Kose Clear Turn Vitamin C Sheet Masks review

YesStyle Korean Beauty Haul

You guys know how much I fell in love with Yes Style after discovering it! Check out my Asian Beauty haul here (mind this was the 1st out of 3 smh) I have started posting reviews to the products.

I love sheet masks so when I discovered they sell them in bulk I was really happy to try them! I got the Kose Clear Turn Essence Vitamin C sheet masks. These come in a variety of ingredients but I decided to get the Vitamin C for its brightening properties.

Kose promises a formula with highly concentrated Vitamin C, a perfectly fitting mask that allows the serum to quickly penetrate. It controls melanin protection. Prevents freckles and spots and provides highly translucent lush skin. It comes in a pack of 30.


The sheets masks come in a hard shell contain and they are neatly folded individually inside. Unfortunately, mine was damaged in transit when it arrived: there was a small crack at the back which caused most of the serum to leak out. it was still useable so I started using it straight away storing it upside down but that also caused the rest of the serum to leak out. I emailed Yes Style about this, not asking for a replacement but to just let them know. They replied within 24 hours and offered to send me a replacement for free! Within a week I had my new mask!

Even though most of the serum had leaked out the masks were still soaked enough for me to use. I have to use my face mist to re ‘wet’ them a bit for it to stick to my face. According to the instruction, the mask can be removed after 5 mins or left up to 10 mins and its more effective when used every day. I have been using this in place of my morning toner almost every day.

This is a cotton material sheet mask however I find the mask slightly ‘hard’ compared to other sheet masks I have used. The fit is ok, it’s just a little bit on the smaller side but after a bit of stretch, they are a perfect fit. The mask feels comfortable on and stays on. I take this off after 5 mins and massage the leftover serum into my skin. Frequent use had really left my skin brighter and this pairs well with my serums and creams in the morning. I have experienced no pilling layering other products on. Using the masks every day I feel has also reduced my need for a mask during the week. I feel like my skin is in much better condition.


I am in love with this sheet mask and I am so happy I have a backup. Buying the mask in bulk is allowing me to use it more frequently and it’s so quick & convenient to use. You would think using these as a toner in the morning will slow down my AM routine but honestly, it hasn’t. I put on the mask first and it stays on as I sort out my clothes. Kose masks also come in Hyaluronic acid, placenta, Collagen, Q10 and Tranexamin acid and I really want to try all of them! Kose is a well-known J beauty brand and Yes Style have a ton of their products! I also have to mention the masks haven’t dried out on me!

I definitely recommend! If you love sheet masking, you have to check out this and the other bulk sheet masks they stock- it will save you money

Kose Clear Turn Essence Mask is £15.65 on Yes Style*

You can read about my experience with Yes style in my haul post. I have paid no customs charges till date and shipping is usually about a week.

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I’m onto my second tub now!

Catch you later!

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Hi guys! I hope all is well. This post will be a full review on the new Tissue Mask from Garnier. The tissue mask aka sheet mask is part of the new Moisture Bomb collection which launched a few months back! Check out my post here, at the time of writing this wasn’t available.

Garnier describes the mask as a ‘super hydrating revitalising mask’ that intensely rehydrates and reduces the look of fine lines. It’s been formulated with pomegranate extract and Hyaluronic acid and supposed to deliver 1 weeks’ worth of moisture in just 15 mins! It’s also suitable for sensitive skin.


The mask smells divine and it’s very easy to put on. The blue side faces outward and white side on your face then peel the blue sheet off. It’s large enough and fits the whole face quite nicely. The eye and mouth areas are cut out at the right places too. You will have to fold the mask around the chin area. I didn’t find the mask slipping/moving whilst I had it on. I just pop it on and carry on with my day! E.g. I have one on now as I write this blog post! Sheet masks are great for a quick mask session and when you’re too lazy to doll a full skincare routine. There’s no need to rinse, after taking it off, I simply massage the rest of the serum into my skin and allow to dry, then I carry on with the rest of my routine.

I didn’t experience any breakouts or irritation with the mask.



If you are a #sheetmask fanatic you have to get this mask! It’s amazing, it certainly leaves my skin moisturised and very smooth! I’m probably on my 4th purchase by now! I used this on a recent long haul flight and apart from the very funny looks I got (lool) it did really well to keep my skin moisturised! And because there’s no need to rinse, you can use this any and everywhere!  I can’t wait to try the rest of the Moisture Bomb collection now. If you have dry skin, I will defiantly say this is worth a try!

At an amazing price point, you can’t afford to miss this. Be quick though, it almost always sold out in stores!

Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask is £ 1.49 and available from Boots. It’s worth checking frequently as it’s almost always on offer for 99p (LIKE NOW!) then grab loads (which is what I did lol). You can also get this in Superdrug.

If find out more about the collection and Garnier, please visit the website

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See you soon!

Sephora Lotus Face Mask Review


sephora lotus face mask review

Have you tried sheet masks yet? Although I haven’t tried that many, I fell in love with the Sephora Rose Face Mask when I was in Paris so I decided to try a few more out of the collection. I picked up two more, one been the Sephora Lotus face mask. The Sephora Lotus face mask has moisturising and soothing properties and is supposed to refresh tired looking skin and reduce the signs of strain and fatigue.


So far I have tried two Sephora masks and they are both very well cut to fit the face. The mask stayed in place and didn’t move: no slipping down my face! The holes for the mouth area and eyes were cut nicely too. It smells really nice.

sephora lotus face mask review

I had this mask on for 15 mins and my face felt really soft and moisturised afterwards! My skin felt like I had used a rich cream, almost like my Dermalogica Pure Night Cream so I skipped night cream that day. My face looked brighter too. My skin still felt soft and moisturised the next morning even after washing my face!

I noticed 2 days later, my skin had a lot of texture to it and a few breakouts. I am not sure if it’s due to this mask or the new products I am trying out. If you read my New Beauty Products & Skincare routine post, you will see I am trying out a few new things and a slightly different skincare routine. I suspect it could be the Freedom Glow Tonic, only because it is a very cheap imitation of the Pixi Glow Tonic which I had just run out of or the PreMae Harmony Face Wash which is for Combination/Acne skin or the B.Pure Micellar Oil. My skin type is normal/combo. Either way, I don’t like the Freedom Glow Tonic and the Micellar Oil so far.


The last Sephora Mask I used which was the Rose mask didn’t give me any problems so I am leaning more towards the new products I am trying out #stressoflife, although it could be 50/50. I really liked how effective it was in moisturising my skin.

Sephora Lotus Face Mask is $6 on Sephora.com They ship to the UK!

#sheetmasks yay or nay? Which ones are you into? Let me know!

His steadfast love never fails  


Sheet Masks

timless truth mask

Multi masking was so last year (have you read my multi masking post? Read it here!) Sheet Masks are here to stay. The latest trend imported from South Korea is the easier way to pamper your skin during your pamper routine.

Unless Multi-masking, Sheet Masks requires only one product, or should I say cloth/sheet. Basically is a cloth/sheet that is soaked with ingredients that will leave your skin amazing! They are shaped like a ‘face’ and have cut outs for eyes, nose and mouth (they also make for great selfies too lool)

Timeless Truth has a whole range of sheet masks specially formulated for different skin types and to treat different issues. The Fusion Range is made with dehydrated product and soaked in serum for max benefits!  5 masks in total:

Charcoal Detox Brightening Mask- for deep cleansing, brighter and firmer skin

Herbal Rejuvenation Immortelle Mask- for nourished and stimulated skin with anti-ageing properties.

Deep Sea Water Extract Moisturing Mask- for moisturised and luminous skin

Multipeptide Calming Revitalising Mask- anti ageing

Green Tea Phenol Soothing Mask- improves skin tone and texture and oil control.


I was sent the Charcoal Detox Mask to review! I will be using this soon so watch this space for a review!

Visit the website for more info on the full product range and a look at the other masks

Timeless Truth

Anyone tried Sheet Masks? Let me know how it worked out for you!