Le Noir Virgin Hair Extensions

Hey guys, today’s post is pretty exciting! I love discovering new brands to try and I recently came across Le Noir Hair extensions at Afro Hair & Beauty Hair Live.  Le Noir is established in South Africa, expanded to Nigeria and now here in the UK. They specialise in 100% Remy Brazilian Hair in a range of textures: Jerry Curl, Body Wave, Medium Wave, Ombre, Straight and Loose Wave in lengths 18 to 26 inches.

LE Noir

After a bad experience with Queen Love Hair Extensions from Aliexpress, I decided to stick to UK companies that have a reputation and can easily be contacted if anything. I have a range of textures from different companies which have been good but I am always looking for something new.

I met Marina who represents the brand who talked me through all the textures and the process the hair goes through. It’s a very hands on process and the hair undergoes testing (e.g. the burning test) to ensure its quality. I also played around a lot with the hair, running my hands through it etc and was very impressed with the quality.

I chose the ombre extensions to review because I really want some colour for summer (it’s supposed to be summer!) and I have a lot of events coming up. She sent me 3 bundles, 2×22 and 1×20 inches which I will pair with a closure from Del’s Touch. They currently don’t have closures but are working on that and other products to bring to the market



Initial Thoughts

For ombre hair, the hair feels so soft and looks gorgeous! No weird chemical smell, little shedding and no tangles so far from playing around with it. The wefting is really neat and bundle sizes are good. The ends are in excellent condition, the hair is just beautiful and bouncy. The curl pattern is nice, like a body wave. Fingers easily run through. Quick demo below

I then washed and conditioned the hair with the Shea Moisture 10 in 1 Renewal Shampoo & Conditioner (chose this because it has colour protect properties). The hair still feels soft, I can’t find fault with this hair so far.

lenoir wet

Looking forward to making my wig now and I can’t wait to come back with an update! Follow me on social media as I will be posting a lot of pictures of this.

Website- Lenoircheveux

Facebook- Le Noir Cheveux Ltd

Until next time