Supergoop! Play Everyday Lotion SPF 50 Review

Hello everyone, it’s been a while but I have a new sunscreen review for you!

Today we are talking about the Supergoop Play SPF50 Everyday Lotion. This is a chemical based suncream.


The first thing I look for in an SPF is invisibility on dark skin and this one is completely invisible on dark skin! The lotion is lightweight, feels good and comfortable on the skin and doesn’t sting my eyes. The finish is non greasy and doesn’t pill on the skin

It feels moisturising on and has a dewy finish. I can’t recommend this enough.

See the demo of this suncream on my Instagram below

Verdict- I’ve been wanting to try Supergoop’s range of SPFs for a while so I am very happy to finally try it and love it! They have a few different ones so I will be happy to try them all later!

Supergoop SPF is available on CultBeauty

Hello Sunday The Everyday One Face Moisturiser SPF 30 review

Hello everyone, I hope all is well. I’m talking about yet another sunscreen, the Hello Sunday The Everyday One Face Moisturiser Spf30. This brand is new to me, I never heard of them but it was on sale and I was happy to give it a try

Hello Sunday The Everyday One Face Moisturiser Spf30 is a lightweight lotion that promises broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection to prevent sun damage and ageing to the skin. Its hydrating and fragrance free. It also offers blue light and pollution protection


The brand recommends 5 pumps for your face and neck however I found that, that many pumps pills on me. I find 3 pumps sufficient and no piling. It is a very lightweight lotion and disappears into my skin with ease.  I love the finish of the SPF as well and of course its 100% invisible on the skin

See me try it on in my demo below

Hello Sunday SPF Try on

Verdict- it’s a good broad-spectrum SPF that is quite affordable-under £20. The brand actually has a few different types of SPF so I will be happy to try another product from them

Hello Sunday The Everyday One Face Moisturiser Spf30 is £16.00 on BeautyBay*

*affiliate link

Revolution Skincare Protecting Boost SPF30 Review

I’ve been trying to find more affordable sunscreens this year so that people have no excuse to not use SPF! This led me to the Revolution Skincare Protecting Boost SPF30. I have many thoughts on this so let’s get started

Revolution Skincare Protecting Boost SPF30 is a cream formula and chemical based SPF. It has niacinamide and shea butter to protect and moisturise the skin.


As usual, I use SPF as the last step in my AM routine. I do not like this SPF at all! The only good thing about this is the fact that its 100% invisible on dark skin. So here are my issues with it:

  • It’s supposed to be moisturising but I find that it actually makes my skin feel dry. I have used it with and without a moisturiser underneath and it’s still the same. I have the one for normal to oily skintypes which is my skin type!
  • It’s a matte finish and I usually prefer dewy/luminous/glowy finish
  • It’s a bit difficult to blend around the hairline. In my demo, you can see some white patches around my hairline even though I’m trying to blend it in.
  • For an SPF, I find the jar packaging a bit odd. It’s going to be exposed to air and light so much that I wonder if it will still be effective after a while.
  • The SPF doesn’t state if it’s broad-spectrum but after looking at the ingredients it does protect against both UVA & UVB- THIS SHOULD BE ON THE PACKAGING!
  • They call this a protecting boost but I’m not sure why? Apart from niacinamide I don’t see any other special ingredients?

View my demo below

Revolution Skincare SPF Try on


I am happy that its invisible on dark skin but in terms of everything else – I’m disappointed. I was hoping to find another good SPF for under a tenner but I guess not!

I wouldn’t recommend this as I have used much better SPFs under £10!

Revolution Skincare Protecting Boost SPF30 is £10 in Boots

Catch you later!

affiliate link used

Altruist Dermatologist Sunscreen SPF 50 Review

Over the last years, I have been compiling a list of sunscreens that are suitable for dark skin. I am trying to encourage more black people to wear sunscreen and the #1 excuse I always get is the white cast most sunscreens leave on our skin. So, with my reviews, I test lots of sunscreens to help you decide which ones to get and ones to avoid.

Today’s post is a full review and demo of the Altruist Dermatologist Sunscreen SPF 50. I heard about this sunscreen from a fellow skincare Instagrammer I follow and it’s super affordable too.

What the brand says

Broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, Exceeds EU recommendations for UVA protection, Clinically tested, Easily absorbed, non-sticky and no residue, Daily use on face and body, Excellent tolerability, Fragrance and paraben free, Water resistant


I got this sunscreen from Amazon where its 2x100ml tubes for £8! I’m now on my 2nd tube of the SPF.

This is a combination type sunscreen with physical (nano) and chemical filters

What I liked: the Altruist Dermatologist Sunscreen SPF 50’s formula has a good mixture of excellent & efficient sunscreen filters, including new generation Tinosorb sunscreen family. It is broad spectrum with both UVA and UVB filters.

It is a cream texture and doesn’t leave the skin looking too oily. It doesn’t clog pores and has the typical sunscreen scent. Suitable for both face and body.

Very affordable, 2x100ml tube for less than £10

What I didn’t like: I found the sunscreen inconsistent. Sometimes it piled and sometimes it didn’t. Most days it leaves a tell-tale white cast and on other days the cast wasn’t so obvious. It doesn’t layer too well on top of itself due to piling.

I have also used it on my body but it performs the same way as on the face, sometimes there is a cast sometimes there isn’t an obvious one.

In my pic below the cast isn’t that obvious but there is a slight silvery cast on my skin.


A few of my fellow insta skincare lovers love this sunscreen but it was a miss for me. I struggled to get through the first tube, and I’m struggling with this second tube.  I like the formula, in terms of the filters used but the performance of the product is what I don’t like it. It leaves a slight cast and piles a lot which makes it difficult to layer on.

It’s very affordable so if it works for you then you’re in luck. I may end up chucking my 2nd tube away.

Altruist Dermatologist Sunscreen SPF50 is £8 or 2x100ml on Amazon

The Inkey list Zinc Moisturiser review

The Inkey List is a budget-friendly brand following the same low budget, effective skincare mantra TO started. I haven’t been drawn to the brand as much as I thought I would be but the Zinc Moisturiser caught my eye. The Zinc Moisturiser is actually an SPF 50 sunscreen that promises to be invisible and with no piling. It caught my eye because it’s only £8.99 for SPF 50


The Zinc moisturiser is a thick creamy formula but doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. I use this as the last step in my AM routine, layered on top of 1 serum and a moisturiser. I experienced no irritation with this product. Unfortunately, I did not get on well with this SPF

The SPF goes on with a slight white cast but after massaging, it disappears. But this takes some ‘work’ to make it disappear whilst it is invisible I feel it leaves my skin looking a bit dull ( just a teeny tiny bit). It doesn’t add any more moisture and I find it leaves my skin slightly matte and feeling dry. This is a cream texture which I am not used to when it comes to sunscreens: I prefer a fluid lightweight lotion because I tend to use a lot of sunscreen and something that hydrates the skin. (I look super tired in the pictures, I was actually recovering from a cold and it was early in the morning lol)

I am also not 100% confident of the amount of protection I was getting because of the amount of SPF they recommend to use. They recommend a pea-sized amount however we know the amount of SPF you use affects the amount of protection you actually get so I was not confident I was getting the full SPF 50 protection. I did use a bit more than recommended but I honestly didn’t like doing that because of the texture. Another con for me was, although this doesn’t pill when initially applied, it pills after it’s dried down and I would get those white tiny balls whenever I touched my face

I took a break from using this product because of the piling I experienced but I decided to try it again as I have now changed my moisturiser. I am now using the Philosophy Purity Ultra-light Moisturiser which is a much lighter texture than my previous DHC collagen all in one gel. What I have found with this texture change is that the Zinc moisturiser doesn’t pill anymore but it still feels very drying on the skin.

Verdict: a very bittersweet experience. On one hand: it is very affordable and it’s a mineral based sunscreen that doesn’t look ashy on my dark skin. On the other hand, depending on what you pair this with it may pill when it has dried down. Some skintypes they may find this drying as I did and I have normal to combination oily skintype. Depending on what texture of sunscreen you prefer, this one is a thick white cream. I would have excused the texture if it wasn’t drying on my skin but I also don’t know if the texture has something to do with this.

Another thing I didn’t like was the recommended amount: pea size amount vs the amount of protection that would provide. The amount of SPF we use has an impact on the amount of protection we get hence a pea-sized amount is not sufficient. This is why reapplication is recommended because it is highly unlikely we are using the right amount for the full protection as labelled. When I tried to use a bit more, it sort of just sat on my face and of course, my face felt drier. Since I don’t wear makeup to work this wasn’t sufficient enough protection and hydration for me so I was actually using my YourGood skin SPF 30 at midday.

At its low price, it won’t hurt to pick it up to test if it would work for you but I have also come across a lot of Asian SPF’s (chemical based) around the same price I prefer. See my insta for all of it but also my YesStyle Haul

If you have used this let me know how it went for you. I am very interested to find out how other people got on with it. I am giving this to a friend who has super oily skin to see if she likes it, I may update this post after she’s tested it for a while

My post on Asian sunscreens is on my Instagram page but a more detailed post will be coming to the blog soon

Catch you later