Elizabeth Arden Superstart Skin Renewal Booster review

I haven’t used much of Elizabeth Arden’s products but out of the 2 I previously tried, I fell in love with one which was the 8 Hr Miracle Mist. I wasn’t really looking for Elizabeth Arden products last year but when I came across the Superstart Skin renewal Booster and I was quite interested in it.

What the brand says:

Elizabeth Arden SUPERSTART Skin Renewal Booster helps restore the healthy look of skin’s surface layer, fortifying its natural ability to repair and renew. Designed for Every Woman. Every Skin Type.


So last Christmas, I purchased the 30ml booster in a gift set forgetting I had already told my bf I wanted it for Christmas lol. I ended up with 2 of these which I didn’t mind because I could really test out the claims of the product. I used the first one earlier this year, finished it and went a month without it before starting my second bottle. I’ve been using my second bottle for about a month and a half now.

The booster is a lightweight serum which feels really nice and soothing on the skin with a delicate subtle scent. I use it mostly in my evening routine but I have also added it to my morning routine a lot of times. I use it after toning before any serums. The booster alone feels hydrating on the skin and I haven’t experienced any pilling when I have layered other products on top of this. I really like the product on its own and I liked that it helped to soothe my skin when I damaged my skin barrier due to over acid use.

The booster contains some probiotic and other ingredients that help to strengthen the skin barrier keeping it healthy. You also get some anti-microbial ingredients in here as well as some hydrating ingredients


Does it help to boost the effectiveness of other products? I used the booster with products I haven’t used before so whether it helped them be more effective who knows. Did I notice any difference with the time it takes to notice results from products? No, not really.

I like the booster as a standalone product because there were many times I layered simple hydrating serums over this and called it a night. I like that it helped restore my skin when it was irritated from over acid use, in fact I really like this for helping to soothe and restore the skin. It layers well, has an amazing texture and it’s a good product on its own.

I guess I would have to use the booster with a product I am quite familiar with in order to test out the claims of boosting a product’s effectiveness.

I will repurchase but not straight away, maybe at Christmas when it comes back in a gift set.

Elizabeth Arden Superstart Skin Renewal Booster is £45 on LookFantastic


Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Moisturiser Review

PTR is one of my favourite luxury brands! I have tried a lot of their products and I feel like the more I try the more I love. Today’s post is no different, I have a full review of their moisturiser I used last month (I wrote this review when I was still using it)

What the brand says

Drench your skin with a liquid cloud of moisture drawn from the atmosphere. This concentrated 30% Hyaluronic Acid Complex cream provides up to 72 hours of hydration—even after cleansing. Three molecular sizes of Hyaluronic Acid, a potent hydrator that can constantly attract and retain up to 1,000 times its weight in water from moisture in the atmosphere, help replenish skin to make it appear more supple, full and smooth. Ceramides help lock in moisture while ProHyal+® helps improve hydration for healthier-looking skin. Antioxidant-rich Elderberry helps defy the look of aging. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is visibly reduced, leaving a silky, hydrated and more youthful-looking complexion. Oil-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free.


I was using this moisturiser twice a day, morning and night. This is a gel-cream textured moisturiser, it goes from a cream to a gel when massaged onto the skin. It has a pleasant scent and didn’t irritate my skin. I got mine in the A list kit on Beautylish.  It was only 20ml and I got a week’s use out of it (bear in mind I used it twice a day)

What I liked: this gel-cream texture is super lightweight and it sinks into the skin quickly. I found it soothing and hydrating and it layers well on top of creams. I would sometimes layer oil on it as part of my PM routine and I got no pilling. The texture of this moisturiser is great for combination (my skin type) and oily skins but tbh I think it would be great for most skin types. It hydrates without feeling heavy on the skin and leaves no oily residue.

The main ingredient is Hyaluronic acid which we know to be a great ingredient when it comes to hydrating and plumping the skin. This moisturiser leaves my skin hydrated, plump and healthier looking. It also has other beneficial ingredients like ceramides and antioxidants


A great moisturiser that I fell in love with! They have recently released this with added SPF45 and from the reviews, I have seen, it is invisible n dark skin! Do you know how excited that makes me lol?

As I said earlier, I got mine in the A list kit. ( full kit products below) I 100% recommend this kit because it contains most of PTR bestselling products in deluxe/travel sizes and these will last you long enough to get a good feel of the products and brand.

Peter Thomas Roth A list kit is $58 on Beautylish

YourGood Skin Comforting Gel Cleanser Review

I did the 28 Your Good Skin challenge when the brand first launched in 2017. Since then I have repurchased the SPF30 moisturizer a LOT and recommended it to so many people. Your Good skin is a good budget-friendly brand so when I was looking for a balmy cleanser I made sure to check it out.

I picked the YourGood Skin Comforting Gel Cleanser which is now finished so I can bring you my full review!

What the brand says


This transforming gel gently melts away make-up, excess oil & daily impurities.


From first use, skin looks healthy & feels instantly nourished. Skin feels smooth, supple & moisturized. Proven to give you more good skin days. Formulated without parabens & fragrance-free. Dermatologically tested & suitable for all skin, even sensitive.



This was my first cleanse in my evening double cleansing routine. This cleanser is a gel which transforms into oil then emulsifies into milk.  It has a mild scent but I did not experience any irritation.

This cleanser does great to remove traces of makeup, grime and oils. I use a fair amount of the gel and massage it on dry skin till it turns into an oil. How long this takes depends on the amount I dispense. Once it turns into oil, it moves around easily on the skin. They describe it as a ‘light oil’ but I don’t think the oil feels light on the oil. After massing for a few seconds, I add a bit of warm water to start emulsifying it. I keep doing this until it turns into milk then rinse it away with warm water. I found that using cold or room temperature water doesn’t emulsify it properly and after rinsing leaves a residue on the skin. Rinsing the milk away with warm water leaves a slight residue on the skin.

The main ingredients in this cleanser are the same across the brand, it’s been formulated with green tea, bisabolol and vitamin C.


I do like this cleanser and I think it’s the drugstore dupe for the Beauty Pie Japanfusion cleanser which I love. They are similar in terms of texture but the main difference is that the BP Japanfusion leave rinses away clean and it’s easier to turn into an oil and milk.

This is a great cleanser but it has to be removed with warm water. It does well with removing makeup and SPF. Whilst it leaves some residue on the skin, my second cleanser is able to pick this up.

The member’s price for the BeautyPie cleanser is the same as this one however non-members pay the full price which is £25. If you don’t want to join BeautyPie, the comforting Gel cleanser is your best bet.

I will recommend this as a 1st cleanse in the evening only and go in with a second cleanser to remove the residue. Sticking with the brand, I recommend the Refreshing Cleanser

YourGood Skin Comforting Gel Cleanser is £6 in Boots



Youth to the People Superfood Moisture Cream Review

Youth to the People Superfood Moisture Cream Review

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing great.

Today’s post will be a full review on the Youth to the People Superfood Moisture Cream. I have just seen that they have changed the name of this cream to Youth to the People Superfood Air Whip Moisture Cream. I don’t know if the formula as changed too ( apart from the texture) but after a quick glance, the main ingredients remain the same

I heard about the brand on Instagram about two years ago, in particular their Superfood Cleanser. UK been the UK, this wasn’t available here so I got my friend to get it for me from France. I don’t remember the cleanser been mind-blowing, I think it was good but I don’t remember anything else lol.

The Youth to the People Superfood Moisture Cream now the Youth to the People Superfood Air Whip Moisture Cream is formulated with Kale, Spinach, Green Tea and Hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin and provide antioxidant benefits. It helps to restore, condition and balance the skin


So I used this as my moisturiser both in my AM and PM routines. The cream is a very lightweight texture that feels soft on the skin and absorbs instantly. I really like the scent of it, it smells fresh like any leafy green superfood food you will get. It layers well with other products

For me, I am quite disappointed in it. Apart from the texture and scent and of course the antioxidant benefits, I really didn’t feel like it’s was much to my skin. I don’t find it hydrating when used at night layered over serums, it doesn’t give me that final moisture seal I need. When I used this in the morning and I felt as though I didnt get enough hydration. My skin didn’t feel dry because of the other stuff I used but this cream just didnt do it for me.


So I really like the lightweight texture of the cream but unfortunately, I didn’t find it moisturising enough. I have normal to combo oily skin which they say it’s perfect for but I found this lacking. It has a great scent and good ingredients but it wasn’t enough for me. I have the trial size but it lasted slightly longer because I was using it intermittently because I wasn’t enjoying it. I have finished the pot now, I wrote this review last month

You can find out more info on their YTTP website

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist Review

Hey all, I hope all is well with you.

I’m quite excited about this post today because I am finally reviewing the cult classic, crowding pleasing Queen of Hungary mist by Omorovicza.

Let’s get into it!

What the brand says:

A quick spritz of this neroli and rose-scented facial mist refreshes the skin and lifts the spirits! Purifying and hydrating, it was inspired by the Queen of Hungary Water, the world’s first recorded perfume, formulated for Queen Elizabeth of Hungary in the 14th century. Perfect for a midday pick-me-up or as a post-cleanse toner.


Ever since I became a skincare fanatic and master of facial mists (yes I gave myself this title lol), I was interested in this product. I finally got the mist this year in my annual Val’s day skincare haul (don’t ask). I got this in a set from Beautylish but you can also purchase this in the UK via the Omorovicza UK site.

I used this mist twice a day, in the morning and evening after cleansing. The Queen of Hungary mist sprays in a fine weightless mist and leaves no residue. It feels as if there is nothing on my skin because of how fine it is but then I feel my skin softened, hydrated and soothed. I also love using it through the day as I have been working from home as a quick pick me up for my skin.

I particularly loved the delicate scent of the mist and it instantly transports me to a fancy boujie spa, I don’t know why but the Gellert Thermal Bath I went to in Budapest (ironic uh) comes to mind. It’s not lingering or overpowering and it dissipates as soon as the mist dries down. All this is housed in a luxe frosted glass bottle

The mist is enriched with humectants and emollients to hydrate the skin and you also get antioxidant protection thanks to Acerola fruit extract.


She’s fancy but she’s so worth it! I’ve used a lot of mists but I’ve never used one that sprays in such a fine mist as this. For me, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular because not only does it hydrate and protect the skin, but you also get some form of aromatherapy with that delicate scent. It’s easy to add to any routine and I didn’t experience any issues with it.

She is pricey, it’s £20 for 30ml but I got a secret for you! You can get the 30ml size and the 30ml Cleansing Foam which I LOVE (full review) for £22 on the Omorovicza site

I would have purchased two more if I wasn’t doing a no-buy challenge but as soon as this is over, I’m getting it!


Evian Facial Spray Review

I am obsessed with facial mists, be it setting sprays or facial toners, I love drenching my face in them. When it comes to facial mists I have tried a lot but the one I always wanted to try but never seemed to find in Boots or Superdrug is the Evian Facial Mist.

The Evian Facial Mist promises to moisturise, refreshes and tone the skin. It also helps to fix makeup and freshen and purify the skin


Facials mists are a big part of my skincare routine especially when I’m travelling. I find using a mist on the plane and throughout my holiday helps to keep my skin texture free and hydrated. I have been waiting to use this mist for a while, to say it was anti-climax is an understatement! It sprays in a fine mist but I did not find it as hydrating and soothing as my HG Avene Thermal Mist. It works well over makeup, infact it helps to freshen it when applied during the day but I found the mist very disappointing.  There isn’t a particular scent to it


I’m very disappointed with the performance of this facial mist. Having tried most of the heavy hitters: Avene Thermal Mist, La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water, Caudalie Grape Water etc, this one for me is bottom tier. Not enough hydration and doesn’t really make a difference and to top it all over, it’s stopped working! There is still a bit left in mine but for some bizarre reason my spritzer is stuck so I can’t push down on it and nothing comes out! The product is not damaged in any way!

I will stick to my HG Avene Thermal Mist for travelling from now on!

Evian Facial Spray is £4.95 on Fragrance Direct


I wrote this review right after my holiday in Feb!


Beauty Pie Pure Double Vitamin C & Vitamin Capsules Review

As you know I love many items from Beauty Pie. I have had my eyes on their Superactive Capsules range for a while, in particular their Vitamin C ones. I finally decided to get them this year and I started using them last month.

What the brand says:

Our super-targeted ‘one-shot’ face serum capsules hold high doses of stable actives, so you can ‘up your skincare-ante’ as-and-when-needed, with a simple twist, squeeze and tap. Our Superactive Capsules, with a double dose of pure Vitamin C, is boosted with Vitamin E acetate for moisture and antioxidation. They also help to firm, smooth and brighten, minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and help even out skin tone. It’s a daily must-have anti-aging vitamin dose for your skin.


I started using this on the 15th of May every morning, I use 2 capsules for my face and neck. I add a few drops of the Ordinary’s resveratrol & Ferulic acid serum for added antioxidant support but to also help with the texture of the serum (I will explain why later). I also layer The Inkey list’s Q10 serum over this for added hydration. Each tub contains 60 capsules so using 2 a day gives you a 30 day supply. My morning routine is pictured above.

What I liked: the formula. This is essentially 10% ascorbic acid in a silicone base. It also contains Vitamin E and 0.5% vitamin C encapsulated for slow release. The silicone base allows this to feel almost like a primer on the skin. It also feels slightly gritty, I did experience some tingling in the first few days of using it but as my skin got used to it that went away. I mix it with the ordinary’s serum because I want to ensure it doesn’t pill when I layer other products on top but more importantly to get more antioxidant benefits. I also layer the Q10 serum on top of the capsules for added hydration and of course antioxidants. Using this every morning has really made a difference in my skin tone. My skin looks much brighter and healthier. I started to see results after 2 weeks of usage.

These capsules are the easiest capsules to twist open and use (compared to the Estee Lauder ampoules and the Elizabeth Arden ceramide capsules). BP has done a great job of packaging the Vitamin C. Vitamin C is highly unstable so by packaging them in capsules they remain fresh every time you use it. 2 is enough for face and neck and I use whatever is left on my chest or my hands, there’s no left over serum to keep.

What I didn’t like: nothing

Verdict: This year I decided to commit to using Vitamin C serums every morning! So I have been slowing researching Vitamin C serums and making my way through them. I think I have found the perfect Vitamin C serum for travelling and going forward I will be repurchasing this for trips.

I really really like this serum. The capsules are easy to use and it contains 10% ascorbic acid plus Vitamin E. To experience all the great benefits of Vitamin C, research shows products should have between 10-20% ascorbic acid. However, you can also experience great results from 5% too. Anything higher than 20% will work but you are more prone to irritation.

I only add the other serums to enhance the texture and for more antioxidants: I’m serious about antioxidant use in the morning. Highly recommend these capsules if you are searching for a good vitamin C serum to begin with. These are very popular and always sell out quickly so if you catch them in stock get a tub!

I’ve started writing down the start dates of products I use so I can tell exactly how long I was using them for and when I started to see results!

I wish they would bring more formulas in capsule form. I will be excited to see Q10 and some acids in capsule format. Treatment oils would be great too.

Beauty Pie Pure Double Vitamin C & E Capsules are £11.23 for members and £50 for non-members

Omorovicza Cleansing Foam Review

Omorovicza is a luxury brand with a lot of products under its belt. Their best selling Queen of Hungary Mist is what piqued my interest in them. luxury brand = higher price so when I saw this giftset ( for less than £40)featuring the mist and this cleanser I got it straight away! Today’s post will be a full review of the Omorovicza Cleansing Foam.

What the brand says

This delicately scented blue cleansing foam swiftly purifies and refreshes the skin, morning or evening. The sulphate-free formula removes all makeup and impurities without stripping skin of moisture.


I used the cleansing foam twice a day, in the morning and in the evening as my second cleanse. I did not experience any irritation from the cleanser and it has a mild pleasant scent.

The cleanser has a mousse-like texture that transforms into a delicate foam on the skin with the addition of water. I use a fair amount and add a bit of water to get the foam then massage it all over a dry face in the morning ( morning routine in the pic above).  This cleanser is effective, it leaves the skin clean without stripping it of its oils. My skin feels comfortable throughout the day. As a second cleanser in the evening, it’s able to remove traces of my balm cleanser with ease. My balm cleanser leaves a little bit of an oily residue on the skin.

As a foaming cleanser, you would think this would leave the skin dry but this cleanser doesn’t. it doesn’t produce a lot of foam, to be honest, I don’t mind a foaming cleanser. I know a lot of people stay away from them


This is a beautiful luxurious cleanser that feels so soft on the skin. I love that it’s not harsh and doesn’t strip the skin dry. Whilst I haven’t tried it against makeup, I have full confidence that it will great. I love the scent! It reminds me of an aromatherapy facial in a fancy spa.

This joins my luxurious cleanser list- I will work on my recommended list soon!

I will recommend.

Omorovicza Cleansing Foam is £18 for 30ml on LookFantastic

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Farmacy Clean Bee Face Cleanser Review


As many of you know, I love Farmacy skincare! Everything I have tried from the brand has been great. Whilst the full range is not available in the UK (seriously, its 2020!) most of the range is available from Beautylish and a few products also on Cult Beauty and LookFantastic.

I got the Clean Bee facial cleanser in the Sweet Dreams set earlier this year.

What the brand says

A soothing, ultra-gentle facial cleanser perfect for everyday use! Made with sensitive skin in mind, Clean Bee lifts away excess oil, impurities, and makeup while infusing moisture with honey and hyaluronic acid.


I have been using this cleanser for about 2 weeks, twice a day in my AM and PM routines. This is a gel textured face wash with a pleasant scent. The scent reminds me of ginger for some reason even though it’s infused with honey lol. It does produce lather.

What I liked about it? I apply this on wet skin in the evenings as I use it as my second cleanser and in the morning on dry skin (with a touch of water) as it’s my first cleanser. It works really well both ways to produce lather. I think this is gentle and my face feels clean. I follow the 60-sec method and massage my face and neck gently before rinsing away. My face is left clean but not stripped.

My first cleanser in the evening leaves some oily residue and this does well to remove it as well.

In terms of ingredients, it’s got a lot of antioxidants, skin-soothing and brightening agents


I’ve really been enjoying this cleanser. I got the 100ml size in the gift set and it’s lasted a while ( still going strong) even with using it twice a day. I have normal/oily skin and it works well to balance out my tzone without drying my cheeks.

I would definitely buy this again and will recommend! I just don’t know where the ginger scent comes from lol, it might just be me lol


Try Clean Bee for £27 (150ml) on LookFanastic

Review Round up: Skincare

I thought I would start something new on the blog, I use a lot of products and before I do a review, I like to get at least halfway through it. This allows me to get as much experience as possible with the product to form a full opinion on it but sometimes this takes a while. And I forget lol.

So today’s post is a roundup of reviews for products I have used in earlier this year or they are single-use products I have finished. Some are also products I have repurchased many times but just forgot t review.  Let’s get started

Murad Rapid Resurfacing Peel 10% Glycolic acid– this is resurfacing and retexturing peel pad I got in a Murad gift set this year. It came with two pads. I really like this, it’s quick and easy and with 10% AHA it’s at a concentration that works. This doesn’t sting my skin because I’m quite used to high acids. It leaves my skin looking smoother and glowing.

Oh K! 3 Step Mask– I got this in the Debenhams advent calendar last year. It has a Detoxifying cleanser (step 1), Anti-Pollution Marine Algae Mask (step 2) and a soothing serum (step 3).  I liked everything in the set. The cleanser although detoxifying didn’t strip my skin. It foams up and feels gentle on the skin. There is only enough for 1 application. The sheet mask is lovely and large enough to fit my face and quite hydrating. It didn’t leave a film when dried. The soothing serum is a light serum that layered well over the mask. It didn’t peel. I liked the serum a lot. It locked in the hydration from the mask and felt soothing on. I would buy this for sure

Naturally Radiant 5% Glycolic Acid– I have used so many bottles of this, I’m surprised I haven’t done a review on it. It has 5% AHA plus fruit extracts. It’s a really good chemical exfoliator that is affordable and easy to find in Superdrug. I really like this and recommend as s starter acid toner as it’s quite gentle on the skin.

Barry M Serum Mist in calming rose– this was a pleasant surprise. I used this as a skincare mist in the morning and night after cleansing. It has a mist fine and a subtle rose scent. It has hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5 and acacia collagen and I find this hydrating and softening. I wasn’t expecting much from this or even expecting to like this lol. I was gifted 3 of these in two other scents: coconuts and cucumber. I’ve given one away but I can’t wait to use the other one I have

I have two lip balms I quickly want to touch on: Balmkind Alpine Rose & lysine lip balm– this has a slight hint of colour and its very lightweight on the lips. It has a subtle scent. I like this because it’s so lightweight and I feel like it sinks into the lips quickly. It leaves a shine on the lips too. The only issue I have is that because the texture is very fluid, it’s easy for it to overspill when you press to dispense it. Clarins Lip Comfort oil in Honey– I also got this in the Debenhams calendar. This product got me so excited about lip oils I started looking for more lol. As I carried on using it, I started to like it less. The texture of this is so luxurious, it’s thick and smells amazing and glides easily on the lips. It gives the lips an amazing shine… but that’s just about it. I found that because it’s quite thick it stays on the lips for longer which I don’t mind but I kept noticing that when this fully dries my lips would still feel dry. I used it a lot during the day and every time it dried down my lips would be dry. I used it more as a skincare lip balm but I think it’s more of a lipgloss and I would certainly use it like that. Even though I really like the texture I won’t buy the full size.

Dr Scholl Dry Skin Foot mask– I’ve never had an issue with dry feet until this year. All of a sudden, my heels feel dry and tight and I have to keep moisturising them constantly. This foot mask was quite nice and softened my heels. It’s the usual ‘wet sock’ feeling with this. The hydrating didn’t last though and two days later my feet were dry again.

Murad Nutrient Gel- I was really looking forward to using this. I love Murad and gel texture creams but unfortunately, this fell short. Lovely gel texture but I remember not been impressed by it. There was some hydration but that’s it. It layers well with other stuff and doesn’t pill.


That’s all folks! I didn’t feel as though I could do full reviews on these products hence a quick summary in one post.

I hope you found this helpful. I will be doing this more often!

Catch you later

Some products gifted.

Some affiliate links used.