Street Feast London


Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing great. As part of my discovering London series, I have been heading to town a lot lately and doing a lot of research on events and activities in London (excluding raving/clubbing). One thing I came across and it seems a lot of people don’t know about is Street Feast London!

Street feast London happens in 4 locations: Dalston Yard; Dalston, Hawker House; Canada Water, Model House; Lewisham, and Dinerama; Shoreditch. It’s basically an open food market with amazing (cheap) foods and bars. Good vibes all around! It’s also free to enter before 7pm after which there is a 3-pound entry fee.

Dalston Yard- Friday & Saturday

Hawker House- Friday & Saturday

Model House- Friday & Saturday

Dinerama- Thursday to Sunday

The food vendors and bars vary slightly from location. I will leave a link to the website for the full list of vendors at each location. I have now been to 3 out of 4, Dalston Yard is my final place to visit! And so far so good! I was really excited to find out about this (by chance on Twitter way before I decided to do my Discovering London series!). If you follow me on insta ( sarahfynn) which you should, you will see pics of markets I have been to. Why not head there this weekend?! You have to stop by Yum Bum for steamed buns! I get this every time! New fav is also Mama Jerk wings. For desserts, you have to try doughnuts from You Doughnuts

Make sure you go with cash on hand! Most vendors there don’t accept card payments but you can always re-enter after you get a stamp anyway if you want to get out some cash.

For the full list of vendors at each location and opening times please visit the Street Feast London website

This is not a sponsored post but Street Feast London feel free to do so lol. I definitely recommend any of the locations for a great atmosphere, a good time and good food.

Below is a list of all the food markets I have found out about in London. Please comment below if you know any more.


See you there?!

Love Sarah