Superdrug Simply Pure Micellar Water Review

Hey hey guys, I hope all is well! So the festive season is upon us and by now I am sure you have pre pre pre-planned all your outfits and makeup looks-you guys plan your makeup looks too right? Like the eyeshadow and lips combo? It can’t be just me!

Anyhoo, no matter how beat your face is, it HAS to come off at the end of the night, no questions asked! I have been using the Superdrug Simply Pure Micellar Water over the last month to remove my makeup and I thought I would share my thoughts on the product with you! It’s a very easily accessible product and its uber cheap so I am sure you have seen it in Superdrug and wondered if it was any good.

Let’s get started

First things first

Superdrug’s simply pure range is specially developed for sensitive skin and made with no fragrance. If you would remember I reviewed the Simply Pure Hydrating Serum (which was raved about btw £3 wonder serum?). At the time, there was a buy 1 get 1 half price offer so I thought I would try the micellar water too- you guys know how I feel about micellar water.

The Simply Pure Micellar water is made with glycerine and soothex and promises to gently but effective lift impurities. They promise a non-greasy formula and is effective against mascara.


The micellar water has little to no scent at all and doesn’t leave residue on the skin. I find it quite effective against complexion makeup e.g powders & foundations and removes these with little effort. Against mascaras, I have to put just a tad bit more effort but against liquid lippies, you will struggle a lot. This isn’t a big con for me as I have other micellar waters that also need a bit of effort when it comes to matte liquid lipsticks. It’s not that it won’t remove it. You just have to press a little harder. I find the product really easy to use and since using it, I haven’t had any irritation from it. I think its deep cleansing too as I have little to almost no makeup residue when I go in to wash my face afterwards but then again I use about 4 to 5 large pads to ensure all my makeup it off.

The only con, in my opinion, is the size. I know it’s cheap but the product is only 150ml meaning it won’t last you very long. I don’t wear makeup every day which is why I believe this had lasted a month but I can imagine it lasting about 2 weeks or a little longer if I was using it every single day.

Verdict– this product is almost always on offer (case in point it’s on offer now) so it’s worth trying if you wanted something cheap and cheerful. You could probably get a lot more product for the same price but I would still recommend this as it’s quite a good micellar water.

The Simply Pure Range has just been expanded so check out some of the new products available!

Simply Pure Micellar water is £2.99 at Superdrug. Currently part of a buy 1 get 1 half price offer.

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