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Hey family, so it’s another product collection. This time from the UK! I decided to add some UK brands to this series to inform you guys of alternative brands. I know some of us really want to support and buy UK based brands but don’t know where to start so hopefully this can help you. I will try to add as many UK based businesses as possible. Let’s get to it then

Curly By Nature was created by Klerissa McDonald and promises to offer you the best tools in treating and beautifying your hair by providing you with simple healthy hair care methods and natural hypoallergenic products. For those who may be wondering, it is black owned too.

The full product collection include

Hair Repair Oil

Moisture shampoo

Intensive conditioning mask

Nourishing gloss balm


She also offers a healthy hair kit which includes everything expect for the nourishing gloss.

She also offers a personal hair consultation online.



The description says

Experienced haircare specialist Klerissa McDonald (founder of award winning British brand Curly By Nature) will conduct an in-depth analysis of your personal hair history, health, preferences and ultimate hair goals. After completing an in depth assessment (online part 1) and a short but in-depth discussion or practical session (one to one online video) you will receive a Personalised Healthy Haircare Prescription. This will feature your own tailored specific advice and effective tips to achieve your ultimate healthy haircare goals accompanied with a list of recommended high quality products, tools and accessories you may choose purchase at a discount 35% (TRY ME KIT is INCLUDED).

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That’s all folks. I hope you guys found this useful. I have more UK based product collections so stay tuned!

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Inspire: Natural Hair Events UK

seriously waiting for stage 4!
seriously waiting for stage 4!

Checks Instagram feed:

10,00000 plus natural hair events! *starts thinking of outfits to wear* Where- USA? *so maybe I can’t wear that lipstick after all* Lol ok so maybe 10,00000 is an exaggeration, but I have noticed a lot more going on in the natural hair community overseas than here in the UK! This is why I have really enjoyed going to all these Natural Hair events here in the UK and blogging about them. I am really happy with the progress UK naturalistas have made over the years and I know there is more to come!

I first went natural in 2011. I transitioned for 5 months I think and BC in December that year! back then I didn’t hear of any events that were happening here in the UK and even though it didn’t frustrate me then or I didn’t care about it so much then, now I am very interested in these types of shows and would love to see a lot more happening right here in the UK!

Why the sudden interest?

I believe natural hair is more accepted now than before and is less of a ‘trend’ now. What these shows are doing are providing an opportunity to go and see live product demos ( I have lost count of the amount of companies that now have natural hair care lines, its great but sometimes you need to see it in action), shop till you drop and ask as many questions as you would like IN PERSON! For seasoned naturals, it’s an opportunity to network, take advantage of the amazing offers on the day (you just need to go and see! Lol) and even learn something new (I never seen so many different hairstyles in one room, I always come home and try some). For newly naturals or transitioners (Is that a word yet lol) it’s a fantastic chance to learn about new products and techniques and ask questions to the professionals themselves. It’s one thing to watch YouTube and it’s another thing to actually ask the professional about their products. Also it’s a great chance of business owners to interact with their customers and even produce new products just by listening to concerns etc. it’s honestly a win- win for everyone!


Of course everyone prefers quality over quantity but I still believe there is a lot more room for more natural hair events here in the UK ( I truly appreciate the hardwork and effort that goes into planning these events).


I would like to see A LOT more UK brands been represented at these shows as well. I’m honestly going to say I don’t buy as much UK brands like I should (does that make me a hypocrite?). It is so easy to pick up a product and not even realise it’s a US/restofworldbasicallyChina brand (lol). But I’m trying. Anyway I love what UnitedKurls are doing. (Check out their website for more information – In the simplest form it is a collection of UK based brands (if you were wondering where to find them- tadahhhhhhhh)

Also card payments/PayPal payments! Could this be impossible? This will be so BENEFICIAL to the attendants if most/all vendors could accept card payments. So far out of the 3 shows I have been too, I think only 3 accepted card payments and even with that it was at one show LOL. It’s just a pain to have to leave in search of a cash point when you get to a show (and somehow they are nowhere to be found lol) and somehow people forget to take out money. But if this can be done, please do so.

Refreshments. With this I can understand if it can’t be done- hotel/venue policies, food safety, health and safety etc etc etc. let me just leave this here (but maybe vending machines? I’m rolling in the deep here lol)


It’s simple: I LOVE where the UK is going in terms of natural hair events and we need more. Ticket prices seem good as well. Links to the shows I have been to will be below

Now I want to hear your thoughts. Have you been to a natural hair event in the UK? How was it? And what can be done to improve it? What would you like to see?

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That’s all folks. I’m just sitting here, looking for inspiration for something to write about and I got this. Please bear with me- I am still editing videos from the WITJ event and that’s why my event cover is not up yet. I would like to add the video links that’s why but best believe its waiting in my drafts lol soon come honey! I swear uploading videos on YouTube take forever!

Curlvoluton2015 event-

NaturalHairWeek2015 event-

I hope everyone has a great day and week!