Thick & Curly Tangle Teezer Review

The new Thick & Curly from Tangle Teezer has been made to help detangle thick Afro hair with minimum tugging, pulling and breaking. The new brush is bigger with longer strong bristles and comes with the famous palm fit design. I have been using the brush for the last month during my wash days and I am here to share my thoughts on it. I must admit I have been very sceptical about the Tangle Teezer brushes in general, the teeth are tiny and closely spaced and you’re telling me this won’t break my hair! The Thick & Curly has longer teeth but still very close together so naturally I was a bit worried for my 4c hair (that shrinks about 70% of its length!)

thick & curly tangle teezer


What did I find?

I have never used Tangle Teezer brushes before so the brush felt a bit awkward in my hands, I had to get used to it. It detangles so GOOD! It leaves my hair really soft and curls defined! After using it the first time, I was worried about it causing unnecessary breakage due to the size and spacing of the teeth so I decided to do a side by side test. For the last couple of wash days, I have been detangling one side with the brush and the other with the traditional wide tooth comb. I found the shedding I got on both sides were actually the same HOWEVER the Tangle Teezer side felt very smooth and soft! This wash day, I got a lot of shedding because I was a bit naught and lazy with my hair during the week lol! I hadn’t moisturised properly, it was in a shrunken state and get this: I slept with it like that for 2 days, for 4c hair that’s a big NO NO! So I already knew I would get a lot of shedding! It is able to glide through the hair easily, with the help of a conditioner of course although it did struggle a bit with my shrunk/matte hair.  And because of round shape at the edges you are also able to get to your roots and detangle!

I always start from the tips of my hair and work my way up to the roots ( I had done that already before recording the demo so it looks like I detangle my hair from root to bottom)




  1. Detangles really well, rounded shape allows you to get to your roots
  2. Leaves hair soft and smooth
  3. Same/ less shedding compared to wide tooth comb
  4. Bigger size, longer teeth
  5. Good for all hair types


  1. First time users need to get used to shape
  2. Struggles with shrunk/matted hair
  3. Slower detangling session compared to wide tooth comb

Verdict- I really like the brush! I love the way my hair feels afterwards and I know I have detangled properly which means less hair shedding when I’m styling my hair.

Thick and Curly is available in stores and from John Lewis, Boots and LookFanastic

Prices from £10