (Sometimes the shops don’t have all the shades)

Sleek Lipstick review. 14 shades – http://youtu.be/R-2Imw9HG10

Sleek true colour lipstick swatches – http://youtu.be/85FXSbzU-U0

Sleek matte me full collection and swatches- http://youtu.be/KED3CM7AnS4

That’s all folks! I don’t have the biggest collection but I am planning on getting more lipsticks in the future. Let me know if you have any of these and which was your favorite!  I been getting a lot of emails about my Biotin hair journey- it’s going great so far- cant wait for the one month up date! Also the hair am wearing is the RhoVirgin Relaxed yaki unit. Click here for more info >> http://wp.me/p1uQOd-qT ( one month review coming  up)

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Hey guys, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY. I quickly want to share my new hair growth out challenge (then head back to thesis writing (-_-). So as I said earlier, after finishing my hairfinity 3 month journey I will be starting out on biotin in my continued attempt of getting to waist length hair. You can see my final thoughts and update on hairfinity by clicking here >> http://wp.me/p1uQOd-re

So I got an 8 month supply of 10,000 mcg of Biotin from Amazon (Each bottle has 120 tablet- 4 month supply BIOTIN Optimum Strength – 10,000mcg | 4 Months Supply, 120 Tablets | Innopure®), so this will be a really looong journey.

I am also thinking of incorporating JBCO sometime during this challenge (maybe around month 4/5 to see the effects of biotin by itself). I just started taking them today and as you can see the pill size is tiny I don’t really have a problem with pill size but I know some people do. I am drinking at least 2 litres of water as well (aint nobody got time to be dealing with breakouts!) and drinking (or trying to remember to drink) green tea with lime/lemon (on 3 occasions where I have made green tea and FORGOTTEN TO DRINK IT LOL).  I am also taking them in conjunction with my well woman multivitamins as I read that taking biotin with a multivitamin will help reduce the chances of breaking out.


I am also going back to my no heat routine as I realised my hair might be heat damaged from all the times I used to blow dry.  I didn’t use any heat during my hairfinity challenge, just at the end when I wanted to stretch out my hair fully ) I also cut about 1 to 1.5 inches of hair off (ends) to get rid of any split or damaged ends.

I will be updating you guys as usual every month with progress so stay tuned. Please check my previous links on hair growth supplements- it has all my Biotin research on there ( I didn’t just up and buy Biotin) >> http://wp.me/p1uQOd-qM

That’s all folks, enjoy your day and talk to you soon.




It’s true
Just mentions of the places we have been to together triggers emotions
I wonder how it’s been so long and I am still locked in place like a lock and key model from science at GCSE
It’s that time of the night
Where whispers of my past interrupt with my thoughts for the future
3am knows all my secrets. My pressure points and weaknesses
struggling to see by my laptop light as i write these tears in my journal.
It’s the usual
how and why did I cause myself so much pain?

Dig deeper.
Forget how useful the branches look and get to the root.

He was my sin, a pain I once loved and held on too dearly
Difficult to swallow- take responsibility for your part


His interlude

Did I love her?
Or was she just accessible and readily available

Was it love?

Or a mere like because I was fascinated by her

A high school crush like feeling been experience now that I am in university

She was different from the rest

And I was draw to that not really understanding it or stopping to think if I could handle it

4.30am her

Sarah it’s time to lay to rest

Yh it was real nice

But the devil wears Prada

And boy did it look good

Got you thinking don’t it

You aint no victim

Release the pain and let healing flow

Rest will come if you sit by still waters

He’s waiting. Go on up

Christ compels you.


Last year I learnt about heartbreak that left me gasping for the very air I breathe

Taking me higher and leaving me breathless whilst still tryna perform CPR on me

And in this year I found love

And loves shaped as a cross

And it’s coloured red

And I can’t believe I was standing in his presence asking for love but accepting a cheap imitation of it elsewhere




They say all good things must come to an end. Yh it’s the end of my 3 month hairfinity challenge! I have been getting a lot of questions about the product and I will try my best to fit as much information into this post without it been very long. The question on everyone’s lips


Well let’s find out. You can check out my previous updates on it by clicking the links below:

Month 1- http://wp.me/p1uQOd-qe

Month 2- http://wp.me/p1uQOd-qh

So the final month, what did I experience?

Well for starters, I was a bit worried about coming off hairfinity and not retaining my length. So what I did was to prolong my last bottle for as long as possible, hence finishing this in February instead of January. Did I experience growth in this month? Check out my final measurements below


Let’s address the important points

Side effects?

One thing I was worried about is breaking out really bad whilst I was on hairfinity. I did drink 1litre of water daily to try and combat that. Results? Apart from my usual breakouts, I didn’t really experience anything major.  I have friends who didn’t really change their water intake and were fine; no breakouts so I think side effects will vary from person to person. My advice? – check the ingredients and do your research

Hairfinity is expensive, is it really worth it? Does it live up to its hype?

My goal for starting hairfinity was to notice a difference in the LENGTH of my hair. HOWEVER I have noticed a lot of difference in the THICKNESS of my hair. I already knew my hair was thick so I didn’t think it could get any thicker( I really don’t know why I thought that lol) but that’s where I noticed a lot of difference. I did get some added length but as you can see its nothing to write home about.

But then again everyone is different so you may notice more length than thickness or vice versa or even nothing at all.


In my 1st and final months, I experienced less shedding than usual. In my 2nd month my hair shed a lot (and I remember not taking hairfinity religiously like in my 1st month maybe that’s why)

Anything else?

My hair is softer for sure. I did also start a no heat challenge whilst on hairfinity so maybe that helped. I used to blow dry my hair every time I washed it so it was really brittle and dry and probably heat damaged.  My hair feels stronger and healthier now

I did blow dry (medium heat, 10% air dried) my hair today to really stretch it out so I could measure it but my hair is still soft and feels healthy. I am starting a new growth out challenge so I am going back to letting my hair air dry after I wash it.

Final thoughts.

20150213_170222 (1) 20150213_170204

Will I recommend hairfinity?

Hmm. Yes I would BUT I would say get a 3 month supply at least. I feel like you will benefit more from taking it over a longer period of time than to get a month’s supply. Obviously it’s quite expensive so I suggest you follow them on instagram where they regularly post discount counts etc. (budget-savvy girls holla!)

For the natural hair ladies wondering if it would work on your hair type/texture- YES.

So that’s it folks! My final length check and thoughts on hairfinity. As I said earlier, I am starting a new grow out challenge so I will be bring the details pretty soon.

Make sure you subscribe to keep updated with my new posts and if there is anything in particular you would like me to try out drop me an email (as long as it’s within reason lol)

Have a lovely day and please no one spoil 50 shades of grey for me


Happy Valentine’s Day. xoxo


First look plus 2 weeks update

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing great and is enjoying the month of February so far. This post will be an introduction to my new hair unit from RhoVirgin Hair Company and I will be talking about my Relaxed Yaki full lace unit!

Let’s get started!

So I really wanted something different and natural- something that was similar to my natural hair’s texture. Then she sent me this



A friend who also got the same texture sent me a couple of photos and gave me a brief review on it. I was really drawn to how natural it looked and the THICKNESS (gurlll, I aint playing!). I decided to get the full lace unit, 22inches. It did take a while to get to me than usual, but it was so worth the wait.

20150123_204627 20150123_204615


So you can see it has 4 combs in the front, 2 on the side and 1 in the middle (which I will be taking out. I don’t think anyone ever uses those).  It also has one in the back and your standard adjustable straps. I wasn’t asked for a cap size but the uni does fit pretty snug on my head. (For the first week I wore it, I didn’t have to add an elastic band. I only did so in the 2nd week to keep the ‘ear tabs’ (lack of a better word) from lifting when I want to put the hair up.

The hair isn’t black, maybe it’s a colour 2 which I really like but I think I will be dying it pretty soon ( of course I will be showing this here). I am really impressed with how natural it is. The lace and the hair line look almost undetectable. And it’s a real plus to be able to part it anywhere. This is basically my dream length and thickness of my natural hair (LORD PLEASE!)

Nitty details


So with this much hair I know some of you are wondering what the shedding, tangling and matting is like? Well for starters, I have experienced no tangling so far! This is really great. A few strands came out when I first washed it (nothing major) and when I comb it but nothing to phone home about lol. In terms of matting- very minimal and with hair this thick and long I would expect more.

If the hair is too thick for you, you can always straighten it and it will ‘calm down’ which is what I did the first time I wore it. I am going to try curling it later to see how well it holds a curl.

So far I have only co-washed it and deep conditioned it. I will keep you up dated on how it looks.

So far so good. It’s been 2 weeks and I am still loving it. I get looks all the time with some people looking to see if it’s my natural hair and girls double checking my hair line to see lace or whatever they are looking for lol. Here are some pics of it in action

20150131_175752 20150131_175759 20150211_191728 20150204_200656

That’s all from me folks. If you are interested in this unit or just want to have a look at what she offers, her details are as follows


I also have other hair extensions from her, check these out. This is my 1st full lace wig and I am loving it!

RhoVirgin Eurasian Tight curl- http://wp.me/p1uQOd-qo

Cambodian loose wave- http://wp.me/p1uQOd-hz

Have a great day guys and happy Valentine’s Day. ( who is going to see 50 shades of grey?)






Hi guys, happy new month! I hope everyone is doing great and enjoyed their first day of Feb! To all my final year students, 3 months to go!!

SO as I stated on my previous post (check it out > HAIR GROWTH 101- OILS >> http://wp.me/p1uQOd-qx), I am on a journey to get to minimise bsl by the end of this year. My true goal is to get to waist length hair.

During the course of this journey and however long it will take, I will be trying different products and methods whilst inventing some of my own (fingers crossed LOL). So this post today is a summary of the different growth supplements that claim to grow your hair quickly! I have used some and I am planning on moving on to some of these as well. As always I will provide links of any relevant videos/websites etc that I found useful and hopefully some of you will find it useful as well.

Let’s get started



Of course I had to start with hairfinity. Holy grail hair vitamins with celebrity endorsements and thousands of women including myself testifying of its benefits! (LOL) you can check out my previous posts on hairfinity

Introduction to hairfinity>> http://wp.me/p1uQOd-py ( I added links to some really good videos/reviews on hairfinity, check them out!)

Month 1 update > http://wp.me/p1uQOd-qe , Month 2 update > http://wp.me/p1uQOd-qh

I am on a 3 month hairfinity challenge. My last month is taking a bit longer than usual but I am hoping to finish this month and write my final thoughts on it! But so far so good. It’s a bit pricey, about £24.99 per bottle plus £10 p&p.  However if you follow them on instagram, they regularly post discount codes on there.




Another popular healthy hair vitamin. To my knowledge it works the same way as hairfinity. I havenot tried this yet but there are numerous videos that compare both products and discus their results. I can’t say for sure if one is better than the other however if they both claim to grow your hair and they both work, who cares? (Obviously product junkies/ brand conscious folk like me!)

The Mane Choice: Manetabolism Healthy Hair Vitamin Review> http://youtu.be/hY27UWn1_ns

The Mane Choice Update: Month two>> http://youtu.be/Frx42HciYT4

Vitamin Challenge: Mane Choice vs. Hairfinity>> http://youtu.be/SCXz9T2Ascs



This is something I want to move onto after I finish my last bottle of hairfinity. Biotin is a water soluble vitamin with many functions including maintaining normal skin, hair and nails. Many foods naturally contain biotin however to really notice a difference in your hair growth; you need to up your intake. I am planning on starting out with 1,000mg (potency) and hopefully increase it in the next couple of months. Higher potencies are generally safe with no side effects AS LONG AS YOU DRINK ENOUGH WATER, I’M TALKING 1 LITRE PLUS! Compared to the other two hair vitamins its relatively cheap- about £14.99 depending on where you get it from. I will be getting my from Holland and Barrett >> http://www.hollandandbarrett.com/shop/product/holland-barrett-biotin-tablets-1000ug-60007961 ( its on sale now in shop and online, so if you were thinking of purchasing, now would be a great time). You can also get much higher potencies from Amazon.

Natrol Biotin 10,000mcg, Maximum Strength, 100 Tablets [Kitchen]

Swanson Biotin 5000mcg (5mg, 100 Capsules)

From what I have gathered from research, the pills are quite small and easy to swallow, for me pill size is not a problem, but some of y’alllll (lol).  Many videos on YouTube with amazing results on hair and nails. Side effects are minimal and any experienced is when they don’t drink enough water. Obviously if you are allergic to biotin, it’s a different story….  Other women also combine it with other multivitamins to prevent breakouts. I am not sure how products containing biotin will work in relation to hair growth.

Biotin review- before and after>> http://youtu.be/-f8kwMk641k

9 Months Biotin Review Update Length Check>> http://youtu.be/HVYXYLDAM_I

Side effects of Biotin>> http://youtu.be/GfCZcEb2sLY

Biotin review, 1 month>> http://youtu.be/seaO0JlEKwo

Final thoughts

This is just a beginners list. I am sure there are numerous infact thousands of hair supplements out there (who needs a looong list?) I chose these 3 because they seem to be the most popular with the most information on the net (what I really mean is YouTube, I could be wrong though). Just make sure you have REALISTIC goals for these products. NOTHING is going to grow your hair overnight!



LOL. SYKE. WATCH OUT FOR MY FIRST IMPRESSIONS ON THIS RHOVIRGIN HAIR UNIT- relaxed yaki texture (don’t get me started!)

Have a nice week folks xx

P.S make sure you check out my Ebay store advanced seller search- slimtings1



Hi guys, hope everyone is doing well so far and the year started good for you. If not, don’t worry it will pick up soon!

Anyway since I am on a mission to get to minimum bsl (bra strap length) by the end of this year (my hair is currently above my breasts when stretched out, still on my hairfinity challenge, final bottle to go) I have been doing a lot of research into alternative and cheaper hair growth aids (not every day spend £70 on hairfinity lol, sometimes £10 or less on other stuff lol). So this post will be about a few oils I have come across and hopefully will incorporate into my regime. I have tried some of them and the others i am yet to try.

If you have any more oils in mind just comment below and let me know how it worked for you.

Let’s get started


. Castor oil- holy grail product for some women. Most women swear by it as it has helped them grow out thinning edges, increased hair thickness and helped with length retention. From Youtube research i am sold! There are numerous videos on application methods, castor oil mixes and recipes. I am yet to try castor oil for myself so of course I will be keeping you guys up to date when I start. Most popular ones I have seen is the Jamaican black castor oil (jbco) either from sunny isle or tropic isle living. But of course you can do your own research and choose for yourself. Whatever brands or type you choose make sure it’s cold pressed and processed (To do with the extracting process, this simply means its retained most of its nutrients during the manufacturing process) and 100% pure, virgin oil.

Castor oil is a humectant which means it has the ability to both attract moisture and retain it as well (great!). It is also rich in vitamin e, minerals and proteins. Its small molecular size allows it to easily penetrate the hair shaft.

Below are some really helpful videos on castor oil to help start your research process

Natural hair. Jamaican black castor oil for hair growth>> http://youtu.be/megnhDfBOkI

Jamaican black castor oil >> http://youtu.be/52Qw4I6NivM

Tropic isle living Jamaican black castor oil > http://youtu.be/bLBz8UKhC3E

Faster hair growth? Jamaican black castor oil > http://youtu.be/onOvX9vYUvc

Tip- try mixing castor oil, olive oil (grapeseed oil can work) and peppermint or eucalyptus or tea tree oil. Supposedly aids in growth and thickness. When applied to eyelashes and eyebrows it allegedly aids growth (note- allegedly)

You can purchase from paks.com, beautybyzara.com or from amazon. Direct links>>  Jamaican Black Castor Oil Regular 8oz. (236ml) Jamaican Black Castor Oil Regular 8oz


Doo gro oil- my staple product whenever I have braids! I can personally vouch for this product. It is the product that helped me thicken my hair when I first went natural! Please note it comes in 3 different types, I have only used the mega growth oil. I recommend getting a minimum of two bottles to start with. It’s fairly cheap with £3.99 a bottle. Only con is it’s not drip free therefore tends drip down to your face if you use too much. It has a fairly pleasant smell and already comes in an applicator bottle making it easy to apply.

It also claims to tame frizz and add shine to your hair. It contains oat protein and extract, shea butter and botanical thickeners that promote thicker growing hair. It’s safe for children and all hair types.

Tip- also use as an hot oil treatment.

Below are some videos I found useful

Doogro mega thick oil, it really works >>http://youtu.be/D1NXbngThnA

Doogro mega thick oil review >> http://youtu.be/3gVkVjy2bHg

You can purchase from amazon. Direct link>>  DOO GRO® Mega Thick® Growth Oil

ultimate organics
ultimate organics

Ultimate organics stimulating oils- I used both the coconut oil and the tea tree oil. I remember disliking the smell of the tea tree oil. I did not experience any growth with these products only thing was at least my scalp was moisturised. I can’t really comment on this as I havenot gone back to try them but do let me know of your experiences with them if you have tried it.

You can purchase from beauty supply stores or from amazon. Direct link>>  Ultimate Organic Tea Tree Stimulating Growth Oil 120 ml

Other oils yet to try/ heard of

Hair hope growth oil

Wild growth oil

Concluding thoughts

Obviously there are many more oils out there that claim to aid in hair growth.  I chose these products because I have personally experienced some of them. In the near future I will probably update this post or post another as I experiment and use other oils in my hair growth process. One area I am doing more research in is essential oils in particular tea tree oil and peppermint oil.

Final advice to anyone on a hair growth journey BE PATIENT AND CONSISTENT! Hair growth can be a slow process (no matter what wonders the product says IT CAN DO it’s still not going to grow your hair over night!) be consistent, you will produce much better results. If you are a serial length checker, you will have your fair share of good and bad months- just don’t give up! Keep going and you will reap your results soon. My next post in the hair growth series- hair growth 102- supplements will be up soon!

For more information/ where to buy

Paks cosmetics >> http://www.pakcosmetics.com/hair-care/sprays,-serums-and-oils/hair-oils

Doogro >> http://www.doogro.com/

Castor oil- solution for hair growth, split ends and more > http://www.thehealthsite.com/beauty/8-amazing-haircare-benefits-of-castor-oil/

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