Fenty Skin Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer SPF 30 Review

Have you tried Fenty Skincare? Today’s post will be a review and demo on the Fenty Skin Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer SPF 30.

The SPF 30 moisturiser promises invisibility on all skin tones, non-greasy finish and no pilling. It also promises to brighten skin, hydrate the skin and its oil free


As always SPF is the last step in the morning routine. As it’s an SPF moisturiser, I use this on top f my serums. The moisturiser feels lightweight on the skin and I have experienced any irritation from it.

I love this SPF! It is invisible on my skin, leaves a dewy/glowing finish and doesn’t pill on me! It’s also a great base for makeup

Watch my demo of this on Instagram below


This is a great SPF moisturiser. If the full size is out f your budget, you can also get it in a travel size set ( with the face wash and toner). If you do purchase the full size, you are able to get refill cartridges.  The moisturiser is heavily scented so if you don’t like fragrance in skincare, you have to give this a miss!

Fenty Skin Hydra Vizor is available in Boots

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Birthday Make up Haul

Happy Belated Birthday to meee!

I picked up a few makeup items for my birthday and I also got a few as gifts. I honestly can’t remember the last time I got new makeup so I’m excited! Check out what I got and swatches below!

NARS Blush– Savage. NARS recently expanded their blush shades which included Savage! This is described as a shimmering red-brown. How gorgeous is this shade? It doesn’t have chunky glitter and it feels so smooth on the skin! I can’t wait to use this! I think it will look good paired with a brown or nude lip but even a bold red lip too.

Becca Highlighter– Chocolate Geode- I remember when Becca released this shade 1 or 2 years ago and I LOVED it. I didn’t pick it up then because I’ve sort of been on a low makeup buy. I haven’t been buying makeup as often as I do with skincare because I have a lot of makeup with similar highlighter shades so as much as I really wanted it then I just didn’t need it. This year I got this as a present from my bf because I thought why the hell not? 2 years on and I still love it LOL. It’s a beautiful golden shade that looks so good on the skin. It was either this or the new Fenty Cognac Diamond bomb but went for the Becca because it doesn’t have chunky glitter. It’s very similar to their Topaz highlighter in the pan, but Chocolate Geode is more coppery

CoverFx Face Perfector Palette– Medium. I’ve been watching a lot of makeup videos lately and so when I saw this palette I knew I had to get it! This looks like the perfect travel palette featuring a contour/bronzer, blush and highlighters. I can see myself using every single shade. I will probably use that finishing powder as a highlighter and blush. The contour shade is dark enough for my skin tone for a subtle contour or bronzer. That blush shade is lovely and I also like you have two options for highlighter: a subtle shade ( heavenly and a popping shade(Twilight) the brightener, of course, can also be used as a highlighter as well as an inner corner brightener.

Jouer High Pigment Lipgloss– Champs Elysees- it only took me 26 years to finally love lipgloss LOL. I have hated lipgloss for a while simply because I couldn’t find any that were pigmented enough and not sticky. If I wanted shiny lips I could just use a lip balm. Last year Barry M lipgloss changed my life so I’ve been on the search. The Jouer High Pigment Lipgloss is just that, high pigment and no stickiness! I got the shade Champs Elysees which is a warm chocolatey pink. I love

Morphe Lipgloss– Free bird- another lipgloss I picked up was from Morphe in the shade Free bird. This is the perfect nude gloss. The camera is not doing my swatch any justice 😦

Fenty Eye Primer and Eyeliner– the NARS eyeshadow primer got me thinking about eye shadow primers. For the longest time, I have not enjoyed doing my eyeshadow looks because I have oily lids and somehow they always crease on me even if I use concealer & powder. Well NARS eyeshadow base changed all that for me so I decided to get the Fenty Eye primer to try as well. I got the mini version to test out first. I also received this as a present and it came as a set with a mini eyeliner. How cute is this? Shout out to Fenty for doing mini and travel sizes of their makeup!

Fenty Setting Spray– I am OBSESSED with setting sprays. I collect them, I use them, I love drenching my face with them. When Fenty came out with a setting spray, I knew it was a matter of time! Again I didn’t get it when it was first released because I actually have 15 setting sprays waiting to be used( like I actually got up to count LOL)My brother got me this for my birthday and I can’t wait to use it!

Path McGrath Skin Fetish Concealer and Mini Matte Trance Lipstick Trio– I got the concealer shade MD26 and lipstick trio in SkinShow. MD 26 is described as Medium Deep with neutral undertones. Skin Show has 3 mini nude shades in Omi, 1995 and Flesh 3. Storytime! I made my order on 3rd April but I never received an email confirmation of my order only a PayPal receipt. According to the website it takes about 24 to 48hours to pack and ship. With everything that is going on, I knew it may take longer which I don’t mind. By 8th April, I emailed them to say I haven’t received an email confirmation or an update regarding my order so it would be great to get an update. By 10th April, I hadn’t heard back so I emailed again saying hey my previous email was ignored I just want an update if I don’t hear back by a couple of days I will contact PayPal for a refund. I immediately got a response with the most condescending message ever: your order is waiting for shipment when it ships here is a tracking number! That’s it! No acknowledgement of my previous email, no mention of my order confirmation or when it will actually ship! To be honest I’m disappointed! I was so close to just cancelling it and getting something else! LookFantastic and even BOOHOO have been better at communicating during this time than a high-end luxury brand like Pat McGrath. I only ordered because there was an offer going on, 25% off everything and I wanted to see the hype of her stuff (I think it’s overpriced but we move). The swatches of the lipstick didn’t look that matte for me. The concealer though, its a heavy glass bottle and it feels so creamy. I think I want another shade! lol. I was debating on MD 26, MD25 and MD24 I went with MD 26 to be safe but I think I want MD24 too. Let’s see how this fairs

So one of the lipsticks I got had a slight defect. there was a white cast around the 1995 shade. I emailed them regarding this and asked if they could confirm what it was. To be honest from the customer service and the defect lipstick, it was a bittersweet anticlimax moment and I wasn’t happy at all. They emailed me back the next day with a full refund of the lipsticks and apologised but didn’t ask the questions I sent. I’m happy because they gave me a refund but I would have also liked to have my questions answered. Will I purchase from the website again? Probably if there is another sale, probably the delay with the information may just be due to the ongoing situation but I still find it really weird I didn’t get the order confirmation email. I don’t know if I even want to use that lipstick

That’s all folks! I’m excited to use these items. I haven’t bought new makeup for a while

simply because I have been focusing on using up what I have! It was my birthday so I used that as an excuse to get some items I have wanted for a while now.

Watch out for reviews

Catch you later

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