i really do not have any idea why my tablecloth is christmas themed! but i love it

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing well. (Wow second post today, I’m on fire!). Anyway I have been recently contact by some ladies to do a makeup collection and as I love sleek products right now I decided to do a sleek make up collection. I don’t have a lot of their products, I recently bought some and it’s on its way in the post but that is another story I am going to tell you about now.

So if you want to try sleek products and unless it’s your only choice I do not recommend purchasing online ( from their website that is) It is a UK based company so you can walk into your local boots or Superdrug or the beauty supply stores and get yourself what you want. Why do I say this?


  1. When I was in Spain and I couldn’t get my hands on their darker shades I ordered some products online. It took a while to get to me and I thought maybe it was because of my location (however even with all the other stuff I bought online from the UK, everything took week tops). so I emailed them and they replied in their own time later saying yh its going to take a while
  2. They came out with their new foundation range- the bare all foundations which I really wanted to try. But it wasn’t available in Spain for swatches. I emailed them to recommend what shade they would suggest telling them that I was a shade deep in their BB cream. That email is yet to be replied. I am now back in the UK and have gone to superdrug and swatched them. Thank you.
  3. Recently bought a few more things online (which I wanted to include in this post) and paid for 3 days tracking. I had problems with tracking so once again I emailed them. And they said they’re courier was having problems etc. so I am yet to receive my items.

I had wanted to include those items in this post especially the powder because I havenot seen that around but I will just update the post once they are here. So I got the powder and a replacement bb cream and a blush by 3 palette in pink sprint. (If you search on YouTube you will find some swatches)

Any way moving on my collection of sleek products is not the biggest but I have got some essentials. So I have the sleek bbcream in dark, 2 blush palettes: one in sugar and the other in lace. One face contour kit in dark. And 3 lipsticks: mystic, exxagerate and amped.


  1. Bb cream (dark) – I LOVE this bb cream. I came across this when I was on the search for a bb cream that actually fits my skin tone; most of the drugstore brands fit the pale to lighter skin tones. So when I found this I was so happy. It is full coverage and I didn’t expect that from a bb cream but it’s ok. It works like a charm. It’s very breathable and buildable. And I don’t get breakouts from it. (Which is a plus) and for £8.99 you get 50ml of product. Good value for money.

20140710_141730 20140710_141929


2. Face contour kit (dark) – I love the highlighter in this palette. It is so pretty. I love that they did a combo palette with the dark powder and the lighter powder for highlighting. the only problem I have with this is the power is too dusty (lol I don’t even know if this is a valid problem) for £6.99 you get 14g of product and a good sized mirror


look at that highlighter!
look at that highlighter!


3.Blush by 3 palette in LACE. The shades are crochet, guipure and Chantilly. I love this palette. Combo shades of both matt and shimmer powders. And a good sized mirror. My fav in this palette is Chantilly and I usually wear this wear a nude or neutral pink lip.

from left to right: chantilly, guipure and crochet
from left to right: chantilly, guipure and crochet


4. Blush by 3 palette in SUGAR. the shades are turbinado, muscovado and demerara. this is my fav pallete. fav shade has to be demerara. It looks so good with a fuschia pink lip or matte nude lip. (If you are thinking of getting any of these palettes which I think you already have anyway, try this pallete the shades are gorgeous especially against darker skin tones.

from left to right: demerara, muscovado and turbinado
from left to right: demerara, muscovado and turbinado (lol and me in the mirror)

All the palettes have a total of 20g of product each that’s about 6.6g per blush. Pallete are either £9.99 or £12.99 each. Not sure

5. Lipsticks- I love their lipsticks and I am looking to get more shades. It’s very affordable (1/3 of a mac lipstick) and they have a variety of shades. The only shade I do not like this exxagerate. I love the purple colour (guys this is a dupe for mac heroine) however it has shimmer in it and I HATE SHIMMER on my lips. So I will be selling that soon on eBay. ( whilst you are here perform a seller search on eBay for slimtings1 and check out my items, very good quality used clothing or makeup and accessories) I have hardly worn it. Lipsticks are £4.99 each and you get 3.5g of product.

from left to right: mystic, amped and exxagerate
from left to right: mystic, amped and exxagerate and the lip pencil


Can you guess which one is which?
Can you guess which one is which?

I love the sleek packaging. The matt black finish makes and gives the products a more expensive feel. The palettes are fairly easy to open and close. I think my favourite product from sleek is their bb cream. I am to try more of their products but we will see as time goes on. They came out with the new foundations, CC creams, a limited edition eyeshadow palette and 6 lip gloss shades. If you have any of these products, let me know how they are working for you.

all together now
all together now


Other place you can get the sleek products online is amazon, check out their range by clicking on the image >>>> 


That’s all folks; I hope you have a wonderful day, until next time… bye xx

PS- did you guess it?

the shade at the top is MAC heroine. the bottom one is SLEEK exxagerate. heroine has no shimmer i previously swatched the highlighter there thats the shimmer you can see in it.
the shade at the top is MAC heroine. the bottom one is SLEEK exxagerate. heroine has no shimmer i previously swatched the highlighter there thats the shimmer you can see in it.


Unplugged and Appreciated

dont actually turn it off, lol, but hey what ever works for you.



On a recent flight home to London, I was inspired by an article I read. Having related so much to the topic, I decided to take a spin on it.

Picture this: you havenot seen your friend for a very long time.  After months of talking online you finally decide to meet for lunch. You get there and after the exchange of the ‘hellos’ ‘hi’ and ‘oo I like *insert item of clothing here*, you sit down and put your phone on the table. Face up.  On silent (how wonderful).  (But the phone is only there because I might want to take a ‘selfie’ with the girl I haven’t seen for ages and instagram the amazing arrangement of food in front of us #foodporn! And anyway it’s on SILENT)

So the conversation is in full swing whilst waiting for your appetisers. It’s a busy night so you would probably wait a while. You sneak looks at your phone whilst she’s telling you about her next big career move but all of a sudden you are been seduced by flashing lights. (Now almost every phone now has some sort of notification light right? Which can be colour coded.  So if you’re like me white is for whats app.  Blue for emails. Green for twitter and purple for Facebook)

White and blue lights flash across your eyes and just like that you’re thinking who it might be. And as quickly as you take your phone, unlock the screen and just to read that 75% off asos newsletter (as good as that sounds and yes please count me in. Payday next wweeekkk….) . She awaits your reply. So the standard smile and ‘oh right’ comes in, which is just as bad as asking her to repeat herself.

We crave social gatherings, outings etc. The whole process of putting together an outfit to planning where to meet adds to the anticipation.  We love to show off the friendships we have with different people and showing off where and ‘how’ to have a good time. Yet when we actually get there, face to face and find ourselves in the very situation we were waiting for, we plug ourselves in our online worlds, a virtual world that seems all too good to be true when in actual fact: reality is failing and may not be as fun as you think as others stare at it. (Yet as seen online right?)

I am too a culprit and a victim. Many times I have gone for dinner or lunch, having planning my outfit and makeup from days before, only to get there and plug into my social media. I am not a hypocrite. However I did set myself a challenge and I urge you to do the same.

Challenge this: so for two weeks, my friend and I decided the no phone rule any time we sat down for a meal. And for two weeks straight we had almost 3 or 4 meals together a day. The challenge was very simple- we sit down and talk with no phones on the table or checking phones or whatever. (Easy right?)

So, the first couple of days I kept on forgetting and found myself reaching for my phone a few times. (I wanted to find out what was happening on twitter or what pictures have been recently uploaded on instagram. I follow a lot of funny accounts so who doesn’t want a good laugh?) Towards the end of the 1st week, I made sure my phone was in a different place/room than where I was, just so it will be easier not to reach for it.

And by week 2, things were fine. We spoke a lot. About different things. I was able to have my phone back in the same room as me whilst having dinner/lunch with my friend. Both of us did. And not a single time did I reach to check my phone.

I am not saying if you have your phone with you in these situations you won’t be able to talk with the person you’re with etc. No it’s just a sign of respect and what is putting your phone away for about 1 hour going to change?

Until next time guys, have a great day. (Watch out for my next article- plugged and unappreciated where I talk about the amazing development of technology in the recent years and the simultaneous rapid decline in our appreciation for them. Also inspired by an article I read on the same flight.

If you didn’t watch the video look up on Facebook, it’s a great video that relates to this topic. You can check it out by clicking on the link-

What do you guys think of the whole situation? Is it been over or under estimated? Drop a comment below with your thoughts. I would love to hear your views.


somewhat unrelated and ironic. however if this has ever happened to you hit like!
somewhat unrelated and ironic. however if this has ever happened to you hit like!

My first week in SPAIN!

Hey guys, hope everyone has enjoyed their summer (which is quickly coming to an end!). So I am currently living in Spain and will be here for the next year and I wanted to share my first week with you. (But why are my eyes watery?)

So, I am here as an Erasmus student( since nobody seems to know what that is, it’s basically an exchange programme funded by the British Council through Universities for students to study/work abroad or you can Google it).

Prior to me coming to Spain, I had read on quite a few forums and even watched some YouTube videos about their attitude towards black people and it was mostly negative. Now I am not saying this is true or false, but I will share my experiences so far with you. I havenot been here long, but I have been out a few times, both day and night.

All my experiences so far have been good. My landlord was kind even to let me stay a week without paying my deposit first (lol), he also spoke to his parents about picking me up from the airport to my house in villaviciosia de Odon, a town just outside Madrid for half the price. They are the lovely couple I have ever met. They took me to the supermarket then checked up on me later that evening. When I did go out, anyone I asked for directions with the very little Spanish I knew and English was still able to help me if they knew. I have stares but from men (lol) and that’s about it. The only negative/racist (I think so anyway lol, might not necessarily be true because this is biased) experience is my neighbours’ dogs who seems to find me coming out of my house a reason to bark! And it’s such a little dog. And at night and during the day. And when that dog starts all the other digs start barking as well. (I think I’m surrounded by dogs which is not a good thing!)

My advice is, don’t believe everything you read on the internet or even see on YouTube (so cliché I know) because the experience is different for everyone. All you can do is pray to God that nothing bad/negative happens to you. And even if there was racism, don’t let something that stupid deter you from experiencing a new culture, lifestyle and potential opportunities!

Now for the fun part.

I suggest checking out before travelling to a new country. This site is great for meeting the locals or other travellers. I have been speaking to quite a few people (which strangely are men lol) and met a few people as well.  If you’re on an exchange programme or anything of the sort, make sure you check out any Facebook groups that may be or create one even! I have met so many people, we have been out and planning to go out. You will find people from around the globe! In the same position as you and everyone is ready to make new friends and start their experience wherever they maybe. And I met a guy who has been totally helpful with my moving here so shout out to him and it helps he’s cute too (LOL by the way Latino guys are too hot)

So to my family and friends back home, I am okay, well, safe, happy and getting darker lol.

To my new friends here and ones am yet to meet I hope we will have a great time here together and build friendships that will last a long time.

So my first week in Spain has been awesome and I’m so thankful for that! Here are some pictures of people I have met and things we have done. Until next time, hasta la vista

image[28] image[27] image[26] image[25] image[24] image[18] image[19] image[20] image[21] image[22]


image[16] image[15] image[14] image[13] image[12] image[6] image[7] image[8] image[9] image[10] image[11] image image[1] image[2] image[3] image[4] image[5]


I should add I’m off to try and find Primark.. serious budgeting comes now! International student life.