Omorovicza Cleansing Foam Review

Omorovicza is a luxury brand with a lot of products under its belt. Their best selling Queen of Hungary Mist is what piqued my interest in them. luxury brand = higher price so when I saw this giftset ( for less than £40)featuring the mist and this cleanser I got it straight away! Today’s post will be a full review of the Omorovicza Cleansing Foam.

What the brand says

This delicately scented blue cleansing foam swiftly purifies and refreshes the skin, morning or evening. The sulphate-free formula removes all makeup and impurities without stripping skin of moisture.


I used the cleansing foam twice a day, in the morning and in the evening as my second cleanse. I did not experience any irritation from the cleanser and it has a mild pleasant scent.

The cleanser has a mousse-like texture that transforms into a delicate foam on the skin with the addition of water. I use a fair amount and add a bit of water to get the foam then massage it all over a dry face in the morning ( morning routine in the pic above).  This cleanser is effective, it leaves the skin clean without stripping it of its oils. My skin feels comfortable throughout the day. As a second cleanser in the evening, it’s able to remove traces of my balm cleanser with ease. My balm cleanser leaves a little bit of an oily residue on the skin.

As a foaming cleanser, you would think this would leave the skin dry but this cleanser doesn’t. it doesn’t produce a lot of foam, to be honest, I don’t mind a foaming cleanser. I know a lot of people stay away from them


This is a beautiful luxurious cleanser that feels so soft on the skin. I love that it’s not harsh and doesn’t strip the skin dry. Whilst I haven’t tried it against makeup, I have full confidence that it will great. I love the scent! It reminds me of an aromatherapy facial in a fancy spa.

This joins my luxurious cleanser list- I will work on my recommended list soon!

I will recommend.

Omorovicza Cleansing Foam is £18 for 30ml on LookFantastic

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Review Round up: Skincare

I thought I would start something new on the blog, I use a lot of products and before I do a review, I like to get at least halfway through it. This allows me to get as much experience as possible with the product to form a full opinion on it but sometimes this takes a while. And I forget lol.

So today’s post is a roundup of reviews for products I have used in earlier this year or they are single-use products I have finished. Some are also products I have repurchased many times but just forgot t review.  Let’s get started

Murad Rapid Resurfacing Peel 10% Glycolic acid– this is resurfacing and retexturing peel pad I got in a Murad gift set this year. It came with two pads. I really like this, it’s quick and easy and with 10% AHA it’s at a concentration that works. This doesn’t sting my skin because I’m quite used to high acids. It leaves my skin looking smoother and glowing.

Oh K! 3 Step Mask– I got this in the Debenhams advent calendar last year. It has a Detoxifying cleanser (step 1), Anti-Pollution Marine Algae Mask (step 2) and a soothing serum (step 3).  I liked everything in the set. The cleanser although detoxifying didn’t strip my skin. It foams up and feels gentle on the skin. There is only enough for 1 application. The sheet mask is lovely and large enough to fit my face and quite hydrating. It didn’t leave a film when dried. The soothing serum is a light serum that layered well over the mask. It didn’t peel. I liked the serum a lot. It locked in the hydration from the mask and felt soothing on. I would buy this for sure

Naturally Radiant 5% Glycolic Acid– I have used so many bottles of this, I’m surprised I haven’t done a review on it. It has 5% AHA plus fruit extracts. It’s a really good chemical exfoliator that is affordable and easy to find in Superdrug. I really like this and recommend as s starter acid toner as it’s quite gentle on the skin.

Barry M Serum Mist in calming rose– this was a pleasant surprise. I used this as a skincare mist in the morning and night after cleansing. It has a mist fine and a subtle rose scent. It has hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5 and acacia collagen and I find this hydrating and softening. I wasn’t expecting much from this or even expecting to like this lol. I was gifted 3 of these in two other scents: coconuts and cucumber. I’ve given one away but I can’t wait to use the other one I have

I have two lip balms I quickly want to touch on: Balmkind Alpine Rose & lysine lip balm– this has a slight hint of colour and its very lightweight on the lips. It has a subtle scent. I like this because it’s so lightweight and I feel like it sinks into the lips quickly. It leaves a shine on the lips too. The only issue I have is that because the texture is very fluid, it’s easy for it to overspill when you press to dispense it. Clarins Lip Comfort oil in Honey– I also got this in the Debenhams calendar. This product got me so excited about lip oils I started looking for more lol. As I carried on using it, I started to like it less. The texture of this is so luxurious, it’s thick and smells amazing and glides easily on the lips. It gives the lips an amazing shine… but that’s just about it. I found that because it’s quite thick it stays on the lips for longer which I don’t mind but I kept noticing that when this fully dries my lips would still feel dry. I used it a lot during the day and every time it dried down my lips would be dry. I used it more as a skincare lip balm but I think it’s more of a lipgloss and I would certainly use it like that. Even though I really like the texture I won’t buy the full size.

Dr Scholl Dry Skin Foot mask– I’ve never had an issue with dry feet until this year. All of a sudden, my heels feel dry and tight and I have to keep moisturising them constantly. This foot mask was quite nice and softened my heels. It’s the usual ‘wet sock’ feeling with this. The hydrating didn’t last though and two days later my feet were dry again.

Murad Nutrient Gel- I was really looking forward to using this. I love Murad and gel texture creams but unfortunately, this fell short. Lovely gel texture but I remember not been impressed by it. There was some hydration but that’s it. It layers well with other stuff and doesn’t pill.


That’s all folks! I didn’t feel as though I could do full reviews on these products hence a quick summary in one post.

I hope you found this helpful. I will be doing this more often!

Catch you later

Some products gifted.

Some affiliate links used.


3 months Beauty Empties

This year, I decided to do 3 monthly empties, just to see how many empties I could accumulate over a 3 month time period! I can finally share my empties with you! I’ve divided them into categories to make it easier to navigate! I will be sharing mini-reviews (for full reviews check out my review tab!) and the big hits and misses!

Be warned its a long post!


  1. Nivea MicellAir Micellar water– I found this to be disappointing. I love micellar water and I have made my way through most drugstore ones. This one left my skin dry and tight afterwards. I found I have to use a few large cotton pads for cleansing even when I am only wearing powder foundation! I got this in a buy one get one free offer and I’m more than halfway through my 2nd I won’t repurchase. There are more effective micellar waters available that don’t dry the skin
  2. Superdrug Natural Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser- this is a cream cleanser that feels butter smooth on the skin. I’m actually surprised at how effective it was. Honestly, I was expecting much lol. It doesn’t dry out the skin or leave a residue.
  3. Clean Creamy Foam Hydrating Cleanser- my fav drugstore cleanser. Check out the full review here
  4. 2x Murad Essential C Cleanser– check my Instagram for a review
  5. L’Oréal Fine Flowers Gel Cream wash– full review here. Another great drugstore face wash
  6. Elemis Super Food Facial wash- I actually really liked this cleanser and I wouldn’t mind the full size. Gentle lather and leaves the skin clean without drying it out
  7. Beauty Pie Plantastic Apricot cleansing butter– I have a full review here
  8. Good Molecules Instant Cleansing Balm

Serums & oils

  1. Good Molecules Discoloration Correcting serum- full review coming soon.
  2. Elizabeth Arden Superstart skin booster- I have another bottle of this and I will do a review soon
  3. Inkey List Hyaluronic acid serum- I LOVE this. Non-tacky, hydrates and leaves the skin plump and hydrated. Can’t wait to repurchase! The review is on my insta
  4. Superdrug Simply Pure Hydrating serum– for a £3 serum this serum packs a BIG punch. I have repurchased so many times and it hasn’t failed me!
  5. The Ordinary MAP– repurchased several times and will keep doing so!
  6. Drunk Elephant B Hydra- just check out my review here
  7. Estee Lauder Advanced night repair– full review here
  8. Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules- I have another travel size of this to finish so I can form my full opinion on it


Face creams

  1. Beauty Pie Super Retinol Moisturiser– I have a full review here
  2. Beauty Pie Daily Moisture Lotion– full review here
  3. Clinique Moisture Surge 72 hr hydrator- this is beautiful. Beautiful texture and leaves the skin plump and hydrated
  4. Farmacy Honey Drop– another amazing moisturiser! I have a full review coming soon!
  5. Nivea Q10 plus Vit C sleep cream– full review here
  6. Kiehl’s SPF30- full review here


Face masks & sheet masks

  1. 7x sheet masks: Oh K! Brightening Gemstone mini masks– got this in the Debenhams advent calendar, I don’t see the point of these lol. They are mini face masks (why?) and com sin 8 mini pieces, I guess it’s good for targeted application but I prefer a full mask. Soap & Glory Radiance Booting Mask– this has vit c in it and promises to give glowy skin. It works and I really liked it! Forec Natural skin plan sheet masks- 5 pack- Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Blueberry, Honey and Pomegranate- I really liked these, I found them super hydrating and easy to use. I got these as a secret Santa present and I would love to repurchase them.
  2. GlamGlow Thirst Mud– one of my fav GlamGlow masks! This is a leave-on mask but I wash it off after 20 mins, leaves the skin so hydrated, glowing and smoother!
  3. Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack eye patches
  4. Skin Sense Face mask- this mask was rubbish, it didn’t do much
  5. Superdrug Optimum Midnight Moisture Mask- this is a leave-on mask but I rinsed it off. It leaves the skin soft and moisturised and doesn’t leave residue on
  6. Peter Thomas Roth 24k Gold Mask– this luxury mask promises to lift and firm the skin. I found it hydrating, easy to wash off and leaves the skin glowing. It doesn’t leave shimmer or a yellow tint on the skin but leaves it more radiant

Toners & face mists

  1. First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads- full review here
  2. Nip Fab Extreme pads
  3. Murad Rapid Resurfacing peel- I have another pad and will review once I used it as well. I have a good feeling though
  4. Garnier Rose Soothing Glow Mist- hmm, I do like the rose collection from Garnier because it’s a dupe of Pixi’s but this mist was subpar. It doesn’t spray in a fine mist which didn’t make it pleasant to use and it was ok.
  5. Kose Clear turn lotion in cotton pads
  6. Garnier Rose Soothing Toner- exact dupe of Pixi Rose Tonic. I really like this toner for hydrating and AM use.

Shampoos & cleansers

  1. KeraCare Care Honey Shea Co-wash- this smells amazing! I love co-washes and this one has quickly become a favourite. It has a lot of slip which makes detangling easier and also gently cleanses the hair. it also leaves my hair really soft

Hair conditioners

  1. Garnier Ultimate Blends Maple Healer Intense Repairer balm- I love this! and it smells great!
  2. 2x Cantu Cleanser & Care hair and scalp masque– full review here
  3. Vitale Hair Mayo
  4. Organix Coconut Curls Conditioner– full review here
  5. Philp Kingsley- I will do a full review when I finish my 2nd tube of this.
  6. Schwarzkopf conditioner


Hair styling & oils

  1. Got2b blast freezing spray- I mean you know what we use this for
  2. As I am Scalp serum- this promises to strengthen the hair but I honestly didn’t use it consistently enough to notice results. it smells great and hydrated the hair is all I can say
  3. Gorilla Snort Gel


  1. Clinique deep comfort body wash- this was a gift with purchase. I really liked this. Leaves the skin clean and comfortable with drying it out. it lathers and feels so creamy and velvety on the skin
  2. 3x Mitchum deodorant
  3. Soap & Glory hand food
  4. 2x Soap & Glory Righteous butter
  5. Sol de Janeiro Lip butter
  6. Nivea stick roll on
  7. Nivea Cherry Blossom body wash- this has an amazing scent and I lingers for a while. Leaves the skin clean and smooth without feeling tight


  1. GlamGlow Glowsetter setting spray– full review here
  2. The Ordinary High Adherence primer- full review here
  3. Makeup forever radiant primer


  1. Rihanna Rouge
  2. Lancôme La Vie Est Belle
  3. Beauty Pie Love perfume- I loved this so much I got the full size
  4. Beauty Pie Petals, Heliotrope & ambrette perfume


  1. 3x Primark makeup remover cloths
  2. Wet Ones hand wipes
  3. Boots Refreshing hand wipes
  4. Superdrug artificial nail remover
  5. 2x cotton pad packs
  6. 1x cotton buds pack
  7. Feather & Down pillow spray- this smells great and so relaxing! It actually works! It helps me relax and helps me fall asleep! I was gifted this ages ago but I will definitely buy this soon

Total 79

Some products were gifted, some links are affiliate links

This was an exciting project for me and I can see a reduction in my collection! Join me for the next round of empties from April to June!

Catch you later

Good Molecules Instant Cleansing Balm Review

It’s been about 2 years since I fell in love with double cleansing and using balms as a first cleanse. I’ve been through quite a few (my top 7 will come soon) and the more I discover the deeper I fall

Good Molecules is still a fairly new brand to me, available in the UK via Beautylish, the brand have effective products at budget-friendly prices. I have tried a few of their items and I am yet to find something I strongly dislike. So with my love of cleansing balms and a good bargain in mind, I purchased the Instant Cleansing Balm when it first came out.

Good Molecules Instant Cleansing Balm is formulated with sea buckthorn & camellia oils as well as shea butter. It promises to instantly melt makeup and impurity and rinse away clean.


I’ve been using this for a few weeks now, every night as a first cleanse to remove makeup and the day’s grime. I always pair this with my trusty Primark makeup removing cloth. I have just over half of the balm, I think it will finish by the end of the month.

The balm is more of a solidified oil and instantly melts into an oil when massaged in my hands. I massage this over my skin and instantly begins to break down makeup. I use a fair amount and massage this all over my face giving myself a mini facial massage.  I emulsify with warm water, sometimes but most times I remove with the damp makeup remover cloth.  The scent of the balm reminds me of frankincense even though there is no mention of it in the ingredients. I personally don’t like the scent, it’s not unpleasant I just don’t like frankincense.

The balm does a good job removing makeup and very well at removing eye makeup and mascara. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, the oil is extremely lightweight and there is no oily residue left. It also rinses away easily and clean. I have experienced any irritation or clogged pores with the balm

Verdict: an excellent cleansing balm which is effective at removing makeup and budget-friendly. I personally don’t like the scent of this because it reminds me of frankincense which I also don’t like and for this reason alone I won’t repurchase. I will recommend it though because for the price its really good and if scent (something similar to frankincense) don’t bother you then definitely worth trying.

The scent is not unpleasant this is just a personal preference, it doesn’t linger but obviously, with massaging the balm all over your face you can’t really escape it lol. It comes with a spatula

It’s a very good balm and it’s effective at removing every bit of makeup. I have also used it for triple cleansing (twice with the balm and once with a face wash) and I did not experience any issues with that.

Good Molecules Instant Cleansing Balm is $15 on Beautylish


December Empties and Reviews

Happy New Year! It’s a fresh start, a clean slate and a new decade! Wishing you the very best for this year

It’s the final empties for 2019, this year has been a rollercoaster year but glad I made it through. Let’s get started with the empties, I didn’t get a lot this month


Snail Bee High Content Essence– I really had high hopes for this essence but it fell flat, I won’t repurchase. Sunday Riley Good Genes– another repurchase. The Inkey List Vitamin C– I have a full review here. Good Molecules Niacinamide toner-this was a lovely toner, I will bring a full review once I have used another bottle.  Pixi Vitamin C Caviar Balm– this is a leave on mask from the new Vitamin C collection from Pixi. I have a full review here. Soap & Glory puffy Eye attach eye patches– 2nd time I used these, its ok its cooling on the skin but I can’t see a major difference. Seahorse Plankton 5 Minutes Miracle Mask– this is Holland & Barrett’s own brand skincare. This mask is great, it leaves the skin looking brighter and hydrated but I cannot stand the scent of this. Smells botanical/herbal- if that’ ok for you then you will like this. Primark wipes. SkinSense Night Cream– I did not like this cream, I didn’t find it hydrating enough as a night cream so I used it as hand cream. Even as a hand cream I didn’t like it plus I realised it pilled as I layered it on. This was a gifted product which came in a set. Ole Henriksen Night gel– this was ok to use. I have used this twice and I don’t think its worth the full price. Pixi Vitamin C Lotion– full review here.


Primark travel toothpaste. Nunaat shampoo– I usually use this on my wigs however there was a tiny amount left so I used it on my hair. It works well for natural hair but it doesn’t leave it as soft and conditioned as my other shampoos. Ouai leave in conditioner– I think I got this 2018’s advent calendar. Long story short this is not tailored for natural hair. It didn’t make a difference to my hair but it was ok for my wigs. Soap & Glory Clean on Me– I love this shower gel, it rinses easily and smells great. Wild Seed Shea Butter– my 2nd time using this and I love it even more. The scent reminds me of a chocolate orange and the texture is quite lovely, whipped and fluffy. 2x cotton rounds from Primark & Poundland. Finally Lavender bar soap from Debenhams advent calendar.

Total 20, total this year 377/400

So I missed my target for the year but I used up all my old products so I’m happy!  I won’t be doing empties as often this year but I will be doing monthly reviews if I get 2 or more empties in a month. This year I am focusing heavily on rotating my most trusted products and professional treatments so there will be a lot of clinic reviews- watch this space!

Here’s to 2020 and the new decade!

Happy new year!

Sunday Riley Blue Moon Review

Ever since the GlossyBox X Sunday Riley box, I have fallen in love with Sunday Riley as a brand. I have tried a few of the products, mostly the best sellers and I have loved most of them. Today’s post will be a full review on Blue Moon which is a cleansing balm and one of their best sellers

Blue moon balm promises a skin soothing nourishing balm to milk texture that is gentle on the skin and effective against makeup and grime. It promises a rinse clean formula, leaving the skin feeling clean and calm


I got this from the GlossyBox last year and have only come round to using it. The texture of Blue moon is definitely soft but it also have ‘grit’ which is surprising because there is no mention of this in the description of the product.

The unexpected grit made my experience with this negative. I found the grit doesn’t easily dissolve on the skin, even when massaging: it takes a while to fully melt into oil. I didn’t like using around my eye area and especially if I had mascara on because that meant rubbing my eyes with it. To be clear, the ‘grit’ isn’t harsh, it doesn’t scratch the skin but it’s something you will feel whilst massaging the balm over the face. I also felt like it wasn’t as effective against mascara but it does an ok job with makeup and grime. It also doesn’t pair too well with my Primark makeup remover cloth. The instruction from SR is to ‘wipe away with a damp cloth’ but because of the ‘grit’, I just get tiny white balls on my face which is slightly annoying to remove. It doesn’t rinse clean for me and I can definitely feel some residue on my skin afterwards.



I used Blue moon for a week as a first cleanse before deciding to switch to something else because I was not enjoying the experience. I do not like the grit and they should really say this in the description of the product. Performance-wise its ok but I have definitely used better cleansing balms (Farmacy Green Clean comes to mind). I am disappointed with this because I waited so long to use it plus I am really into cleansing balms now. I stopped using it for a while then dipped into it once or twice to ensure I wasn’t overreacting (lol) and I wasn’t. I have tried to repurpose this as a body scrub but it’s not gritty enough for that. I’m not sure what to do with it now: I really don’t want to throw it out but I simply do not like it on my face. I will try it out as a face scrub and if that doesn’t work out lol I’m afraid I will have to chuck it lol.

Sunday Riley Blue Moon is £46 on Cult Beauty

Let me know what you think.





Beauty Pie Plantastic Apricot Butter Cleansing Balm Review

The Beauty Pie Plantastic Apricot Butter Cleansing Balm is one product I have always wanted to try since I started my BP challenge! This balm was always sold out and I was able to finally get my hands on it later this year. This post will be a full review of the ever hyped cleansing balm- is it worth it?

This cleansing balm is formulated with rose seed oil, Vitamin E and apricot butter, it promises to remove all traces of makeup and leave the skin feeling clean and moisturised.


I started using this cleansing balm after my SR Blue Moon balm was not working out for me. The texture of this balm is literally like butter! It’s so soft and melts so easy into the palms and on the skin. It has a very pleasant scent and I have experienced no irritation with it. The balm comes with a small scoop and a muslin cloth

The Apricot Cleansing balm melts so easily into an oil when massaged onto the skin. I find the balm very effective and removes all traces of makeup including liquid lipsticks and mascara. This balm rinses off well, I won’t say it rinses off particularly clean as I do feel some residue but it’s not oily or greasy, my skin feels moisturised after rinsing. I do however prefer to remove the balm with my Primark makeup remover cloth and together ALL traces of makeup come off! I’m not a huge fan of muslin cloths so I think I threw the paired one away after the first use lol

A little goes a long way with this balm although I am almost certain I use a lot each time! The balm has enough ‘slip’ so I really enjoy also using it for a mini facial massage when removing my makeup. Usually, I also throw out the mini scoops in cleansing balms but I am really enjoying using the scoop with this balm. Can we talk packaging? The balm is housed in a luxe heavy glass tub so it really gives this product a luxurious high end feel. Plus you get a huge 100ml which will last a while! This is my first cleanse in the evenings, followed by the Murad AHA/BHA Cleanser


I fell in love with the balm from first use and it’s easy to see why it’s always sold out! At the member’s price of £12.10, it’s well worth the hype and every penny! It’s an effective cleansing balm which removes all traces of makeup leaving the skin moisturised. I prefer to remove it with a cloth rather than rinse off. Definitely, something I would recommend if you love cleansing balms and something I will be repurchasing in my next BP haul ( btw I haven’t done a haul in a while because I am saving up for a nice Christmas splurge! the haul will come soon.)

Beauty Pie Plantastic Apricot Butter Cleansing Balm is £12.10 for members and £50 for non-members on BeautyPie

For more info on BP, check out my BP challenge post

If you are a BP member have you tried this? Do you like this?

Collosol Eau De Lait Review

France is known for many things and luxury skincare is one of them. Collosol Water milk cleanser is a cult classic among many and it’s finally available in the UK. I had never heard of this brand but I was very excited when I saw it on the gram many months ago. I was sent one for review and I decided to test it out straight away.

Collosol Eau De Lait (water milk) cleanser gently cleanses and removes makeup. It promises velvet and smooth skin with no oily residue. It also promises the benefits of a cleansing milk and micellar water to leave the skin comfortable, purified and moisturised. There’s no need to rinse afterwards


I received the 100ml size of the cleanser and used it every night as a 1st cleanser. It lasted just over a week. I experienced no irritation from the cleanser. The scent is a delicate powdery scent, whilst it’s very pleasant, the scent is potent and lingers. The texture of this is literally like water. I did see some sold particles but it’s nothing that scratched my skin or anything.

The Water milk feels extremely gentle on the skin and I am very impressed on how effective it is at cleansing the skin. It removes makeup, dirt and grime easily without stripping my skin. I have used this with cotton pads and my makeup remover cloth but I prefer the cotton pads as it’s much easier to use. Whilst they say there is no need to rinse afterwards, I do always go in with a second cleanse in my PM routine. This rinses away clean, not that it leaves a residue on the skin anyway.


Is the Collosol Water Milk effective? Yes! This cleanser is very effective against makeup and daily dirt and grime. The cleanser leaves my skin feeling clean and not stripped. I did really like this as a 1st cleanser in my routine. Collosol has a strong powdery scent. It’s pleasant but if you don’t like fragrance in you products you may not like this one. The packaging makes this easy to use.

If balms/oils are not your thing, this is a very good alternative for a first cleanser. It’s very similar to a micellar water but provides better cleansing than some micellar waters on the market.

Collosol Eau De Lait 100ml is £9.50 on Feelunique

Love Micellar water? check out my micellar water recommendations

Gifted product

June Beauty Empties

I really look forward to the end of the month because I get to review how much products I have been able to use up! this month was a bit slow but I managed to add a few more empties to my overall challenge.


Kose Lotion in cotton– I have a full review soon. I originally wanted to use it as a ‘neck’ mask but I ended up using it as toner wipes. Check out the review. Repurchases of- Avene Thermal mist, BodyShop Vitamin E mist, Your Good Skin SPF 30( this has started stinging my eyes after application. It never used to do that so I don’t know if the formula has changed), Primark Gentle Wipes and Nip Fab Glycolic Foaming pads. I have a full review of the Pixi Peel & Polish, OMI Protect Gel, Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser and Shiseido Mineral SPF. I really liked the Tony Moly hyaluronic sheet– a lovely hydrating sheet mask. Tony Moly is a very popular K beauty brand. This sheet felt amazing on and left my skin plump and hydrated. I got this as a GWP from Yesstyle but its something I would also buy.


Estee Lauder Day wear– this is a luxurious moisturiser that feels good on the skin and moisturises without an oily residue. I got this in a giftset last year. Purity Cleanser– I really do not understand the hype of this cleanser. I thought it was average and I hated the packaging. It reminds me of a shower gel and as I got further down the bottle it was harder to dispense.

Jiinju Avocado Sheet Mask review

If you love k beauty and sheet masks then this post is for you. I got the Jiinjua Avocado Sheet Mask from Superdrug as a gift with purchase a few months back. This mask came as a duo, the Avocado Sheet mask is for soothing, calming and moisture. Made with avocado extract and chamomile.

The mask had a pleasant scent and was large enough to fit my face properly. It’s a fibre mask. I had the mask for about 15 mins and it stayed on for the duration. The mask is drenched in a very lightweight milky serum which feels very hydrated. My skin was left glowing and soothed, especially as I used it after dermaplanning. Very easy to use mask I absolutely love. I wouldn’t mind buying this.


I finished my absolute favourite co-wash, As I am Long & Luxe Gro Wash– if you love cowashes you have to try this! I have raved about this so much on Instagram. Palmers Coconut Repairing Conditioner– this was ok. I used it as s cowash (because I run out of my Growth mid wash). I felt like it didn’t make a huge difference in terms of leaving my hair soft and conditioned. Its for dry and damaged hair but I thought it was average. It won’t be the first conditioner to recommend for dry hair.  ORS Black Olive Oil Elixir– I really liked this oil, it smelt great and adds shine to the hair without weighing it down. It worked well on natural hair as well as my wigs.


Primark 3pk Cleansing mitts– I love these mitts! They are makeup remover cloths that need only water to remove dirt & makeup. I have them in my cleansing routine whether I am wearing makeup or not. I have backups of these always and I usually throw them out after 1 month. Palmer’s Coconut Oil Body lotion– this is a nice lotion, its thicker than your usual lotion texture and adds some hydration without oily residue. I refer body cream or oil but this one was ok. Finally two soap bars- Dove Shea Butter & Cuzzon Mild Cleansing bar

Total- 21 total so far 164/400

Catch you later



Monthly Empties- February Empties

Hey guys, I hope all is well! February is over so I have another empties post! I am doing my challenge this year too to try and reduce my collection so I am really excited! My empties posts will have reviews and links to any full reviews of other products I have used up. Let’s get into Feb’s empties


Cleansers/toners– my fav drugstore cleansers: Nip Fab Glycolic Fix Foaming pads with 2% glycolic acid to retexture the skin. I have these open for a while and they did not dry out on me! B Clean Creamy Foam Cleanser with salicylic acid – read my full review of it here. Avene Thermal Spring Mist. Garnier Soothing Botanical toner with Rosewater– this is an exact dupe of Pixi Rose Tonic. Similar ingredients and similar scents. I really like this toner. It was my AM toner and sometimes PM when I didn’t want to use acid toners. It’s so soothing and calming on the skin and adds hydration. It was perfect for winter use but it’s something I would even use all year too. I’m looking to repurchase this soon! Caudalie Vinoperfect Essence– this was nice to use but it didn’t last long enough for me to get a taste of the benefits. Simply Pure Refreshing Toner– this is part of Superdrug’s range for sensitive skin. This is a really simple, no fuss toner: no actives no fragrance just allantoin, calming and soothing ingredients. I used it in the mornings and sometimes in the PM when my skin was irritated. Its nice and refreshing to use. Not a lot of hydration but it doesn’t dry out the skin. I do really like it because it’s so easy to use and I have already got another one.

Serums/creams- BP items I have reviews on: Super Healthy Skin Daily Moisture Lotion, Triple HA serum, Super Retinol Serum, Super Retinol Moisturiser and UltraLight SPF25. I also finished a sample size of the Farmacy Dew it all total eye cream- this was really nice to use. It’s creamy and thick but not too much to feel heavy under the eye. It leaves it hydrated. The little sachet actually lasted me about 1 ½ weeks of using it twice a day. If you love eye creams and luxury skincare I would definitely recommend but I don’t like spending a lot on eye creams lol because I never use them frequently. I have been better since last year but I have so many sample sizes to get through and they actually last a while. Beau

Face masks3x Sephora sheet masks in Grape, Pineapple & Aloe vera. Garnier Moisture Bomb Super Hydrating De-Tiring Mask– I love the original moisture bomb mask so I thought I would pick up this version also. This one has added Lavender essential oil plus hyaluronic acid and targets fatigued skin. I must say this mask made a difference to my skin! It hydrated my skin and left it glowing! My skin was left looking more refreshed and the next morning too. I used this because I was dealing with a lot of texture and I like to use sheet masks in times like this because I find the hydration really helps and this didn’t disappoint! I would repurchase. Skyn Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gel– this was something I got in my advent calendar and I must say I thought it was rubbish. These are not soaked in serum, infact they are dry and it doesn’t feel like a gel either. It feels more like a sticky patch. It didn’t do anything to my eye area. No hydration, no de-puffing. They do stay in place because it’s very sticky and it feels cool on application but it did not do anything else. Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask– I really like this, it’s not the most hydrating mask but it’s very soothing, calming and easy to wash off. Garnier Moisture Bomb Eye Tissue Mask– these are probably the largest eye patches I have used (after the Tony Moly Panda Patches). These are really nice though and leave the eye area hydrated and brightened. It’s not as cool as the first eye patch I tried from them but it’s something I will definitely repurchase.

Simple Water Boost Hydrating Sheet Mask– since Simple released their sheet masks about a year ago I have been interested in them but I just haven’t had the time to pick them up to try. I was dealing with a lot of texture so I was looking for a super hydrating sheet mask. I picked this up when I got the Garnier mask too and again I really like this mask. Its super hydrating and soothing on the skin. The mask is also large enough to cover my face up until my ears and that’s rare to find in sheet mask territory. I would definitely recommend and repurchase.

Makeup– two makeup setting sprays. I have a full review on the Makeup Revolution Amazing Makeup Setting Spray here. Pixi Rose Mist– I really liked this mist but I prefer the Glow Mist. I would still repurchase though. I will have a full review coming soon in my Pixi brand overview post

HaircareORS Black Olive Oil Repair 7 Rinse Out Conditioner – I love this conditioner and it works great on natural hair. I will have a full of this soon, I actually have another bottle to get through.  Palmers Olive Oil Conditioning spray oil– this is a great and easy hair oil to use. Check out my thoughts in the Palmers brand overview here. 2x Crème of Natural conditioners– I dyed my wig and these are the conditioners that come in the box dye.

Beauty empties

BodycareSol de Janerio Bum Bum cream– the most hyped cream ever! I was gifted this for review and my review is up on BrownbeautyTalk. Tbh I didn’t like it that much, it smells AMAZING but it lacks moisture for my skin. It also has shimmer in it which I don’t appreciate for everyday wear but for occasions it came in handy when I couldn’t be bothered to get my body bronzer.

OthersSuperdrug Pure cotton wool buds– I really like this one especially because it lasts forever! This is one has 300 buds and I can’t even remember how long I have had this because it’s lasted forever!

Total this month- 28

Total so far –  60/400