Garnier Super UV Anti Dark Spots and Anti-Pollution SPF 50 Review

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I hope all is well.  Last year, I wanted to look for more affordable sunscreens, sunscreens under £10 so that everyone could have protection without spending a lot of money! One I found is the Garnier Super UV Anti Dark Spots and Anti-Pollution SPF 50+.

Garnier Super UV Anti Dark Spots and Anti-Pollution SPF 50+ is a chemical based sunscreen that has broad-spectrum protection and a PA rating of 3. The SPF also has hyaluronic acid.


The SPF has a very light fluid texture just like I like it. Its feels very lightweight on the skin and the added HA means its hydrating. The finish is a semi glowing finish, no greasy feel and sinks into the skin very easily. Shake well before use

It does have a sunscreen/chemical scent but no more than other SPFs I have tried.

See how it looks on my skin on my Insta reel below:


The SPF is 100% invisible on dark skin! I love this so much. It’s lightweight, hydrating and invisible. It doesn’t pill on me. It reminds me a lot of the La Roche Posay Shaka Fluid which I also love but this is more hydrating in my opinion.

For only £8 this is an excellent sunscreen. I think it will be great for most skintypes (not sure about sensitive skin)

Garnier Super UV Anti Dark Spots and Anti-Pollution SPF 50+ is £8 in Boots*

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Bondi Sands SPF 50+ Face Sunscreen Lotion Review

You know by now I’m your SPF auntie. I’m that friend always telling people to put on sunscreen lol. Lately I’ve been focused on demoing sunscreens on Instagram and really trying to find more affordable options from Boots/Superdrug so that there is no excuse!

The above quest lead me to Bondi Sands and let me just say I am so glad!

Bondi Sands SPF 50+ Face Sunscreen Lotion is a chemical based sunscreen that provides broad-spectrum protection. It’s also fragrance free and promises moisture, water resistance and a non-greasy finish.


I could not contain my excitement with this SPF! It is 100% invisible on dark skin and leaves a nice dewy finish. It feels light and comfortable on and for such a high SPF it’s non-greasy! To see how it looks and me demoing this product, check out my video below

Bondi Sands SPF Try on

Verdict- this is one of the best SPFs I have tried UNDER £10! And from now on I will be recommending it! For oiler skin types, this may not work for you in the summer- depending on the type of finish you like but it’s still worth a try. I used this without any moisturiser underneath- I don’t think you need one!

Bondi Sands SPF 50+ Face Sunscreen Lotion is £7.99 on BeautyBay*

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Murad Essential C Day Moisturiser SPF 30 review

Murad skincare is quickly becoming one of my favourite luxury brands. I especially love them because they have a lot of value sets which allows me to test the product before deciding to invest in the full size. Today’s post will be a full review of their moisturiser I got in one of their sets.

Murad SPF review

Murad Essential C Day Moisturiser SPF 30 PA+++ is part of their Environmental Shield range which promises to protect skin from the environment, sun and improve dull skin. The star ingredient across products in this range is Vitamin C. Regarding the moisturizer the brand says:

Recommended: For Improving skin’s radiance and firmness, Protecting skin from UVA/UVB rays and sun damage, Preserving hydration all day

A moisturiser that shields skin from damaging and ageing UV rays and free radical damage. It also improves skin’s radiance and firmness. The refreshing citrus formula makes skin look more radiant, youthful and supple whilst offering broad spectrum sun protection, which screens skin from harmful and ageing UV rays.


Murad Essential C Day Moisturiser SPF 30 is a super lightweight lotion that leaves the skin dewy and glowing. I’ve been using it as the last step in my AM and it layers well over serums without piling. It also layers well when I reapply my SPF during the day.  This doesn’t smell like the usual SPF cream, it does have a pleasant smell, it’s almost citrusy but mixed with chemicals lol. The scent lingers on but it’s not overpowering


In addition to Vitamin C, it also has a few other beneficial ingredients, there is a lot of moisturising and antioxidant ingredients in it. This is a chemical-based sunscreen and a PA rating of 3 means it provides a good amount of protection from UVA rays.

Is it invisible on dark skin? YES. The moisturizer sinks into the skin quickly and leaves it glowing. It’s 100% invisible on dark skin


I really really like this moisturiser. This is a chemical-based SPF moisturiser that leaves the skin moisturised and protected from the sun. The PA rating also tells you that you are getting a good amount of protection from UVA rays (causes the skin to turn brown hence hyperpigmentation to darken). It does leave the skin very dewy so if you have oily skin you may not like this. It also has fragrance so I’m not sure how sensitive skin will react. It doesn’t pill when layered but there have been a few times when I noticed some pilling when I have used too much of it. In terms of actually moisturising the skin, it does a good job.

I will recommend this. The full size of this is £65 but I recommend getting it in the kit which allows you to try it before spending £65! The kit I got also contains the cleanser, sample serum, samples of their glycolic pads and detox moisturiser. This kit is no longer available but you can get a similar one, like the one below

The Start Bright Set is £35 on LookFantastic

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Beauty Pie Super Healthy Skin Ultralight UVA/UVB SPF25 review

Hey guys, I hope all is well! I have another review from my Beauty Pie 2 month challenge! We are now officially 1 month down and 2 weeks left till the end! Check out my first review on the Japan Fusion Pure Transforming cleanser here.

In this post, I will be talking about the SPF which I have been using every morning! The SPF promises protection plus a moisturising silky feel formula.

Beauty Pie ultralight spf 25 review


This is an SPF 25 UVA/UVB chemical sunscreen designed to be used on top of a moisturiser. The sunscreen has also been formulated with Hyaluronic acid and liquorice extract. The sunscreen is part of the Super Healthy skin collection which has been curated with high-performance ingredients for super healthy skin!

The texture is a lotion and it feels very lightweight on the skin. I LOVE this sunscreen because I find it very moisturising without any oily residue. I tend to use a good amount (because I want to ensure I am getting the full protection) and whilst that can give it an ‘oily’ appearance it actually isn’t oily at all! It leaves my skin glowing and I suspect that is due to the liquorice extract which is known for brightening. Even with the amount I use, I have experienced no piling! This layers very well on top of moisturisers and serums I have used. I have also experienced no irritation and it doesn’t clog pores

Now the important part? Is it truly invisible on dark skin? A lot of invisible sunscreens claim this however when I have used it, I have a horrible white cast! I am happy to report, the Beauty Pie Super Healthy Skin Ultralight UVA/UVB SPF25 is 100% INVISIBLE ON DARK SKIN! I use a lot of this VERY morning and upon initial application, it looks like it may leave a cast, but I let it sit for a few seconds and massage it in and it’s all gone.


A truly invisible SPF on all skintones, this sunscreen is one of my favourites (I will have a post on all invisible SPF’s on dark skin soon). I am a little past the half way mark on the bottle and it is something I will purchase( although I have used up my January allowance lol- update on the new products I have got will come soon)! My only wish is that they will bring the same formula in an SPF 50!( they said its in the works and I am SO happy for this!) I can only use this in the winter/fall because my skin is extremely prone to hyperpigmentation plus I use acids and retinol so I always use SPF 50 in the spring/summer where there are more rays.

I highly recommend this sunscreen.

Beauty Pie sunscreen is £7 for members and is available on Beautypie

I picked up new BP products for the final leg of the challenge, check out my updated BP routine.

I now have reviews on the Super Healthy Skin Moisturiser, Triple HA serum and Japan Fusion Prep Lotion.

From my original routine, I am only missing reviews on the retinol which will be coming soon! I think I have about a weeks’ worth of product! It looks like my brand review will be coming sooner than expected.

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