Hello guys, as promised I am bringing you the best of the Afro and beauty show live in the UK. This is only like the best, biggest and baddest showcase of Afro hair and beauty products here in the Uk. Get ready it’s a long one. Grab some snacks

My good friend, owner of cjaj09 was sent complimentary VIP tickets by the ORS company( formerly known as organic root stimulator) to the show and access to a VIP bloggers lounge  and a free goody bag! What could be better??


We meet one of the ORS ladies who was really good at her job! Honestly she took time to explain to use the products and its uses taking us through the different lines they have available and also answering all our questions. For more info on their brand and products visit their website. Also on the day, I found that they were offering free hair consultations for the scalp. They had microscopes available which they used to analyse the conditions of your scalp and told you about it or advised you on what to do next. This I thought was really helpful! Afterwards we both revived our goody bags of full sized (yes full sized) products! A ORS tshirt and a bag. Great way to start right? Trust me it only gets better!

lovely ladies at ORS

IMG_0073 IMG_0072

Next I made my way to Whitney Marie’s hair stall. One best hair companies in the Uk also used by beautybyjj. If you want a review on their hair you can check out her videos on YouTube. This made sense as to why they had a giant poster of her lol. Personally I have not tried any of their hair but from what I hear its good.

IMG_0069 IMG_0068

There were also so many big names in the hair industry present on the day. I was not able to speak to everyone but there are a few pictures of the other players present.

IMG_0074 IMG_0094 IMG_0078 IMG_0079

IMG_0075 IMG_0087 IMG_0086

Totally unrelated to hair, the supermalt stand! Featuring one hottie! (The one that got away even though I never caught him) looool. As a break from walking around( and also what black person is going to turn down free supermalt and a pic with one hottie) imagine after speaking to him I didn’t even ask for his name!! Ahh well moving on!



We then made our way to the beautiful textures stand where they were giving away full sized products as well. I was excited about this because I currently use their moisturizing shampoo and leave in for my hair. I was able to grab 2 products: flatiron oil ( I don’t normally straighten my hair so I am giving this away) and thier deep conditioning treatment which I wanted but did not want to buy lol. Ok we also caught the hair show. The catwalk featured as crazy hair dos lool but very creative!

IMG_0089 IMG_0083 IMG_0084 IMG_0085 IMG_0082 IMG_0081 IMG_0077 IMG_0076

I also visited the mixed chicks stall. I was able to take a picture there with one of the ladies only to realise she was one of the owners. After the show when I was on the bus home! I mean look at this pic side by side. Is it just me or is she one of the owners??

look at her and the picture in the background


I realised on the day , so many companies that originally catered for relaxed hair now cater for natural hair as well. I’m impressed that more and more women are choosing to ditch the creamy crack and opt to have their hair in thier natural state. In fact most of the ladies I spoke to at the stalls where all natural. It’s great. The industry is booming now having grown and I’m sure will continue to grow.

I had so much fun on the day. And guys so many people commented on my hair literally am so happy cause I made the wig my self lol. I feel a review of the hair is now inevitable.

so tiredd
so tiredd

Anyone wondering about what am wearing

The corset is from asos

Jeans from bank fashion

The bag- from Zara.

Hair from virtue glamor- Peruvian lengths 12 closure plus 4 bundles- 12, 18, 20 and 22.

That’s all folks! I hope everyone enjoyed their bank holiday as much as I did. Uk weather back to normal- gloomy and cold. Some summer!

Stay blessed guys. Much love..

everyday deserves a smile..
everyday deserves a smile..

Review on the hair will be coming soon. Also all the products I picked will be featured in my new products post and hopefully so giveaways soon. Please enter my previous giveaway as well. Like this post and the last one, either both or one of them for a chance to win amor magazine and free beauty and hair goodies!

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