Good Molecules Daily Brightening Serum Review

Good Molecules Daily Brightening Serum Review

Good Molecules have been around for a while now. The first charter about the brand was from the 2019 Beautylish Lucky boxes when they included a few products in the boxes. The brand promises low-cost skincare with highly effective products. I’ve been interested in the brand for a while and I have picked up a few of their products for testing.

Good Molecules is currently not available in the UK but you can get them via Beautylish. The Daily Brightening Serum is formulated with beta Arbutin and hyaluronic acid to gently brighten the skin and provide hydration.


I was using this every morning after toning and before my AM moisturiser and SPF. This is a very lightweight serum and layers very well with other products without pilling. I experienced no irritation from this. It comes in a lux glass bottle with a dropper (that works!) and in the standard 30ml. This serum caught my eye because I am always looking for ingredients and products that target pigmentation.

This serum has Beta Arbutin as its main ingredient. Arbutin is known for its brightening properties and its ability to inhibit excess melanin production. I have used Arbutin before but in the Alpha Arbutin form from the ordinary and I had no luck with that. I wrote off the ingredient completely but wanted to try this serum as it’s the beta form (although the alpha form is supposedly more effective). This serum also has hyaluronic acid for hydration.

I really like this serum. It’s lightweight and absorbs easily without leaving a ‘film’ on the skin and no stickiness. I find it provides some hydration and layers very well with other products. I never experienced pilling. In terms of gently brightening the skin, I began to see results in the 3rd to 4th week of using the serum: my skin generally looked healthier and some hyperpigmented spots seemed lighter but then I run out of it a week later. I was happy with this because although the results were slow I experienced some benefits compared to using alpha Arbutin


Good Molecules say this serum gently brightening the skin tone and it definitely does. Gently! You definitely have to stick to using it. It provides hydration and brightening and it was very easy to add to a routine. The serum can be used day and night but I preferred it for daytime use. I wish I had another bottle to start using immediately after I finished it because I would have had better results.

Will I repurchase: yes because I really like it and it works!

Good Molecules Daily Brightening Serum is $9 on Beautylish. You can also get it in the Correct Brighten & Boost set for $29 which also has 2 two products. I got the set (it works out to be the same price if you bought those two products separately). This is the first product I have finished from the brand and I am impressed (I’ve been using the vitamin C booster powder intermittently! I still have a few products to use and I will be looking out for any new products on Beautylish

Lush Masks Series: The Sacred truth and Cosmetic warrior

Hey my loves, welcome back to our Lush masks series! I know, it’s been a while, refresh your memory on the last post >

If you are new to this series, welcome. Our Lush masks series gives you comprehensive details on each Lush mask, as well as prices, reviews and where to purchase. Sound good? Let’s get started with today’s post


The Sacred Truth


Made for your complexion, it contains ginseng to boost blood circulation, skin moisturising items like honey and yoghurt among other goodies for your skin.

It’s £6.50 for 75g.

Let’s look at what people are saying about it





Cosmetic warrior


For problematic skin, try the cosmetic warrior mask which has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to cleanse and soften the skin. Tea tree and garlic is well known for their cleansing abilities and honey for its soften properties. Try this for £6.50 for 75g. Make sure you keep this post in your fridge (Don’t confuse with your Greek yoghurt though lool)

Does it live up to its name tho?! Lets find out




That’s all for today. You can purchase any of the Lush products online and in store. Check their website >>  for your nearest store.

Remember they have a recycle scheme where you get a free mask when you return 5 full sized clean tubs!!!!!!!

Let me repeat

Remember they have a recycle scheme where you get a free mask when you return 5 full sized clean tubs!!!!!!!

Check back soon for more! Remember to look at my previous Lush toner series and cleansers series.

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Lush Masks Series: Mask of Magnanimity and Brazened Honey

Hey lovely people, more Lush masks for you to try out! We are looking at mask of magnaminty and brazened honey today!

Mask of Magnanimity


I love the name lol. It’s a 2 in 1 mask for the face and the body. Packed to the brim with peppermint and marigold oil, kaolin and antibacterial honey, this mask with stimulate your skin and leave it looking bright and refreshed. Its £5.50 for 125g.

Review time!





Brazened Honey


The combo in this face mask is crazy lool and interesting but I guess it works! Are you ready? It has ginger root, parsley, fennel, lime juice, honey, EGGS among other stuff lol. Its supposed to regresh and detoxify your skin! Pick it up for £6.50 for 75g.

Let’s see what other people are saying



That’s all folks! You can purchase online on their website or in store. Please check for the closest store to you. Their website is Subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!

With love


Lush Toner Tabs: Q10, Dream steam, Tea Tree

Hey family, happy Sunday! Wait did I not say it would rain today, yesterday lool. Anyway, as promised this post will be the start of our Lush toner series. They have 6 toners in total: 3 tabs and 3 liquid. So there will be only two posts in this series but we will be looking at all the products in this range. As usual I will add prices, where to buy and where possible reviews.

Today we are looking at their toner tabs Q10, Dream steam and Tea tree. All these can be purchased online at or in store. Check their website to find out the closest store to you.

Q10 is their latest toner tab, available since the 18th of August. There are currently no reviews on this but I did find a video on how it works. It’s packed full of chamomile blue, lavender and sandalwood oils to soothe and comfort the skin. It also has aloe vera and carrageenan extract to gently soften and clarify. Its £1.25 for 7g (Which I think it’s one tab)






Dream steam


This is described as perfect for sensitive or dry skin. It’s made with rose absolute, chamomile blue and tea tree. £2.50 for 7g.




Tea tree

t ree


Packed with tea tree oil and aloe vera it’s powerful for acne prone skin. I may just pop into a Lush and get this. Its only £1 for 5g.




That’s all folks. check back soon for the toner water post. If you want to have a look at the cleanser series, everything can be found under the beauty tab.


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Lush Cleansers: Fresh Farmacy and Coalface

Hey family, how are y’all doing?? It’s almost the end of the summer, its been raining here and everything! Anyway let the Fall come with all the pretty cool toned colours


Back to our Lush cleansers series. Today we will be looking at two others from the collection. Make sure you have a look around my blog to check out what we have looked at so far. Lets get into this post


Fresh Farmacy


From the list of ingredients, it looks like it will be suitable for sensitive skin (But please check in store first). It is packed with gentle skin loving ingredients e.g. calamine, lavender and essential oils. It works well thoroughly cleanse the skin and keep acne at bay. Its £4.95 for 100g.  Let’ s see what people say about it







Coal face


I am buying this one soon so I will be able to bring you a review. I love the ingredients in this soap: charcoal, rose wood oil which works to clear your skin. It’s £4.95 for 100g




That’s all for now! Please let me know if you have these cleansers or any others from LUSH. Which ones are your fav and will recommend? See you soon for the next piece! For more info on LUSH including their products and where to buy, please visit their website>>


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LUSH Cleansers: Angels on bare skin and Kalamazoo

Hey family, back with the second post already! It’s still morning here lol. This time we are focusing on angels on bare skin and Kalamazoo.

Angels on bare skin




This is a 2 in 1 cleanser for face and body! It had 100% natural ingredients and made with lavender flowers, kaolin and ground almonds. It helps to tone and brighten our skin! I have used this one before, the lady in the store recommended it when I kept breaking out. I got little sample and I loved it! Its £6.75 for 100g. Let’s look at some videos







You don’t have to have a beard to use it! Lol. Kalamazoo is great for cleansing and softening your beard and skin. It contains pineapple juice, almond and jojoba oil and Cupuacu butter. I may just pop into a store for a sample. This could also be a great gift for the man in your life? Anyway I thought I will be good to get mixed videos, of men and women using it (Male readers’ holla! Lol.) Its £.6.50 for 100g







That’s all for now! Please let me know if you have these cleansers or any others from LUSH. Which ones are your fav and will recommend? See you soon for the next piece! For more info on LUSH including their products and where to buy, please visit their website>>

Again I dont know whats causing the black lines across the videos!

The Body Shop Seaweed Range

Hey family, lets carry on with our Body Shop mini skincare series. Today we will be looking at their seaweed collection which is designed especially for combination skin. The range promises to help balance your skin and control excess oil, leaving you with a shine free matte finish.

The full collection is


  1. Seaweed purifying facial cleanser
  2. Seaweed deep cleansing facial wash
  3. Seaweed pore cleansing facial exfoliator
  4. Seaweed clarifying toner
  5. Seaweed day cream
  6. Seaweed night treatment
  7. Seaweed mattifying moisture lotion
  8. Seaweed ionic clay mask

Is it worth it? Let’s see what others say




That’s all folks.  If you love shopping online, I have a link for you to earn up to 11.55% cashback on all purchases on the body shop website! Sign up for Top Cashback and shop through the site to earn this amazing deal PLUS they have any online store you can earn from (ASOS, BOOHOO, NARS, and many more)


See you soon wit the next instalment on their pomegranate range! bye!