Hey family! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this weather that won’t make up its mind lol.  Just quickly, I want to tell you about my new hair extensions! So I decided to try something new and went with a new hair vendor called Del’s Touch. I got 3 bundles of Brazilian straight (This will also be the 1st time I tried straight hair and only 3 bundles!) in lengths 22, 20, 18 and a 14 closure. Everything came up to 120pounds (Not bad at all). T he natural colour is a dark brown/light black. Like a colour 2. It didn’t have any chemical/weird smell- it just smelled like new hair. I didn’t get any shedding from running my fingers through it. Weft construction is pretty neat and bearding is not too obvious I would say. I LOVE the closure. Usually you get closures on the thin side but this is a good density.

20150617_123145 20150617_123137

20150617_123207 20150617_123116

I shampooed with the Naked smooth silky shampoo for straight/longer hair. This shampoo smells amazing! They also have a line for curly hair but it’s always sold out and their website for some reason is down. If you know of this brand PLEASE let me know where I can get their curly range! Then deep conditioned with the argan oil treatment mask. Allowed to air dry over night with the design essentials argan oil crème (grey sachet) and sealed with the crème of nature argan oil treatment oil (this came in one of their box dyes).

Then I styled with the V05 plump it up mousse and the style expertise heat defence spray. The tong I used is from tresemme and I think its 32 mm, I used a big tong because I just wanted some natural waves in the hair. Omw to my friend’s place it rained and I didn’t have an umbrella so I had to re-curl my hair when I got to hers.


1st curls

20150620_131307 (1)


1st day- When I washed it I got a little bit of shedding. Not too crazy or a lot maybe about 8- 10 strands. But after hair drying and running my figures through – zero shed hair! The hair is also wavy when wet so that’s a good sign. It curls beautifully and holds a curl pretty well. It has a very silky feel to it. My 22 inches looked like 24! It was so long (I’m not complaining though, and I’m kinda short 5’5 so yh)

UPDATE- I LOVE THIS HAIR! It’s been a while since I had hair like this and all night (because I went out yesterday) I could not stop playing with my hair and running my fingers though and guess what? No shedding, matting or tangling! Of course that meant my hair style was compromised. I am very impressed with this hair and I got come compliments too ** .

I will bring you updates as time goes on so stay tuned! It’s only been a hot minute since I had this hair but its passed my first test (A night out with your hair can tell you all you need to know).

Del’s Touch

That’s all folks, I hope you have a fantastic Sunday. Until next time

Love Sarah

P.S.  happy father’s day!


introduction to del's touch

Event: United Kurls Lounge and Learn

lounge n leaarn

Another event worth noting.

United Kurls, a collective of UK hair care brands, are pleased to present ‘The United Kurls Lounge’, a bi-monthly shopping experience that will highlight home grown UK small businesses as well as provide informative sessions on hair care & products. ‘Lounge and Learn’ while you shop!

LOUNGE: come and hang out with the members of The United Kurls Collective and other exciting fashion, jewellery and skincare brands.

LEARN: We have 2 exciting sessions designed to boost your knowledge of hair and the industry:

Lounge and Learn Session 1: ‘Is it worth it?’ Why are handmade products more expensive? Almocado & Sheabutter Cottage explain what goes into making natural products, how to read the labels & make the best choice for your hair.


5th July 2015


Holiday Inn, West Stratford City

10a Montfichet Road



This is a free event however registration is required. Register online at

For more information, check out the following links






Event: Dee Naturals Inside out

dee naturals

Hey Fam! So I promised to keep you updated with any events I hear off. Here goes:

Dee Naturals presents inside out (body, natural hair, health and wellbeing)


Tooting leisure center

Lola Jones Hall

Greaves place, London

Sw17 0ne


Saturday 25th July from 3pm


You can either purchase them on the door (£15) or online for (£12) – standard tickets

For dinner and entry online tickets (£22.50) or £25 on the door.

Contact Dee naturals for tickets- 07710430408 or online.

There will also be a marketplace selling a wide range of products.

For more information and tickets please check out the following links:

Facebook page-


Are you going? Let me know!

With Love


dee nat2




Hey guys, so I’m back with another natural hair event! (I am loving these events for natural hair btw, apart from the amazing offers on the day, it is packed with workshops and information for us). This time, I went to the woman in the jungle (WITJ) natural hair event in London on Saturday and as always this will be my event cover for it.

Let’s get started, check out my previous post which will give you more details on the event >

So I got there a bit late thanks to TFL cancellations on the tube. At the station, I met two other lovely girls who were on their way to the place so it was a bit easier to find. (It would have taken me a bit longer to find if I was alone. Somehow my map reading skills is OK when I travel but never when I’m at home lol). Anyway when I got there the show was in full swing and the first person I saw was Destiny Godley! I love her videos so much so you know had to get a picture with her!

Only my fav youtube beauty guru!
Only my fav youtube beauty guru! That accent tho love!

After that I went into the main hall where the usual vendors were: Motions, Cantu, etc but also a few vendors that were new to me e.g. Mon Shea and ShyMiah.












I caught up with the lovely lady at the NuNaat Store who took her time to explain the new NuNaat Creams range to me. I just had to purchase. 3 for 10 pounds? Yes. Size= 1kg! I LOVE the size of these products (if it were up to me lol all conditioners will be this size lol)! I will be doing a review on the ones I got after I have used each one 3 times. FYI, I got the Avocado Oil and Fruit Complex, Garlic and Cupuacu (UPDATE- I have now used this once and I must say I love the way my hair felt after. It has a pleasant smell no garlicy smell) and Argan Oil and Macadamia (What I should have done is get all of them lol, 7 in total) and another great thing about them is you can mix and match them for the perfect deep condition! Check out the video below on a better explanation on them


I also spoke to the lovely ladies at Shy Miah stand. This vendor is quite new to me so I was very interested in knowing a bit more of their products. Luckily she was in the process of a product demo/hairstyling session and she was kind enough to talk me through what she was doing and what products they used.  Check out the video below






Next, I made my way to the Cantu stand and got some stuff. My Cantu leave in conditioner is running out so it was a perfect excuse to stock up on that and other products that were on offer. I took advantage of their 4 for 15 pounds offer and purchased 2 of the complete conditioning co wash, 1 conditioning creamy hair lotion (UPDATE- I have also used this product. My hair is soo soft! And the smell? Amazing! I used this, this morning and my mum was like what perfume have you used? lol it smells nice!) And their leave in conditioner (UPDATE- I have used it and in combo with the lotion, hair=SOWFT lol soft). All these products were part of their Cantu for natural hair line. The leave in conditioner I got is a bit different from the usual one in that this  contains no harsh chemicals.



At this point I needed a break lol, I think I was carrying about 4 kg worth of products plus my handbag, camera bag and camera and the place was hot. So I made my way into the main hall for a seat lol and came across another vendor that was new to me: Mon Shea. Again I was in luck and she was styling someone’s hair so there goes my break! Lol. I spoke to them about the products she was using etc etc. And actually I ended up speaking to the girl for a while and again during the show. Check out the video below

After my break lol, I went in search for the different workshops that were happening. I caught the last of the You Be natural workshop so I’m afraid I can’t really say what it was about (But we know it’s to do with hair and probably hair care/styling). I also sat in the Design Essentials red carpet makeover with Ms VaughnTV and Destiny Godley. I wasn’t able to get the start of the hair styling demo so I just waited it out for the makeup part by Destiny Godley (I was searching for this workshop, I will tell you why at the end). Check out the video below, I apologise for all the fros you may see lol




After the workshop, I went back in the main hall for a fashion show/hair styles demo presented by Design Essentials, I couldn’t take any pictures mainly because I was so tired. After this I took a final walk around the hall, spoke to a few people and left

My thoughts on WITJ 2015- first I would like to thank the founder for responding to my request for covering the show for my blog. It was a great show with good information and I had a lot of fun talking to the people however I feel like they missed out on 1 little detail. I asked for a show schedule at the registration desk when I arrived but I was told things will be announced during the event so I didn’t get one. When it came to the workshops I couldn’t find any of them because there were any details on the doors so it was a lot of asking around and a lot of door opening to find out what was happening in the rooms. That’s why I was late for that workshop! There were a lot more workshops on the day but I couldn’t go to them because I didn’t know the rooms for them. Maybe early arrivals got schedules with locations. Just giving my views.

With that been said, it was a great show and I met a lot of new people there and hopefully I can work with them in the near future. Did you go to WITJ 2015? Let me know your thoughts! Check out my other social media for more info on the products I purchased and other shenanigans! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos!

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NaturalHairWeek 2015-

Curlvolution 2015-

I love going to these sort of events because some time ago they were either non-existent or unknown! I always complain about the lack of natural hair events in the UK so I am very happy to be a part of these ones! Of course everyone prefers quality over quantity so even if we have just there 3 (there are others btw), you are destined to learn something new always! Any new shows that may be planned in the near future, you have big shoes to fill but there is always room for more and a place for you J

Also I would like more vendors at these shows to start accepting card payments or even PayPal. It makes life so much easier when you get to the show instead of leaving to take cash out. I’m not sure if you can provide light snacks or food as well for the attendants (I am well aware of the policies you may have to abide by, but if you could people would appreciate it a lot!) most of the time and the amount of people I speak to, no one wants to leave to get either cash  out or buy food when we arrive and the event is in full swing.

Natural hair companies- I confess I’m a product junkie! If you would like me to review your product, please contact me at the above email address. Thank you

Until next time

Love Sarah




Inspire: Natural Hair Events UK

seriously waiting for stage 4!
seriously waiting for stage 4!

Checks Instagram feed:

10,00000 plus natural hair events! *starts thinking of outfits to wear* Where- USA? *so maybe I can’t wear that lipstick after all* Lol ok so maybe 10,00000 is an exaggeration, but I have noticed a lot more going on in the natural hair community overseas than here in the UK! This is why I have really enjoyed going to all these Natural Hair events here in the UK and blogging about them. I am really happy with the progress UK naturalistas have made over the years and I know there is more to come!

I first went natural in 2011. I transitioned for 5 months I think and BC in December that year! back then I didn’t hear of any events that were happening here in the UK and even though it didn’t frustrate me then or I didn’t care about it so much then, now I am very interested in these types of shows and would love to see a lot more happening right here in the UK!

Why the sudden interest?

I believe natural hair is more accepted now than before and is less of a ‘trend’ now. What these shows are doing are providing an opportunity to go and see live product demos ( I have lost count of the amount of companies that now have natural hair care lines, its great but sometimes you need to see it in action), shop till you drop and ask as many questions as you would like IN PERSON! For seasoned naturals, it’s an opportunity to network, take advantage of the amazing offers on the day (you just need to go and see! Lol) and even learn something new (I never seen so many different hairstyles in one room, I always come home and try some). For newly naturals or transitioners (Is that a word yet lol) it’s a fantastic chance to learn about new products and techniques and ask questions to the professionals themselves. It’s one thing to watch YouTube and it’s another thing to actually ask the professional about their products. Also it’s a great chance of business owners to interact with their customers and even produce new products just by listening to concerns etc. it’s honestly a win- win for everyone!


Of course everyone prefers quality over quantity but I still believe there is a lot more room for more natural hair events here in the UK ( I truly appreciate the hardwork and effort that goes into planning these events).


I would like to see A LOT more UK brands been represented at these shows as well. I’m honestly going to say I don’t buy as much UK brands like I should (does that make me a hypocrite?). It is so easy to pick up a product and not even realise it’s a US/restofworldbasicallyChina brand (lol). But I’m trying. Anyway I love what UnitedKurls are doing. (Check out their website for more information – In the simplest form it is a collection of UK based brands (if you were wondering where to find them- tadahhhhhhhh)

Also card payments/PayPal payments! Could this be impossible? This will be so BENEFICIAL to the attendants if most/all vendors could accept card payments. So far out of the 3 shows I have been too, I think only 3 accepted card payments and even with that it was at one show LOL. It’s just a pain to have to leave in search of a cash point when you get to a show (and somehow they are nowhere to be found lol) and somehow people forget to take out money. But if this can be done, please do so.

Refreshments. With this I can understand if it can’t be done- hotel/venue policies, food safety, health and safety etc etc etc. let me just leave this here (but maybe vending machines? I’m rolling in the deep here lol)


It’s simple: I LOVE where the UK is going in terms of natural hair events and we need more. Ticket prices seem good as well. Links to the shows I have been to will be below

Now I want to hear your thoughts. Have you been to a natural hair event in the UK? How was it? And what can be done to improve it? What would you like to see?

Make sure you subscribe to my blog and I will do my best to keep you updated with shows I hear off. Also connect with me on twitter, Instagram and YouTube to check out previous shows I have been to and listen to me rave about stuff lol

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That’s all folks. I’m just sitting here, looking for inspiration for something to write about and I got this. Please bear with me- I am still editing videos from the WITJ event and that’s why my event cover is not up yet. I would like to add the video links that’s why but best believe its waiting in my drafts lol soon come honey! I swear uploading videos on YouTube take forever!

Curlvoluton2015 event-

NaturalHairWeek2015 event-

I hope everyone has a great day and week!




Bentonite Clay Experience


Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well. In this post, I will quickly tell you about my bentonite clay experience. I got mine from SheaButter Cottage ( and it was either 3 or 3.60 for 100grams. I purchased mine at the Curlvolution event. I also purchased the rhassoul clay which I have already used and shared here on my blog click the link to check it out >>

So I used pretty much the same water mix I used for my rhassoul clay: apple cider vinegar and water (I also used Aloe Vera juice in the mix for rhassoul clay but I didn’t use it this time).  I also used the whole pack which I didn’t have to because I found that it swells a bit so I had a lot left over from my mix. After mixing I did the usual, detangled my hair with coconut oil and applied the clay.


I noticed it didn’t define the curls as much as the rhassoul clay when I applied it however I found this easier to apply and work with. I then covered my hair with plastic bags and went about my day. I washed it out after 45 mins and proceeded to deep condition after. I did notice it left my curls more defined after I washed the clay out than the rhassoul clay and my scalp was much cleaner. My hair was also very soft.

I am definitely purchasing this clay as I am trying to move away from shampoo all together! I prefer this than the rhassoul clay as it left my hair cleaner and softer. *checks account to see if I can purchase more lol*

That’s all folks. Really quick and to the point post about my experience with bentonite clay. Let me know your thoughts and comments below. Are you trying it? What was your experience? Let me know!

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Until next time

Love Sarah


Instagram Response: Hair Typing



Hey guys, so if you follow me on Instagram (Which you should btw- @sarahfynn), you would see a post I posted about 4 weeks ago regarding a topic I was researching for my blog. The question was:

Is hair typing absolutely necessary, or are we placing too much importance on it? Do you also know your hair type and how much has that as affected your choice in products or routines?

Firstly, I want to thank all those who responded. J Greatly appreciated. Secondly, sorry it took a while to actually finalise this post lol. I originally wanted to write this 3 days later but then more people started commenting, I travelled to Germany and the rest is history lool.

Anyway first let’s talk about hair typing, what exactly is it?

In its simplest definition, it is a system created to help determine the various textures (Type 3, 4 etc) of hair among women with curly or wavy hair. So to type your hair, (there is a picture chart below and above) you would use it to compare your hair in its natural state with and pick the one that matches closely with it. The different variations e.g. type 4a, 3c etc depend on how closely your curl match the ones in the curl group e.g. type 4, type 3.hairchart2From my Instagram response and also other women I have spoken to, it seems most of the ones that know their hair type are the ones on the natural game. As in they have a lot of knowledge about their hair and how it behaves and also how to manage it. These were the women who have been natural for a while now. On the other hand, newly naturals also knew their hair type for obvious reasons that they were transitioning and also every video/post you see talks about how their hair is type 3 or 4 so that may then have driven them to find their own (I could be wrong).

But does this information really matter?

Some people said knowing their hair texture allowed them to find products that better worked for their hair or were geared towards them. Others felt it helped them choose what videos to watch on YouTube and what hair styles their texture could produce.

What I also found though was discrimination where some types of hair were seen as good hair and better than others. Type 3 regardless of variation were mostly seen as good, nicer, beautiful and easier to manage whilst type 4 was dry, brittle and difficult to manage and ‘nappy’.

My thoughts

First I didn’t really type my hair (Type 4c and actually I didn’t know my exact variation until this year at natural hair week 2015, yh that real) until a year ago I think and I have been natural for 5 years! Then I found that I was really frustrated with my hair not been as perfectly defined as I would see other girls (mostly with type 3) with (I didn’t know of hair typing at this point. I thought all naturals were supposed to have perfectly defined curly hair). My twists outs and whatever outs were not defined as well. My hair as with other girls with this hair type can testify to shrinkage, it’s no joke! I was left wanting my ‘curls’ to be defined as type 3 and if they didn’t turn out like that I thought either the product was defective or my technique was wrong. Obviously, as I have grown in my journey I realised I have no ‘curls’ and my hair will never look like that and that IS FINE!

What I DON’T AGREE with is the discrimination? Wasn’t the whole point of been natural to have healthy hair? And isn’t healthy hair ultimately good hair? Be it type 3 or 4 or 4f. Another thing I don’t understand are these variations? Every year I swear a new letter is added lol, sometime ago I heard about type 4f? Really 4f? What I also don’t understand is no head of hair is exactly one type of texture so what happens then?

Anyway, to me hair typing is not absolutely necessary. You can survive without knowing your hair type. After all, before it was created I am pretty sure naturals were doing fine. I also believe too much importance is been placed on the exact variations and obviously companies are banking on this. (I am happy though that I haven’t seen (so far) any products that transform one hair type to another with promises of ‘better manageability e.g. from type 4 to type 3 or 2 BUT if you have PLEASE let me know) knowing my texture has had some impact in my routine in that I know my hair is mostly coily not curly, what hairstyles I can do and to some degree the products I use too.

So I want to leave this post open ended. Do you this it’s important? Has it had an impact in your hair journey? Please let me know your thoughts!

The pictures below are some of the responses I got from Instagram, feel free to added you 2 cents J

Until next time









Germany travels: Munich



Welcome back, let’s get straight into it. Check out part 1 for my travels in Dusseldorf (

So Munich did NOT play! It was so hot, 28 degrees (Why?) lol. It’s surprisingly different from Dusseldorf (But don’t I say this every time I travel to different cities in the same country lol), it seems the buildings were more historical. Anyway my friend picked me up from the station and we made our way home, gurl I was too tired to go out that day after traveling all day. Does it count we went through Cologne? I can say I was there too LOL. Next day we made our way to the center, Marienplatz after seeing more beautiful cars and us thinking which one we would like lol ( I swear I have never seen so many mini’s in the same road before until I went to Munich lol, now I know God wants me to get a mini lol, so if you want to bless me or add to my mini cooper fund I plan to get it for my 25th birthday so we got time, I would greatly appreciate it J and I also saw a lot of Toyota Yaris’s hmmm). Let me say at this point my hair is wavy and I couldn’t be bothered to put on makeup (again something I do so often, as the days go by I reach for makeup less and less, especially if I am in a hot country lol). Anyway, walked about, got some ice cream and went shopping- I think they like their H&M stores? I have never seen so many of them in one shopping center lol. They even had separate H&Ms for women, men and children.








The next day, we went to the botanical gardens. If you love flowers and colour this place is the one for you! After walking around there for a while we headed back to the center for. We also planned to go to the Olympic park but damn after walking in that sun for a while lol I was soo tired I went back home (LOL)



I thought these were fake lol until it moved/
I thought these were fake lol until it moved/








How beautiful are those? …  I loved the colours and I would have liked to take more buut the bees were in full force lool

I went for a walk around my friend’s area (Max-Weber Platz) later in the evening when it was much cooler and found the street Albert Einstein was born on (and all this while I thought he was English lol).

On Wednesday, it was time to head back to the UK and start work lol. I really enjoyed my time in Germany, thanks to all my hosts and I hope you enjoyed my presentsJ. Next time around I will be going to the other cities I didn’t get time to go to (I’m so serious about that deal if  you wanted to sponsor me lol), although I have always said I don’t see the point of going to the same country twice when there are others waiting hmm. My goal is to go to every single country. Every single one! I also want to do 15 countries before I’m 25. That’s in 3 years and 7 to go! Not bad huh? I’m already planning my next adventure! But for now it’s time to start work! And back to hair updates! lol

That’s all folks, I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did please subscribe for more. Hope everyone has a blessed week.




Traction Alopecia


Hey guys, I want to share the results of a mini observational study I did for the last month. It was just me observing the different hairstyles and choices black women made, my intention was not to judge or shame anyone. I was very interested in seeing how many women chose to wear their hair out. By hair I mean their real hair- whether natural, relaxed etc without any extra hair i.e. weaves, braids, wigs, clip ins, pony tails etc. In short I was looking for how many women actually wore their OWN hair WITHOUT anything added to it.


The MAJORITY of black women had some sort of hair extension added. Mostly wigs/weaves. Braids were very popular among the younger generation. I did see a few women with their OWN hair out but majority had something added. In fact of the women I personally know, those that had their own hair out often were natural (And no I don’t only know women with natural hair).

This worried me a bit.

Then I started to think, how many of my friends have I actually seen with their OWN hair out? Most of the older women in my church (And in fact other black churches) have some sort of extensions. I don’t recall ever seeing them with their hair out.

This worried me further.

Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way or form shaming the use of extensions. I have a growing collection of wigs in different textures and lengths that I love to wear. I also understand that having your own hair out takes some time to manage and in the morning if you are in a rush, you may simply not have that time. I understand to some, wearing the extensions just makes it easier to style/manage their hair. Fair enough.

I also noticed something else…. The more women I saw, the farther back their hairlines where. The loss of hair from the hairline is traction Alopecia. Traction Alopecia is a type of hair loss that is caused from constant traction (pulling) of the hair over a long period of time. What moved me to write this was when I say a girl, probably the same age as me or younger with severe traction alopecia BUT still had braids. In fact she had very a tight cornrow pony hairstyle and you could clearly tell had loss some hair from where her hair line started. It may have been caused by something else but from what I saw, it looked like traction alopecia. This usually happens around the temples (edges) and nape area at the back. We have all seen the above picture of Naomi Campbell right?

Then I thought of my own hair journey and hairline and I know one of the reasons why I became natural was to re grow my hairline. I was lucky to catch it at a point where it could be saved. Then after my BC (big chop), in attempts to get out of the twa (teeny weeny afro) stage, I started braiding my hair A LOT, I’m talking every 6 weeks, take them out for my hair to breathe for 3 days then back again. It worked though. It grew out my hair but again my edges were affected so I stopped. Then I discovered wigs and I wore them constantly in attempt to re grow them but I discovered another problem. I realised it’s easier for the hair to come out completely with braids etc but with wigs it starts to thin out and not necessarily come out. I say this because I started to wear wigs about 3 years ago, at this point my edges were in good condition and were growing back. Good right? I never braid my edges when I am doing my cornrows for my wigs and I don’t do them too tight. I always wear them for a week, taking it off at night and letting my hair breathe for a week before wearing it again. So I was taking good care of my hair. However as I got more and more into wigs, owning more than 2 or 3 at a time, I started wearing them more often. Then I discovered the elastic band method and sewing combs to the sides which make it more secure and lay flatter I became invincible (lol). I completely swore of braids for a year (my survival series) and wore nothing but wigs. Towards the end of last year (right before I started my hairfinity challenge in October), I noticed my edges stopped growing out and started thinning out.  Of course I was worried. I wasn’t braiding my hair so I wondered where it was from.  After 2 years of not braiding my hair, I braided it lol (single plaits, medium size). I took this out though 3 weeks later because I was really worried about my hairline. To cut a long story short, I realised you can get traction alopecia from wearing wigs. I realised I was wearing my elastic bands too tight and putting the comb in at the same place all this time (I almost always have a middle part). So the hair was under constant tension and started to thin out (again I caught it at a stage where it can be saved). I still wear my wigs but in different positions, not using the combs and a loser elastic band and I am actively wearing my natural hair out – which can be a pain sometimes but it is also allowing me to re discover my hair again and what I can do with it.

Traction alopecia is serious. It may not be evident straight away but give it 2 to 3 years. From what I know, it happens in stages and can be reversible if you spot it early.  So with this been a very prominent problem in our community, why are there is many women who excessively wear extensions? Could it be uneducation? But if you woke up one day and saw half your edges gone, would that not ring any bells? If every time you braid your hair is starts further back, would that not alarm you? Or do women not realise traction alopecia and its severity?

It especially pains my heart when I see little girls with the tightest of braids! I almost want to just take them out for her!  Should the hairdresser be blamed? If your client comes in with alopecia do you advise them otherwise or do you lighten your grip a bit? To be honest when I used to braid my hair, some of these braiders want to grip the most shortest of hair possible to braid (When I realised this and asked them, they actually asked if I was sure otherwise the hairstyle ‘would not be nice’) is that extra 15 mins you save not doing your own hair really worth it? Because the way I see it, it’s a cycle and what was meant to protect your hair will actually end up harming it. Then you’re spending more money on products/methods on trying to grow it back.

What happens now?

To each their own. If you want to do something about it you can. First you can start by asking them not to braid your edges when you are getting your hair done. There is also countless of products out there you can use to safely grow them back out providing it can be saved. I am currently using jbco and taking biotin supplements. There is also surgery if it’s that bad. (If you want a post of the different ways to recover please let me know)

I want to ask you guys though to observe how our women decide to wear their hair and see what you find. Let me know by dropping a comment on this post or through my twitter- @slimtings1

That’s all folks. I just wanted to share my results with you guys. Please subscribe if you enjoyed this post.

Please know I am not saying no body should wear extensions or I do not wear them myself.

Until next time

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Germany travels: Düsseldorf


Hey guys!  I hope everyone is doing great and enjoying this warm weather. its officially summer!!!! Yay. So this update is a much needed break from hair updates lol even though it will have some hair elements to it but I will keep it short. So my last travel update I think was a year ago in February, although I did travel to Amsterdam last summer but did not blog about it. This time I went to Germany to visit a few people I met in Spain and I went to two different cities: Düsseldorf and Munich so I will split them into two parts. I am so bummed I could not go to Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne and Hamburg: time and money! (hey if you want to sponsor me to travel to these places for my blog I would appreciate it lol)

Let’s get started. I have a lot of pictures! Hair element (lol) I decided to go with a hassle free hairstyle as I did not want to travel with a lot of styling products or hot tools (mainly because I could not find my travel adapters and did not want to buy new ones lol), so I went with my short wig already straightened like 3 to 4 times ( as if that meant it would be straighter for longer lol and I would later find out that it would be rainy and there would be no point to it lol. Only products I took was a little bottle of spray leave in conditioner for my hair underneath and some gel for my edges although I never seem to care if they are laid or not when I’m travelling lol). DONE

Rant: OK. So I flew with German wings and never again. First the flight was delayed by about 25 minutes then when we actually boarded we had to wait for another 30 to 40 minutes then when we actually got to Germany we then had to wait another 20 minutes before we  got off the plane! My journey time was prolonged about an 1hour and a half! And guess what the compensation was? A free alcoholic beverage (LOL) but hey I got there safely the end. But never again.

Anyway so I got there and met up with my friend  and later went for our 1st night out. We went to an afrobeats bar/ club in the city center (Please don’t ask me the name lol I can give you directions if you want lool). So anyway the 1st night was good although it drizzled a bit and my hair got ruined lol. We spoke and did a lot of catching up and I also met her another friend. Somehow all the guys in the place were from Cameroon or spoke French and I spoke the same words all night: I don’t speak French/Dutch. (Lol I just remembered this one guy who was German, an older man staring at us for what seemed like the whole night. This man was literally sitting right across us. After he was tired of staring (I guess), he (lol) offered me his drink (LOL) very confidently (LOL) which I declined lol. After dancing for like 10 minutes he goes away lool.).The next day we went round their city center, of course Germany been the hometown of VW, BMW and Audi almost everyone drove one of those cars and the very latest models. In the center they were test driving jaguars and because I had just passed my test I got to drive one too!!!! (Lol jokes!)









I love the buildings there. Every corner had a mall honestly lol. And designer shops everywhere. The city is really beautiful. Of course been in Germany I had to have sausages lol although they served it in round bread lol. I didn’t drink any beer though hahaa. I saw the tower and did a lot of walking around, I wasn’t there for long so I did as much as I could in 2days 2nightz.  We had lunch in Maredo I would recommend their ribs (so nice but I didn’t even finish it lol). I was lucky to go on the weekend of the Japanese festival in Düsseldorf so the costumes and people were in full gear. Apparently Düsseldorf has a large Japanese population, to think about it I actually saw a lot of sushi places. Although at the festival itself I didn’t see a lot of Japanese maybe they were hiding in costume (hehe). Anyways there was the most amazing fireworks show I had ever seen! The place was packed out I mean, I think everyone in the city was there lol. We were standing on a bridge which I honestly thought could fall. Next time we should get a boat lol (or Diane move to the harbor lol).







Yes that was part of someone’s outfit. and they were speakers!




So I had a really lovely time in Düsseldorf with my friend and I just wish I could spend more time there but hopefully I will back to visit.  There is supposed to be a boat show in January hopefully I can make it there.  I left Sunday afternoon for Munich in the south. I booked tickets via the DB website. The whole journey was about 6 hours: 12. 30 to 6.30 pm.  Stay tuned for part two of my Germany travels.

See you soon

P.S I used my very handy 40L mountain warehouse backpack. A review I did for it can be viewed here >> Please consider investing in a backpack if you travel a lot, it will make your life easier!

Maredo ribs
Maredo ribs


At this point everyone was like awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
At this point everyone was like awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


Munich Travels up shortly