Palmer’s Manuka Flower Honey Review

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Hey guys! Happy Friday

So I posted on my Instagram, last week on the new range from Palmer’s, the Manuka Flower Honey Range I received from work.

The range promised to deeply moisturise and protect the hair, soothe the scalp and restore moisture. The main ingredients are

Manuka Flower Honey: a natural humectant that moisturises to add shine and lustre while fighting frizz

Cocoa Butter- for conditioning and nourishment

Shea Butter- for deep conditioning and nourishments and protective properties

Amla Oil- for strengthening and conditioning the hair

I received everything in the range, apart from the shampoo

How did it live up?

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Check put my previous post on a review on the ORS Curls Unleashed range!

Happy Friday

September monthly products


Hey wonderful people! This is a list of stuff I got over September. I will have reviews up soon. Let me know if you have used any of these products or recommend some new ones to me! I am always on the hunt for something new to try J

I used lemon juice (Yes guys lemon juice) as a toner for a while, to help brighten my skin and help with my hyperpigmentation. It worked but I got bored of using it and wanted to try something new. I decided to pick up the Nivea pure and natural toner 0.33p (yes lol, but it’s been discontinued that’s why it’s so cheap) from Superdrug. Not a great fan of the smell but it gets the job done.

Garnier has always been my go to brand for skin care! I picked up their pure active anti-blackhead deep pore wash, £1.75 (a mouthful right?). This has salicylic acid which is known for its anti-blemish/breakout properties. I’m loving the results already.

ORS curls unleashed sulfate free shampoo and rinse out conditioner. I went to the ORS event during the Vogue Fashion night out and got these two baddies in my goody bag. A full review will be up soon on BrownBeautyTalk but one thing I have to say now is: I LOVE the SMELL! Lol. Check out my product collections series for the full product list for curls unleashed.

Superdrug body spray, £0.99. I love getting these and throwing them in my hand bag to use throughout the day. It smells really good and lasts all day.

Small stippling brush, £1.50 from Primark. I have been looking for a small stippling brush for a while now and I randomly saw this in Primark and got it! (I didn’t know they sold brushes). I really like it, I use it to apply my highlighters or use to blend my under-eye concealer.

Beauty UK gel fix nail polish £1 each, from Superdrug (please check my Facebook page for a lot of nail colour swatches)

Barry M nail paint, buy one get one half price, £2.99 each

Dermalogica products, separate post coming soon, I went to their event launch for these products yesterday

And finally my notebook, I got these to write my ideas, stories etc down as well as to plan my blog posts. Got it covered by CJAJ09, check her out on Facebook

That’s all the products I got this month, why not share yours with me




Debunking Natural Hair Myths

Hey lovely people, welcome back to my blog! If you’re returning thank you so much for coming back and if you are new here, welcome! Remember to subscribe if you enjoyed this post and follow me on my social media so you can keep up to date with me!

Ever heard someone say something about natural hair and you’re like whatttttt??? Where did you get that from? Well today we are debunking such myths and providing free common sense (lol) to all

Myth 1- Natural hair doesn’t grow!

My answer to this is quite simple: look at anyone who big chopped and their hair now? What is that you say? yh I will wait! Whilst it may be true that for some hair types it’s difficult to retain length, the mere fact that your hair grew from when you cut it is an indication of growth! So your ultimate length is tailbone, floor sweeping hair but that doesn’t mean your shoulder length hair is not growing. Up to some extent your hair length is determined by genetics, after you hit a certain length and it seems your hair is no longer growing, it maybe because you reached your peak. I’m sure you can grow past this length with a healthy hair regime, proper diet and maybe even growth supplements! (Check out my posts on oils and pills  for hair growth)

Take a look at this vintage pic of me back in 2011 when I first big chopped! Compared to this pic of me 2 months ago after I got a bit scissor happy (lol, please excuse my face, I had woken up not too long ago!) you can also take a look at countless of hair journeys on YouTube as well.


Dec 2011
July 2015














Myth 2- if you wear wigs, weaves, braids, you’re not natural!

I’m sorry, this is plain stupidity! Why would an extension make my hair not natural? So what hair did we have when we had relaxed hair and wore our weaves/wigs? Wigs/weaves etc are a protective style that anyone wears when they want a break from their own hair. It also provides versatility in terms of heat styling and colouring that most people won’t want on their own hair e.g. I will never bleach my hair but I don’t mind bleaching my extensions. I have a thriving collection of wigs lol (Check under the virgin hair tab for reviews) which seem to increase each year and look, I still have my 4c hair underneath! Whereas I completely stay away from weaves for personal reasons, it doesn’t mean when a natural gets her weave done, her natural hair is magically going to change!

one of my fav wigs
one of my fav wigs


Myth 3- if you colour or straightened your hair, you’re not natural!

Ok with this I can understand where the person is coming from when they say this but I feel like it’s taken out of context. In our community, natural hair is the absence of permanently chemically straightened hair right? As in the use of relaxers so that the hair that grows out of your scalp and the hair on your head are two completely different structures and textures. Take a look at this picture back in 2011 when I was cutting my relaxed ends off, you can see the completely different textures (boy, I’m really digging deep for these pictures lol)

getting there anndddddddddddddddddddd
you can see the difference in textures Dec 2011


relaxed hair
completely relaxed hair, Feb 2011


If you want to be technical, nobody on earth has completely natural hair because all our shampoos, conditioners, leave in conditioners etc have chemicals we add to our hair and will affect its chemistry but it doesn’t straighten/ drastically change the texture because that’s not what it’s supposed to do. When a natural colours their hair, all they have done is add colour to the hair and not chemically straightened their hair. The same for straightening, I have temporarily re arranged certain bond structures in my hair so that it’s laying ‘flat’ or straight instead of curly or coily. It will easily revert back with the addition of water.

I am going to leave it here because I don’t want this post to be too long but I will be back for part 2! What are some of the common myths you hear about natural hair that makes you wonder if there is still hope for humankind lol. Leave your thoughts below. Also do you agree with my answers? What are you thoughts on the myths above? I would love to hear from you!

If you are a UK based natural hair company and would like to be featured in my UK brands series please get in contact! The email is and we can work something out!

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Hey girls! This post will be a review on the Boucleme products I received. Remember I featured them in my product collection series? Here’s a link to check out that post >>

So I received the curl cleanser, conditioner and curl defining gel. I also got the curl towel.  Wash day was yesterday, or should I say two days ago because I am writing this midnight on the second dayyy??  Lol . Anyway let’s get into this review.


I pre-pooed with the Aussie deep treatment for frizzy hair (because thanks to working back to back I didn’t have any time for my hair and it literally needed a miracle lol).  I let that sit for 20 minutes then went in with the curl cleanser. First off, I thought it wouldn’t be enough because its only 100ml but surprisingly I had a little bit left over, so maybe I used about 90ml (lol) anyway it has a lemony scent which is quite pleasant. It is will not foam or sud which I found quite weird at first and I thought it won’t cleanse my hair but it did! It did a good job cleansing my hair and scalp. I had a bit of oil (castor oil) on my hair too and it cleansed that, maybe about 89% of it. I could still feel a bit of it afterwards, like you know when you have oily hands and you wash your hands with soap but it doesn’t cleanse it thoroughly? (I don’t know if I am making sense at this point lol) but it cleansed my hair.  I haven’t come across a cleanser with no foam action, so it’s quite unique. I give it 2 thumbs up

So conditioner, it has the same lemony scent. Again I though it wouldn’t be enough to for entire head but I was proved wrong. I even had a little bit left. It’s not too thick or runny and has a bit of slip. It says you can leave it in for thicker hair but I still washed it out. I left it on for about 10 minutes. My hair felt good afterwards- just like any conditioner.

Curl defining gel- it worked like any curl defining gel would. I used it on my clip ins for a twist out and it was fine, bearing in mind I have had many fails. I didn’t take pictures, I literally forgot lol, and I totally ruined the twist out too lol.

Curl towel- I’ m not sure if it was supposed to do anything special to my hair. It did absorb a lot of water quite quickly. I like this to replace my t-shirts/towels I use to wrap my hair after I finish washing it.

Final verdict- definitely give it a go! I really liked the no foaming action of the curl cleanser and it was effective in cleansing my hair. If you are sceptical of co-washing or any other method apart from shampooing, but you want to do away with shampoos, this product is for you.  You can probably tell that out of the 4 products, my fav is the cleanser. You can purchase the full collection on online at British Curlies >> . They have travel size kits, which I received. This will make your travelling a whole lot easier!

That’s all folks. Let me know what you think!





download (2)

Hey guys, welcome back to another product collection. As the title says, this post will be on the new design essentials coconut and monoi collection. As always, I will be providing you with all the products in the collection, reviews and finish with where it can be purchased in the UK. So if you want to know about this range keep on reading 🙂

So the coconut and monoi deep moisture range was created for dry, dull and very thirsty hair. It is infused with coconut and monoi oils (of course) among other nourishing ingredients e.g. sunflower and vitamin E and promises to deliver intense hydration to instantly transform dry, thirsty hair into soft, shiny, revitalized curls. It is a relatively small collection, 5 products in total but with great ingredients. I haven’t used this brand before or these products so I will get you some YouTube reviews at the end.

The full collection is as follows

Coconut & Monoi deep moisture milk crème with argan oil and sunflower

Coconut & Monoi hair coconut water curl refresher with sunflower, milk protein and chamomile

Coconut & monoi deep moisture milk soufflé with sunflower and shea

Coconut & monoi deep moisture oil treatment with argan oil and sunflower

This was featured in my conditioner series, check it out here >

Coconut & monoi intense shine oil mist with sunflower and vitamin E

So I realised it doesn’t include a shampoo or a leave in conditioner. Let’s get into reviews now, I haven’t used it yet so off to YouTube to get some videos for you

Reviews/ demos





Here in the UK you can purchase the full range online at British Curlies, link >> . For more information about the range, please visit their website >

That’s all folks, I hope you enjoyed this product collection. Let me know if you already have these products and how they have been working out for you. I would love to hear from my readers! Off I go in search of more product collections.

Until next time