Cantu GrapeSeed Shampoo and Conditioner Review

The Cantu brand has a special place in every black girl’s hair product collection. I’ve known of Cantu even from my relaxed days and I have used many of their products.

The new Grapeseed collection features 7 products in total and I received 5. For this wash day, I decided to add the new shampoo and conditioner to my routine.


My hair has been in braids for 4 weeks prior so I wanted to start with detangling first. The conditioner is light and runny and has enough slip. I used a good amount on each section of my hair, using a wide tooth comb from the ends to the roots of hair. The conditioner smells great and does a good job of detangling. Since I was using this just for detangling, I didn’t leave it on my hair too long but after I washed it out, my hair felt softer


The shampoo lathers up well and felt gentle on the scalp.  It’s formulated with shea butter and grapeseed oil. I loved it. It rinses out easily too. I always go in with 2 washes and it didn’t dry out my hair. The lather is produces was ok for finger detangling.


This collection is for curly, coily and wavy hair and it worked really well for my 4c hair. It’s a good shampoo and conditioner if you are looking to try some new ones. I’ve had no issues with it. I love the scent and the performance did not disappoint me

Cantu GrapeSeed Shampoo is £7.99 on lookfantastic

Cantu GrapeSeed Conditioner is £7.99 on lookfantastic

Cantu Cleanse and Care Hair & Scalp Masque Review

The Cantu Cleanse and Care hair and scalp masque is made wit bentonite clay and proms to cleanse and care for the hair and scalp with stripping natural oils. I’m not sure when these were released but I got this very late year after I attended an event.


I was confused as to where to add this product in my wash day routine because it says cleanse on the packet it sounds as if it has some cleansing properties however the directions state to apply to clean damp hair. I applied the product after water rinsing my hair (my hair was just in a slick bun for a few days so I didn’t have a lot of product build-up).

The product has the same scent as other cantu products, the added bentonite clay didn’t make a difference to the scent. The product was creamy and felt more like a deep conditioner. It didn’t have any slip so I did not detangle with it. It promises nourished strands and a revitalized scalp but honestly I don’t know if it made a difference or not


I have used bentonite clay before so I was looking forward to using this product. I was a little confused as to where this would fit in in my wash day routine but I used it after rinsing hair with water. I didn’t experience much benefits, maybe some softness but nothing to write home about. There is no slip for detangling. My hair or scalp didn’t feel cleaner. I’m not sure if this product also comes in a bigger size but for me, I had 2 packs and used both in one wash day so I don’t know if the benefits come from continued use.

Do you need this product? Probably not.

Cantu Cleans & Care hair & scalp masque is £2.99 at Boots

Best & Worst Products 2015 : Hair Products


Check out part 1- my best and worst beauty products of 2015!

Good quality hair products are an essential to every hair regime. I have tried lots of different hair products this year( product junkie for real) and some new brands too. Let’s get to it

Best Product- Mon Shea Shea Butter Soap


This bar soap gives my hair life every time!

Worst Product- ApHogee ProVitamin Leave In Conditioner


I really tried to make this work for my natural hair but it just didn’t. It worked well with my wigs though so of course I am keeping and using it for that! Recycle baby lol

Most confusing product – Cantu Coconut Oil Shine & Hold Mist


I have been confused on what to use this product for. I used it as the liquid part in my L.O.C method and I didn’t like it. Some say to use it as a leave in spray or to set your styles. I have tried all of the above lol and still wondering what I want to use it for!

Best new brand I tried- Curl Harmony Intensive Repair Deep Conditioner and Dark and Lovely Alma Legend


These are actually old brands but it’s the 1st time I used products from them. Curl Harmony is an amazing British Brand with really good products! This deep conditioner is super thick and perfect for thick hair!

I fell for the hype and it’s totally worth it –Shea Moisture

shea moisture

Finally it’s available in Boots! Yes all over YT Shea Moisture has been raved about and I have been finally been able to get my hands on some SM products and my hair totally loves it!

Brand I have been stalking for a while and I finally got my hands on- OGX Beauty


They have the cutest packaging and an extensive hair product range! This year they released a revised version of the Argan Oil products and I loveeee it!

Product I thought I wouldn’t like but ended up liking- Mazuri Olive Oil Edge Wax


Edge control products claim to do a lot! And for my natural hair they always fall short. This edge wax I actually like! So far it’s my fav one!

Other brands that didn’t make it here



Love Shea

Remember, you can get reviews for most of these products (I think all actually lol) on my blog! Look through my product index for the links

Happy New Year people! New Year new blessing and hopefully new products to try!



Natural hair and winter 101

The colder season means it’s time for chunky knits, hot chocolates and boots. It’s also time to update your hair regime for the fall/winter season. Natural hair needs more moisture and protection in the winter than those warmer months. Remember your wash and goes and cute twist outs? It’s time to say good bye to those and opt for protective styling.

With the weather dryer than usual, your hair will be affected by the elements: rain, wind and snow (not yet but hopefully we get a white Christmas!) the trick to maintaining healthy hair during this time is really simple: moisture, moisture, moisture and condition, condition and condition and throw in protective styling too. This simple guide will give advice/info on how to carry your hair ( and head) through the season.

Wash day      

Pre- poo– I must confess when I am in a hurry, I completely miss this step and go straight for shampooing. In the colder seasons, you want to make sure you incorporate this into your wash regime every wash day! Hot oil treatments are the one for the season. This will help shed hair slip out easily and also provide extra moisture if you have to shampoo. Try all time favs like olive oil, coconut oil or castor oil. Of course feel free to mix and match for your perfect concoction

Co-wash – It’s to swap your shampoos for co washes (like you haven’t done so already). Creamier co-washes will ensure your hair is cleansed without stripping your hair of moisture. Try Cantu conditioning co wash, review can be seen here >>      IMG_20150701_202723

Deep condition- I can not stress this enough. Deep condition every wash day is also a must for this season. For extra benefits, use a heat cap, steamer or warm towel to help the conditioner penetrate the shaft more. Reconstructors are ‘light’ protein treatments that will help repair any damages to your hair. Try Curl Harmony Intensive treatment

deep conditioner is blue
deep conditioner is blue , Boucleme curl conditioner

Finally, do not skip on your leave in conditioners (I recommend Cantu leave in, Giovanni direct leave in, heavy butters and oils to seal all that moisture in!

Protective styling

Trimming – Since many of us opt for protection styles like wigs and braids, it’s now the perfect time to get a trim. This is get rid of any split ends and ensure your hair is healthy. If you got a bit scissor happy or your stylist did, don’t worry as it will be hidden in your protective styles anyway. When wearing a protective style, remember to keep your scalp healthy by using scalp oils. My fav combo at the moment is castor oil, olive oil, rosemary and spearmint oils. This will ensure your scalp is not dry which in turn will prevent itchy scalp (Weave pat anyone?).

That’s all folks! What are your tips for maintaining your tresses in the colder seasons? Share them below! Let us know what products you’re using/loving, I am always on the hunt for new products to try ( with that been said, I will have a bunch of reviews up shortly as I have acquired a lot of new products recently, yay!)

Happy Friday

How you celebrating?

Love Sarah

Top 10 under 10!

Hey beautiful people, how is everyone doing? Good I hope! So todays post will be for anyone who is looking to save money on some hair goodies! If you’re on a budget, or just looking to try something new without breaking the bank then check out my top 10 products under 10 pounds that do just the trick! These 10 have been tried and tested by me so that you take out the guess work and just purchase, purchase purchase lol. Infact most of these are under £5! As a bonus I will have 5 more products that are worth checking out too

What I did as well is to add some stuff from UK brands ( first 4 are UK brands) as I know from my Laika project survey( if you haven’t taken the survey please do so by clicking here >> ) a lot of you would like to try UK brands but find there isn’t enough reviews or don’t know where to purchase.

I will leave links to where to purchase, prices (of course) and reviews, all you gotta do now is get a notepad and pen and start writing! Let’s get started!

  1. LoveShea whipped Shea butter in key lime pie- £8.50IMG_20150810_193255

1st impressions review >>

Full product collection post >

Buy online at


2. Mon Shea Shea soap -£ 4.50 sheaso

First look >

Full review >

Buy online at




3. Curl Harmony intensive repair deep conditioner 60ml- £ 4.95

deep conditioner is blue
deep conditioner is blue

Full product collection >

1st impressions review>

Full review >

Buy online at



4. SheaButter cottage bentonite clay- £ 3 for 100g bentonite-clay

Bentonite clay experience >

Buy online at >




5.Cantu leave in creamy hair lotion- £ 5.49

my cantu collection
my cantu collection

Full product collection>

1st impressions review >

Full review >

Buy online at




6. NuNaat garlic shampoo £ 5.95NAAT_Garlic_Extra_Force_Shampoo_260x260_15537.1411569336.380.380__50936.1423217067.215.215

Full collection >

1st impressions review>

Buy online at



7. ecoEco styler gel- £ 2.50

Buy online at






8. Motions pre wash detangling butter- £ 4.69pre wash

Full collection>


Buy online at



9. ApHogee curlific – £ 3.9911349400_1012397648793566_707707684_n

Buy online at






10. Creme of nature leave in spray £3.99leave in

Buy online at 





Bonus 5 products also under 10 pounds!

  1. Try the rhassoul clay from SheaButter Cottage for £ 3.60 for 100g

Review >


  1. Mon Shea pure Shea oil £ 7.99

First look >

Full review >


  1. Dr Miracle’s conditioning shampoo £ 2.99

Mini review plus other recommendations >

Buy in store


  1. Try Love Shea other scented whipped Shea butter, I have the bake well tart scent too

1st impressions review >>

Full product collection post >


  1. Cantu Leave in conditioner for natural hair

Full product collection>

1st impressions review >

Full review >


That’s all folks! This will be the 1st post in my budget series. i hope this is helpful to anyone looking for UK brands or new products to try out. Please check my UK brands page under the natural hair tab for good products from UK brands!

Please comment and subscribe so you don’t miss a thing! I usually post mini reviews on my Instagram so check out that under the social tab and follow me!

Let me know what your fav products under 10 pounds are!

See you soon!



Hey guys! Welcome back

So quickly this post will be a 1st look at some of the products Cantu sent me. Guys look at my Cantu collection its growing lol!


So I bought most of them with my money expect of the 3 I am about to tell you about. They sent me

Coconut oil shine and hold mist

Curl activator cream

Grow strong strengthening treatment


So from my understanding, the coconut oil shine and hold mist is like a spray leave in conditioner. On the bottle it says it provides lasting moisture and shine and rehydrates and refreshes curls. The curl activator cream is pretty much straight forward and I plan on using this for a twist out soon. The strengthening treatment is a cream which can be used daily to moisturise and strengthen the hair. It also protects from heat damage. So maybe you could use this as your daily hair cream.

I really like the whole Cantu for natural hair line! They smell SO GOOD. For more information about the whole line and the product list, check out my previous post >>

I am planning a Cantu wash day soon! I really need to get the deep treatment masque then I will be set lol. Until then, I will be using the coconut oil shine and hold as a leave in spray under my wigs and I will report back to you! I was really confused on this product, because it says ‘hold’ in the name I thought it’s more like a hold spray that you would you set your hair styles. The curl activator cream feels a bit sticky and kinda thick for a lotion. This will probably be very good for wash and go’s for type 4 hair.

That’s all folks, really quick post to let you know about the products. Thank you Cantu for sending me the stuff and I can’t wait to use them! You can get the full range of the Cantu for natural hair line online at BeautybyZara  >>

That’s all folks,

Until next time





20150619_161102 (1)

Hey family! How’s everyone doing?! Can you believe we are more than half way through 2015?! And only 26 more weeks left of 2015! These months be flying by likeee (insert a sentence you think would rhyme here lol). Anyway, so I am back with another monthly products post. Just to clarify, these are not my monthly favourites these are the products I have purchased in the month (Because I realised, I think I buy new products every month #productjunkie). This is a way of me keeping tracking of what I bought and also to help anyone who is looking for new products to try. I will add more information and thoughts if I have used the product and where to buy. I will add price as well where I remember.

So this month, I did not buy a lot of products even though the picture proves otherwise lol. That is because I purchased most of them in a deal e.g. 3 for 10 (lol). Most of them I got from the WITJ event (Check out my event cover by clicking here > )

I got 3 of the Naat Creams for 10 pounds. Amazing right? The size is just everything #allconditionersshouldbe1kg! There are 7 in the full range but I got the Avocado oil and fruit complex, the argan oil and macadamia and the garlic and Cupuacu creams. Currently I am using the garlic and Cupuacu cream and I must say I am loving the results! It has no harsh garlic smell. My shedding has reduced and my hair feels very soft.  I will do a more in depth review once I used it about 4 times. For more information on the range, check out my video below. The NuNaat lady explains all the NaatCreams and their uses.

The Cantu products also came in a 4 for 15 deal and a free t-shirt. I got the leave in conditioner, 2x of the complete conditioning co-wash and their conditioning creamy lotion. All these products are part of their natural hair line! I LOVE everything! For the full natural hair product range check out my post on it >> . They all smell amazing especially that hair lotion! It softens and moisturises my hair to the t! The leave in conditioner also does it job well. Honestly between my Naat cream and the leave in plus the lotion I don’t know what exactly is making my hair so soft but hey I am not complaining! The co wash is ok, I haven’t seen amazing results or a difference yet.

KTC pure coconut oil. £2.99 from ACE hair and beauty shop. Of course everyone knows the benefits of this oil. I mainly use this to detangle my hair now but I also use it in my oil mixes.

Simple micellar cleansing water- if you read my May monthly products (Link> ), you would see how I am now completely obsessed with micellar cleansing water! Simple’s version leaves my skin hydrated and clean although I feel like I have to use more than the Superdrug’s version to remove all my makeup. Nevertheless I really like it and what’s better it contains no harsh chemicals! It was £2.19 from Superdrug

Olive oil. Well lol olive oil £1.49 from ACE

Mango and Lime’s version of jbco. I haven’t used this yet but we all know the benefits of castor oil. Check out my previous posts on hair growth oils > I decided to try it again from another company. I have run out of my sunny isle jbco. Mango and Lime is a good brand so I thought why not? It was £3.99 from Diva hair and beauty. When I got home I then decided to look at the ingredient list and it contains other stuff compared to the sunny isle one! (why didn’t I check in the store lol) also it’s not as thick as the sunny isle one and jbco should be thick! Even though I haven’t used it yet I won’t be repurchasing afterwards (This is when trying new stuff goes weary lol) is not ‘pure’ if its cut with other oils is it?. I even tried to con my bro out of his sunny isle jbco and he said no lool.


Finally L.A pro concealer. This was so unexpected. I have been wanting to try this concealer for ages and I never knew you could get it in stores in the UK. I have been trying to convince myself to get it online but then the problem is I have to get more stuff lol. So I went into ACE with a friend looking for wig caps and randomly I asked them if they had it in store and they said yes! So of course I had to get one! Just in time too, I needed another concealer. I love it so much. All the hype is true, it’s really good and it was £3.99. I think I will go back and get some more shades.

Best swatch video I found

I also got a satin bonnet.


I got sent these products to review for the blog. From her product collection, I chose the pure shea butter soap and shea oil. I will be bringing you a review soon so check back on here. If you haven’t already check out my post on my first look at the products by clicking here >>

That’s all folks. Let me know what products you have been buying and using this month! #sarahfynnmonthly. This is actually a fun way to keep track of your products and the money you’re spending on it. I don’t think I will be buying new products every month (I mean I have conditioner for life lol) so in those cases I will be bringing you favourites (I think that’s better)

Until next time





Hey guys! Welcome back. This post will be on the Cantu for natural hair product collection. It’s a very exciting range with lots of goodies and we are going to talk about them (even though I don’t own all of them lol) and where possible, I will include links on reviews or demos from YouTube so you don’t have to do all that work! Excited? Let’s get started!

So the full product range includes

  1. Sulfate free cleansing cream shampoo
  2. Complete conditioning co wash
  3. Deep conditioning treatment masque
  4. Coil calm detangler
  5. Leave in conditioning cream
  6. Creamy hair lotion
  7. Coconut curling cream
  8. Define and shine custard
  9. Moisturising curl activator cream
  10. Moisturising twist and lock gel
  11. Coconut milk shine and hold mist

That’s a whole bunch of products! I like this because it has everything from shampoo to deep conditioners and styling options.  I have 3 of them: the co-wash, leave in conditioner and the hair lotion. My fav is the creamy hair lotion. That stuff is the and let me not start on the smell! So nice! It really softens the hair and leaves it moisturised! I love the leave in too. I use it as part of my L.O.C method after washing. For ultimate curl moisture, I use the leave in on soaking wet hair and seal with my shea butter mix, twist and let air dry. The next day I take it down and add a bit of creamy lotion and boom softness and moisture for daysss. The co wash I am torn on, maybe I need to use it more. I mean it cleansed my scalp but I didn’t notice anything amazing afterwards.

my cantu collection
my cantu collection

The leave in cream for naturals is a bit different from the regular version, the one we all know and love. This one contains no mineral oil, parabens, sulfate etc. make the switch if you haven’t already!


So that’s it for my reviews on the products I own. I have searched wide and combed through thousands of footage for… lool, the hell am I on about? Here are some links I found useful on YouTube on the products. There is nothing worse than watching a video and realising it wasn’t what you were looking for. Please note most of these if not all are videos from the US. I’m not sure if we have all the products here in the UK because I couldn’t see some of the ones mentioned on the Cantu website where I got the product list.

Video links

Entire product range

Coconut curling cream

Moisturising curl activator and define and shine custard

Conditioner, mist and lotion

Twist and lock gel, treatment masque and coconut curling cream

That’s all folks! I hope someone found this useful. If you are transitioning and wondering what products are out there for naturals I hope this gives you an idea of some. I will be doing loads more of these so stay tuned! Here in the UK, you can purchase the full range online at BeautyByZara, link >>

Some new and exciting products in the pipeline are

Extra hold edge stay gel

Comeback curl

Wave whip curling mousse


I think these or some have been released in the US already but definitely not in the UK at the moment otherwise if you spot it let me know. Also let me know of any videos you find useful and I will update the post accordingly.

Until next time