Anita Grants Natural Hair Products

Hey family, how is everyone? So taking a much needed break from our Lush Cleansers series, we will be going back to our product collections for natural hair ( y’all thought it was over? Lol). Today we are looking at Anita Grant, one of UK top brands for natural hair. They have a lot of products so let’s dive right in!

Shampoos, Cleansers and Co-wash

  1. African black soap
  2. Babassu alma shampoo bar
  3. Babassu lavender rose shampoo bar
  4. Curl conditioning clay hair wash
  5. Organic kelp and ylang babassu shampoo bar
  6. Peppermint babassu shampoo bar
  7. Unscented babassu shampoo bar
  8. Curl cleansing co-wash conditioner (citrus mint, rosemary mint, unscented)

Most of the shampoo bars are 110g however they also provide bars in smaller sizes e.g. 40g


Deep Conditioners/ leave in conditioners

  1. Banana rhassoul deep condish ( 90g and 940 g)
  2. Black strap molasses and organic slippery elm deep condish block
  3. Curl conditioning milk ( different versions)
  4. Marshmallow rhassoul deep condish
  5. Original rhassoul deep condish
  6. Raspberry rhassoul deep condish

curl milk

Natural Hair pomades

  1. Organic sapote and coconut pomade

Floral Waters and spritzers

  1. Aloe rose oil free hair spritz
  2. Aloe vera gel
  3. Aloe vera seaweed gel
  4. Grapefruit floral water
  5. Jasmine floral water
  6. Lavender floral
  7. Organic rose geranium floral water
  8. Organic rose water
  9. Organic witch hazel
  10. Ylang ylang floral water

Organic natural hair oils

  1. Organic virgin argan oil
  2. Cucumber kissi hair and body oils
  3. Japanese camellia kissi oil
  4. Monoi de Tahiti castor hair oil
  5. Monoi de Tahiti tiare
  6. Organic andiroba oil
  7. Organic babassu oil
  8. Organic burdock root oil
  9. Organic carrot oil
  10. Organic sapote oil
  11. Organic virgin castor oil
  12. Organic virgin coconut castor hair oil
  13. Organic virgin coconut oil
  14. Pink grapefruit kissi oil
  15. Unrefined baobab oil
  16. Virgin pataua oil


Natural organic hair butters

  1. Creamy café latte leave in detangle conditioner ( unscented , vanilla )
  2. Organic sapote shea
  3. Unrefined shea
  4. Virgin mango butter coconut whip
  5. Whipped butter leave in moisture sealing conditioner (Lavender and sandalwood, monoi de Tahiti, pink grapefruit , unscented and lemon sponge)


That’s a whole lot of products from start (Cleansing) to finish (styling). I have been able to find a few videos on some of the products, I also contacted them a while back to ask for products to review for this series but to no avail. Let’s take a look at the videos, I tried to get as many covering different products as most of the ones I found were on the condish cubes.





Anyways what do you guys think? Anita Grant is based here in the UK for those of you wondering. For more information or to make a purchase please visit the website> . Most of the products come in smaller sizes if you wanted to test them out before getting a full sized product. i got the pictures from their facebook page

Let me if you have any of these products

Until next time



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Kora Naturals

Hey my loves

Here is another natural UK based product collection worth thinking about.

Kora naturals provide handmade natural skincare products with Shea butter. They provide both skincare and hair care goodies, so let’s jump straight into the collections



  1. Unrefined pure Shea butter
  2. Virgin coconut oil
  3. Coconut and Shea whipped body butter
  4. Lip balm

Hair care

  1. Luscious locks Shea hair butter
  2. Dry hair and scalp treatment balm
  3. Shea hair oil
  4. Hair serum
  5. Conditioning Shea shampoo

If you love Shea butter, I think by now it’s safe to say every natural does lol, it’s worth having a look. I may be working with this company soon and hopefully I can bring you a review shortly after. The products are reasonable priced and in the UK! No more waiting for products from the US!

They also have an exciting bunch of new products soon such as green tea and Shea scrub (hmm) and more butters ( I know we love we different scents!), keep an eye out for those!

For more information or to make a purchase, please visit their website>>

Keep up to date with me on all my social media, you will find the links on the right hand side of this page so you don’t miss out of updates from Kora Naturals or other products I buy!

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Curl Harmony Full Review

Hey family, many of you having been asking about the full review on the Curl Harmony products I received! Curl Harmony is a UK based natural hair company providing natural hair products with the finest ingredients. Check out all the previous posts below:

Curl Harmony product collection >

Curl Harmony 1st look/impressons>>




I now have a full review written which is currently up on the British Curlies website! I told you guys I am part of their Bloggers association now right? Anyway to check out the post, link the link below:

My final verdict – I love these products esp the deep conditioner and will recommend that to my type 4 girls. If you would like to visit their website for more info or to make a purchase, please click Curl Harmony image right below the insta bar and it will take you directly to the website!

Big Hair Beauty

You asked for it! More UK based product collections! This time we are looking at Big Hair natural hair products!  This post will give you the full collection, reviews and where to purchase in the UK. Let’s get started.

Big hair products are formulated with natural ingredients and not tested on animals. The full collection contains everything you need for a healthy big head of hair! Let’s see what they have in store:

1. Deep conditioning hair treatment

2. Soft clean SLS free shampoo

3. Leave in moisturising milk

4. Moisture me whipped butter

5. Soft curls conditioner

There are only 5 products but we know the essentials are a cleanser, Deep conditioner and leave in conditioner and this collection clearly ticks all the boxes!

So we have seen the products, but how do they perform? Let’s find out!

So a good review! I will also be working with them soon and I will be able to bring you guys a review too, so stay tuned!

So here in the UK you can purchase their products either from their website >>  OR British Curlies >>

US peeps, I believe they ship to the US but please check the delivery information.  For more information, here’s a link to their website >

That’s all folks! Another UK based company for natural hair! It’s about time we invaded the US with these products lol. Hopefully I can bring you the review soon. You guys have been asking about ORS hair products, well I will to it now!

Until next time





Hey my loves, guess what I have another UK based product collection!  this time we are talking about natural skincare products. LoveShea provides products with natural and certified organic ingredients, so you know its the real deal. For my green savvy naturalists, their loyalty scheme encourages recycling. I share her philosophy of going back to basics and re discovering ingredients from childhood.  I am re discovering the great benefits of African black soap and my skin is thanking me for it!
In this post, we will look at the full skincare collection and where to purchase it. Let’s get started. LoveShea provides whipped Shea butters and body scrubs and African black soap. You can use the butters for both hair and skin!
The full collection is
Whipped Shea butters
  1. LoveShea whipped Shea butter
  2. LoveShea chocolate fudge whipped Shea butter
  3. LoveShea key lime pie whipped Shea butter
  4. LoveShea bake well tart whipped Shea butter


  1. Ginger and orange moisturising sugar scrub
  2. coconut and lime moisturising sugar scrub



African black soap
LoveShea also provides gift sets of the body butters in mini and large sizes.
Ok, so don’t they sound like a trio of desserts?! LOL. I can imagine these smelling very lovely on the skin! I haven’t used any of the products yet… Look out for a review soon though!
I was able to find a review from Rachy from Ukafrolista, watch it below

I am currently using African black soap, although its not from LoveShea, authentic African black soap will perform the same! so why should you purchase this and use it? read my post on it here >>

That’s all folks for now! I know you guys have been asking for more UK based products, this is a great one to try out! Let me know your thoughts on them. I can’t wait to try the butters!
For more information or to make a purchase, please visit her official website>>
Until next time


Motions Natural Textures

Hey my loves!

We have another product collection! We are talking about Motions for natural textures product collection! Yes Motions have a collection for natural hair now and I am here as always to give you the full product collection, plus reviews plus where to purchase in the UK. Let’s get to it


The full collection:

  1. Straight Finish cleanser
  2. Moisturising cleanser
  3. Straight finish leave in conditioner
  4. Smoothing conditioner
  5. Deep conditioning mask
  6. Straight finish sealer
  7. Define my curls creme
  8. Hydrate my curls pudding
  9. Radiating hair gloss

I think their website needs updating, because they also have a pre wash detangling butter that’s not showing up on their website. I think this product is quite new. I have used 3 products from this line: the pre wash detangling butter, the deep conditioning mask and the hydrate my curls pudding. I have reviews for them, check them out below

Pre-wash detangling butter>>

Deep conditioning mask>>


The hydrate my curls pudding I have used it and it worked well to define my braid out. So now let’s talk reviews, is it worth it?




From my experience with their products, I say they are good however the size is a big let-down. The prewash detangling butters only lasted me two washes, one for each so if you did a cost analysis lol, it would work out cheaper to get a regular conditioner which will be bigger and last longer anyway. The same goes for the deep conditioning mask.

That’s all for the motions natural textures line. Let me know if you use any of these products and how they are working out for you! Here in the UK you can get the some of the products from amazon or paks > I have also seen they sell this in some BSS, ACE definitely has it. For more info on this line, please visit their website >

If you love online shopping like me, you would love TopCashBack! This website offers you cash back on loads of different websites! It may be a few coins but imagine if they all stack up! it’s totally legit, don’t worry, check reviews 1st if you would like! Here’s a referral link below!

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Hey family! I hope everyone is doing great. So I have been working hard searching for the best UK based brands for you and voila, I came across Curl Harmony!

Curl Harmony is a UK based natural hair company that produces products free from harmful chemicals e.g. sulphates, silicones and petrochemicals.  All products are made with natural or naturally derived ingredients with minimum amounts of fragrance oils.

In simpler terms, the products have been formulated using luxurious natural ingredients to suit every curly girl’s needs! I’m talking to my type 4 sistas and type 2 a/b/z (lool I don’t think there is a type 2z…. yet…)

So it’s a good collection featuring all the essentials: a cleanser, deep conditioner and a leave in conditioner! The full product list is as follows:

  1. Curl Cleanser
  2. Smoothing conditioner
  3. Leave in conditioner
  4. Intensive repair deep conditioner
  5. Buttercream
  6. Curl reviver

Since you guys don’t mind not having pictures of every single product (thank God lol), I will be doing these collections without them, Lord knows I am running out of storage on my WordPress account lool.

Review time!



So I have been speaking to the lovely Nadine, the owner of Curl Harmony who sent me some products to review! I got the


  • Leave in conditioner
  • Deep treatment mask
  • Buttercream

So you guys are in for a first impressions/ full review from me! I’m sorry I can’t try all the products I feature in this series lol (I’m only human with a limited amount of space and one head of hair lool, but remember this series is to bring you information on the brands out there for us and where to purchase them in the UK, if I happen to use it of course I will add a personal review for you guys J)

So look out for more information about these products soon, wash day is close by! Lool. Here in the UK you can get the full product range on their website >

That’s all folks. I am really happy you guys are enjoying this series. I have loads more to come. I have realised in doing this series that, there are a lot of companies that now have a natural hair product collection from just catering to relaxed girls previously. Obviously the quality of these are yet to be determined by us. There are also a LOT of natural hair companies that offer great products. There are also UK based companies with really great products waiting to be discovered by us. (Did I just get deep there? Lool)

So until next time (off I go to enjoy my curl harmony products and my days off lol)








Hey guys! Welcome back to another product collection. I am happy you guys are enjoying this series so I will certainly keep them coming. Have you spotted your favourite brand yet? And are you trying any new ones you have come across? Let me know in the comments below! I greatly appreciate it!

So today we will be talking about Boucleme natural hair products. Boucleme is a UK based hair company that provide products with 0% sulphates, silicones and parabens. It’s also Fairtrade, eco-friendly and non-animal testing. They provide a simple 3 step system that aims to cleanse, condition and define curls leaving if beautiful, shiny and frizz free.

Full product list

Curl cleanser


Curl conditioner


Curl defining gel


Curl towel


They also have the products available in travel sizes too. You can purchase the full range online at British Curlies >> . for more information, please visit the Boucleme website > . I love the simplicity of this brand although I wish it had a leave in conditioner and a deep conditioner.

Review (watch this space for more )



That’s all folks. Please visit their website for more information and videos on how to use their products. I’m going in search for more product collections!

Until next time