Hey family! I hope everyone is well and doing good. Just briefly, I wanted to share my new hair extensions from RhoVirgin Hair Company. Check out my previous posts about them by clicking on these links. ,

So this time around I wanted a different look, I normally get body wave extensions or loose waves but this time I decided to let my inner diva out( like it hasn’t been out all this while lol!) and I was on the hunt for something new. My inspiration came from Tokyostylez instagram page ( and ladies if you are a hair fanatic you NEED to follow this guy, his wigs are LAID. Period) I was browsing as I do and came across this beauty


And I needed that texture in my life. I started to look around and again on instagram and on the RHOVIRGIN page she had posted this and I was sold!

not quite the same but similar
not quite the same but similar

I got 3 bundles and a matching closure- 24. 20. 18 plus 14 (4×4) closure of the EURASIAN TIGHT CURL HAIR ( also a new texture I havenot had yet) also I have never used 3 bundles for my hair before so again, something new. I think the specs of her hair in the picture are 22.20.18 and a 16 closure. Either way I am in love with this hair and I havenot even installed it yet.

First impressions?

Well she has stepped her game up since the last time I purchased hair from her. Your package will now come with business cards and an instruction sheet on how to care for your tresses including recommended products.


straight from bag
straight from bag



The hair has a pleasant smell. Almost like new clothes you order online if that makes any sense. I know and have heard of people who got hair from other vendors and were not pleased with the smell. Quick tip- you can either co-wash and deep condition if you don’t like the smell or for really strong smells, I have heard some girls use (wait for it) fabric conditioner to wash it out! ( cant comment on its validity though). A nice smell is always welcomed and a good sign.

Bundles were true to length and were full from weft to tip. The hair naturally has some very beautiful brown/blonde highlights so my dark and lovely jet black box dye gon have to wait! LOL. The thickness of the bundles was also expected as in you get less hair on longer lengths and more hair on the shorter lengths. The knots on the closure were bleached and it came with baby hair. The ends of the hair were in ok condition, a bit frizzy but nothing a good deep conditioning session cant fix.

natural highlights
natural highlights

So as always I co-washed and deep conditioned the hair and allowed to air dry over night.  This is a side-side picture of hair straight of the packet and freshly co-washed hair. Curls be popping girl! The ends are back to life!

top pic- freshly co-washed bottom- fresh out of packet
top pic- freshly co-washed
bottom- fresh out of packet

For co-washing, I used my co-wash mix I mixed up myself ( 900ml conditioner and I recommend conditioners for dry/frizzy hair in  this case I was using tresemme salon silk conditioner for frizz prone hair or something of the sort, 50ml herbal essence shampoo with Moroccan argan oil and 50ml argan oil- for extra moisturising properties) I use this mix on my hair as well and my curls be popping like crazy lol! Obviously I do not use a 1000ml of product on my hair at one time, its just a mix I have in my bottle I use.

Afterward I just deep conditioned with macadamia nut extract deep conditioner( smell? Amazeballs!), put in a bag and let it sit in hot water for about 10 mins! Cold water to rinse the product out and air dry

I also sealed my wefts with fray stop glue (this stuff is a nightmare, I mean its hi-tack so its probably very good but it takes forever to dry! So it took about 4 days to seal all my wefts- front and back)


So now that my hair is ready, I just need to find time to install it. As always I will be doing 1 , 3 and 5 months updates then from there on as I feel like it. Really looking forward to what I can do with this hair.

Ps hairfinity challenge going strong. Cant wait for month 1 update on the 2nd of November. Stay tuned!

Peace out. Xx



Hey guys, I hope everyone is having a stress free summer unlike me! Between this sudden heat, moving house and sorting out all the paper work that comes with that, updating my eBay store ( advance search by seller- slimtings1) , trying to start a wig making business and making plans for next year ( so excited!) , I am stressed out! But I found time to relax and do one of the things I am most passionate about- hair! I know am late on this hair colour band wagon (btw keeping up to date is stress in its self! I have a new brand hair review coming soon!) But I have been able to finally change my rho virgin Cambodian hair into this colour style, so this post will be an update to the hair and show and tell post! (Killing two birds with one stone!)

So I will start with the hair colour and dive into the update for my rho virgin tresses!


This is the fabulous Kenya Moore from real housewives of Atlanta.

kenya hair


And her even more fabulous hair. RPGshow wigs came out with a wig that is inspired by her hair colour and it looks really good. Prices start from $309.00 if you want to know how to achieve a similar look for less than £10.00 and NO BLEACHING then stay tuned.

So the hair colour is pretty easy to achieve. It looks like a reverse ombre with the top part lighter and the bottom part darker right?


Simple. Use my trusted, tried and proven dark and lovely hair dye( in particular the 372 blonde colour). You can check it out on amazon >>>  2 boxes of that comes in at £5.98 ( £2.99 each, however depending on your location it could be £3.99). Divided my hair into two. Applied the dye per instructions and left it to process for about one hour. ( it says to leave it on between 30mins- 45mins but I had previously dyed the hair jet black so everyone knows jet black hair WITHOUT bleaching is the most difficult to lift!)

20140717_155743 20140717_155704


And boom! Hair colour greatness! (lol) I got this lovely golden brown/caramel/blonde colour (p.s I suck at description like literally) Tip which I think everyone knows- when choosing a hair colour between two shades, always pick the one that is a bit bright because 9 times out of 10 you won’t get the exact box match. So by picking a brighter one, your chances of lifting your hair especially darker hair are increased! ( I hope that makes sense)

RESULTSIMG-20140718-WA0019 IMG-20140718-WA0017 20140718_101225 20140718_101206 20140718_101216



If you want a first impressions on the hair and her contact details >> . I have had this hair since January HOWEVER  I have only worn it for 2 months in total ( on and off- but if I was to add up all the times I have had it installed then yes, 2 months)


Well, I don’t know how I feel about this hair. For the amount of time I have had it and its performance I must say I am a bit disappointed. So in the pictures above you can see the hair freshly curled in the morning.  Due to tangling especially in the back and matting, I put the hair in a braid by the afternoon to reduce that, because I could not run my fingers through it as you as see in this picture.



braid ignore my massive spot *covers face*

This picture I took at the end of the day and you can see the bottom half of the hair is tangled. I could not get a better picture due to lighting but the hair was matt too. It felt like it was bunching in the nape area.

at the end of the day
at the end of the day


It holds some curl. I curled the hair with tresemme 2805U volume tong (32mm) the curl on the longer lengths just fell out as soon as I brushed them. The short lengths however managed to hold the curl.

I don’t know. This hair reminds me so much of my aliexpress hair (link >> in terms of performance versus longevity.

Let me know if you have had this texture form the seller and any problems. Maybe I got a bad batch. (but I do know people who got a different texture hair and have the same problem)

Anyway guys I hope you have a blessed week! and a good hair week too! Until next time. bye

link for the curl tong   TRESemme 2805U Volume Curl Tong – 32 mm


Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing okay at the moment, and happy new month of FEBRUARY! MONTH of LOVE! Unfortunately this time, I will be talking about something I am hating at the moment! Anyway as promised, I am bringing you an update (3 weeks) on the ALIEXPRESS QUEEN LOVE HAIR I have installed. Get ready! You ready? You can check out the link to the initial review here 

The hair is HORRIBLE. And please do not take my word for it, I will provide proof!. The shedding on this hair is crazy! And even though I sealed my wefts, not only does the hair shed every time I brush it, but also when I wash it! The hair is pretty much everywhere! On my jacket, scarf, clothes. Everywhere! And I had to cut the ends off because they were DEAD.

seriously, this is what i got after washing and deep conditioning the hair!
seriously, this is what i got after washing and deep conditioning the hair!

daily shedding

daily shedding,

Tangling- the hair mattes up and tangles so easily. Especially in the back. The hair does not hold a curl at all. ( it doesn’t matter what technique you use to curl this hair because trust me I have tried a few! E.g. holding the curl to let it cool down before you release it, hair spraying before or after curling etc) the hair looks nice in the first 45- 1.30 hour of curling then the curls fall

freshly curled
freshly curled

Also, in terms of waving back after washing, we all know how its supposed to be right? Well see the pictures for yourself, in the picture, I DID NOT blow dry the hair, I allowed it to air dry.

straight in some parts, wavy in some parts, this is 3 week hair! looks so old!
straight in some parts, wavy in some parts, this is 3 week hair! looks so old!

Final thoughts: I do not recommend this hair or vendor at all. I realised at first, when they see you’re interested in their product, they are really nice and helpful but when I started to complain they accused me of not taking proper care of the hair. But they gave me advice on what to do to the hair. Then they tried to get me to remove my comments on the hair on MY blog because it may hurt their company image.  Buying hair off aliexpress will always come with a risk, so maybe I got a bad batch of hair, but this risk also comes with any vendor and any hair, but just make sure you weigh up the pros and cons of the purchase before you make your decision. Honestly the only thing I like about this hair is the closure, the density is perfect and the parting space is amazing ( it maybe a 5×5)!

Anyway I was told the hair will last 4 to 5 months, but after 3 weeks of excessive shedding, tangling and the hair just does not look nice I am laying it down.  I purchased some new hair from another vendor: RHOVIRGIN HAIR and I have that installed at the moment and I am loving it! I will be bringing you an initial review soon!

Products I used on this hair

  • Fray check to seal the wefts
  • Argan oil
  • Elasta QP soy oil deep conditioner
  • Herbal essence split end intensive mask
  • Herbal essence split end serum
  • Herbal essence hello hydration shampoo and conditioner
  • African pride back to natural shea butter leave in conditioner
  • Crème of natural argan oil spray leave in conditioner
  • Coconut oil
  • VO5 weightless volume mousse
  • Tresemme heat protectant spray
  • VO5 extra hold hair spray

And if you’re interested in what tools I used on the hair

  • Remington pearl wand
  • Remington slim plate hair straighteners
  • Tresemme 32mm barrel tong

Until then guys, have a great day wherever you are!



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Hey family, hope everyone is getting exicted for the holidays!( was. this is so late) HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!. For my part I am really happy to be back home in London and this Christmas is looking like it would be the best Christmas I have had for a while!

Anyway as promised I am here to introduce to you queen love ltd, a vendor from aliexpress! (Yes and wait!) . I have been waiting for new hair for like ever( 5 months to be exact!) and finally after months of research ( YouTube videos) I finally decided on the vendor on aliexpress and purchases 4 bundles of their Brazilian body wave in 24,22,20,18 and a 14 closure.

Initial review : vendor

Ok so before I purchased the hair, I waited for the sellers to come online so I could chat with them about any queries I had( boy I had a few). The man I spoke to was called John and he was so patient and understanding with me. Also very nice and helpful. I explained to him I needed the hair fast and what the quality of the hair is. He promised he would make my order priority. He also explained the difference between 4a and 5a grade hair and how long each would last. After talking for about an hour I went ahead and made my order.

image[1] (2) image (2)


I got a confirmation email right away. I ordered on a Saturday afternoon. Sunday morning I got an email with a tracking number! That fast. From. Then I jus tracked it on the Dhl website. I got my hair on Wednesday.

Overall communication was great with the seller. Shipping and processih was very quick. I would recommend before buying anything on this website, if you can wait till they are online before purchasing so you can get instant responses for any queries

First look: hair

image[3] (2) image[2] (2) image[4] (2)


after washing and about 75% air dry
after washing and about 75% air dry


The hair looks good right? Running my fingers through the hair I got no shedding from any of the bundles but I did get a I few strands from the closure. I did measure the hair and all of it measured out to be longer than I ordered. Always a plus. The hair had no nasty smell what so ever! Weft construction was good and the beard was short. I think the wefts are single drawn. The only thing I do not like about this hair is that the bundles are quite thin. Apart from that the bundles are good. I did not get any colour change when I washed and conditioned the hair. The wave on the bundles did bounce back after washing but it was not as wavy as before however the wave pattern on the closure did come back as before. Again a few strands from the closure but that’s it. I also sealed my wefts.


As always I installed my hair unto my wig cap for the first time the four bundles was not enough. But the hair looks good. I get a few strands when I run my fingers through the hair but it’s nothing that is not manageable. Although I have only worn it for 3 days I noticed the hair does need a lot of product because it tends to be a bit fizzy after a while and the curl staying power is not that great but honestly I did not curl the hair properly so maybe that’s, why. So for the next milestone I will give you guys proper updates for that.  I also bleached and dyed the hair to give an ombre effect ( if you want a tutorial drop me an email)

trial and error: left: oh hell no right: how you doing
trial and error: left: oh hell no right: how you doing
boring black
boring black

20140101_155555 20140101_155539




i got two more bundles (LOL)like this after washing. this should NOT happen
i got two more bundles (LOL)like this after washing. this should NOT happen


Ok thats all folks I will be doing hair updates with the hair so keep checking back here if you are interested in purchasing hair form this vendor. My next update will be after a month. ( I WILL BE LAYING IT TO REST SOONER THAN LATER)

if you are a hair company and you want me to review your hair please drop me an email ( and lets make it happen!

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2014 y


Hey guys, it’s been forever! Hope everyone is doing fine and getting ready for the holidays! For my part I cannot wait to get back to the UK and see family and friends. Spain is going well but home is back in the UK!
Anyway it’s been such a while I updated my blog so I decided to do a final hair review on my virtue glamor tresses before I lay them to rest LOL. #RIP. I have had this for 8 months now (April to December) so I thought it was time to let it rest for a while. Mind you I will be wearing it for 2-3more weeks after this but still; I pretty much know the hair inside out.

Before you read this, you can check out the journey I have had with this hair by checking out this links. (Survival series, 3 months , ombre hair, 5 months, colour change

Ok so 8 months what do I think? I paid roughly £250 if not £270 for this hair. For lengths 22,20,18,12 and a 10 closure of the Peruvian deep wave.

Honestly I love this hair! Although around the 6-7 month milestone, it started to shed a lot more (mostly from the longer lengths) I still experience minimal tangling and the hair is still full (obviously not as full as before but still full for my liking) With the shedding, when I wash the hair, brush or comb I get a few strands out (one of the reasons why I am putting it to rest although I think if I sealed my wefts now it wouldn’t be a problem anymore). And when I run my hand through the hair as well. (I would recommend sealing your wefts when you first get any type of hair or seal it after a while of wearing it)

I did find that after washing and deep conditioning the hair, shedding reduces a lot! And beginningers mistake I did cut my wefts, well from the 22 inch and that’s where the most of the shedding is from.

And that’s the only problem I have with this hair now! It still curls beautifully and I recently started to wear it straight (I don’t know why I didn’t wear straight hair before!!) and it’s so nice straight! And stays straight for a while and waves back up again in contact with water!

It picks up colour very good! I tried to dye it red few weeks ago after dying it ebony black( yh it doesn’t make sense!) and it still did pick up a bit of red( lol I’m talking you can see it in sunshine hahaha)

A few pictures for comparison

side by side colour change, month 3 vs month 7
side by side colour change, month 3 vs month 7


hair at month 1 vs month 8
hair at month 1 vs month 8
for once
for once



colour change month 1 vs month 2
colour change month 1 vs month 2


Gritty details
Sheds more
None to minimal tangles
Ends still look good
Straightens beautifully
Holds a curl nicely
Still had its volume and bounce to it
Medium luster

I have dyed this hair about 5times, it’s been to 2 different continents and 4 different countries (hahahahahaahah) installed it 4 times. Hair dyes I used (brands because I can’t remember the extract shades)

Dark and lovely
Garnier color sensation
Garnier OLIA
LLON QUE RAS (Spanish brand)

In short would I recommend this vendor? Yes! And currently they have some deals/offers going on, check her out on Instagram

add her on bbm
add her on bbm

Communication was ok with her. I spoke to her on what’s app when ordering and went on her Facebook page to choose my texture. Shipping and delivery was ok as well. I think it was a week (I think )

Products I used on this hair
Herbal essence hello hydration conditioner
Elasta QP soy oil shampoo
Elasta QP soy oil conditioner
Elasta QPR deep penetrating conditioner
Tresemme breakage defense deep conditioner
Tresemme moisture rich conditioner
Garnier frutics flexible hold spray
Organics cholesterol deep conditioner
Crème of nature argan oil leave in conditioner
Herbal essence split end leave in serum
Herbal essence split end mask
Argan and jojoba oil shampoo (Spanish brand)
Beautiful textures curly/kinky leave in conditioner
Beautiful textures moisturizing shampoo
Beautiful textures rapid treatment deep conditioner
Tresemme heat protectant
ORS Essential oils

P.S yes I am a product junkie!

Styling tools
Tresemme pearl wand
Babyliss hair straighter

Ok family hope you guys enjoyed this and I hope someone found this useful. I will be letting you guys know what other vendor I decide to use for my next purchase. Can’t wait!

Until next time loves, good bye
Countdown-17 days

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How to revive your hair extensions + Virtue Glamor update (5 months)

Hey guys, so I’m here with another hair post! I should confess that during my adventure, any type of hair care routines I had went out of the window! (link to my adventures! ) Literally! No styling, no bendy rollers, no leave in conditioners, no oils- NOTHING. And after the heat, rain, beach? Results? – DRY, SHEDDING, TANGLED AND MATTED HAIR! PLUS MY COLOUR BECAME DARKER. And this was my beloved Peruvian tresses from virtue glamor.

After I got back and took out my sew in, the hair needed some serious attention and this post will let you know how I got my hair back to its ‘diva’ state and how its doing now. So it’s also a 5 month update. And if this can work for this hair am sure any sort of hair you have will take out great. I wish I took pictures of when I took the extensions out but nevertheless, I will try and be as detailed as possible.

Part 1

So first thing I did before washing was to saturate the hair with coconut oil. Then I detangled( 1st round lol) with herbal essence hello hydration conditioner. I left this on for 15 mins then shampooed with the hello hydration shampoo. I deep conditioned with beautiful textures rapid treatment deep conditioner for 25 mins by saturating again and putting in a carrier bag then placing it in cold water. Then rinsed and air dried.

After this process, I noticed the hair still had a few tangles, especially around the ‘beard’ area, however the shedding was reduced. But the hair was still dry.

Part 2

Again using coconut oil on the hair, I detangled again with the hydration conditioner, focusing more on the ‘beards’. I let the conditioner sit again for about 10 mins and co-washed the hair. Deep conditioned again with Tresemme breakage defence deep conditioner for 1 hour by placing the hair in a cooking bag (lol) and putting it in hot water. Afterwards I rinsed with cold water and noticed I got the silkiness and the softness of the hair back!

After air drying, no tangles! I re did my colour, using the same process as before ( check it out ) but this time I only used the colour lock conditioner and hot water for 15 mins.

Final results- no tangles and my hair is back! The colour turned out beautifully again! I made my diva wig again and even before I added again product the hair is shiny and soft. There’s still a bit of shedding here and there but after the month it’s had I totally understand. I’m so happy the hair has bounced back and ready for action and it’s worth every penny I paid for it. (Link to first review ) although I think it’s time to get some new locks.

Pictures of the hair now



Anyway folks that’s all for now, if you have any hair revival tricks and tips do let me know, tweet me @slimtings1 or instagram slimtings. Remember to like this post and comment also! You can check out any of these products at your local drug/beauty supply store.

Check out- virtue glamor on face book and instagram.

That’s all folks!


P.S I should say this post is back dated.. this was supposed to be posted in August but as you know time waits for no man lol.

P.S.S- new hair colour and 6 months update coming soon


Hey lovelies

Hope everyone is doing fine. Just quickly, I wanted to share my new hair colour with you. This was done on the virtue glamour Peruvian hair I bought a while back. For a review on the hair check out my last post (

Okay so I have been wanting a lighter colour for the spring and summer although spring is already gone lool.. After extensive research ( and by that I mean watching YouTube videos lol) I decided on an ombré style colour on my hair. Ombreing is just a colour transition from dark to light. So the hair is dark at the roots then gradually transitions to light towards the tips/ends of the hair.

There are two main ways of achieving this, you could either use a box hair dye or use powder bleach and peroxide. I went for the former because I wanted to use a less harsh method on my hair. Now since dark and lovely was the brand most use on YouTube and one with successfully results, I decided to go for that. Mine is in colour 384 light golden blonde



Obviously I chose this really light colour because I knew my hair was really dark and it was going to go light straight away.

The kit is standard- what you would normally except in a box dye- instructions with those big ass gloves lool. Colour developer, conditioner etc. the brush seen was not included but I still had from my loreal ombré box kit.



So as usual, I divide my hair into two and decided how far I wanted the colour to start.

pose 1
pose 1
why am i pointing to my cheek though?
why am i pointing to my cheek though?



Many photos later, I start. Normal process, dye on leave for 30 mins.

Results- I achieved a really light brown colour which I totally expected, it was pretty but not as bright as I wanted it so I bought another pack and repeated the process. This time leaving it for 1 hour

Finally I deep conditioned with the box conditioner, olive oil deep replenishing conditioner and herbal essence split end remedy. Also olive oil hair mayonnaise. It’s always advisable to deep condition hair after any colouring/bleaching process. These dry out your hair!

results after 1st box
results after 1st box
results after second process. dont worry theres a better picture
results after second process. dont worry theres a better picture
moving houses is a pain/ not enough sleep!
moving houses is a pain/ not enough sleep!


final results side by side. the hair turned out great!
final results side by side. the hair turned out great!
black to golden brown/caramel
black to golden brown/caramel


How is the hair keeping up?

It’s been 3 days since my colour change. Hair sheds a bit more than before. Also I think I may have over conditioned my hair( I deep conditioned on both days after dyeing) , the hair does not hold curls as before and feels a bit limp. Now I’m looking forward to co-washing and hopefully it will return to normal.


of course!if you are a first timer and want an easier/ less harsh way of dying your tresses i will recommend dark and lovely box dyes for you! there are so many videos on youtube to watch as well! its easy and less expensive, a box is £3.99 and one is enough!

i’m loving my summer hair colour and let me know if youre doing anything to your hair this summer!

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Ok folks that’s all for now.. Hope everyone had a great day.. Speak to you soon. Xx




Virtue glamour review and progress (3 months)

Hey dolls, hope everyone is doing good enjoying the sunshine so far. So as the title suggests this post is going to be a review on the hair I purchased from virtue glamour a couple months back, and I will be talking about the pros and cons of this hair and the main points you would think about before buying any kind of virgin hair so this would be

Shedding and tangling


Colour change when washed

How is holds a curl

Then I will finish with some products I have used on this hair and what I recommend. Ok so let’s get started!

General rule for virgin hair- whether straight or curly, it should ALWAYS return to a natural wave after washing (if it doesn’t you want to think twice about ordering from the same vendor again)

So the hair I bought was the Peruvian deep waves in 22,20,18,12 and a 12 closure. I first got the 3 long bundles in an offer at the time and later bought the 12 and closure. Total price was £250 or £272 I don’t remember. here are some pictures




freestyling closure
freestyling closure

Shedding- when I first got the hair I co-washed it and this was all the shedding from the 3 bundles not bad. The water did not change colour much.

hair from all 3 bundles and a closure when washed
hair from all 3 bundles and a closure when washed


I made my wig aka the diva lol, with the 3 bundles and the closure and decided I wanted thicker hair so I bought the 12 inch bundle. Initially there were a few problems; I got sent a bundle with a tighter curl pattern so after I sent her a picture of it side by side with the other bundles ingot sent a different one. Obviously this meant I got to wait a long time for it but it was okay

Tangling- no tangles. But obviously with longer lengths we know about the “speed bumps” we get around the nape area. I usually get that when there is product build up on the hair so I kind of use that as an indication of when to wash the hair.

Curl holding- one thing I love about this hair( like I don’t love everything about it) is how it holds a curl. I prefer the hair after 3 days of curling it though because its less curly, more waves and just free flowing. But with that said, even when it’s freshly curled the hair has great body and movement. I love it. I use the Remington pearl curling wand ( amazing tool if you’re wondering what curling wand to invest in this is the one for you!)

The hair has no chemical smell to it so that’s always a bonus. It has a pleasant scent to it for me but its nothing too obvious or strong or in your face lol

diva in action. final result of the wig
diva in action. final result of the wig


Products I recommend and use

I co- wash this hair every week and shampoo every other week. Deep condition weekly by saturating the hair with conditioner and microwaving(yes) for a minute and half. This makes the hair silky soft and smooth. Also reduces those speed bumps I was talking about either.

I use the herbal essence hello hydration shampoo and conditioner

Elasta qp soy oil protein deep conditioner

Tresemme moisture richer conditioner

Pure coconut oil

Beautiful textures leave in conditioner

Giovanni leave in conditioner

Garnier fructics hair spray( extreme hold)

Mazuri argan oil hair spray

On my edges to lay it flat I use ecostyler argan oil gel and Olive oil edge control.

People always ask me how I get the closure laying so flat and natural. I just sew an elastic band from ear to ear in the nape area. like so





That’s all folks any questions just ask. I will leave the Instagram and contact number of the lady I purchased it from if you want to make an order. You can also find her on face book- virtue glamour hair

instagram- @virtueglamor

number-UK 07940515384

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Hello guys, as promised I am bringing you the best of the Afro and beauty show live in the UK. This is only like the best, biggest and baddest showcase of Afro hair and beauty products here in the Uk. Get ready it’s a long one. Grab some snacks

My good friend, owner of cjaj09 was sent complimentary VIP tickets by the ORS company( formerly known as organic root stimulator) to the show and access to a VIP bloggers lounge  and a free goody bag! What could be better??


We meet one of the ORS ladies who was really good at her job! Honestly she took time to explain to use the products and its uses taking us through the different lines they have available and also answering all our questions. For more info on their brand and products visit their website. Also on the day, I found that they were offering free hair consultations for the scalp. They had microscopes available which they used to analyse the conditions of your scalp and told you about it or advised you on what to do next. This I thought was really helpful! Afterwards we both revived our goody bags of full sized (yes full sized) products! A ORS tshirt and a bag. Great way to start right? Trust me it only gets better!

lovely ladies at ORS

IMG_0073 IMG_0072

Next I made my way to Whitney Marie’s hair stall. One best hair companies in the Uk also used by beautybyjj. If you want a review on their hair you can check out her videos on YouTube. This made sense as to why they had a giant poster of her lol. Personally I have not tried any of their hair but from what I hear its good.

IMG_0069 IMG_0068

There were also so many big names in the hair industry present on the day. I was not able to speak to everyone but there are a few pictures of the other players present.

IMG_0074 IMG_0094 IMG_0078 IMG_0079

IMG_0075 IMG_0087 IMG_0086

Totally unrelated to hair, the supermalt stand! Featuring one hottie! (The one that got away even though I never caught him) looool. As a break from walking around( and also what black person is going to turn down free supermalt and a pic with one hottie) imagine after speaking to him I didn’t even ask for his name!! Ahh well moving on!



We then made our way to the beautiful textures stand where they were giving away full sized products as well. I was excited about this because I currently use their moisturizing shampoo and leave in for my hair. I was able to grab 2 products: flatiron oil ( I don’t normally straighten my hair so I am giving this away) and thier deep conditioning treatment which I wanted but did not want to buy lol. Ok we also caught the hair show. The catwalk featured as crazy hair dos lool but very creative!

IMG_0089 IMG_0083 IMG_0084 IMG_0085 IMG_0082 IMG_0081 IMG_0077 IMG_0076

I also visited the mixed chicks stall. I was able to take a picture there with one of the ladies only to realise she was one of the owners. After the show when I was on the bus home! I mean look at this pic side by side. Is it just me or is she one of the owners??

look at her and the picture in the background


I realised on the day , so many companies that originally catered for relaxed hair now cater for natural hair as well. I’m impressed that more and more women are choosing to ditch the creamy crack and opt to have their hair in thier natural state. In fact most of the ladies I spoke to at the stalls where all natural. It’s great. The industry is booming now having grown and I’m sure will continue to grow.

I had so much fun on the day. And guys so many people commented on my hair literally am so happy cause I made the wig my self lol. I feel a review of the hair is now inevitable.

so tiredd
so tiredd

Anyone wondering about what am wearing

The corset is from asos

Jeans from bank fashion

The bag- from Zara.

Hair from virtue glamor- Peruvian lengths 12 closure plus 4 bundles- 12, 18, 20 and 22.

That’s all folks! I hope everyone enjoyed their bank holiday as much as I did. Uk weather back to normal- gloomy and cold. Some summer!

Stay blessed guys. Much love..

everyday deserves a smile..
everyday deserves a smile..

Review on the hair will be coming soon. Also all the products I picked will be featured in my new products post and hopefully so giveaways soon. Please enter my previous giveaway as well. Like this post and the last one, either both or one of them for a chance to win amor magazine and free beauty and hair goodies!

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Hey guys so this is just a quick update on what’s been happening with me so far this year.

Firstly, its 4 months into my black hair survival challenge (for more information read these previous posts ). And so far so good! I have been tempted yess lol to get my hair braided but fortunately the hustle of travelling all the way to London to get it done put me off! But I will have to get my hair weaved in June for something! I know. But I will let you know why soon


Ok so it was my birthday on the 22nd of April!!! Whoop whoop finally 20! I am so grateful to God for the addition of another year and to all those who wished me a happy birthday! I pray this year brings me more success, wonderful surprises and the continued development of close friendships and relationships.



So the real reason for this post? (Bear in mind its exam season!) I quickly wanted to share what I got for my birthday. (Also I have not updated my blog in a while). I got some really really nice gifts, some of which were a total surprise and some I really wanted. So quickly here are my presents. I also want to say thank you to all who got me something.

Most of my friends know that I’m a collector of things: bags, perfumes, lipsticks, shoes name it! I love (over love) lipsticks. (This reminds me I need to get a new lipstick organiser. If you have a few and need a really cute way of storing it, check out these on eBay for really good prices

Anyway, I recently started getting into MAC ( I know I’m late but I didn’t want to jump into the HYPE just because) so I got my myself( for my birthday of course, the match master foundation, studio fix concealer and fix plus spray) and I loveee it. I also got the viva glam two lipstick(satin finish). During the Easter, Debenhams has a sale on their MAC lipsticks (12.60 not a huge difference but just enough for me to purchase two more lool) I bought the candy yum-yum lipstick (matte finish) because it was soo hyped, I got it and it’s not even that great and the half and half (amplified finish). This was the first ever MAC lipstick I tried on last year and fell in love with it so obviously I had to get it and I LOVE it.

matchmaster foundation(9.0), fix plus and studio finish concealer (NW45)
matchmaster foundation(9.0), fix plus and studio finish concealer (NW45)

So knowing this my friends got me four more MAC lipsticks!!!!

Ruby Woo (retro matte) – my girls are so proud of me for getting this. Apparently (true) all my lipsticks are neutral colours lool but hey you can’t blame me for that lol.

Pink nouveau (satin) – I like this better than the candy yum-yum.

Up the amp (amplified) – the most amazing purple lipstick everrrr.. LOVEE

Angel (frost)- also one of the MAC lipsticks I fell in love with

from right to left: up the amp, angel, half and half, viva glam 2, pink nouveau, candy yum-yum and ruby woo
from top to bottom: up the amp, angel, half and half, viva glam 2, pink nouveau, candy yum-yum and ruby woo
lipstick collection



I have 6 perfumes already not a massive collection so I was planning on getting some more. Insert birthday insert presents 3 new sexy perfumessss

Roberto cavali aqua- I have been wearing this all week. I love love love the same of this. This perfume came with a free gift; a large golden bag which will be great for when I have to start travelling. Love the smell love the bottle top for some reason

Coco Chanel- perfect mistake. I told my friends to get me the Coco Mademoiselle( you know the one with keira Knightley in the advert? The pink one?) But they forgot and got me this one instead. This is okay because I love this scent. It’s such a classic ridiculously expensive perfume (lol). Love it and you know I will only be wearing it on special occasions. ( Still contemplating if I should get the Coco Mademoiselle)

Calvin Klein one- I dislike strong perfume and this one is quite strong. I was happy to get a CK perfume but I’m not a big fan of this scent. Hmm maybe it will grow on me.

CK one, Coco chanel and roberto cavali
CK one, Coco chanel and roberto cavali
perfume collection: right to left: armani code, christina augilleria, ghost, CK one, roberto cavalli, thierry mugler angel, rihanna nude, estee lauder sensuous noir


I love bags. Omdz. Walk into my room and I have all manner of bags. In particular, I love the structured-put-me-down-and-i-will-still-shine-bright-like-a-diamond kind of bags( I just made that up but you know the office structured bags)yh. So my girl got me the Zara office bad in black and boy. I loveee that bag. It’s got so many different compartments. I used that bag for 3 days and I still have not used some of the compartments in it loool. That bag is now beside my other Zara bag( you know the large shopper bag that was the HYPE last year?)



structured bag collection- back- zara bags, front- black- random purchase from ebay, orange- boohoo
structured bag collection- back- zara bags, front- black- random purchase from ebay, orange- boohoo

Shout out to my lovely brother who got me an itouch last year and an iPad this year.. Now obviously I had to do some co-ordination so since my laptop and itouch were already white, I asked him to get me a white iPad. Plus I got a white case for it ( guys you have to check out acme made cases for iPad and laptops! It’s so slim, not bulky and water resistant.,38,3.htm   I loveee it oh my. I already started downloading so many apps for it( he went all out 64 gig)


all white everything white then a black nexus lool
all white everything white then a black nexus lool excuse the background. its exam season
acme made ipad case
acme made ipad case


I also got a 2 asos dresses


lovely bodycon low back dress( cant wait to rock thisss)
lovely bodycon low back dress( cant wait to rock thisss)
casual blue midi bodycon dress
casual blue midi bodycon dress

2 earrings

multi coloured one is from misguided, dunno about the other one
multi coloured one is from misguided, dunno about the other one

With birthday money

Asos wedges

IMG_0027 IMG_0026




I bought a new camera- all the pictures were shot with it. canon powershot A810 HD

Peruvian hair. Actually this I bought in Jan with my wages for my birthday. By the way I know I haven’t updated my wig making post( if you haven’t already check it out ) but it was the same hair I used and I have finished the wig and made its debut on my birthday. Check out virtue glamour, the lady from who I purchase the hair from

I’m also thinking of buying new conserves but I haven’t decided if I should or not.

So guys these are what I got and I am really grateful for everyone who came to my lunch( since we are all under a lot of pressure and that epic fail afterwards when we said we would go to the library lol), all everyone who called me as well or text or instagram or tweeted me God bless you.

End of post getting back to my revision. I am in the library.

I will be doing swatches of my lipsticks at some point in life, but not now, not when I have impending papers.. Second year uni student!