Oxo Tower Bar & Gaucho Tower Bridge Review

Oxo Tower Bar

Overall- 5/5    Food- 5/5   Service-5/5     Ambience-5/5   Value-5/5

I went to the Oxo Tower Bar last month for drinks and some food and I must say it didn’t disappoint! The bar is small and sits in between the restaurant and brassiere. And the views are really nice, especially at night. It was busy on the Saturday night but we were lucky to be seated right away without a reservation (they don’t take reservations on Friday and Saturdays I think). We knew we were going to have dinner at Gaucho later that evening so we opted for some light snacks, like calamaries and sweet potato fries and some drinks. we didn’t stay too long but the service was quick and efficient and the food & drinks were good.

Gaucho Tower Bridge

Overall- 3.5/5    Food- 3.5/5   Service-3/5     Ambience- 4/5   Value-3.5/5

For the most part of this year, I have been into steaks( don’t ask why) so it was only natural Gaucho made it on my restaurant list, I heard mixed reviews of Gaucho but I decided to try it out as the owner Bridge branch was closer to Oxo Tower. I made a reservation for 9pm but they didn’t seat us until 9.50pm because they were running late. Not the best start to my night but I decided to overlook that, front of house was apologetic and we were given free drinks on the house. To be honest it was busy at night and my request for a window seat wasn’t fulfilled. It did take a while for the waiter to take our order and the food took a while to come too.

I ordered the Picana, a special cut to Gaucho which was nice but I didn’t think it would be thin slices, chips and prawn skewers. It was a LOT of food lol which I couldn’t even finish lol. He ordered the burger which he says was nice but slightly disappointing.

Overall, it was anti-climax for me, and my experience is slightly skewed to the negative, blah side of the scale. I get it was busy but I am sure they get very busy on Saturday nights so they should know how to handle it. I think they could have also accommodated my request for a window seat as I had called about 3 times that week to ensure they knew it was a special occasion. It’s a high-end restaurant but the service and food don’t match the prices they charge. I’m undecided about whether I would return to another branch for another try.

I think it was an ok experience retrospectively but because I was expecting lot more from Gaucho I was slightly disappointed with it. I have had better steaks & service at much cheaper restaurants e.g Miller & Carter 

Let’s talk about something I loved that night though, my dress from ASOS, I mean just look at it LOL

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