Why I Travel

Happy New Year!

I want to start the year sharing somewhat of a testimony and the reason why I travel so much (according to friends and family lol, personally I think I’m an average traveller but well..). I actually wrote this post back in October but I have been hesitant to post it until now

So I’m sitting here in Nice waiting for my delayed flight back home to London. I’ve been contemplating why I love travelling and I feel blessed to have visited so many beautiful places and for some reason I can’t let go f the thought that I need to put this into a post so here it goes.. Stay tuned to the end where I will share some tips on money & planning

I remember back home in Ghana, I was either 10 or 12 years old and my mum had sent me to get some stuff from the market. It’s about a 10 min walk from home to market. As soon as I stepped out, I remember looking down and for rest of the journey my head stayed down. I felt ashamed that I was going to the market alone because I was thinking people would look at me and say she doesn’t have any friends. I would see people laughing and think oh they must be laughing at me. And that feeling of been alone stuck. Been the overthinking child I was (and still am) I thought of the future etc etc. If I would be alone, get a job etc etc and it’s funny I should feel like that because in school I was actually very popular and a teacher’s pet.

Fast forward to ages 16 to 20 and a lot of things happened to me  I moved from Ghana to London when I was 13) which forced me to actually be alone. From failed relationships to realising personal truths, I had to be alone and in those moments I sought God. In those moments, when I could do nothing but cry,  I began to learn a lot about God and myself and I began to love been alone! I didn’t see it as a negative anymore. At 20 I decided to step out of my comfort zone and travel, on my own to Thailand! I decided to volunteer for 1 month in Thailand teaching English. I met so many people that after two weeks, I decided to go travelling. Again by myself made my way from Phuket to Bangkok by bus at night, I couldn’t speak Thai AND I had no internet. But I safely made it to Bangkok. The very next day I met Jess a fellow traveller from Australia and we decide to go travelling together through northern Thailand. Just like that.

Me?! someone who couldn’t even leave home by herself

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Post on Thailand here

I came home and a month later in the same year, I found myself in Madrid Spain, on a year away from uni, where I was working and studying (I always had this dream where I would do this but only remembered after I came back home after the year was done). I have been to so many other places since then and now sitting here in Nice, after a really good weekend with my friend’s family (a friend I met back in Madrid and we kept in contact). I’ve been blessed and sometimes I take it for granted but in conservations, with other people, I realise it’s not that easy for some to travel even though money and timing is not an issue and they actually want to travel. I guess it’s hard to step outside your comfort zone esp if nothing has forced you to be out of it.

I guess I’m writing this to anyone who feels they will be alone forever or feels they need the validation of others’ company. God has a way of getting through to you, in a way you would understand and know it’s Him. That thought of loneliness or dependence on others is a lie straight from hell. It could be that your very calling is the exact opposite, to stand or minister to millions but if the devil could get fear in first he knows he could stop you from reaching your full potential. Why else would an 11/12 year old feel so lonely when been sent to the market when literally I knew a bunch of people in the neighbourhood? I am also reminded of the story of Moses, how he wasn’t an eloquent speaker and this made him afraid when God called him to work however his calling was literally to speak to kings to free a nation!

So Why Do I Travel?

I travel because I want to continually prove to that 11-year-old me that I can do anything I put my mind to, even if it was impossible to me at one point.

I travel because I see my life as a bank of experiences and in those experiences I try to seek God in them. Travelling gives me new experiences to add to that bank. And every new country allows me to see the variety of God’s workmanship.

I travel because I don’t want to settle. In routines, same knowledge same experiences. I want to push myself to seek new and exciting experiences

And I travel because after catching the travel bug and buying a map, I now want to cross every single country on that map! My personal challenge is 3 new countries/cities/places every year


Now that’s out of the way, I want to share some tips on travelling. It’s actually not as expensive as people think

  1. Incognito mode is your friend. Google is very smart and after a quick search of a place on your laptop, you will begin to see things related to your search everywhere else e.g. phone and even on Instagram! Have you ever noticed you randomly search for something on Google and in the next couple of days, you begin to see it as ads on other websites you visit? This is because of cookies. When you google hotel/flight prices I believe it increases with every search because it thinks you are thinking of visiting there hence an increase in prices may force you to purchase because you want the cheapest deal. girl, I search for all prices relating to travel in Incognito mode, that way no cookies are placed on my device and the true price comes up every time


  1. If you can, sign up for the airline’s email newsletter so you are kept up to date on sales/discounts going on


  1. Flexibility- try as much as possible to be flexible with dates and destinations and be open to visit countries off the beaten track! For me, I want to visit every single country so it’s just a matter of where I go first and price


  1. Travel buddies- I believe there are some places that are safer and easier to travel with a buddy. Choosing the right travel buddy is super important because it can make or break the trip. Finding someone with similar interests and budgets is super important e.g. imagine you want to eat local mid-range food on holiday but your buddy just wants the full blown 5 star restaurant experience? Hotels? You may want a cheap and cheerful one, they want a 5 star hotel with room service?


  1. Sites like TripAdvisor is your BEST FRIEND!

That’s all I will share, for now, I don’t want this to be a super long post! I hope this has inspired someone to travel and just get out there and do something you have always wanted! I will bring back my travel posts- I stopped due to pure laziness lol but I will bring them back from onwards! I think I will do it itinerary style as I find posts like that super helpful when I am researching a new destination!

Happy New Year once again and I hope your 2018 is your best year yet!


Thailand 2013- Part 2 Travel

As promised, this is part 2 of my Thai adventure

Pattong ( south Thailand)

I went to quite a few places in Thailand. And quite frankly I would recommend all these places! I spent my first weekend in Pattong, south Thailand. If you ever visit the place, and you should really, be sure to check out bamboo bar- their live band is sooo good and they’re a bit obsessed with Bob Marley. (Lol). Get your haggling skills ready because you will need it! During the day, the infamous Bangla Street transforms into a shopping destination for tourists! Really cheap and sometimes good designer knock offs starting as low as you want! ( this is where your bargaining skills comes into play, do not think you have to accept the first price they say, infact they’re also ready for you, I noticed every seller has their calculator handy for bargaining!)

After shopping or when you’re just hot and bothered, cool down by heading to Pattong beach which is just at the end of Bangla road! Or go with a nice hour of Thai massage (although it’s quite painful if it’s your first time). Do take advantage of the massive food court on the road as well and please buy a ROTI! (Thai sweet pancakes). They also have an ice cream stall next to the entrance of the mall (I forgot its name) but they serve really nice ice creams and it should come upside down otherwise its free! I recommend staying at the hacienda (or sort of the sort with its spelling) hotel, it’s quite close to Bangla road and quite cheap

served upside down or its free
served upside down or its free
image (4)
best bar. hands down

image[6] (4) image[1] (4) image image[1] image[3]

pattong gang
pattong gang


Seriously, Bangkok is insane! I stayed near khaosan road, one of the famous roads in Bangkok for tourists. Be prepared to be asked the same question over and over again! And sellers doing everything to entice you! (Best thing- put on sunglasses and no eye contact lol, especially if you’re alone LOL).  I met a fellow lone traveller on Sunday and we spent the day river cruising and visit temples.  We also planned a week of travels. More on Bangkok later as I spent my last week there.

Chiangmai (North Thailand)

So after two days in Bangkok, I travelled up north for jungle and elephant trekking. Jungle trekking is up to date the most physical and mental challenge I have done so far! 2 days and 1 night of jungle trekking, was amazing. The views especially when we got to the top were breath-taking, and totally worth it even though I spent time with my fears (bugs) lol.  We showered outside with cold water, slept in wooden houses, squat toilets! It was a really good experience and would totally recommend it to adrenaline/adventure seekers like me. It’s a different way of life up there, but even without the Wi-Fi signals (trust me I tried lol) they’re still able to get on. After talking to our tour guide for a while he even said he prefers there than the city! On the second day, after trekking down, we went bamboo rafting and elephant trekking. Our elephant was pregnant! (So I felt a bit bad lool). They really need to get seatbelts on the elephant-ride-seat because anything we would go down a little hump/hill I thought I would slide out hahaha… anyway Chaingmai was crazy fun and a serious work out too! Make sure you check out the night bazar, which a big nice market selling all kinds of goodies!

image[12] image[13] image[14] image[20] image[22] image[19] image[23] image[17] image[16]

hill top village
hill top village


Krabi (south Thailand), Railey Beach (island off Krabi).

Overnight train from Chiangmai back to Bangkok then overnight bus to Krabi! In a whole week I think I spent a total of 3 if not 2 days travelling alone!  Anyway we finally got to Krabi in the morning, the girl I was with wanted to meet her friends from back home and since I had nothing else to do I went along. (I should say at this point my cash was starting to dwindle down). So ferry from Krabi to Railey and I stayed for one night. Railey beach most amazing beach I have seen!

IMG_0403 IMG_0404 IMG_0406 image[6] (3) image[26]



Back to Bangkok.

So I left the next day, overnight bus of course back to Bangkok. This was my last week and it was just shopping and relaxing. I met a friend’s friend (lol) who is Thai, and she took me around to the shopping malls, sky trains and more temples. The last week I wanted to spend alone just to re-operate although I met loads of new people.

i met a monk!
i met a monk!

image[8] image[7] image[30] image[35] image[34] image[31] image (2) image[2] (2) image[11] (2) image[12] (2) image[7] (2) IMG_0407 IMG_0408 IMG_0345 IMG_0358 IMG_0343


10 commandments of Thailand plus a few tips

  1. 2 pin adapters is a must!
  2. Street food- I know but its cooked right in front of you at high temperatures but be careful about the meat if it’s been sitting too out too long. Honestly I rarely ate in restaurants and am fine no food poisoning what so ever1
  3. Make sure you try ROTIs and phad Thai and their pineapples!
  4. Bug spray! The stronger the better and do not leave your room without it in your bag, yes even during the day!
  5. Sunscreen/sunglasses
  6. Water- you will need it! keep hydrated in that humidity
  7. Make sure you try 7/11 toasties they’re so good and cheap!
  8. Check out the temples if they are any round where you are! (This am sure they will be!) be sure to wear appropriate clothing though
  9. Bargaining skills!
  10. Make sure you have a wonderful time like myself! You will meet loads on people from all walks of life, just be open and talk and in no time you will be making friendships that could last a life time!

Now on a more important note:

  • Please make sure you tell your bank, don’t be like me and have your card blocked lool with no cash at hand.  Be wary of the cash machines, they charge 150 bath (£3) every time you take out money. If you do get your card blocked and you have no cash, don’t worry there are loads of western unions around and you can ask friends/family back home to send you some cash
  • I think it’s nice to learn basic introductory phrases in the language of the country you’re going to. It’s a good conversation opener with the locals
  • Keep your passport locked and take copies around if the need be.

Okay folks that’s all- my 2013 Thailand adventure! I met loads of people, made new friends and had the best time of my life. If you’re thinking of visiting Thailand and you’re not sure, go! The locals are nice, food is good and cheap and there are loads more to do! I am so grateful to have done this volunteering and travelling trip, and I know the memories will last a life time.

Until next time, s̄wạs̄dī (good day)


Thailand 2013- Part 1 Volunteering



Hey guys! I hope everyone is having an awesome summer so far… hopefully, wherever you are, there is sunshine, bbqs, family and friends. So taking a break from hair updates (although there is one shortly!), I wanted to share with you guys I have been up to so far this summer! This might be a long one (I will try to shorten it lol, but just in case grab some snacks and lets goo)

Ok. So, I love to travel. I love an adventure. And I love new challenges. For a while I have been thinking of doing some charity/volunteer work and I was so blessed to have been able to do that this summer! I spent a month in THAILAND! Yes the land of smiles, teaching English in the villages and travelling around Thailand! Since this is volunteer work, I had to fully fund this trip and thought it cost me a lot, it was worth every single penny I spent and all those extra shifts I took (LOL).

Travel advice

Please don’t be like me and let the excitement of your journey make you forget a few essentials, trust I had to learn the hard way

  • If you’re going to a hot and humid country, please remember to buy bug spray! I thought I could survive without it( cause I thought I was superwoman having grown up in Ghana lol) but after two days and with the amount of times I was bitten by God knows what, I’m surprised am still human without any powers!
  • Please, PLEASE double check what the charging sockets are like in your chosen country and buy a suitable adapter! In the end I had to hi jack someone’s charger for a week.
  • Please learn the basic phrases of the country! It’s just polite and a great conversation starter
  • Sunscreen/sun glasses if it’s a hot country
  • Make photocopies of your passport around and keep the real thing locked in your suitcase. Take a visa/ MasterCard or any card you can use worldwide AND inform your bank about it. if you’re short of cash and card stops working( oh yes it happened) don’t panic there’s western union
  • Make sure you take a device you can connect to the internet to through Wi-Fi (so now you’re thinking phone right? Yh what if it stops working? And yes again, guilty as charged!)

Volunteering- teaching English

For my first two weeks, I was in the south Thailand, in khao lak, from there I travelled to Takupa, a village to teach English in the local schools. I was at the ban yan Yao school. This school was actually affected by the tsunami that happened a few years ago. And from what I was told, the English room was built by a man who lost his wife and child in the tragedy. So with that being said, the English room was dedicated to the teaching and learning of English for the children.  The kids in the school are awesome! Well behaved and eager to learn English! Their English was ok, but they needed more confidence in their pronouncination and more practice. I had so much fun with them. The teachers were nice to us and on the last day they brought us fruits and muffins.

At the end of my time there, I was given a certificate and was invited back any time I want to teach again.

I was with a company called original volunteers. You can check them out on their Facebook page ‘original volunteers’ or their website http://www.originalvolunteers.co.uk/


IMG_0312 IMG_0287 IMG_0290 image[4]

hi jacked at lunch! i was soo hungry! lool
hi jacked at lunch! i was soo hungry! lool

IMG_0288 IMG_0245 IMG_0243 IMG_0241 IMG_0233 IMG_0238 IMG_0271 IMG_0296

IMG_0286 IMG_0242


I decided to split this post into two, so part two will have my travelling adventure! Stay tuned!