Things to do in Bristol

In addition to the many challenges I set for myself, travelling around the UK is among them. This challenge is particularly important to me this year as I am trying to save more but I don’t want to give up my love for travelling. Another challenge of mine is to visit 3 new places each year so I have simply substituted travelling aboard to travelling local and I am happy because the UK really does have some amazing spots! So with that in mind, I visited Bristol over the bank holiday weekend and this post is all about it and why you should plan a trip there!

Yass & I left a bit later than planned and with heavy traffic, so it took us just under 3 hours to get there! Luckily we had warm weather so we decided to park in the city centre and walk around the city. We headed first to Castle Park right by the Galleries shopping centre. It was a small castle but still quite pretty and a good place it looks like to have lunch. We then walked down to the harbourside which slightly reminded me of Nyhavn in Copenhagen!

We went to M Shed, a museum with the history of Bristol and it was also free entry. We went up to the roof of M Shed and we got nice views of the area. After this, we walked around and discovered centre promenade, a popular area for food drink and play. It was sunny and it was quite busy around. We went on the funfair ride (with a lot of coxing from Yass, girl I wasn’t about to lose Ashleigh ( it’s the name of my wig lol) with a lot of bars and 2 for 1 offers on cocktails, we had a drink at Pitcher & Piano. If you love your sweet drinks, you have to taste the Almonds & Cream cocktail!

It’s not a visit to Bristol without walking across the Clifton Suspension Bridge! Clifton is about 15 mins drive away from the city center. The area has more greenery compared to the city centre and it’s just as beautiful. The bridge as a toll charge of £1 (we didn’t know) but it was ok because we actually wanted to walk it which I would recommend! It takes approximately 7-10 mins but rewards you with the most beautiful views! On one side you will see the high rocks and the river Avon and on the other side, you get views of the city. Tip, walk towards the observatory after the bridge and you also get amazing views of the bridge. We decided to go and have dinner and come back later when it was darker to see the lights!

Clifton has a lot of restaurants but we decided on the Giggling Squid, a quint Thai restaurant that has a lot of good views. It was super busy so we couldn’t book a table but they managed to fit us in. Amazing service plus good food! The Thai chicken wings looked interesting so I went with that for a starter and of course, Yass went for the squid (cant go Thai without having squid). The chicken falls off the bone, the squid wasn’t too salty either! For mains, I have the Beef with chilli and basil Gra Pao and Yass went for Duck.  After dinner, we went back for the bridge lights and it didn’t disappoint!

Bristol is a great city and I am so glad to have visited and crossed off the list! I’m sure there’s plenty more to do but half the day was good enough for us and I honestly think you can do this in a day. Definately visit, now that I think of it we should have stayed overnight and went to Bath which is not to far off, hmmm