Review Round up: Makeup Setting Sprays

Are you a fan of makeup setting sprays? I am. I love using setting sprays when I do my makeup to lock and extend the wear of it. I also love using it to amplify products like highlighters and eyeshadows and melt the excess powder into the skin.

I tend to gravitate towards dewy and luminous setting sprays because I prefer this finish over a matte look but I have also used matte setting sprays especially when I’m on holiday in a hot country( even so I would layer a matte setting spray over a dewy one lol). I also love layering setting sprays, this is perfectly fine to do.

If you are looking for a new setting spray, here are some I have in my collection

Skindinavia Bridal Makeup Finishing Spray– the original version of this has a cult following but I decided to go with the bridal version because I wanted something with a dewy finish. This setting spray is great and does give a natural dewy finish to the skin. I don’t see what the hype is because I have certainly used better setting sprays that set makeup so that it doesn’t budge. Maybe the original version is better so I still want to try it. It’s a good setting spray its expensive but its ok.

MAC Fix Plus Pink lite– I LOVE the original Fix plus and I’ve been buying it since it was only £12! Fix plus leaves the skin hydrated and dewy without looking oily. It’s a holy grail product for a lot of people because it just works. I love that they have expanded the range to include different finishes and scents. This one has pink shimmer in it, it’s not overpowering and too glittery so I love using this as a ‘topper’ and layering it over other setting sprays when I want my makeup to be extra glowing. I can also use it on my chest for extra glow. There is also a gold and bronze version I want to try. The shimmer settles to the bottom so remember to shake well before using!

Cover Fx Illuminating Setting Spray– so this is my least favourite mist out of the bunch. I love CoverFx so when I saw this setting spray I was really excited to try it. This spray is a glitter mess! It leaves glitter/shimmer everywhere and dries patchy. Even when I shook well before using I found the glitter overpowering. I like luminous setting sprays but I don’t like obvious glitter/shimmer. I now use this on my body when I don’t have time to use my body illuminators, this is quick and easy t mist this and go

B Makeup Setting Spray– this mist is surprisingly good. This gives a matte finish and sets makeup so for me I can only use it during the summer months. I have used this intermittently because of the matte finish but I really like it. I usually layer it under a dewy setting spray. (Gifted)

You will find more setting spray reviews here

What’s your favourite setting spray?

Review Round up: Makeup

I have another batch of reviews for you! I will be talking about a few concealers I have been using over the last couple of years and some other makeup products.

Let’s start

I love concealers and over the years I have tried a few. Those tiny products are great for multitasking and can be used for highlighting, contouring, bronzing and concealing depending on the shade you get. You can even use it as a foundation if you get a good match and yes concealers can be used for contouring or bronzing( you don’t need a specific ‘contouring’ product to contour with).

MUA ProBase Full Coverage Concealers– these are described as full coverage but I found them quite sheer when blended. It does layer well and can be built to medium coverage at most without looking cakey. They are really cheap so I don’t mind but I think there are other cheap concealers that are much better. I have the shades 182 and 183 which are quite similar but I love the undertones of them.  * Gifted product

Makeup Revolution Fast base concealers– I really like this concealer. It is medium coverage and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It’s a twist-up pen with a sponge tip applicator so whilst it’s easy to apply, that sponge tip is not good for blending. I have the shade C13 which is always the concealer shade I get from this brand. I like this better than the MUA concealers. This gives more of a satin finish.

Sephora Bright Future Gel- Serum concealer- I fell in love with this concealer on a trip to NY a long time ago but I didn’t get it then because the shade I wanted was out of stock. A few years back my friends went to Canada and I asked them to pick this up for me but the shade is too dark so I don’t use it often. This concealer is medium coverage and easy to blend. I actually didn’t realise how dark this shade is, I will start using it as a base for cream bronzer/contour. This gives a radiant finish without overpowering.  I need to go to Sephora but since there isn’t one in the UK and the US site doesn’t ship to UK, I have to wait to go on holiday, find a Sephora and get a better shade. I have the shade Truffle

MAC Prolong wear concealer– this is a full coverage creamy concealer that feels slightly heavy on the skin. I love this, a little goes a long way with this concealer. The only reason why I don’t use it as much is that it’s in a pump bottle and I am used to using concealers with a doe-foot applicator. Application with the concealer is messier but the coverage is great. I have the shade NC50. This doesn’t give a matte finish but it’s not too dewy either.

Moving on from concealers, we have some complexion products

Iconic London Illuminator- so this illuminator is very popular and whilst I can see why the shade is wrong for my skin tone. I got this in an advent calendar a while back but I don’t use it at all. The shade is quite light so it can look ashy/slivery on me.  I have the shade ‘original’. I have tried using it with darker foundations but I do not like the undertone it gives them

GlamGlow Glow starter Moisturiser– this is actually a moisturiser but I don’t like shimmer in my skincare products. I mix it with another primer to give my makeup a radiant finish. I really like this. It smells great, moisturises my skin and leaves a light golden glow. It doesn’t pill when mixed with my primer and works well under foundation. I have the shade nude glow

Danessa Myricks Colour Fix– I’m obsessed with Danessa Myricks! She’s an amazing MUA I follow on Insta and she has these amazing products called ColorFix. This is a cream multitasking product that can be used anywhere on the face. I have used this as blush, lipstick and eye shadow. This is the matte version and you don’t really need to set it. Its transfer and waterproof and it’s also long-wearing. I really like this shade. She has a ton of other shades and different finishes. I have the shade coffee cake

That’s all the reviews for this batch of reviews! Make sure you check out some of these products, especially Danessa Myricks!

See you later

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My favourite makeup palettes!

Its 2020 and I am still yet to find a palette in which every single shade works for me and I love. My favourite palettes definitely come close but there is always one shade I never reach for lol. I’m talking about face palettes which I prefer when travelling especially for a quick getaway. I find these easier to pack than individual contour, blush and highlighters. I love face palettes because its multi-use, they can be used as blush, eyeshadows even and bronzing if the shades are suitable

With that been said, I recently fell in love with the CoverFx Perfector Face Palette. After watching tons of videos and swatches, I just had to get it. This palette actually inspired this post to share my favourite face palettes (and swatches) to help if you are in the market for one

CoverFx Perfector Face Palette– Medium Deep

This palette is just beautiful! And a one-stop for everything: it has a contour shade, blush, highlighters and a finishing powder. I will probably use that finishing powder as a highlighter and blush as I don’t like to set my face with shimmering powder, its no showing the shimmer in the picture, but there is a slight shimmer in it. The contour shade is dark enough for my skin tone for a subtle contour or bronzer. That blush shade is lovely and I also like you have two options for highlighter: a subtle shade ( heavenly and a popping shade(Twilight) the brightener, of course, can also be used as a highlighter as well as an inner corner brightener.

The palette also comes in Light to Medium for light to medium skin tones


Juvia’s Place – The Saharan Blush Vol.1

This is probably the most pigmented shades I have ever used and it’s also a favourite of mine for travelling. Featuring 2 highlighters and 4 blush shades that can also double up as eye shadows. Aby is dark and warm enough for me to bronze with as well. The only downside to this palette is the lack of a mirror.

The Saharan Blush Vol. 2 is more suitable for light to medium skin tones

Black Radiance True Complexion Contour Palette – Medium to Dark

I loved this palette so much I asked a friend to get it for me in the States because as always this is not available in the UK. I actually wanted the Dark to Deep shades but this palette works out well.  I LOVE the highlighter shade in this palette it is the perfect gold for my skin tone. The contour shade is cool enough without been grey on my skin. That sculpt shade doesn’t do anything for me though so I usually use it to set concealer on my eyes or use as a transition eyeshadow. Again it lacks a mirror but that also makes it super light to travel with

Anastasia Blush Kit– Gradient

This blush palette is different from the others as its only matte shades and it’s technically a quad. I wanted this as soon as it came out years ago and it’s still is one of my fav blush kits to travel with. I am a huge fan of warm brown blushes and the two brown shades Vegas and Chocolate look so good on my skin tone! Dusk is too grey for me honestly I don’t think I have used that shade. Blackberry is also super pigmented. These shades also double as eyeshadows and it also comes with a mirror!

That’s all loves! I have other palettes but I find myself reaching out for these ones anytime I am packing for a trip! What are your fav palettes to travel with?

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GlamGlow Glowsetter Makeup Setting Spray


I love GlamGlow, their face masks are some of the best I have ever used (I am obsessed with Supermud and Youth mud). I bought their Glow setter makeup setting spray some time back and finally got around to using from November.

Glowsetter promises to boost radiance and help makeup stay longer. It provides protection from environmental aggressors, leaves skin hydrated and soothed.


So I have had this for a long time and started using it from November. The very first thing I noticed about the setting spray is how fine the mist is. It sprays in a very fine mist so it doesn’t disturb makeup. it has a pleasant scent and I have experienced no irritation.

In terms of its performance, the glow setter helps to leave my skin hydrated and melt the excess powder into the skin. I do have it layer it a few times but it leaves my skin glowing. It’s not overbearing and t doesn’t look oily although if you have extremely oily skin you may not like this.  The mist dries fairly quickly without any patches.


A quick and easy setting spray. I really like how fine the mist is on the setting spray and how it leaves the skin radiant. I’m also very happy with the additional skincare benefits you get. I use this daily to set my powder foundation for work and it gives it a radiant smoother finish. My skin feels hydrated after use. I still get the oily tzone during the day but it doesn’t claim to control oil anyway.

If you like dewy setting sprays I would recommend this. It’s not overbearing, there is no shimmer or glitter but you have to layer a few times.

GlamGlow Glowsetter is £24 on LookFanastic



The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer Review

The Ordinary Colours is the makeup range from the brand. It features two types of foundations: High Coverage and Serum foundation, I have reviews of both of them on the blog. There are also two primers and today’s post is a full review on the High-Adherence Silicone Primer.

The High-Adherence Silicone Primer promises to smooth and blur the appearance of skin. it gives a matte yet hydrated appearance and can be used alone as a non-greasy hydrator or as a primer before makeup application.


I really like silicone-based primers because of the smooth effect they give the skins o when the released this I knew I had to try it. The texture of tis primer is very lightweight compared t other silicone primers I have used, it also feels very hydrating on the skin. It doesn’t have any particular scent. The primer comes in an easy to use squeezy tube.

The primer layers well with other products and once pill. Compared to other silicone primers I have used, this one doesn’t have a powdery feel. I don’t think it leaves the skin matte or even gives a matte appearance, if anything it leaves a dewy finish because I have been using this during the fall/winter with powder foundations and my skin still looks dewy. On the left-hand side is where I have blended the primer out.

In terms of smoothing and blurring the skin, the primer has some effect although its’ not a massive one. My skin doesn’t feel dry during the day or matte. I have normal to combination skin and towards the end of the day, I find my tzone slightly oily and need to blot.


I really like this primer. I don’t think it gives a matte finish as The Ordinary claim, rather it leaves the skin looking hydrated. The primer does give a smoother appearance to the skin however if you have really large pores I would recommend something else. For a silicone primer, it’s very lightweight on the skin and does not have that powdery feel associated with silicone primers. For the price, I think it’s excellent and it’s a great everyday use primer, which is what I use it for.

High-Adherence Silicone Primer is £3.90 on Deciem

Popular Products that did not work for me


Hey, guys, I hope all is well. I wanted to do this post because I am sure that, along with other beauty enthusiasts, I have tried a few popular products I just found to be mediocre. I love trying and discovering new products and brands but there are some popular products I have tried that just didn’t do it for me. In this post, I will be dishing on the hyped products that were just meeh for me

Sunday Riley Blue Moon Cleansing Balm

SR is so raved about in the beauty community and it’s been a brand on my radar for a while. Last year the GlossyBox limited edition made it possible to finally try the brand and tbh I was hooked on a few items. One of the best-selling products is the blue moon cleansing balm which also came in the box and it made me very happy.

I started using this last month and honestly after a week I was ready to throw it out! It has ‘grit’ which for a cleansing balm I found weird plus it doesn’t even dissolve easily. I also found the cleansing power of it mediocre. I was very disappointed so I stopped using it after a week! I have tried to use it again a few times but every time the balm touches my face I remember why I do not like it lol.

Charlotte Tilbury Dry Sheet Mask

So this mask was interesting in so many ways. A sheet mask that was dry and could be used up to 3 times? Yes. The first time I used it I was so impressed however most of the luminosity it promised was because of shimmer/glitter. The 2nd and 3rd time nada! Nothing happened and I felt like it may as well have been a one-time use mask.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Concealer

CT is one of those people who can really sell their stuff. I bought this concealer because of the claims and I was so excited to try it. After going back and forth between shades I decided on shade 9. The concealer is simply ok, it’s unimpressive. The undertone is crap: it’s very pink, infact I have noticed most of her undertones are pinkish. The coverage is medium but buildable.

Bobbi Brown Instant Full coverage Concealer

I bought this after our BBT x Bobbi Brown masterclass. It may just be that I got a bad product because when I first swatched it at the event, it was creamy with full coverage. I then purchased it a few days later and what I got was a dry concealer which was difficult to spread and not creamy at all. I tried to contact BB afterwards but got nowhere. The concealer is so dried up it’s not useable: so that’s £23 pounds down the drain.

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip – new formula

I finally tried the cult favourite, ceramic slip from SR this year. I fell in love with the old formula from 1st use, it cleansed and brightened the skin. Whilst I was still waiting to use it, SR came out with a new formula so when I finished the old one, I purchased the new one to try. I do not like the new formula at all! The texture has changed and I feel as though it doesn’t have the same deep cleansing power as the former. They have also taken out the vitamin C in the new formula so I find that it’s not as brightening. It’s a shame because the old formula was perfect, I’m not sure why the formula changed but I won’t be getting it anymore!

That’s all folks! Skincare is really subjective, a lot of products may be perfect for one person but as soon as it touches your face, it becomes your worst nightmare. For luxury products, I always try to get a deluxe travel or sample to test out first, before splurging on the full price, where that is not possible, I always wait for a good sale/offer before purchasing that way I have saved some money so if I don’t like it then at least I didn’t buy it full price.

My advice for you if you have a product you don’t like: never throw it away( unless you are allergic to it etc), repurpose for your body, I can’t tell you how many face creams I have used as hand/body creams instead because I didn’t like the texture/scent OR how many face washes are brush cleansers!

See you soon!

B Pre Makeup Primer

Superdrug’s B brand is one of my favourite drugstore brands. Both the skincare and makeup collections have some amazing products at good prices. B Pre Makeup primer promises to leave the skin instantly retouched and smooth, leaving the skin even-toned and increases the staying power of makeup. It’s suitable for all skin types and tones


The primer comes in a squeezy tube with a pump which I must admit I love but for the first couple of uses, I had to pump it a few times to get it working. I have had no issues with it since then.

This is a silicone-based primer which feels really good on the skin. the primer has a smooth thick texture and its really easily to spread on the skin. it leaves my skin looking smoother and minimises pores. I really like this primer and works well with both powder and liquid foundations. It doesn’t leave the skin matte but more of a satin finish.


This primer reminds me of the BodyShop Instablur primer but it has a smoother thinner texture. This is a really easy everyday primer which provides skin-smoothing benefits and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. Whilst it does a good job at minimising pores, I don’t think it will be great if you have large pores. It doesn’t give a matte finish so if you are extremely oily you may not like this. They say it’s suitable for all skin types but I feel like normal to combo skin would probably love it better.

I really like the packaging: for a drugstore primer it’s quite unique. The primer doesn’t pil on top of moisturiser which is great because I don’t have to wat too long after applying my SPF to apply the primer. I have experienced any irritation from this.

If you are looking for a good drugstore primer for everyday use, I definitely recommend this.

This product was gifted


August Empties and Reviews

August was a busy month for me! It was my sister in law’s wedding and I came through with my DIYs, I have been spending almost every day after work with my niece but I still had to my 30plus empties in! My skin has been good(ish) this month with only 1 breakout (which happened in the last few days of the month!). Anyway here’s what I have used up this month and my thoughts on them


Collosol Water Milk Cleanser– this was such a beauty to use! I have my full thoughts here. I finally finished The Ordinary’s Glycolic 7% Toning Solution– this is a beautiful toner which I used in the PM only. Not every day but definitely needs SPF every AM. Another bottle of Beauty Pie’s Super Healthy Skin Daily Defense SerumElemis Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser x2– I have two of these because I got one in a beauty advent calendar (can’t wait for this years’ calendar) and I won one at my work quiz lol. This cleanser is so beautiful and easy to use! It deep cleanses the skin and is very effective against makeup and excess oil.  It breaks down eye makeup with ease. Using this very night, I definitely saw my skin glowing! I used these back to back so overall I think I used it for 2 weeks and a little more. I understand the hype on this and I will definitely consider buying it. It has a lovely buttery soft texture that feels so good on the skin. Another cleanser that impressed me so much this month was the Youth to the People Superfood Cleanser. This is definitely an ‘Instagram made me’ buy it purchase. All my skincare fanatics rave about this and it’s very easy to see why. It washes off so easily for a gel cleanser and the texture just feels so good on the skin! It gently cleanses but it’s very effective and doesn’t leave the skin stripped. I used it as a PM 2nd cleanse and it does so well at removing makeup reside and leaving my skin smooth! Again I will recommend and definitely repurchase at some point. First Aid Beauty Deep Cleanser– I will have a full review of this soon but in summary, it was an ok cleanser. I have used some impressive ones this month so this was underwhelming. Rodial Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel– lovely lightweight gel serum that sinks so easily into the skin. Feels weightless on and provides hydration and plump skin! Smells amazing and layers well on top of another serum I use it with. I didn’t have to use a night moisturiser with this (I do sometimes) and I wake up to soft glowing skin. I didn’t have enough for any ‘real’ long term benefits but I really enjoyed using this. Elizabeth Arden SPF35– this was a Glamour Beauty find and it was a pleasant surprise. Beautiful lightweight texture. Feels like a lightweight lotion. It has a pleasant scent and easily absorbed into the skin. I love the instant brightenness the moisturiser provides and instant hydration and leaves my skin glowing. This moisturiser is 100% invisible on the skin with a high SPF 35. I don’t think the moisturiser provides long term hydration as towards the end of the day my skin feels slightly dry and tight. It doesn’t layer too well with primer if you use a big amount. Its fine if you use a 50p sized amount but anything bigger would pill. I love to slaughter on SPF to ensure I get the full protection so this is a slight inconvenience. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion– I have used this many times and it’s very temperamental in its performance. I have found something better and cheaper so I won’t repurchase.

Tony Moly Collagen Mask– large cotton fibre mask that feels like good quality material. Soaked in serum and easy to put on. It fits well and stays on. Leaves the skin plump and hydrated, no residue and layered well with 2 serums and moisturiser. My skin didn’t feel as hydrated the next day but it wasn’t dry either. Overall it’s a good sheet mask Jinju Cucumber Sheet mask– I absolutely loved the avocado sheet mask and I really liked this cucumber one too. It’s refreshing soothing and hydrating to use. Image Skincare Biomolecular Hydrating Recovery Mask– this was on the smaller side but really left my skin hydrated. It’s a gel mask so the chin area doesn’t stay in place. 8x DIY compressed masks. Rohto Vitamin C Essence Mask– this J beauty find on YesStyle was a great addition and a very easy way to add vitamin c to my routine. I mostly used this in the AM as a toner or in PM as a quick & easy mask. These are not as soaked as the previous vitamin c masks and they are also much smaller. I still really liked this and they last a while. It comes with 32 individual sheet masks that dispense like baby wipes. Primark Wipes and Simply Soft face wipes

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser– I have fallen in love with Sunday Riley. I have had the Ceramic cleanser for a long time but I discovered they had changed the formulation. Last month I used the old product and I absolutely loved it. It had vitamin c ester that just brightened my skin, it had a lovely texture that felt so good and smooth on the skin and deep cleanses without stripping the skin. I loved it so much I used it as an AM & PM cleanser! I got the new formula in the flash kit to test out and used it immediately after I finished the old one. With the new formulation, I realised they took out the vitamin C ester and it’s also plant-based. I do not like the new formulation. It no longer brightens my skin and I feel as though the cleansing power is not the same (its less). I also feel like this new formula leaves my skin slightly dry. The texture is quite different and I find the new formula is just slightly thicker than the old. This is really a case of ‘if it aint broke don’t fix it’. SR should have left the old formula alone and I find myself along with many other unhappy customers. I used the formulas back to back and I can definitely tell the difference. This cleanser knocked the Murad AHA/BHA cleanser off my fav luxury cleanser but its back to being my fav as this new formula just doesn’t do it for me. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum– I have waited so long to use this and I am so happy to have finally used it! It’s a vitamin c serum I used every AM. A very lightweight gel-like serum that smells amazing (reminds me of orange flavoured sweets) and sinks into the skin with easy. It doesn’t add much hydration but it layers really well with other products and doesn’t pill. Over time my skin was definitely healthier looking and glowing. Garnier Refreshing Toner– I have been using the Garnier Refreshing toner with Aloe for the last 2 months as an AM toner. I have also used it many times as a DIY sheet mask with a scoop of vitamin C. this is a great affordable toner. It doesn’t leave a residue and adds a touch of hydration. It layers well with other products in my routine. Really easy to use toner which I recommend.

Paula’s Choice 1% Retinol Treatment– so I have been using this product intermittently for a year but for the last 5 months, I have been using it consistently. For high strength retinol, I did not experience any irritation, even after using acids. It is a lovely lightweight textured lotion that moisturises the skin. Overall, my skin was smoother and brighter but it did not have a huge impact on hyperpigmentation. It is great retinol and it’s very easy to incorporate into a routine. it’s definitely something you need to use for a while before you start seeing any concentrate results.

A few disappointing products this month: Lixir Skin Vitamin C paste– I have full review here. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was with this after wanting to try it for so long! Beauty Pie Superdose Vitamin C Moisturiser– another huge let down with such a great concept.


Finally No7 airbrush away primer– which leaves the skin very smooth and extends makeup wear. It’s a good drugstore primer and if you love No7 it’s a good one o try. Mary Kay Lash Intensity– this is a very good mascara my only issue is that it picks up way too much product so it’s very easy to get clumpy lashes (I wonder if that’s where the ‘intensity’ comes from). It’s a long slim bristle brush and it’s great at separating lashes but it just picks up too much product.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules– I have never fallen in love so quickly with a product. This is a night time oil that revitalises the skin, leaves it glowing overnight! This is a trial size I received in a gift set when I purchased the full-size ANR so it only came with 15 individual ampoules. I used it twice a week, layered over the ANR. My skin the next morning always looked stress-free, radiant and healthier. This is also great for travelling. My sister in law got married this month and usually, late nights, heat and stress takes a toll on my skin and leaves it dull and textured but I was using this in the nights leading up to the wedding and let me tell you my skin looked so good! I have been so impressed by this that I want the full size! And it’s not cheap, the full size of this is £90! Very pricey but I will be saving my boots or Debenhams points to get this!


I finished the L’Oréal Curl shampoo– I loved everything about this shampoo and will recommend for natural hair. My full review is here. I dyed one of my wigs this month and I used the Crème of Nature conditioner– this box dye is really good even for dark hair and the conditioner actually softens hair. The one and only Gorilla Snort gel that slicks my hair down! I’m going to get another tub soon. Palmer’s Natural Fusions Hair Mask– I was really excited to try this on my natural hair but it fell short. The mask promises deep conditioning and hydration but my hair really felt no difference. I don’t remember it having a lot of slip for detangling either so overall I was quite disappointed by it. This is my second pack and I managed to use a little on my wig and surprisingly it worked better on that.

Nivea Fresh Clay shower gel– gosh I really don’t remember the last time I used a shower gel. This one smells so fresh and rinses easily and clean. I like that I gently cleanses the skin without leaving it super dry. Missguided Babe powder perfume– loved it so much I got it as my work scent now. Mitchum stick roll on– only roll on that keeps my dry. Holland & Barrett Vanilla oil– amazing vanilla blended oil I use in my body oil mixes. The scent is warm and lingering and stays on the skin throughout the day. Finally Veet hair removal and Superdrug cotton buds.

Total this month- 42. Total so far- 256/400


Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Review

The Fit Me line from Maybelline is probably one of Maybelline’s most successful lines! It has foundations in two finishes, powders and concealers. The Fit Me concealer has been hailed as a dupe for a top-selling high-end brand and it is also very hyped in the beauty community. I only tried this concealer last year because up until that point I was not a fan of any of the shades.

The Fit Me concealer promises flawless natural coverage that hides redness, flawless and blemishes. It is also oil and fragrance-free.


I have two shades in the concealer. I picked up shade 60 first, which is slightly darker and red on my skin tone. I picked this up because previously I could only find shade 50 in stores but this was too light for me. Much later on, I discovered shade 55 which has yellow undertones and is a good highlight shade for me.

The Fit Me concealers have medium coverage but are very easy to build to full coverage without looking cakey. These concealers are very much worth the hype. They are easy to blend and once set with powder, they do not crease on me. The finish is natural, it’s not matte and it’s not luminous but sits perfectly in between these two. The texture is lightweight, it doesn’t feel heavy under the eye even when I have built this up. They do not oxidise


This concealer is usually called a dupe for the NARS Creamy radiant concealer, however, I won’t necessarily agree because the finishes are very different. NARS is more radiant whilst the Fit me is a natural finish. In terms of texture, they are quite similar but the NARS is slightly lighter. They both have medium coverage but I do not think they are dupes for each other, they are very closer though. If you prefer very full coverage, these can easily be built up without looking cakey. You also get some play time with the concealers as they do not dry down very fast so you can apply them and wait a while before blending if you want. I wish there was a shade in between 55 and 60.

I would 100% recommend the Fit me Concealers because they are very affordable and easy to access and they also come in a good range of shades( I think they have expanded the range since it first came out). it will definitely make my top 10 concealers from the drugstore and I would say its worth the hype.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer is £5.99 at Boots*

*affiliate link used. If you decide to make a purchase through my link, I will earn a small commission which goes towards the upkeep of the blog (and allows me to keep bringing you excellent content) but the price remains the same

More drugstore concealers

Makeup Revolution Define and Conceal

Nyx HD Concealer

Obsession Prep Fix Glow Skin Mist review

I love setting sprays, to be totally honest, I love any facial mist because I love drenching my face in them, especially if it promises dewy/glow or luminosity. I picked up the Obsession Prep, Fix Glow Skin Mist because it promises glowing skin but also it’s a 3 in 1 multi-use mist which can be used as a spray primer, and a fixing spray that gives a glowy finish.

The mist has been formulated with antioxidants and ingredients to soften and condition the skin.


Even though this is a multi-use product, I only use it as a setting spray. I always two setting sprays in my makeup routine. The first mist comes after I have powdered my face powder bronzer or face powder and the 2nd mist (always a different spray) after I have finished my routine. Then a few more mists of each (smh). I did this because I found I was always over powdering but I didn’t want my face to look dry so this trick helped to take away the excess powder. I have since then changed my technique- I don’t powder my whole face anymore! I only use my face pressed powder on any areas I haven’t used any powder on e.g. bronzer/contour powder. Previously I was powdering my whole face then using bronzer/contour on top. So even though I changed my techniques, I still love using two different mists and the Obsession Prep, Fix Glow Makeup setting spray served as the first mist.

I have also layered this mist as a final mist in my routine and I must admit I do not think it leaves the skin as luminous as I would like. I think it is a good setting/fixing spray and helps the skin look smooth but it doesn’t give a glowy finish. It’s slightly disappointing as I specifically bought it for the glowing finish they promise but I still like the mist.

It didn’t last long when I started using it because I had to layer this many times (about 4 times in a single routine) to see if I would get a more dewy finish. I didn’t.


If you want a glowy makeup setting spray, I won’t recommend this( there is another one from Revolution I would recommend) I think the reason why I am harsh on this product is because I have a lot of glowing setting sprays( tbh about 90%) so I have high expectations when a product promises glow. Its ok, it doesn’t leave the skin matte so if you wanted a very subtle glow then maybe you could try this. I still like it because it great at setting the makeup and making it last a little longer so I would definitely recommend it for that.

Would I repurchase? Yes- it’s only £6 and it makes a good makeup setting spray.

Obsession Prep, Fix Glow Skin Mist is £6 on Revolution*

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