The BodyShop Skin Defence SPF50 review

I’ve been waiting to do this review forever! The new and improved formula for the BodyShop’s Skin Defence Multi-Protection Lotion SPF50+ with a PA rating of 4. I fell in love with the original version when it was called the Multi-Protection Essence. It was a beautiful lightweight watery texture that sank into the skin with ease and leaves it hydrated and glowing! TBS suddenly stopped producing this last year to reformulate it.

What the brand says

Ready for a new addition to your fave Skin Defence range? Meet our best protection ever. We’ve created a new lotion to combine high SPF 50+ PA++++ with 24hr moisturisation. Lightweight and non-greasy, this new multitasker has an improved matrix of UV filters – that’s a fancy way of saying it helps protect skin against UVA rays, which penetrate deeper and cause discoloration, as well as daily aggressors like pollution. Like all good SPFs, it helps future-proof your skin and prevent pigmentation and premature ageing, and ours also contains red algae extract and vitamin C. It’s going to help your skin look brighter and healthier, but you must wear it every day. Promise?

Brand new formula with our best ever protection

Facial moisturiser with SPF 50+ PA++++ and UVA/UVB protection

Helps protect against the appearance of pigmentation and premature ageing

Helps protect skin against indoor and outdoor pollution

Made with red algae extract and vitamin C to help brighten the appearance of skin for a healthy glow

Suitable for sensitive skin, Dermatologically tested, Non-comedogenic, Vegan


Type of sunscreen: chemical

I use this as the last step in my AM routine before makeup. On most days I layer this over a serum but I have also used it over my day cream.

What I liked: the new formula is still invisible on the skin without any flashback. It doesn’t feel oily or too heavy on and it has a beautiful glowing finish. It can be used over serums alone or layer over moisturiser if you have dry skin. On most days it layers quite well and doesn’t pill. You are getting maximum UVB and UVA protection and the formula also have antioxidants to help defend against pollution.#

What I didn’t like: The texture of the new formula is a lotion which is thicker and feels heavier than the previous essence texture. This also means it takes a tad bit longer to absorb into the skin.

Verdict : To be totally honest, the only reason why I don’t like the new version is because of the texture change! This is a good sunscreen, maximum protection with some antioxidants and invisible on dark skin. For me the previous essence texture was excellent and perfect: it was extremely hydrating and lightweight and sank into the skin so quickly.

I’m not sure why they would change the formula!  For this reason, alone I won’t repurchase this sunscreen.

I will 100% recommend this because this more of a moisturising sunscreen than a moisturiser with added SPF( if that makes sense). You can use this as your AM moisturiser for most skintypes without the need of an additional moisturiser.

The BodyShop Multi Protection Lotion SPF50+ PA++++ is £18 for 30ml on BodyShop

Best Skincare Products of 2018

Guys, 2018 is almost over! What a year it is has been! I’m kicking off the end of year posts with the best of 2018 skincare edit! These are my best picks of skincare products, products I have used that instantly blew me away or over time I came to love! I will link reviews of products

Right get ready to grab a pen & notebook and wait for the sales, these products are sure to get your new year off with a bang.


An absolute essential in every skincare routine, a well-formulated cleanser will remove traces of dirt, excess sebum and makeup with stripping the skin of oils/moisture. This year two cleansers particularly stood out: Nip Fab Cleansing Fix– this luxurious cleansing balm has the refreshing scent of eucalyptus and removes makeup with ease! It also deep cleanses the skin and it has never let me down. Tri-Balm was my first high-end cleansing stick. The lux balm melts into oil on contact and gently cleanses the skin.

Makeup remover

So I love good makeup remover because I need to make sure every trace of makeup is removed before I go in to cleanse. This year I loved and still do the Primark makeup removal cloth. I never believed those cloths that promise to remove makeup with water only but this actually works! It removes mascara too! I was blown away the first time I used it and honestly, it’s made my cleansing process quick & easy! I use it in conjuc. with cleansing balms and honestly, it’s beautiful. I think using the cloth has really made me fall in love with cleansing balms because I used it hate them lol. Best part? it’s only £1.50 and one cloth actually lasts a while. I am still using my first cloth and it’s been 3-4 months already! I am not experiencing any shedding from it and it feels really gentle on the skin.


Acid tone! Acid Tone! ACID TONE! If you haven’t started already what are you waiting for? I use acid based toners at night and hydrating toners in the morning. In addition to my usual favourites- The Ordinary 7% Glycolic solution and Pixi 5% Glow Tonic, the Glossier Solution impressed me much. It is a blend of AHA/BHA/PHA at 10% it leaves my skin so smooth and radiant. I just wish it came in a bigger size.

For hydrating toners- two really stood out to me: Pixi Rose Tonic was soothing and gentle on my skin and the BodyShop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner added antioxidant protection and hydration in the mornings

Face masks

Sephora Sheet masks win hands down and my favourite flavours are Pineapple and Aloe vera. I also love the Nip Fab Extreme Sheet mask, Nip fab eye masks and the Nip Fab Dragon’s blood Plumping mask.


I think you know what I will say: The ordinary! 4 serums really stood the test of 2018: Niacinamide, Resveratrol & Ferulic acid, MAP and Salicylic acid serums were a skin saviour this year and I lost count of how many times I repurchased them. Another serum (not The Ordinary) that stood out was the Neostrata Tri Therapy Lifting serum– gosh this made my skin glow and added hydration. My skin was also so smooth.

Mists & Essences

I tried Essences for the first time this year, I tried 2 different ones from two brands and I really liked the B. Essence Lotion. It hydrates and soothes the skin! You know I love a good mist, I love Elizabeth Harden 8 hour Miracle Mist and the Espa Refreshing Spritz.

Creams & SPF

Two products: Clinique Dramatically Different moisturising lotion– there is a reason why this is Clinique’s best seller, this adds moisture to the skin without leaving it oily/greasy. It also adds radiance to my skin. The BodyShop Drops of Light SPF 50 is amazing. It’s ultra-light and 100% clear on black skin. I was using it nonstop from March to November I lost count of how many tubes I bought!

That’s all folks! These are the skincare products that made a difference to my skin this year and those that impressed me by far! I have linked my reviews and where to purchase these products!

I will be back with more best of 2018 edits, next time I am coming with MAKEUP!

Catch you later

Updated Spring Morning Skincare Routine

Hey guys!

It’s April which means the countdown to my birthday!!!!!! I’m so excited!

So I have switched up my products in my morning routine and I thought it would be a good idea to share which new products I am using and why. Hopefully, if you are looking for something new to try, you can gain some inspiration from this. I never thought I would really switch up products for seasons but as I have learnt more about skincare and my skin, I find myself doing this more often and I think you should too. Without further ado, here is my updated spring morning skincare routine. I have written this in the order I use the products

Above is a picture of all the products I use in the mornings. Expect my cleanser is not pictured. I use African Black Soap to cleanse my face in the mornings. I love how it feels and I feel like it really cleans my pores and removes all the products from the night before. I don’t find African black soap drying, I think my skin is used to it but I know some people do. I get mine straight from the motherland Ghana but there are some available on Amazon [amazon_textlink asin=’B01FENIOWS’ text=’too’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’sarahfynn-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’e9f89534-35e7-11e8-8e7c-455f3635aae5′]

Toner- [amazon_textlink asin=’B01GBOL4QC’ text=’BodyShop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’sarahfynn-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’1595be2e-35e8-11e8-968a-91af3bbcbf90′]

I switched to this as I wanted to incorporate more antioxidants in my morning skincare routine and also focus on moisture. I like this toner, I feel like it adds some hydration and it doesn’t feel sticky on the skin. It dries fairly quickly too. I haven’t experienced any irritation from using it. it doesn’t clog pores.

Spritz- Espa Hydrating Floral Spa fresh Spritzer

I am new to the Espa brand and I got this free courtesy of the You Beauty Advent Calendar last year. It came with a discount code of £20 off a purchase and this was £20. I am not a huge fan of the scent, it’s pleasant but not my favourite. I LOVE how fine this spritz comes out and how it leaves my skin. Hydrated and glowing! The mist doesn’t clog my pores and also dries fairly quickly. I mist generously all over my face, chest and neck. It doesn’t leave my skin sticky too. I love using this for a boost f hydration after the toning step and especially after acid toning in the evenings. This mist doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and its great base for layering skincare products

Essence- BodyShop Drops of Light Essence Lotion

Following my success with the Drops of Light serum, I wanted to try this essence too. I got this in their 40% sale and it’s a very new addition in my routine. The texture is more of a gel than a lotion nevertheless it feels very light on the skin. I added this step for hydration as I wasn’t getting enough from my day cream but to treat my pigmentation too. I am also thinking of swapping my morning serum back to the drops of light serum and use that combo to see the results I get.. Hmmm

Serum- Boots Botanics Radiance Concentrate

I feel like this serum doesn’t do much. Doesn’t really hydrate my skin and I haven’t noticed any improvements either. I used to like this before but I can’t remember why. Anyway, I have added this to my morning routine (and evenings too) just so I can get rid of it. This leaves the skin a tad bit sticky but it doesn’t clog my pores.

Antioxidant- The Ordinary Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3%

This is the main star of my morning routine. I have been reading about antioxidants and their benefits for the skin so I have been eager to try some. A good antioxidant will add an additional layer of protection from UVA/UVB and protect against environmental aggressors too. You’ve seen all these new products for ‘anti-pollution’, you don’t need that. Get some antioxidants in your skincare plus SPF and you’re sorted!

Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3%is a high potency antioxidant formula combined at high concentrations. These are two well-known antioxidants and well researched. I mix a few drops with my day cream. The texture of this is super light and it feels like a dry oil although its oil free. It doesn’t add any moisture/hydration when used alone again as the formula is water free. It does leave my skin looking luminous though. I haven’t experienced any irritation and it doesn’t clog pores. I can’t say I have noticed any improvements in my skin yet but I know with continued use I will reap some benefits.

Day Cream- Body Shop Vit C Glow-Boosting moisturiser

This gel-like day cream is super light and sinks quickly into the skin. It offers some hydration but it’s not long lasting in my opinion, hence my prep with the previous products to hydrate my skin.  It’s very lightweight and although I haven’t seen a lot of improvement in terms of glow-boosting, my skin does look healthier. I use quite a bit of this mixed with a few drops of the antioxidant. Vitamin c is also an antioxidant and it’s known for its brightening properties so I think I have a good mixture of antioxidants for the morning that will help protect my skin throughout the day. I wish the cream did offer more hydration or moisture. Again no irritation or clogged pores with the Glow-Boosting moisturiser. Between this and their SPF 30 Glow Protect lotion, I prefer the later as it’s more emollient and offers better moisture

SPF- The BodyShop Drops of Light Essence SPF 50

SPF is the most important step of your morning routine and there not a day that goes by that I leave my house with it, no matter the season! If you’re not protecting your skin but using all these bioactive ingredients you are essentially wasting your time and potentially causing more damage! Why? It’s simple, the sun’s UVB/UVA rays cause damage to the skin and ingredients like retinol and AHA/BHA make your skin more prone to sun damage. I LOVE this SPF from the BodyShop for a lot of reasons. 1. it’s so light and skins into the skin with ease. Higher SPF’s tend to be oiler but this isn’t. It’s a beautiful featherweight texture. 2. No white/silver cast! Do you know how difficult it is for dark to find a higher SPF without looking like casket ready? Aka ashy?! This one leaves no white cast and I can happily use this as my final step without the need to ‘blend’ it in my skin with extra cream/powder. 3. It doesn’t clog pores or leave a greasy residue. This is thanks to its lightweight texture I mentioned earlier.

My next step for SPF is to find a suitable one, preferably a mist that I can use during the day for reapplication. Technically I can use this SPF but I would prefer something in a mist form so I don’t have to go and wash my hands first then reapply the cream. I would love to try the mineral/powder sunblocks but hunny those don’t come in my shade

That’s all folks! An extensive post on my updated morning routine. I wanted to explain why I chose and use each product and how they all fit together nicely into a routine. Obviously, all these products are catered to my skin type and concern: normal to combo-oily skin with hyperpigmentation, so I have no doubt if you have something similar these will work for you too. With the exception of (let’s say) the SPF, research other products/ingredients depending on your skin type/issue. Always feel free to message me if you need any help

I hope this post wasn’t too long and if it was you enjoyed it and learnt something new

Until later


Countdown to the big 25 begins

The BodyShop Vitamin C Skin Reviver Review


Vitamin C has a lot of great benefits for the skin and if you want brighter glowing skin, it’s an ingredient worth incorporating into your skincare routine! The Vitamin C range from the BodyShop has a lot of products but are they actually worth it? Because they’re not exactly the cheapest! Today’s review will be on the BodyShop Vitamin C Skin Reviver which I have been using for the last months now.

The BodyShop Vitamin C Skin Reviver is an instant smoother for dull and tired looking skin. It promises to enhance natural radiance and give skin a silky-smooth finish. It also contains light reflecting particles.



What’s there not to love about this little product?! It comes in a pump bottle and the scent is a delicate orange scent: really pleasant and refreshing. It’s very lightweight in texture and easily spreads over the face. The serum has a hint of colour but it doesn’t leave any of this on the skin. There is also a hint of shimmer but this disappears as you smooth it over your skin.

I use this serum as the last step in my morning skincare routine on makeup free days, which is now almost every day lol. The texture is very similar to that of a primer and so it blurs (a tad bit) pores and leaves your skin looking smooth. I only use half a pump for my entire face and neck because I found that using a full pump was too much and it settles a little bit around my neck area.

To me, it doesn’t really add any moisture to my skin and it doesn’t look or feel oily either. It feels light weight and leaves a satin finish. A lot of reviews I have read state that this is excellent as a makeup primer. Although I haven’t used it as such, I think it would be a great alternative as the textures are very similar. The skin reviver as mention earlier also has blurring properties although I won’t say it’s as much as a primer

Verdict– I have been using this skin reviver and the Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser (review pending) and I must say they work really well together. It also layers well on top of other lotions/creams I have used. I love this skin reviver and it’s definitely worth a repurchase!

It’s a must have for me on makeup free days and I love how smooth and healthy looking it leaves my skin.

The BodyShop Vitamin C Skin Reviver is £17 on


Top 4 Face Masks For The Summer!

Summer is well on the way and here in the UK so far the weather has been alright! Summer is great but what’s not so great is when you have oily skin! the heat + oily skin = clogged pores, breakouts and texture on the skin. all of which will get in the way of your makeup looking as great as it should be!

Luckily I have tried and tested a lot of face masks and in this post, I am spilling the beans on my top 4 masks that are great for the summer. Well, they are great all year round but their ingredients make them more suitable for the summer! Why? Because, between these face masks, they will leave your skin balanced, detoxified and pores unclogged! If you’re ready for your best skin ever this summer, make sure to keep on reading

Top 5 face masks for summer!

Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask, £16

This mask is part of the Body Shop’s Expert Face Masks Collection. The Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask is 100% vegan and has charcoal, bamboo, green tea leaves and tea tree oil. All these ingredients are known for its purifying properties. I super love this mask- it tingles (I must warn you) but it refines pores like a dream. I recommend it for oily skin types and those wanting a mask to balance their skin. I love that the mask doubles as an exfoliator because it has these ‘flakes’ (lack of a better word) in it and whilst rinsing they gently scrub the skin.

P.S I think it’s an excellent dupe for the next mask I’m going to talk about


GlamGlow Youth Mud Tinglexfoilate treatment, £39

top 4 face masks for summer!

Hailed as a 10 min facial in a jar, this face mask is serious! I pull this out for special occasions like skin care prep for weddings or when I am going on a short break but can’t pack a face mask with me. I also reach for this when I’m back from holiday and my skin needs a quick jump start. This mask does all sorts to the skin. It balances, draws out impurities and leaves your skin smoother and brighter. I was blown away after 1st use and it’s definitely a mask I will repurchase! It tingles like crazy though so I won’t necessarily recommend if you have sensitive skin.

P.S- this mask helps to retexture your skin too. So many times I pull this out when I get texture on my skin and instantly my skin looks better after washing it off. I also use it as a spot treatment when I get breakouts and this works to reduce them by size and eventually get rid of them!


Mary Kay TimeWise Revealing Radiance Facial Peel, £48

If you know my blog, you know I am obsessed with acids- AHA/BHA’s, so naturally, I was super excited to try this for BrownBeautyTalk. The mask helps to minimise pores and brighten the skin, something we all love, especially if you have hyperpigmentation. Whilst I love mud masks, sometimes I want something ‘lighter’ on my skin and that’s where this mask comes in.

P.S- AHA increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun so SPF is needed

top 4 face masks for summer!

GlamGlow Super Mud Clearing Treatment, £39

Another mask from Glam Glow that blew me away after 1st use! I always compare this to the Youth Mud and call Super Mud its ‘baby’. I would use this when my skin needs a little boost but not so much that I reach for the Youth Mud lol. it doesn’t tingle but it gets the job done! Pores, texture and I use this as spot treatment too.

top 4 face masks for summer!

P.S- if you find Glam Glow’s masks too expensive I suggest getting one of their gift sets. They run about the same price for one full mask but you get a few ‘to-go’ sizes plus a full size or bigger size mask. For instance when I bought the Youth Mud Gift Set for £39 ( I think this set is sold out btw) but it came with a full-size Youth Mud and two 30g masks- Thirst mud & Supermud. The 30g masks last a long time too. I have used my Supermud many times but I still have some left and I will definitely be purchasing the full size when I’m out.

They currently have a similar set available on their website. The multi masking set has one 30g mask plus 5 7g masks for £35! Check it out here  They also have smaller masks starting from £14

Other drugstore alternatives include

Garnier Self Heating Sauna Mask- the £1.29 mask that packs a punch!

Simple Deep Cleansing Mask

If you have oily skin, charcoal is an ingredient you should look for in your skincare products, especially in the summer. it detoxifies the skin and helps draw out impurities meaning your pores will be reduced and your skin balanced. Look for it in your face masks but in your face washes too.

If you want to find out your skin type and how to build a routine, make sure you check out my previous post on them.

That’s all folks. These are the masks I have been switching between this summer. Oily skin will definitely benefit the most from these masks and if you have clogged pores definitely give these a try!


I will catch you guys later in my next post! see ya

P.S.S.S- make sure you are using SPF!


My Morning Summer Skincare Routine

Hey guys, I hope you are well. We are enjoying a good weather spell here in London and I am living for it!

I thought I would share my summer skincare routine as I noticed last summer my skin tends to change ever so slightly and I reach for different products to keep my skin in check. My skin gets slightly oilier in the summer, plus my pores are easily clogged and I tend to break out easily (don’t get me started about the heat causing texture on my skin) so I have to work harder in the summer to help my skin.

I also realised I haven’t shared my morning skincare routine with you guys. My morning routine features a few different products to my evening skincare routine PLUS it’s quicker. Hopefully, this gives you some ideas on now to start your own morning routine or some products to try. All reviews will be linked too 🙂

A Bit about my skin

I have normal to combination skin type. This means my tzone is oily and the rest of my face is normal- not too oily or dry. My main issue is hyperpigmentation (read all about that here) so all my routines and products are geared to evening and brightening my skin tone.  More info on skin types here

My Daytime Summer Skincare Routine

Face Wash

I usually wash my face when I’m in the shower with my Black Soap Shower Wash or whichever shower gel I’m using atm.


Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Acid Daily Cleansing Pads Review

I follow this up with the Naturally Radiant Glycolic Pads. This helps to retexture my skin and cleanse my pores. Check out my review here


After this, I go in with my morning serum. I chose the Boots Light Hydration Boost Serum because it does exactly that. its super light and absorbs easily and quickly without an oily residue. It also leaves my skin soft. Before this, I was using the Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid Serum. ( review here)

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid Serum Review



I am back to using my favourite moisturiser, The BodyShop Vit C Daily SPF 30 Moisturiser. It leaves my skin glowy and the added SPF helps to protect my skin from the sun. I never leave the house without SPF

If I am wearing makeup that day, I will stop here and follow with a primer then my normal makeup routine. These days I am really enjoying my skin and not wearing makeup everyday to work. This allows my skin to breathe plus getting ready is so much quicker!

Finishing Serum

I like to use a second serum after my face moisturiser. My second serum of choice is the Body Shop Vit C Skin Reviver. This stuff smells so good and the texture is very similar to that of a primer. I find it blurs pores and smoothes the skin. Finishing serums are not necessary but I love using them when I’m not wearing any makeup to help blur my pores and smooth my skin. The serums I use here always have a primer –like consistency/texture to help do that. Before this, I was using the Paula Choice Skin Balancing Antioxidant Serum with Retinol this was the serum that got me hooked on finishing serums

Face Spritz

So after serum-moisturiser-serum, (I usually get dressed) I use a face mist over it. I love mist my face with the Pixi Wake Up Mist. This is so refreshing and leaves my skin looking energized. My full review is here. Again totally unnecessary but I love misting my face.

I finish my routine with some lip balm and I am ready to go. You may have read that and thought no eye cream/ serum?! Well, I HATE the current one I have lol and I haven’t gotten round to getting a new one so atm I go without. I will be sharing which eye cream it is soon and my full thoughts on it!


During the day

During the day, I will lightly mist my face with an SPF mist just to top up my SPF protection. I use the Garnier Moisture Bomb Protecting Hydrating Mist. I have to be careful with this though because it tends to leave a white cast if I over mist.


So that’s it, folks. My simple daytime summer skincare routine! This routine takes about 10 mins or less and it’s been effective in keeping my skin moisturised throughout the day. I will be sharing my summer evening routine soon too as I have introduced some new products. In the meantime, check out my reviews on the products mentions and catch me on insta as I share more products and tips on there

With love





Christmas Wish List

Season’s Greetings

Is it too early to start wishing people a Merry Christmas? Ahh well, MERRY CHRISTMAS from me! If you have been gift shopping, I hope you have been taking inspiration from my Christmas Gift Guides featuring Skincare Gifts, Customised Gifts and Black British Brands! I also give you some hints and tips on how to find the best present and how to save you time & money while shopping!

My Christmas Wish List

Been a beauty blogger has introduced me to so many amazing brands and naturally I would like to try everything, BUT you see the way my account is set up LOL. I’m a smart shopper so I like to hold out on a lot of things till they go on sale/offer or I like to take advantage of occasions like Birthdays/Christmas to let people know what I really want when I’m asked.

This year these are the things I have been eyeing all year long! Some of these items are really popular so I hope you can take some inspiration from this if you are stuck getting a gift for the beauty lover in your lives!

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur Primer, £29.50


I must admit this is very new on the list! I was in Boots with a friend (last week!) and we randomly went to the YSL counter to look at perfume and we decided to swatch this. Cue standing there for at least 10 minutes talking about how amazing the texture of this primer is! Plus I LOVE anything that will make me glowy/dewy so this then was added to my list!

Yves Saint Laurent ‘Touche Éclat Le Teint Foundation in B80, £32.50


I remember been colour matched for this foundation  back in February but the MUA matched me to the wrong shade. Even so when I wore it, I was blown away on how light it felt on the skin- it literally feels like you have nothing on (your face). I think I’m in the shade B80 as B90 was very dark and red for me. B80 is the shade before so I’m thinking it will work. Not the best shade ranges for WOC I will be honest but I am hoping YSL will do something about this! Any guys that want to get me this lol just go to Boots or Debenhams and go to the YSL counter, show this picture and say you want B80 for someone lol or better still just take me with you LOOOOL

Marc Jacobs Decadence Perfume, £48


If you know me, you know I LOVE perfumes! I got a sample of this way back in June when I went to an event and I haven’t stopped thinking about it ever since! I would go to the Boots and look at it and walk away. A bit on the pricey side, its £48 for a 30ml bottle and I really want the 50ml which is £64. Sighs. Please please please do not make the mistake and get Divine Decadence which I DO NOT LIKE lol. You want the Decadence Perfume. Isn’t the bottle so pretty?!

Pixi Glow Peel Pads, £24


Skincare has been a priority to me this year and ever since I learnt about AHA’s I have been using products with them nonstop! Pixi is what got me onto acid based products so its natural I want the Peel Pads which have a whopping 20% Glycolic Acid.

Melanie Mills Hollywood- Gleam Body Radiance in Bronze Gold & Deep Gold, £13


In the summer, I did some research on body bronzers for WOC and this was high on that list! I want the Bronze Gold and Deep Gold shades as they look amazing on WOC. What I probably love more about this brand is the fact she shows the products on all skintones so it was very easy for me to see what it would look like on me. This can be used on the face as well as the body and if they reviews are right it doesn’t transfer! You heard right IT DOESN’T TRANSFER! I would have to test it out myself though to confirm lol


BodyShop Fresh Nude Foundation in Tuscany Chestnut, £15


I remember going to the BodyShop event when this foundation first launched and I was matched to this shade! They did send me the foundation but in the wrong shade! They didn’t have my shade available but ever since then I been wanting to get it again! I had to give the foundation to a friend as I couldn’t make it work on me. It’s the perfect everyday foundation and feels very light on the skin!

Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum with Retinol, £31


If you are into skincare, you have probably heard of PC’s products. I finally got some trial sizes of her products and let me say this serum blew my mind! The texture feels like a primer and it made my kin feel a certain type of way! I am not one for buying luxury products but this one I am seriously thinking about!

Peter Thomas Roth Meet Your Mask Kit, £16.75


PTR one of those brands that’s been raved about! Their Glycolic range is probably one of their well-known collection and whilst I would like that too, this kit gives me a better introduction to their products! It’s surprisingly very affordable and since I love masks I can’t wait to get these too!


That’s all folks, my Christmas Gift Wish list 2016! I encourage you to share your lists too, you never know who is looking! I hope you guys have an amazing day, week, morning or evening depending on whenever you are reading this!

What’s the one thing you wish you could get this Christmas? Let me know

End of year EPIC giveaway? hmmm

Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil


The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil
The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil

I love experimenting with new products and finding new ways of doing things so when I went to the Body Shop Make up discovery day back in October, I was happy to get my hands on the cleansing oil!

The Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil, is part of their Camomile range which has been designed to be suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. For more info and the full product list including reviews, read my previous post

It’s made with Community Fair Trade Oil and it claims to effortlessly lift impurities including waterproof makeup. You are to shake before use, apply on dry skin and add water to emulsify and simply rinse away!

Here’s my little preview of the product! Be warned, makeup free pics included lol

BodyShop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil Review
BodyShop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil Preview
























I’m not sure about ‘effortlessly’ part but it does remove your makeup quite well. I use 2-3 pumps on my face, add water and massage it in. To remove my mascara I just concentrate on my eyes and rub around the closed eye, been careful to not get the product into my eye. Then rinse with warm water. I like it comes in a pump bottle making it so much easier to use, smells nice and turns milky white in addition to water.


BodyShop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil
Product emulsifies when water is added


Depending on how much makeup I have on, I would wash my face 2-3 times if I am wearing minimal make up like a concealer and powder OR 3-4 even 5 times if I am wearing a full face, only because I like to make sure I take ALL my make up off. It does leave your skin silky soft afterwards and you can get away with not using a moisturiser after ( depending on your skin type obvly) but I always follow up with a face wash anyway so I go in with a moisturiser as the final step in my evening routine.

I do like it however it can be a bit time consuming and messy versus your traditional makeup remover wipes. I think it’s great for those days you don’t have a lot of makeup on.

Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil is priced at £ 11 and available online at BodyShop

Right now you can get £25 off when you spend £50! Plus free standard delievery

How do you take off your make up?

The Body Shop Camomile Collection

Hey loves, I’m back! I took a mini break from this series due to work.  It hasn’t even been that long lol. Anyway I am back with another post in our Body shop skin care miniseries. For the next two posts, we will be focusing on collections suitable for sensitive skin.

Today’s post will be on their camomile collection which has been designed to gentle sooth and purify sensitive skin. This collection is also suitable for contact lens wears.  it’s not a massive collection, featuring just 4 products and one tool


  1. Muslin cloth
  2. Camomile silky cleansing oil
  3. Camomile sumptuous cleansing butter
  4. Camomile waterproof eye and lip makeup remover
  5. Camomile gentle eye makeup remover

As always, I will also find reviews for you to let you know how the product performs and what people are saying about it




I think it’s a good range what about you? Let me know. Next we will be looking at their Aloe range also for sensitive skin.

Until then




The Body Shop Nutriganics Collection

Hey my darlings! I hope you are enjoying your summer so far.

This will be another post in our BodyShop skincare series. Today we will be looking at their Nutriganics collection. This range has been created for women between 30- 40 years old and to help improve the appearance of the skin and smooth the signs of aging. It has been formulated with organic ingredients and will appeal to those looking for alternative to anti-aging skincare products.


There aren’t a lot of products in this collection, there are 8 which are:

  1. Nutriganics smoothing serum
  2. Nutriganics smoothing day cream
  3. Nutriganics smoothing night cream
  4. Nutriganics smoothing eye cream
  5. Nutriganics foaming face wash
  6. Nutriganics refreshing toner
  7. Nutriganics smoothing mask
  8. Drops of youth concentrate

Interested in how they perform?




What do you guys think? It’s really hard to come by natural skin care products that are affordable; this line by the Body Shop certainly meets that need. The price points for these organic certified products are really good. What are you guys thinking? I would love to know in the comment box!

That’s all folks for the Nutriganics collection! We have 3 more posts in the series which will be the drops of youth, camomile and aloe. Stay close by!

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Until next time