Burt’s Bee’s Facial Cleansing Oil Review

Burt’s Bee’s have been a staple drugstore brand on the British Highstreet known for their amazing lip balms and their natural skincare products. I was recently introduced to their lip balms this year and let me just say, they are worth the hype! I was sent a mini sample of their Facial Cleansing Oil which I have been using and I thought I would share my thoughts on the product.

Burt’s Bee’s Facial Cleansing Oil is 100% natural and made with coconut and argan oil. The oil is free from parabens, petrolatum, SLS and phthalates but rich in antioxidants and natural moisturizers. It’s supposed to gently remove dirt and makeup without an oily residue. The oil is suitable for normal to dry skin types. (Find out how to determine your skin type in my previous post here)


The Burt’s Bee’s Facial Cleansing Oil has a great scent and very effective against makeup. I’m starting to venture out and experiment with different types of makeup removers and I must say this cleansing oil is very nice.

I pour a small amount of the oil in my hands and massage in circular motions on dry skin. It works quickly to break down makeup and mascara. It also works great against liquid lipsticks. I cleanse my face with the oil twice, rinsing with warm water each time. My skin is left feeling soft but with no oily& heavy feeling. It doesn’t dry out my skin. To test how effective the Facial Cleansing Oil is, I follow with my Vanity Planet Spin for Perfect Skin Face Brush, and there is little to no makeup residue on the brush!

I haven’t experienced nay irritation from the Burt’s Bee Facial Cleansing Oil and it hasn’t clogged my pores. Although Burt’s Bee says the oil is for Normal to Dry Skin Types, I found the oil worked well with my Normal/Combo Oily skin type.

My only con is that I find the dispenser on the bottle atrocious. The oil hardly comes out so I have to unscrew the cap to use it but this may be because it’s a mini sample. The full-size product of Burt’s Bee’s comes in a pump bottle which may be easier to use.


If cleansing oils are your thing then the Burt’s Bee’s Facial Cleansing Oil is right up your street! 100% natural ingredients, great scent and an effective deep cleansing makeup remover what more could you ask for?

The Burt’s Bee’s Facial Cleansing Oil is £16.99 available from Burt’s Bee’s

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Superdrug Simply Pure Hydrating Serum Review


I love drugstore skincare because they have some really effective products at bargain prices. Superdrug’s own range of skincare is one of my favs too even with that one miss of a product I tried last year ( the Naturally Radiant Face Polish) and the fact that they take away products after you have fallen in love with them and don’t want to live life with them LOL. Today’s post will focus on the very popular Simply Pure Hydrating Serum from Superdrug

The serum promises replenish and nourish sensitive skin. It’s formulated with Soothex and Ceramide blend. The serum also promises to improve skin elasticity & suppleness for a smoother more radiant complexion



The Simply Pure Hydrating Serum comes in a pump bottle which dispenses a small amount of the serum. It’s white but goes on clear and it’s very lightweight. It’s not a thick consistency but rather a very light weight lotion. This made me quite sceptical of its hydrating claims as I haven’t had much luck with very lightweight serums.

The serum is very nice and sinks right into the skin- easily absorbed without a heavy feeling or greasy residue. To my surprise, I found it very hydrating and perfect for using it underneath my morning moisturiser without feeling like I am layering on too much products. I have also used this alone at night without a night cream when I went to Vienna (because they took away my night cream due to too many liquids lol) and woke up to soft and moisturised skin. The hydrating claims are spot on.  And I’m in love with it. The hydration it provides is long lasting and when used this with my morning moisturiser without any makeup during the day, I have no dry patches and my skin still feels soft and hydrated! It’s also perfect for sensitive skin but worked well for my normal to combo skin

Verdict– a very good serum at an excellent price and worth all the hype! I hope Superdrug doesn’t discontinue this product (they are fond of doing that)

It’s currently on offer in Superdrug, make sure you check it out! At its price if you don’t like it after purchasing, you won’t be losing much and you can always use it for something else.

Superdrug Simply Pure Hydrating Serum is at £2.69 at Superdrug


L’Oréal Pure Clay Glow Mask Review


The L’Oréal Pure Clay Mask is part of the Pure Clay collection which features 3 clays with amazing skin benefits. The Pure Clay Masks are also their first face masks from L’Oréal. The full collection: Purity Clay Mask, Glow Clay Mask & Detox Clay Mask.

I picked up the Pure Clay Glow Mask and it promises to brighten and exfoliate for your purest, cleanest brightest skin. It’s enriched with Red Algae extract and apricot seeds



loreal pure clay glow mask review


First off, I love the packaging: the glass tub gives it a lux feel. You get 50ml of product which L’Oréal say last about 10 applications but obviously, this is more or less depending on how much you use. Can we also say how similar  the colour is to my skin tone LOL, I promise you I have the mask on in the pic

The texture is creamy but thick and slightly difficult to spread. It has a gritty feel thanks to the apricot seeds in it. I love the scent of the mask, I’m not quite sure on what it compare it to but I find it quite pleasant.

The Glow Mask dries fairly quickly and doesn’t have any sensation to it, it doesn’t dry tight.  I let this sit for 15 to 20 mins, more if I am multi-tasking or doing chores ( as you can see in the pic, I got my leopard print Cookie inspired morning coat on and my hair be drying gurrllll lol). It washes off easily and you also get some mild exfoliating actions thanks to those apricot seeds. My face feels clean and normal; it doesn’t dry out my skin. It feels soft too. I also put the mask on my neck and no issues there

In terms of brightening/glowing– there is a little something when you wash the mask off. Just a little something something like a 4 outta 10. LOL. I must admit I haven’t noticed long-term benefits from the mask as I tend to reach for other masks more than this.

Verdict– it’s a nice mask, and I like the exfoliation action you get but I haven’t really noticed any of the glowing/brightening benefits.

Will I repurchase? No

L’Oréal have extended the Pure Clay range to add 2 face washes and 1 scrub! I have a review on the Pure Clay Detox Wash

L’Oréal Pure Clay Glow Mask is £7.99 from Superdrug

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Best Highlighters for Black Women Under £10


Who doesn’t LOVE a good highlighter? I mean when the light hits your cheekbones and the shine alone blinds your enemies! LOL I am obsessed with highlighters and I don’t think I can do a makeup look without them! But let’s face it, some of the best ones are pricey and God knows I am not using my Becca Topaz every day for work! No no!

My best liquid lipsticks post (read it here) was super popular so I thought I would keep the same concept for more posts. Makeup highlighters were the next idea I had and after a bit of research, I realised I actually have a few highlighters from the drugstore that are under £10 and perfect for women of colour!

Enough talk, let’s get into the post

Best Highlighters for Black Women under £10

Between these insta worthy shades, they are super pigmentated, blend hella easy and nicely milled to not highlight texture on the skin. I apply with a fan brush (I didn’t know these were hard to come by lol) or a small stippling brush for that glow from within look!

I chose these highlighters based on





Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter In Rejuvenate, £3

Makeup Revolution Baked Bronzer In Rock On World, £4

MUA Undress Your Skin In Iridescent Gold, £3

Makeup Revolution Shimmer Brick In Rose Gold, £3

Makeup Obsession Highlighter In Tropical, £3

Makeup Obsession Highlighter In Flame, £3

BodyShop Highlighting Domes In 3, £9

Gosh Copenhagen Lumi Drops In Bronze, £7.99

Worth checking out

Sleek Contour Kit


Swatches of the highlighters are below. I would do individual swatches but time you see, but follow me on Insta and you will get swatches and moreeeee lol

Most of these I realised are under £5! Don’t sleep on the Drugstore guys, they have some pretty amazing products and they are super cheap too! I’m thinking of what to add to the Best Series next, I would love to hear your suggestions! Remember you can turn your fav shimmery eyeshadow to a highlighter or a shimmer blush into a highlight as well- break the makeup rules and play with it!

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What’s your fav drugstore highlighter?


Barry M Flawless Original Primer Review

Barry M Flawless Original Primer Review


I’ve been preaching about primers for the longest time so it wasn’t long I planned a review series to follow suit. The series took me to the drugstore to test out some of the hottest brands primers. Barry M is a well-known brand in the drugstore so it made sense to pick out their flawless primer to add to the series.

The flawless primer promises pore minimising, smoothing and mattifying.  It’s also suitable for all skin types


Let’s talk texture. The primer is a white smooth fluid which pumps out easily. I use about 2 to 3 pumps for my face and neck. The white fluid quickly turns clear and transparent as you warm it between your fingers and apply to the face. It feels smooth on the skin and as it settles in it looks (slightly) matte. I prefer to let the primer sit for a few seconds before starting my makeup application. It becomes very smooth and I find stuff just glide easily onto the skin.

I won’t say its pore minimising though. I have small pores and even with its pore minimising claims, I find no difference in the appearance of them after applying the primer. Is it matte? I think it’s a softer matte, it doesn’t look drying and doesn’t feel it either. The flawless primer holds up well during the day. It keeps my (slightly) oily tzone oil free but a tad bit shiny after 4 to 5 hours of wear. Not enough to blot but slightly noticeable although I don’t really mind that (a little dewiness for me)


For a 5.99 primer I think it’s very good. If you’re extremely oily, I won’t say this is the mattifying primer to get, normal to combo skin may want to give this a try. It may not be the best for dry skin types either: it didn’t dry out my skin and doesn’t feel dry but it isn’t hydrating either.


All in all a good primer to end my review series with! I hope this series was helpful, make sure to check the other primers I have reviewed!



Makeup Revolution


Will I repurchase? Yes

Barry M Flawless Original Primer is £5.99 at Superdrug

A primer from Primark? Primark Prime And Anti Shine Balm review coming soon! Catch me on Instagram for all the products and latest launches in town!


Love ya




Rimmel London Lasting Finish 8HR Makeup Primer Review


Another week, another review. Moving on with my drugstore primer review series, last week I tested out the Rimmel London Lasting Finish 8HR Makeup Primer. The primer promises 4 main benefits which are day proof, pore minimizing, evens out skin tone and skin perfecting

I am not the biggest fan of the Rimmel London brand so I was very hesitant to try this primer. Thier motto is “get the London look” yet with the variety of shades in London, their foundations fall very short. Very very short.  I know their primers are quite popular which is the only reason why I picked this up but after this I am happy to report you are not missing out if you don’t have this!

So the primer promises a lot of things which for me I didn’t experience. It promises to reduce pores but that didn’t happen for me and I have small pores. Whatever ‘day proof’ means for Rimmel didn’t really work for me either. It doesn’t control oil. It feels slightly oily/greasy on my skin which I didn’t like as well.  The primer is a white fluid and goes on and leaves a white cast but this quickly disappears as you rub it in. It feels smooth but not as much as I would like. I’m not sure what they mean by ‘evening out skin tone’ as this again didn’t happen for me

It doesn’t give any finish to makeup.

You’re are NOT missing out with this primer or infact the Rimmel brand esp. for women of colour.  I haven’t tried many products from this brand as I have avoided it but I remember receiving one of their mascaras (I think it was in a brown bottle and it had argan oil in it) in a goody bag and it was rubbish. This primer was disappointing for me but it may be ok for dry skin? Because for my normal/combo skin I found it slightly oily. I think they should really work on expanding their foundation shade range, then we can talk

Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray Review

Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray Review


For today’s instalment in the Drugstore Setting Spray Review Series, I will be talking about the Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray. Makeup Revolution is a popular drugstore brand with budget friendly prices: there was no way I could do this challenge without picking up their setting spray!

The Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray to keep your makeup in place all day and protect against heat & humidity whilst helping your makeup to last 8 hours


I really like this setting spray. It sprays in a fine mist and doesn’t leave white spots on the face. It doesn’t say what sort of finish it gives but I have found it to be a natural satin/matte finish which I actually like (huge surprise as I prefer dewy/glowy finishes). It doesn’t dry out my face or make my skin look dry either. I have really tested out this spray’s claims as I have used it when I have been running errands in the past week. It helped my makeup stayed put and held up against heat. I’m not a huge fan of the scent- slightly of chemicals but it works so I can accept that lol

I have a slight oily T zone and I found the spray helped to extend the time I would need to blot which I really liked. I haven’t experienced any irritation with the product. They say you can use this on eye makeup as well but I haven’t tested that out yet.


A good setting at a very good price!  The Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Fixing Spray will be the perfect addition to your makeup collection! For very oily skin types, they have an oil controlling formula as well.

Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray is £5 at Tam Beauty

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MUA ProBase Mattify Makeup Fixing Mist Review

MUA ProBase Mattify Makeup Fixing Mist Review


Hey party people

I posted my Drugstore Setting Spray Challenge last week and I am here with the first review in the series! I love setting sprays and I have lost count of how many I have tried! But I also realised I haven’t really tried many from the drugstore so this series was born! (And of course to satisfy the product junkie in me!) Today, I will be reviewing the MUA ProBase Mattify Makeup Fixing Mist

MUA ProBase Mattify Makeup Fixing Mist promises to keep skin looking perfectly matte all day long. It’s a light weight mist that applies that applies easily, holds makeup all day long and oil free.



I have been using this a little over a week now to set my makeup. I will say it’s true to its claims of Mattifying. I use the Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation which gives a dewy finish but with this spray, it changes to a matte finish. Using this mist as a final mist on top of other mists that give a dewy finish also changes the finish to a matte. It doesn’t feel or look dry on the face. It sprays very fine so I will give them that as well, doesn’t leave white spots (thank God) or disturb makeup!

What I won’t give them? It says it leaves your make up oil free which isn’t necessarily true. I’m not the oiliest of the bunch but after 4-5 hours of wear, I can see some oil peaking true. Not enough to blot but enough to notice. It says it has the ultimate fixing power but again if you sweat or cry lol, makeup is coming off.


I think for a £5 setting spray it’s very good. You can use it on top of your primer for extra hold and I will definitely recommend this! I think for normal to combo oily skin types, this would be quite nice for everyday wear. Excessively oily skin types may want to use this on top of their normal primer. I don’t think it will be good for dry skin, it may make your skin look really dry.


MUA Pro Base Mattify Fixing Mist is also available in a Hydrating Finish.

The MUA Pro Base Mattify Fixing Mist is £5 and available from Superdrug or the MUA Website

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Blind Blogger Challenge with B. Skincare & Superdrug

blind blogger challenge with b skincare & superdrug


I finally did my Blind Blogger Challenge with B. Skincare & Superdrug testing out the new B. Effective Stubborn Makeup Remover! I was sent this challenge last month (forgive the lateness) but I am finally ready to bring you the results!

Challenge Accepted

The challenge was simple, I was given two makeup removers A and B and I was to test them out against the Gosh Waterproof Eyeshadow that came in the box. We all know waterproof makeup takes a minute to take off right? To really test out the makeup removers, I used the MUA Moisturising Primer and set that with my Milani Powder. I also swatched the LA Girl Flat Pigment Gloss (those take a min to take off as well) in addition to the eyeshadow. Finally, I set everything with the MUA Mattifying Mist and allowed to dry then I was ready for the challenge



Makeup Remover A took about 3-4 swipes to get everything off without leaving any residue. My skin on that side feels nice and soft too.

Makeup Remover B lol took how many swipes for the lipstick alone and that waterproof eyeshadow wasn’t going nowhere! Even after all that there was still some residue left with Makeup Remover B and the skin feels a tad bit dry.

blind blogger challenge with b skincare & superdrug


You guessed it! Makeup Remover A is the new B. Effective Stubborn Makeup Remover! This new remover tackles long wearing, hard to remove makeup like glitter, waterproof makeup and long-lasting formulas e.g. matte liquid lipsticks that are difficult to remove.

blind blogger challenge with b skincare and superdrug

The B. Effective Stubborn Makeup Remover feels nice on the skin and is definitely effective against waterproof makeup! Think Halloween makeup (I know we are ages away lol, ultra-matte liquid lipsticks will now be a breeze to take off!)Effective is now in Superdrug and priced £7.99



Nivea Regenerating Night Cream Review

Nivea is a very popular drugstore brand and it’s easy to see why. They have affordable products that are very effective and the Nivea Regenerating Night Cream is one of those products. I have been using this for a while and raving on about it to other people so its time for an official review! Let’s get into it, but first

Why Should I use a Night Cream? (Can’t I just use my normal body moisturiser?)

Before we dive into my review lets discuss: is a night cream really essential? Yes! Yes and YES. Your skin does extensive night duty when you sleep. It’s when the skin repairs and replenishes itself so it’s important to cleanse properly and feed it the right nutrients!

The Nivea Regenerating Night Cream is formulated with Pro Vitamin B5, Hydra IQ and Vitamin E to deeply moisturise and regenerate the skin. It leaves the skin feeling fresh and soft in the morning.

Note- I have the one for normal to combination skin. They also have a formula for dry & sensitive skin.

My skin type- normal to combination oily but more on the normal side. Oily areas- tzone.


The Nivea Regenerating Night Cream is very rich and has a thick consistency which means a little goes a very long way! It’s very smooth and easy to apply: spreads easily and absorbed quickly.

I love this cream because it moisturises my skin. It’s as simple as that, it just works! My skin is soft and well moisturised in the mornings!  For a night cream, you want something slightly richer than your day cream and this is exactly it! It rich enough to moisturise but doesn’t feel greasy or look oily.

Over the time I have been using it and it has been a good few months, it’s worked well with the different washes/ serums I use. It’s also left my skin very soft. I have been using this for a while and I still have a long way to go! You literally need a tiny amount.

The price point is very very good, it’s only £4.05 (P.S it’s on offer for £1.99). I love this and will definitely recommend and repurchase.

Nivea Regenerating Night Cream is available from Superdrug

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