Kora Naturals Review

Kora Naturals hair care products, Luscious lock shea hair buter dry hair and scalp treatment balm and shea hair oil
Kora Naturals hair care products

Kora Naturals is UK based brand offering quality natural hair products as well as skincare products. For a full product list, read my previous post on them here. They sent me 3 of their hair care products to review

Luscious Locks Shea Hair Butter

Shea Hair Oil

Dry Hair and Scalp Treatment Balm

My fav out of the bunch is the Shea Hair Oil- I can use it as a hot oil treatment or a daily oil to lock in moisture especially in this season! It’s also great to use both on wet or dry hair and impacts some shine and is easily absorbed which I like. I have also used it with the hair butter and it really softens my hair. The butter is great to use as an everyday moisturiser especially if you want something that is not water based so your hair doesn’t ‘puff’ up. It has a really fluffy consistency and stays fluffy too! We are now in the colder months and it hasn’t gone hard! Yasss. It melts into an oil as you massage it in your hands quite easily too.

They both have herbal scents owning to the fact that they have essential oils in them. It can be overpowering if you don’t like herbal scents so that’s something to keep in mind.

I must admit I haven’t used much of the Dry Hair and Scalp Treatment Balm because I am not a fan of the smell. It has a strong herbal scent probably because of the neem oil (if you know your oils, you know it has a strong scent). I like sweet smelling products so the neem oil scent put me off although it’s very good for your hair.

Kora Naturals hair products
Kora Naturals Hair butter (white) and treatment balm (yellow)

Verdict- they are really good products right here in the UK! I know a lot of people like natural products so if you don’t mind the herbal smell then it’s definitely up your street!

Luscious Locks Shea Hair Butter is priced at £6.99. Shea Hair Oil and the Dry Hair and Scalp Treatment Balm is £6.50.

Available to purchase on Kora Naturals website

What are your fav UK based hair/skin products? For more UK brands look under the UK brands tab under Natural hair


Countdown to Christmas!

Palmer’s Manuka Flower Honey

Palmer's Manuka Flower Honey Collection
Palmer’s Manuka Flower Honey overview

Hi naturalistas! I hope the winter is not playing too much havoc on your tresses. I am back with another product collection for us. This time I will be focusing on Palmer’s and their amazing product collections ideal for natural hair as well as other hair types.

The new Manuka Flower Honey collection features Manuka Flower Honey which is super moisturising and has anti-bacterial properties that help to promote healthy hair and protection for hair and scalp.

Other main ingredients include

Alma Oil to strengthen and condition the hair follicle

Cocoa Butter to condition and nourish the hair without weighting it down and

Shea Butter for deep nourishment and conditioning for dry, damaged hair. It also creates a protective barrier to keep hair smooth and frizz-free.

The whole collection is free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates and dyes. It has 5 products in total

  1. Manuka Flower Honey Strengthening Shampoo 350ml
  2. Manuka Flower Honey Nourishing Conditioner 350ml
  3. Manuka Flower Honey Leave In Conditioner (Spray) 250ml
  4. Manuka Flower Honey Leave In Conditioner (Cream) 190ml
  5. Manuka Flower Honey Finishing Hair Oil 60ml

It’s a relatively small collection but it has all the essentials for a complete wash day. Does it live up to its claims? I particularly like the fact that you have two choices of leave in conditioners, a spray and a cream which you can use depending on your situation. For instance, when I have wigs as my protective style, it is quite difficult to use cream leave in conditioners to moisturise my hair as it’s all braided down. So I opt for a spray leave in which gets the job done and it so much easier! You can also use the spray as the L in your LOC method.

Palmer's Manuka FLower Honey Leave in conditioners


Every good collection to me has to have a good (sulfate-free) shampoo and a conditioner: rinse-out or/and a treatment. I like the fact this comes with a rinse out too.

Palmers Manuka Flower Honey Shampoo and Conditioner
Palmers shampoo and conditioner

I have a review for Black Beauty and Hair.com which can be read here, at the time of doing the review, I did not have the shampoo, so I will be doing a separate review for that.

Have you tried any of the haircare from Palmer’s? We all love their body care range (That lipbalm though!) but their hair care range is worth looking at too. They have 5 formulas for hair, using ingredients we love!

Olive Oil Formula

Coconut Oil Formula

Shea Formula.

Manuka Formula

Cocoa Butter Formula

Next time, we will be looking at their Coconut Oil Formula.

Until then, see ya!

Love Sarah

NuNAAT Brazilian Patauà Oil review



Hey loves! I hope everyone is doing great! This post will be a review on the new Revitalizing Sulfate Free Shampoo and Hydration Plus Moisturising Conditioner, part of the new NuNAAT Brazilian Patauà Oil collection

You guy know I love me some nuNAAT. I have featured them in my product collection series and have a few reviews for some of their products. Click on the Product Directory Tab for reviews and Natural Hair tab for the product collections!

The new NuNAAT brand is formulated with Pataua Oil which is rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 and works to deeply nourish the hair and provide lustre. It also contains Pracaxi Oil which provides maximum softness and moisture to the hair. The full product range includes

Revitalizing Sulfate Free Shampoo

Hydration Plus Moisturizing Conditioner

Moisture Infusion No-Lye Relaxer System

Cuticle Protect Wrap Setting Mousse

Shine Enhancing Thermal Protect Hair Lotion

It’s a relatively small collection that boats of big things so does it live up to it?

The shampoo did a good job of cleansing my hair and scalp. I did find that it did not sud up easily, which is understandable because it is sulfate free. It smells pleasant too.


I love the conditioner! It gives amazing slip for finger detangling. It’s not a thick consistency but it’s not too runny either. It also left my hair really soft and moisturized.


The only downfall is that I was sent sample sizes (50ml) because they didn’t have the full sized products yet! Guys its brand new lol! I would love to use it again and give a more detailed review however for now I am very impressed and its two thumbs up!

I’m not sure when it will be available in stores in the UK yet but I know it will be available at the Natural Nights event this Sunday! I hope you guys are going!! If you can’t attend, watch out for my event cover for it.

Verdict: nuNAAT never fails to deliver! I love all the products I have from this brand and I will definitely recommend it! Be sure to check them out




What’s up guys!  I hope everyone is doing well! 3rd September?! I know right! Anyway happy back to school for those starting again, I wish you all the best in this school year.

I have another UK based product collection for my naturalistas! Eden 2 Eden is a natural hair company based in Birmingham. (Close to where I went to uni, Coventry! West midlands naturals holla! Lol) they offer natural hair, skin and baby products they also cater for natural hair parties (Yes natural hair parties are IN!).


Let’s take a look at their hair collection. The full collection is as follows

  1. Hydrating hair mist
  2. E2E-Hair-pic-300x300Shea cream
  3. Balancing shampoo
  4. Moisturising conditioner
  5. Hydrating moisturiser


A small collection but everything you need for a healthy hair regime. Visit their website, https://eden2eden.co.uk/ to read about customer experiences and to make a purchase.


There is still time to take part  in my survey, the Laika Project. This is a short survey about the spending habits of natural hair women in the UK. Here’s the link to it, https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1k9hvKmw3wjICTL-rFAqo3XxF29eO5l9MzJXeI1X1W8w/viewform?c=0&w=1

I will be back with more UK brands so stay tuned!

With Love


Aunt Jackie’s


Hey people, happy new month! Can you believe it?  Just 3 months to go till the end of the year.

So I know we have taken a long break from natural hair but I am back with another product collection for my natural hair readers! I have been working behind the scenes though to bring you new posts on natural hair so stay tuned for that! I took a break because; we have covered a lot of products on here, so please take a look around you may spot something! Are you looking for any of Shea moisture’s products in the UK, check out my Shea Moisture help chart on how to choose the best collection for your hair condition >>http://wp.me/p1uQOd-CJ

Or maybe you saw the new ORS shealicious range and you would like to read about it>>http://wp.me/p1uQOd-Hr . if you’re after UK brands, I have a few like Boucleme>> http://wp.me/s1uQOd-boucleme , Crown Pride>> http://wp.me/p1uQOd-Hr , Big Hair>> http://wp.me/p1uQOd-EX  and many more you may want to check out!




Today, we are back with a US based company, Aunt Jackie’s and their natural hair product collection. All her products are sulfate, parabens, mineral oil and petroleum free! Let’s have a look at the entire collection; she has a collection for younger girls and one for adults

  1. Aunt Jackie’s curls and coils girls e-blast vitamin E and flaxseed scalp remedy
  2. Aunt Jackie’s girls baby girl curls custard
  3. Aunt Jackie’s girls heads up softening shampoo
  4. Aunt Jackie’s girls soft and sassy softening conditioner
  5. Aunt Jackie’s quench moisture intensive leave in conditioner
  6. Aunt Jackie’s curl la la defining curl custard
  7. Aunt Jackie’s don’t shrink flaxseed elongating curling gel
  8. Aunt Jackie’s in control moisturizing conditioner
  9. Aunt Jackie’s knot on my watch detangler
  10. Aunt Jackie’s oh so clean shampoo

So they have a few products but is it worth your money? I have a few videos of reviews and demos for you. Make sure you carry on researching before you decide to buy!





Check out the website, http://auntjackiescurlsandcoils.com/ , it will give you more information on the products and recommendations on what to use for what hair type.

Here in the UK, you can purchase the full collection online at http://shop.britishcurlies.co.uk/categories/Aunt-Jackies/


That’s all folks, let me know what you think.  Also what would you like to see next? make sure you comment below.

Until next time




Sneak Peak! CurlHairMag Issue 2

Hey guys, so you remember the launch event of the CurlHairMag? UK’s 1st natural hair mag!!! Check out the event cover here>> http://wp.me/p1uQOd-E1 in that post you will also find out where you can get your hands on a free copy!

Anyway issue 2 is on the way and here’s a sneak peak-behind-the-scenes post on the photo-shoot for the cover! I went along as I am writing the editorial piece (Yes you read that right!!).  It was a fun shoot and I met loads of people! So without giving anything away lol, here are a few shots!








a makeup junkie's dream!
a makeup junkie’s dream!

Make sure you follow them on insta and twitter @curlyhairmag so you don’t miss the next event! Of course I will be bringing you guys up to speed on the mag and the launch event so stay close by! Follow me on my social media to keep up to date!

With Love


The Laika Project

Hey family

Its been a while. I have had the most hectic week! But I have some time of now so I will be back to blogging right away!

In the meantime, I have been working on this project and now I need your help! I am gathering information on natural hair spending habits in the UK and where you purchase your hair products. If you can kindly fill out this short for me it will be sooo helpful! I promised it will take about 3 mins or less!

Heres the link, if you have any questions on it or experience any problems, please let me know>> http://goo.gl/forms/dT2No3qZT4




Motions Natural Textures

Hey my loves!

We have another product collection! We are talking about Motions for natural textures product collection! Yes Motions have a collection for natural hair now and I am here as always to give you the full product collection, plus reviews plus where to purchase in the UK. Let’s get to it


The full collection:

  1. Straight Finish cleanser
  2. Moisturising cleanser
  3. Straight finish leave in conditioner
  4. Smoothing conditioner
  5. Deep conditioning mask
  6. Straight finish sealer
  7. Define my curls creme
  8. Hydrate my curls pudding
  9. Radiating hair gloss

I think their website needs updating, because they also have a pre wash detangling butter that’s not showing up on their website. I think this product is quite new. I have used 3 products from this line: the pre wash detangling butter, the deep conditioning mask and the hydrate my curls pudding. I have reviews for them, check them out below

Pre-wash detangling butter>> http://wp.me/p1uQOd-t7

Deep conditioning mask>> http://wp.me/p1uQOd-tc


The hydrate my curls pudding I have used it and it worked well to define my braid out. So now let’s talk reviews, is it worth it?




From my experience with their products, I say they are good however the size is a big let-down. The prewash detangling butters only lasted me two washes, one for each so if you did a cost analysis lol, it would work out cheaper to get a regular conditioner which will be bigger and last longer anyway. The same goes for the deep conditioning mask.

That’s all for the motions natural textures line. Let me know if you use any of these products and how they are working out for you! Here in the UK you can get the some of the products from amazon or paks > http://www.pakcosmetics.com/brand/motions/motions I have also seen they sell this in some BSS, ACE definitely has it. For more info on this line, please visit their website > http://www.motionshair.com/

If you love online shopping like me, you would love TopCashBack! This website offers you cash back on loads of different websites! It may be a few coins but imagine if they all stack up! it’s totally legit, don’t worry, check reviews 1st if you would like! Here’s a referral link below!


Until next time




Beautiful Textures

Hey beautiful people! Another product collection! So this series won’t be complete without featuring Beautiful Textures! Of course we all know and love this brand, if you didn’t, don’t worry this post will give you their FULL product list PLUS reviews PLUS where to purchase them in the UK! Sound good? Let’s get started

The full collection is


  1. Beautiful textures moisture butter
  2. Beautiful textures curl control
  3. Beautiful textures curl definer custard
  4. Beautiful textures curl definer mousse
  5. Beautiful textures tangle taming shampoo
  6. Beautiful textures tangle taming leave in conditioner
  7. Beautiful textures rapid repair deep conditioner
  8. Beautiful textures shine and silken
  9. Beautiful textures curly to straight
  10. Beautiful textures edges to ends silkener

10! A full house lool. I think this is the first collection I have featured with 10 products. It has everything, well maybe except a co wash but we can overlook that right? Lol So I personally love this brand and I have used some of the products within this collection: the rapid repair conditioner (second purchase), the leave in and shampoo. And I loved all of them.

They also have a texture manageability system (TMS) that aims to help you keep straight styles for a long time. If you like using heat or don’t mind it, then check this out. Products in this collection are

  1. natural straight anti reversion shampoo
  2. natural straight anti reversion conditioner
  3. TMS kit

I actually have two of these kits I was given at the Curlvolution event. If you missed out, please read my event cover here>>http://wp.me/p1uQOd-ti . They are hosting another event next month, check out details here >>http://wp.me/p1uQOd-AX


I haven’t used this kit yet because I am staying away from heat for a while but I have used the conditioner on my straight wig when I wanted to keep it straight for a while. The wig is usually wavy and remains straight for about 2 to 3 days when I normally straighten it, with the conditioner the style lasted for a few more days before it wasn’t bone straight anymore. I also got the hair to be bone straight with two passes of the flat iron at 230 degrees, this usually doesn’t happen.


Let’s look at what other others are saying



TMS system



That’s all folks, let me know what you think? Have you tried the TMS system? Share your thoughts with us. Here in the UK you can get the full collection including the TMS online on BeautyByZara >> http://www.beautybyzara.com/beautiful-textures/

I hope you enjoyed this post, off to search for more

Until next time





Hey loves, how’s everyone doing? So this post will be the 1st impressions on some Curl Harmony products I received last week. I feel as though this post is late lol forgive me.

So I featured Curl Harmony in my product collection series, you can view the post the clicking this link >> http://wp.me/p1uQOd-Bn  What’s great about this? Its UK based!

So Nadine the lovely owner sent me the intensive deep conditioning treatment, the buttercream and the curl reviver

I have now used all of them and here’s my 1st thoughts on them

Intensive conditioning treatment. I love the super thick consistency of this! The thick consistency is perfect for my type 4 c hair. I applied it and left for about 20 minutes then an extra 10 mins with heat. Results?  Super soft and moisturised hair. My curls came out a little more defined!  I then used the buttercream to seal in my leave in conditioner and used the curl reviver for a twist out. That buttercream is good! A little goes a long way. I didn’t have to use my hair lotion for about 3 days because of the buttercream! It’s great for sealing in moisture I highly recommend it. You can actually use it as a hot oil treatment too. I haven’t tried this but next wash day I will and let you know how it performs. The smell reminds me of something else but I can’t remember what that thing is lol. I have been thinking about that for a while trying to figure it out.

Curl reviver was great in defining my twists. This would be the second time a product has been great in giving me definition in my twists. Loveeee. No flakes! No flakes I repeat no flakes lol! I also like the smell of this one.

I applied my Cantu leave in, buttercream then curl reviver. This is a perfect combo!

Next wash day I will be using the buttercream as a hot oil treatment then follow up with the conditioner.

That’s all folks my first impressions on these Curl harmony products. If you want to check them out here’s a link for u, click the image below,

For more info follow them on twitter and Instagram

Curl Harmony
and their website >> http://www.curlharmony.co.uk/

That’s all folks for now. Let me know what you think. Until next time