Some By Mi AHA BHA PHA Moisture Cream review

This post will be a full review on the AHA BHA PHA Miracle cream by the K beauty brand Some By Mi. The miracle line promises skin repair, moisturising and soothing properties whilst strengthens the skin’s barrier. The line also has added Centella Asiactica and tea tree extract.

Some by mi review


I have been using the cream for a month now, almost every evening and I am just about to finish it (probably have 2 more days’ worth in it) I have the trial size so I have very surprised it has lasted this long.

I wish the concentration of each acid was stated on the product or online however this info is not available. Looking at the ingredient list, Centella Asiactica is 1st, Niacinamide is 4th. I can’t see an AHA in the list and the BHA is actually from Willow Bark extract (quite far down the list) but this contains salicylates which has to be convert to salicylic acid. For BHA to be active, it needs to be present at 0.5% to 2% in order to get any real benefits from it however with its position down the list I doubt the conc in the product is enough for any real benefits.

The texture of the cream is very light and it reminds me of a water gel consistency. I love this texture and this is something I do not think I have come across. The cream feels very hydrating on the skin and sinks in easily. I feel my skin is hydrated and left soft and glowy. I have not experienced any irritation from the product and no pilling when layered over serums. In terms of efficacy, whilst I really like the cream, I cannot say I have noticed a massive difference in my skin. In the beginning of March, I suffered hormonal breakouts and texture, the cream didn’t help with that but it did continue to hydrate my skin without exacerbating the issue. There’s also a lot of reviews of it reducing acne etc however for my breakout, it didn’t help to speed up the healing process.


Whilst I am disappointed with the efficacy of the cream, I do really like the texture and hydration it provides to my skin. The cream also leaves my skin glowing after use. I am disappointed because I got this mainly for the acid blend and their benefits however I do not think I got any real benefits from those. If you are after an acid based cream for its exfoliating properties I do not think the conc of acids in this cream are enough to cause any ‘real benefits’ if you want a lightweight hydrating cream then I would definitely recommend this cream.

I still rate this as my 2nd favourite product out of the 4 in the Miracle starter kit. I would buy this again but perhaps not straight away.

I have 3 more products left to review.

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Some by My AHA BHA PHA Miracle Cream is £15.12 on Yes Style*

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