Multi-Masking ft Superdrug and Avon!

MultiMasking face masks
Fav Face Masks

I’m so late with this!

Have you guys heard/tried multi masking? It’s basically using 2 or 3 face masks at a time to treat your problem areas instead of one! Different masks may be suitable for one area of your face but not so great for the other areas. For instance, we tend to be oilier around our t-zones and have normal to combo skin everywhere else, a charcoal mask will be perfect for those t-zones but too strong for let’s say your cheeks. This is where multi masking steps in, so you can use another mask, e.g hydrating/radiance on your cheeks and a charcoal mask on your t-zone.

Multi masking is really not a new thing but it is a clever way of coming up with a totally customised face regime. You really don’t have to get new products either so don’t be fooled by any ‘multi-masking kits’ you see unless you don’t have any masks to begin with. If you have 2 or 3 laying around already (which I think we all do) just mix and match them and get creative with it!

I am a big fan of Superdrug face masks sachets and I had 2 lying about so I decide to pair them up with my fav Avon Mask for a mini tut on multi-masking. I will be using

Be warned, gruesome pic coming up! lool

#MultiMasking with my fav face masks!
























It can be quite time consuming, painting on up to 3 or 4 face masks but I must admit it is fun to do! I don’t think I will be doing this every day, maybe once a week or in a while when I have some more time to spare.

Go on get creative and start multi masking!

Do you multi mask? What products do you use?

September monthly products


Hey wonderful people! This is a list of stuff I got over September. I will have reviews up soon. Let me know if you have used any of these products or recommend some new ones to me! I am always on the hunt for something new to try J

I used lemon juice (Yes guys lemon juice) as a toner for a while, to help brighten my skin and help with my hyperpigmentation. It worked but I got bored of using it and wanted to try something new. I decided to pick up the Nivea pure and natural toner 0.33p (yes lol, but it’s been discontinued that’s why it’s so cheap) from Superdrug. Not a great fan of the smell but it gets the job done.

Garnier has always been my go to brand for skin care! I picked up their pure active anti-blackhead deep pore wash, £1.75 (a mouthful right?). This has salicylic acid which is known for its anti-blemish/breakout properties. I’m loving the results already.

ORS curls unleashed sulfate free shampoo and rinse out conditioner. I went to the ORS event during the Vogue Fashion night out and got these two baddies in my goody bag. A full review will be up soon on BrownBeautyTalk but one thing I have to say now is: I LOVE the SMELL! Lol. Check out my product collections series for the full product list for curls unleashed.

Superdrug body spray, £0.99. I love getting these and throwing them in my hand bag to use throughout the day. It smells really good and lasts all day.

Small stippling brush, £1.50 from Primark. I have been looking for a small stippling brush for a while now and I randomly saw this in Primark and got it! (I didn’t know they sold brushes). I really like it, I use it to apply my highlighters or use to blend my under-eye concealer.

Beauty UK gel fix nail polish £1 each, from Superdrug (please check my Facebook page for a lot of nail colour swatches)

Barry M nail paint, buy one get one half price, £2.99 each

Dermalogica products, separate post coming soon, I went to their event launch for these products yesterday

And finally my notebook, I got these to write my ideas, stories etc down as well as to plan my blog posts. Got it covered by CJAJ09, check her out on Facebook

That’s all the products I got this month, why not share yours with me





Hey peeps! Let’s take several steps back from hair care for now, I promise we will get back to it soon! Let’s talk skincare: for those of us that were blessed with other things other than acne/hyperpigmentation/scarring free skin lol, we have to work extra hard in order to keep our skin in tip top condition. But we don’t mind right? Because everyone is beautiful, acne or not and we ae product junkies so it’s cool lol.

So I’m here to share my current and very simple skincare products. I don’t use much because I try to not put too much harsh chemicals on my face (so as not aggravate it lol) and to just let it breathe and do its thang lol. Two of the products I use I could not get a picture of because I need a refill lol.

Let’s get started

So the number one and most important product ever for the skin is water! Drink as much water as possible and reduce your intake of juice/soda etc. I was very sceptical of this but I did a mini experiment to find out if it works or not. Basically when I started taking hairfinity, I knew I had to up my water intake because I found a lot of people were breaking out from it if they didn’t drink enough water. So for 3 months I cut down on any drink that wasn’t water lol and drank 2 litres of water a day! Lol. I mean once in a while I drank juice etc but I always compensated by drinking double the amount of water of whatever I drank LOOOL. Anyway after 6 weeks or so I really began to see a difference in my skin and less to no breakouts! So I really do recommend drinking water and a lot of it. Invest in a 1litre bottle for starters, there are plenty of cute bottles you could get if that’s your main problem 😉


Let’s get to the picture, starting from left to right

The body shop vitamin E face mist, I love this for setting my makeup and for adding moisture. I use it alone on days where I am rushing to work and I know I didn’t moisture my face properly. Quick spritz and I know my face will not be dry. It sort of leaves a dewy finish (if you like that) and smells nice (don’t worry the smell doesn’t linger.) It does a great job of setting makeup and is a great alternative to Mac Fix plus. You can purchase this in any body shop store and its £8.

I know you can’t see this properly but the next products are

Vitamin E facial oil (Small bottle by the Avon care bottle). I used to mix this with my face moisturiser in the winter months. It’s not too greasy and I really like it. Nowadays I use it for a mask (mixed with coconut oil) and leave on for about 3-5 minutes before I scrub my face or wash it. I only do this once a week or whenever I remember.  I can’t say if I have noticed a huge difference yet, I only started this last week but it does eliminate the need of adding my moisturiser after I wash my face. I forgot the price but you can get it from Superdrug

Vitamin E SPF 15 daily moisturiser. I love this because it has SPF in it. I am starting to be very particular about this so I was happy to find this and a very low price. It’s a great starting moisturiser if you want something light and a low SPF on a budget. It’s also from Superdrug

Vitamin E leave on mask. To me this is a light moisturiser because it’s like a serum/gel formula and you’re supposed to leave it on and not wash it off. It works and leave my skin moisturised so I am not complaining lol. I use this when my face starts to play up lol and needs some attention. I apply overnight. Also from Superdrug

Pure face wipes I use this for travelling. Small and handy. Johnson’s baby wipes, I used to use this for my makeup before I fell in love with micellar cleansing water lol. I really like my simple one but I use the baby wipes on days where I just use powder on my face.

Avon Care 3 in 1: toner, cleanser and moisturiser. So when I am really lazy and can’t be asked to cleanse and use my toner then follow up with a moisturiser I use this bad boy and boom, 3 birds, 1 stone. It does a great job at the first two but its moisturising properties are very little to almost none. I mean my face is soft and I use a little bit of cream afterwards just in case.

Masks- Montagne Jeunesse runny honey and vanilla peel off mask. I have been wanting to try a peel off mask for a while now. My girl recommended this one to me as she uses it and likes it. It was only 90p from Primark so I thought why not? I have used this and I will be posting about it shortly. Sugar and spice self-heating mask. I got this from Superdrug but I haven’t used it yet. I am planning on using it in the next few days and let you guys know about it

Avon blemish clearing 3 in 1 wash, scrub and mask. I LOVE this. I used it when my face is really playing up and needs some ‘heavy’ duty cleansing. It contains alpha hydroxy acid which is quite strong so I am careful not to use this daily or often. And always always apply SPF after use. It actually says on it to try and limit sun exposure afterwards for about a week. It does a great job and after using I always see a difference in my pores and spots. I highly recommend. I love it so much I have two because I was living in Spain for a while I didn’t take it along so I bought another one whilst I was there lol

Clearasil 2 in 1 anti-blemish wash and mask. This is a ‘lighter’ version of the Avon product and is suitable for daily use. It’s supposed to help reduce marks left from spots but I haven’t noticed a visible difference in them. I like it though to use more often, I keep this in the shower with me for that.

Garnier moisturiser. I got this about two years ago when they released the coloured line of moisturisers targeting different needs. Remember? I don’t like this. I think the orange one is for dry skin, but I found I would apply it and my face would seem ‘wet’ then it will dry off and not leave it moisturised. I love Garnier products so I was a bit disappointed with this one.



Two things I also swear by

My African black soap- I will be doing a whole post about this! But in short- AMAZING

And a mild lemon solution, like a salad dressing lol as a toner- it works!

Share with me your fav skincare products! And what’s your go to product for tackling problems before a big day? Let me know

Until next time







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Hey guys, welcome back to my blog and the final installment in the conditioner series. If you haven’t already, check out the previous 2 posts on deep conditioners >> and leave in conditioners >>

So today we will be talking about rinse out/ regular conditioners. These are the ones that usually come in a pair with your fav shampoo. E.g. herbal essences hello hydration shampoo and the matching hello hydration conditioner. Unlike deep conditioners, rinse out conditioners are put on for about 3-5 mins then rinsed out. These are not designed to be left in the hair like leave in conditioners.


Do you have to match the conditioner with the shampoo? Well I’m not sure. Most product lines recommend you use all the products in the entire range for maximum results. For instance, you would start off with their shampoo then condition with one of their conditioners, style with one of their styling products and finish with one of their finishing products.  Personally I haven’t done this before but I can say I still get good results from just the conditioner only. Let me know if you use entire product lines!

If you’re like me, you rarely use rinse out conditioners for what they are for. Naturals are known to use rinse out conditioners for other purposes than conditioning, this is because most of us deep condition after every wash. Here are some examples of what I use regular conditioner for, hopefully this will give you some ideas on what to use yours for:

  • Co – washing- up until recently, I was very skeptical on buying a product that is meant for co-washing because I thought it would be the same conditioner marketed as such. I made my own co wash using regular conditioner, a tiny bit of shampoo and argan oil and needless to say it did the trick!
  • Pre- poo/detangle- I used to use conditioner to detangle my hair then leave that on for a while mixed with coconut oil as a pre poo treatment
  • Deep conditioning treatments- when I was on a strict budget and I’m talking STRICT, I would buy one regular conditioner and use it as a deep conditioner. If I wanted a moisture based deep conditioner, I would mix it with oils e.g. coconut oil and argan oil, apply and treat it as a deep conditioner. If I wanted a protein treatment, I would add an egg and castor oil.

I haven’t used many rinse out conditions to think about it. A few I can remember using and loving are

Herbal essence hello hydration (£3.99 from Superdrug)

A range of Alberto Balsam conditioners lol I think I used the blueberry, mango, raspberry (personal fav- best slip) and coconut (£1.00 from Superdrug or pound shop).

TRESemme moisture rich conditioner (cheaper in Savers for £2.99 or about 4.99 in Superdrug)

Dove nourishing oil conditioner (£1 from pound shop)

That’s all folks. Let me know your favorite rinse out conditioners and what you use them for. I would love to try out some more. Please check out my new Facebook page and like it by clicking the like button on the right hand side of this page. All my social media links can also be viewed under the social tab.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding the other posts in this series and I will do my best to answer them. We will be moving onto our next series now: Cleansing and I will talk to you about the different ways to cleanse your hair. Hopefully by the end of this whole series, you will be better equipped with information and different techniques on how to care for your hair. Once you have this information, you find out natural hair is not as complicated as it seems!

Anyway until next time,