MUA ProBase Mattify Makeup Fixing Mist Review

MUA ProBase Mattify Makeup Fixing Mist Review


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I posted my Drugstore Setting Spray Challenge last week and I am here with the first review in the series! I love setting sprays and I have lost count of how many I have tried! But I also realised I haven’t really tried many from the drugstore so this series was born! (And of course to satisfy the product junkie in me!) Today, I will be reviewing the MUA ProBase Mattify Makeup Fixing Mist

MUA ProBase Mattify Makeup Fixing Mist promises to keep skin looking perfectly matte all day long. It’s a light weight mist that applies that applies easily, holds makeup all day long and oil free.



I have been using this a little over a week now to set my makeup. I will say it’s true to its claims of Mattifying. I use the Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation which gives a dewy finish but with this spray, it changes to a matte finish. Using this mist as a final mist on top of other mists that give a dewy finish also changes the finish to a matte. It doesn’t feel or look dry on the face. It sprays very fine so I will give them that as well, doesn’t leave white spots (thank God) or disturb makeup!

What I won’t give them? It says it leaves your make up oil free which isn’t necessarily true. I’m not the oiliest of the bunch but after 4-5 hours of wear, I can see some oil peaking true. Not enough to blot but enough to notice. It says it has the ultimate fixing power but again if you sweat or cry lol, makeup is coming off.


I think for a £5 setting spray it’s very good. You can use it on top of your primer for extra hold and I will definitely recommend this! I think for normal to combo oily skin types, this would be quite nice for everyday wear. Excessively oily skin types may want to use this on top of their normal primer. I don’t think it will be good for dry skin, it may make your skin look really dry.


MUA Pro Base Mattify Fixing Mist is also available in a Hydrating Finish.

The MUA Pro Base Mattify Fixing Mist is £5 and available from Superdrug or the MUA Website

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The Best Makeup Setting Sprays

Makeup Setting Sprays get or ditch? A lot of people are sceptical of it and so was I. I mean, making your makeup last longer is the job of primers and powders right? So what do I need a setting spray for? It wasn’t until I tried Mac Fix Plus I was converted! Read on for the best makeup setting sprays and get ready to slay your makeup!

What Do Makeup Setting Sprays Do?

Makeup Setting Sprays or Fixing Sprays help your makeup last all day and fix it in place. They come in different finishes e.g. Mattifying, Dewy etc. think of them like the hairspray for your face, it’s the finishing touches on your look. You can use them to intensify highlighters or eyeshadows/pigments by misting your brushes first. They are also great for dampening your makeup sponges. Makeup Setting Sprays are much better and safer to use than hairsprays. Please do not reach for hairspray to use on your face!

I love setting sprays because they take away the ‘powdery look’ and give me a dewy/glowy look. I also just love misting my face with these. Most of them are packed with good ingredients that do good to your skin

The Best Makeup Setting Sprays

There are a lot of setting sprays out there, from drugstore to high end. I am still on the hunt for new ones but for now, these are my tried, tested & approved ones!

Mac Fix Plus, £17.50


My first ever setting spray and my favourite one till date! I haven’t repurchased because MAC wants to increase prices every year! SMH (it just to be just £10!) but I used to drench my skin with it! You can get the travel size for £10 if you want to try it out

Pixi Glow Mist, £16


This one has been on my list and I can happy I caught it in the ASOS sale! It gives a lovely glow and if you love Pixi you should definitely be thinking about this.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray, £7.50



This has been hailed as the dupe for Mac Fix Plus but for me it really isn’t (I can think of a few others). It’s a lovely setting spray and I really like it. It’s got a good price point too!

Avon Makeup Setting Spray, £6


I was so pleasantly surprised with this spray. I caught it in a sale for £3 and I haven’t looked back since. It leaves the face matte and skin slightly tight but it does wonders for your makeup. Now that I think of it, it reminds me of the Urban Decay All Nighter.

Melvita Rose Beauty Mist, £10


I think this is a dupe for the Mac Fix Plus in terms of how it leaves your face. Love the scent, packaging and the finish of this mist. Read my full review here

Urban Decay All Nighter, £22


One of the first setting sprays I fell in love with. It doesn’t add a dewy finish but it does wonders for your makeup! I heard the De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray, £22 is best for oil skin types but I haven’t tried it since I don’t have excessively oily skin. P.S. it’s available in travel sizes too for £9!

The BodyShop Vitamin C Energising Face Mist, £11 & Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mist, £9.50


Another dupe for Mac Fix Plus is the Vitamin C mist from the BodyShop.  Love both of these mists the same so I couldn’t feature one and leave the other. Excellent price point and always included in the offers The BodyShop has (currently having a £25 off a £50 pounds spend!) I lost count of how many times I have repurchased these mists!

Ben Nye Final Seal, £7.95


Ok, this is for special occasions only! Not only with this lock your makeup in so it doesn’t transfer, it ensures your makeup doesn’t budge at all, even in sweat! I tested this out during a wedding I went to in the summer and my makeup remained the same all day. I recommend this but for special occasions only!

Which setting sprays do you love reaching for? Let me know your favourites so I can test them out! if you are Christmas gift shopping don’t forget to check out my guides to help to get the best gift for your loved ones.

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Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray Review


Hey guys, I hope all is well! This post will be my first impressions on the Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray I got from Beauty Bay not too long ago. I try to stay away from doing first impression posts as I really like to test out a product before writing my thoughts. Impressions change as you continue to use a product and I have found products where I did not like the first time I used it but love it on the 3rd use.

With that been said…

I am doing a first impression on this product because I KNOW my impressions won’t change. Gerard Cosmetics has been on my radar for a while now and they came out with the Slay All Day Setting Sprays. These come in about 5 scents and I purchased the Jasmine scent. I bought the mini bottle just to be on the safe side as I know of the brand mainly for lipsticks not setting sprays.

The setting spray promises to keep your makeup matte all day and has a light floral fragrance.


I hate it! It stinks lol. There is nothing light about the scent. To me, it’s quite strong and it actually lingers for a while! (Which won’t be a problem if it were pleasant) it smells like damp clothes you left in the washer for some days. I thought it was just me been extra so I sprayed this in front of my friend and her reaction was the same as mine! My makeup/skin wasn’t matte either and I don’t have excessively oily skin. In fact, I have normal to combo skin. Because I can’t get over the scent, there’s no way I will keep spraying this all over my face.


I am happy I got the mini bottle but it is still quite expensive: £11 for 30ml. I will be using this now for dampening my sponges or brushes just so I can get my monies worth. I thought of trying a different scent but I don’t want to risk that. (I just sprayed it right now lol and I hate it so much arrrrrgghhhh!)

If you are in search of a makeup setting spray please read my previous post for my recommendations and what they actually do. Makeup Setting Sprays

Gerard Slay All Day is £11 from BeautyBay

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