Lush Masks Series: Mask of Magnanimity and Brazened Honey

Hey lovely people, more Lush masks for you to try out! We are looking at mask of magnaminty and brazened honey today!

Mask of Magnanimity


I love the name lol. It’s a 2 in 1 mask for the face and the body. Packed to the brim with peppermint and marigold oil, kaolin and antibacterial honey, this mask with stimulate your skin and leave it looking bright and refreshed. Its £5.50 for 125g.

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Brazened Honey


The combo in this face mask is crazy lool and interesting but I guess it works! Are you ready? It has ginger root, parsley, fennel, lime juice, honey, EGGS among other stuff lol. Its supposed to regresh and detoxify your skin! Pick it up for £6.50 for 75g.

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That’s all folks! You can purchase online on their website or in store. Please check for the closest store to you. Their website is Subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!

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The Body Shop Tea Tree

Body Shop series officially popular! We will be carrying on with their tea tree range which is targets oily and problematic skin that is prone to blemishes and breakouts. It is also very beneficial in treating acne (which probably makes it very popular).

The Body Shop tea tree oil range has been formulated with tamanu oil extract which is also known to help generate new tissue and improve help improve the healing process of the skin.

Tea Tree Full Range

Their full collection:

  1. Tea tree squeaky clean scrub
  2. Tea tree cool and creamy wash
  3. Tea tree oil
  4. Tea tree skin clearing foaming cleanser
  5. Tea tree face mask
  6. Tea tree facial toner
  7. Tea tree cleansing wipes
  8. Tea tree night lotion
  9. Tea tree facial wash
  10. Tea tree blemish gel
  11. Tea tree skin clearing lotion
  12. Tea tree pore minimiser

Here are some great reviews on most of the products:



Final verdict- I think it does what it says on the tube! Although I haven’t used any of the products in this range, from research it seems like it works. So what are you blemish clearing secrets/tips? Share with us below! Mine is- if I know I have a big day coming up and I have to wear a lot of makeup, I try to go bare faced for 3 days or more before, then on the morning of the day, I do a face mask to prep my skin!

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That’s all folks! Body Shop Skincare has a lot of skincare collections that treat different issues, this mini-series will go through ALL of them complete with reviews. If you want to purchase any of the products, you can shop online>> or visit their store.

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ORS Curls Unleashed

Hey beaus

So carrying on with our ORS mini-series. Today’s post will be on their curls unleashed range. Created for naturalists with natural ingredients e.g. safflower oil, sweet almond oil and Shea butter and without mineral oil, sulfates and SD alcohol.  They say it’s also suitable for curly, kinky and wavy hair.


The full product collection:

  1. Take command curl defining crème
  2. Set it off curl boosting jelly
  3. Second chance curl reviver
  4. Let it flow shine and define mousse
  5. No boundaries leave in conditioner
  6. Lavish in lather sulfate free shampoo
  7. No restrictions moisturising conditioner

So everything you need to cleanse condition and style your hair really. But is it worth it? Let’s check out some reviews


What’s your verdict?

Here in the UK you can purchase the full curls unleashed collection online on pakscomestics>> or in store in any Paks store. I think most BSS have it as well.

That’s all folks. I hope this post helped you decide if the curls unleashed line is good for you. Let me know your thoughts on this below.

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Hey family, so carrying on with our Shea Moisture mini-series, we will be looking today at their raw shea butter collection. This collection is aims to moisturise and repair lifeless dry, damaged and over processed natural hair. It is also perfect for transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair. The main ingredients are

  1. Shea butter- deeply moisturizes while conditioning hair and scalp
  2. Argan oil- restore shine while promoting hair elasticity
  3. Sea kelp- mineral which nutrition seals and smoothes hair cuticle

The full collection is as follows

  1. Raw shea butter moisture retention shampoo
  2. Raw shea butter damage repair hair and scalp serum
  3. Raw she abutter reconstructive finishing elixir
  4. Raw shea butter restorative conditioner
  5. Raw shea butter extra moisture transitioning milk
  6. Raw shea butter deep treatment masque
  7. Raw shea butter extra moisture detangler

So it’s a good sized collection. I really want to try this collection, I mean who doesn’t love shea butter! And for some reason lol, it looks like it will smell really good. I also like you can get a ‘kit’ that comes with the shampoo, conditioner, masque and finishing elixir. This is great if you wanted to do a trial run before fully investing in a bigger size product. Also it will be great for travelling!

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Here in the UK you can get the full product list, including the kit on British Curlies >

That’s all folks! We have two more left in this mini-series, I hope you guys are enjoying this so far. Let me know your thoughts on this collection and whether you are trying it or thinking about it

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Hey guys, welcome back to another product collection. As the title says, this post will be on the new design essentials coconut and monoi collection. As always, I will be providing you with all the products in the collection, reviews and finish with where it can be purchased in the UK. So if you want to know about this range keep on reading 🙂

So the coconut and monoi deep moisture range was created for dry, dull and very thirsty hair. It is infused with coconut and monoi oils (of course) among other nourishing ingredients e.g. sunflower and vitamin E and promises to deliver intense hydration to instantly transform dry, thirsty hair into soft, shiny, revitalized curls. It is a relatively small collection, 5 products in total but with great ingredients. I haven’t used this brand before or these products so I will get you some YouTube reviews at the end.

The full collection is as follows

Coconut & Monoi deep moisture milk crème with argan oil and sunflower

Coconut & Monoi hair coconut water curl refresher with sunflower, milk protein and chamomile

Coconut & monoi deep moisture milk soufflé with sunflower and shea

Coconut & monoi deep moisture oil treatment with argan oil and sunflower

This was featured in my conditioner series, check it out here >

Coconut & monoi intense shine oil mist with sunflower and vitamin E

So I realised it doesn’t include a shampoo or a leave in conditioner. Let’s get into reviews now, I haven’t used it yet so off to YouTube to get some videos for you

Reviews/ demos





Here in the UK you can purchase the full range online at British Curlies, link >> . For more information about the range, please visit their website >

That’s all folks, I hope you enjoyed this product collection. Let me know if you already have these products and how they have been working out for you. I would love to hear from my readers! Off I go in search of more product collections.

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