Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray Review

Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray Review


For today’s instalment in the Drugstore Setting Spray Review Series, I will be talking about the Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray. Makeup Revolution is a popular drugstore brand with budget friendly prices: there was no way I could do this challenge without picking up their setting spray!

The Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray to keep your makeup in place all day and protect against heat & humidity whilst helping your makeup to last 8 hours


I really like this setting spray. It sprays in a fine mist and doesn’t leave white spots on the face. It doesn’t say what sort of finish it gives but I have found it to be a natural satin/matte finish which I actually like (huge surprise as I prefer dewy/glowy finishes). It doesn’t dry out my face or make my skin look dry either. I have really tested out this spray’s claims as I have used it when I have been running errands in the past week. It helped my makeup stayed put and held up against heat. I’m not a huge fan of the scent- slightly of chemicals but it works so I can accept that lol

I have a slight oily T zone and I found the spray helped to extend the time I would need to blot which I really liked. I haven’t experienced any irritation with the product. They say you can use this on eye makeup as well but I haven’t tested that out yet.


A good setting at a very good price!  The Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Fixing Spray will be the perfect addition to your makeup collection! For very oily skin types, they have an oil controlling formula as well.

Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray is £5 at Tam Beauty

I will reveal which setting spray is next on Instagram, be sure to follow me to find out!


What’s up guys!  I hope everyone is doing well! 3rd September?! I know right! Anyway happy back to school for those starting again, I wish you all the best in this school year.

I have another UK based product collection for my naturalistas! Eden 2 Eden is a natural hair company based in Birmingham. (Close to where I went to uni, Coventry! West midlands naturals holla! Lol) they offer natural hair, skin and baby products they also cater for natural hair parties (Yes natural hair parties are IN!).


Let’s take a look at their hair collection. The full collection is as follows

  1. Hydrating hair mist
  2. E2E-Hair-pic-300x300Shea cream
  3. Balancing shampoo
  4. Moisturising conditioner
  5. Hydrating moisturiser


A small collection but everything you need for a healthy hair regime. Visit their website, to read about customer experiences and to make a purchase.


There is still time to take part  in my survey, the Laika Project. This is a short survey about the spending habits of natural hair women in the UK. Here’s the link to it,

I will be back with more UK brands so stay tuned!

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The Body Shop Camomile Collection

Hey loves, I’m back! I took a mini break from this series due to work.  It hasn’t even been that long lol. Anyway I am back with another post in our Body shop skin care miniseries. For the next two posts, we will be focusing on collections suitable for sensitive skin.

Today’s post will be on their camomile collection which has been designed to gentle sooth and purify sensitive skin. This collection is also suitable for contact lens wears.  it’s not a massive collection, featuring just 4 products and one tool


  1. Muslin cloth
  2. Camomile silky cleansing oil
  3. Camomile sumptuous cleansing butter
  4. Camomile waterproof eye and lip makeup remover
  5. Camomile gentle eye makeup remover

As always, I will also find reviews for you to let you know how the product performs and what people are saying about it




I think it’s a good range what about you? Let me know. Next we will be looking at their Aloe range also for sensitive skin.

Until then




The Body Shop Tea Tree

Body Shop series officially popular! We will be carrying on with their tea tree range which is targets oily and problematic skin that is prone to blemishes and breakouts. It is also very beneficial in treating acne (which probably makes it very popular).

The Body Shop tea tree oil range has been formulated with tamanu oil extract which is also known to help generate new tissue and improve help improve the healing process of the skin.

Tea Tree Full Range

Their full collection:

  1. Tea tree squeaky clean scrub
  2. Tea tree cool and creamy wash
  3. Tea tree oil
  4. Tea tree skin clearing foaming cleanser
  5. Tea tree face mask
  6. Tea tree facial toner
  7. Tea tree cleansing wipes
  8. Tea tree night lotion
  9. Tea tree facial wash
  10. Tea tree blemish gel
  11. Tea tree skin clearing lotion
  12. Tea tree pore minimiser

Here are some great reviews on most of the products:



Final verdict- I think it does what it says on the tube! Although I haven’t used any of the products in this range, from research it seems like it works. So what are you blemish clearing secrets/tips? Share with us below! Mine is- if I know I have a big day coming up and I have to wear a lot of makeup, I try to go bare faced for 3 days or more before, then on the morning of the day, I do a face mask to prep my skin!

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That’s all folks! Body Shop Skincare has a lot of skincare collections that treat different issues, this mini-series will go through ALL of them complete with reviews. If you want to purchase any of the products, you can shop online>> or visit their store.

Until next time



Big Hair Beauty

You asked for it! More UK based product collections! This time we are looking at Big Hair natural hair products!  This post will give you the full collection, reviews and where to purchase in the UK. Let’s get started.

Big hair products are formulated with natural ingredients and not tested on animals. The full collection contains everything you need for a healthy big head of hair! Let’s see what they have in store:

1. Deep conditioning hair treatment

2. Soft clean SLS free shampoo

3. Leave in moisturising milk

4. Moisture me whipped butter

5. Soft curls conditioner

There are only 5 products but we know the essentials are a cleanser, Deep conditioner and leave in conditioner and this collection clearly ticks all the boxes!

So we have seen the products, but how do they perform? Let’s find out!

So a good review! I will also be working with them soon and I will be able to bring you guys a review too, so stay tuned!

So here in the UK you can purchase their products either from their website >>  OR British Curlies >>

US peeps, I believe they ship to the US but please check the delivery information.  For more information, here’s a link to their website >

That’s all folks! Another UK based company for natural hair! It’s about time we invaded the US with these products lol. Hopefully I can bring you the review soon. You guys have been asking about ORS hair products, well I will to it now!

Until next time





Hey my loves, guess what I have another UK based product collection!  this time we are talking about natural skincare products. LoveShea provides products with natural and certified organic ingredients, so you know its the real deal. For my green savvy naturalists, their loyalty scheme encourages recycling. I share her philosophy of going back to basics and re discovering ingredients from childhood.  I am re discovering the great benefits of African black soap and my skin is thanking me for it!
In this post, we will look at the full skincare collection and where to purchase it. Let’s get started. LoveShea provides whipped Shea butters and body scrubs and African black soap. You can use the butters for both hair and skin!
The full collection is
Whipped Shea butters
  1. LoveShea whipped Shea butter
  2. LoveShea chocolate fudge whipped Shea butter
  3. LoveShea key lime pie whipped Shea butter
  4. LoveShea bake well tart whipped Shea butter


  1. Ginger and orange moisturising sugar scrub
  2. coconut and lime moisturising sugar scrub



African black soap
LoveShea also provides gift sets of the body butters in mini and large sizes.
Ok, so don’t they sound like a trio of desserts?! LOL. I can imagine these smelling very lovely on the skin! I haven’t used any of the products yet… Look out for a review soon though!
I was able to find a review from Rachy from Ukafrolista, watch it below

I am currently using African black soap, although its not from LoveShea, authentic African black soap will perform the same! so why should you purchase this and use it? read my post on it here >>

That’s all folks for now! I know you guys have been asking for more UK based products, this is a great one to try out! Let me know your thoughts on them. I can’t wait to try the butters!
For more information or to make a purchase, please visit her official website>>
Until next time


Motions Natural Textures

Hey my loves!

We have another product collection! We are talking about Motions for natural textures product collection! Yes Motions have a collection for natural hair now and I am here as always to give you the full product collection, plus reviews plus where to purchase in the UK. Let’s get to it


The full collection:

  1. Straight Finish cleanser
  2. Moisturising cleanser
  3. Straight finish leave in conditioner
  4. Smoothing conditioner
  5. Deep conditioning mask
  6. Straight finish sealer
  7. Define my curls creme
  8. Hydrate my curls pudding
  9. Radiating hair gloss

I think their website needs updating, because they also have a pre wash detangling butter that’s not showing up on their website. I think this product is quite new. I have used 3 products from this line: the pre wash detangling butter, the deep conditioning mask and the hydrate my curls pudding. I have reviews for them, check them out below

Pre-wash detangling butter>>

Deep conditioning mask>>


The hydrate my curls pudding I have used it and it worked well to define my braid out. So now let’s talk reviews, is it worth it?




From my experience with their products, I say they are good however the size is a big let-down. The prewash detangling butters only lasted me two washes, one for each so if you did a cost analysis lol, it would work out cheaper to get a regular conditioner which will be bigger and last longer anyway. The same goes for the deep conditioning mask.

That’s all for the motions natural textures line. Let me know if you use any of these products and how they are working out for you! Here in the UK you can get the some of the products from amazon or paks > I have also seen they sell this in some BSS, ACE definitely has it. For more info on this line, please visit their website >

If you love online shopping like me, you would love TopCashBack! This website offers you cash back on loads of different websites! It may be a few coins but imagine if they all stack up! it’s totally legit, don’t worry, check reviews 1st if you would like! Here’s a referral link below!

Until next time





Hey family! How you doing *Wendy voice*. I have another UK based product collection for us naturalistas or anyone looking to buy natural products really.

This time we are going through the collection from Almocado, which is created to provide holistic natural hair care solutions made with natural and organic ingredients. The main ingredients in most of the products are sweet almond, known for its softening and protective properties and avocado, known for its excellent nourishing and emollient properties.



The owner, Annette Clark Headly founded the company in 2010 which is now a proud member of untied Kurls. I will provide all the links below.

The full product collection includes skin care (That will be another post), however today we are focusing on their hair care range. They have a few products under different categories, let’s get started


Hair Cleansers

  1. Strands together seaweed shampoo
  2. stands together hibiscus shampoo
  3. Jasmine hibiscus cream shampoo (co wash)

Hair Conditioners

  1. Avocado Honey and Almond leave in
  2. Organic castor oil and coconut crème conditioner

Hair Butters and Salves

  1. Organic hair salve (herbal complex)
  2. seal and shine butter melt
  3. twist and twirl avocado buttercream

Hair moisturisers

  1. Avocado Honey and Almond leave in
  2. avocado honey hibiscus silk spritz
  3. apricot argan and meadow foam milk

Hair styling aids

  1. natural jelly with bamboo extract
  2. twist and twirl avocado buttercream

It is clear the collection has everything you need for a healthy regime! I’m going to try and get some reviews on the YT



What do you guys think? Let me know, if you find some more reviews please link them below. For more information please visit their website >>

United Kurls >>

That’s all folks










Hey peeps!  It’s the end of an era lol. This will be the final post in our shea moisture mini-series! Have you been keeping up so far? Check out all the previous posts

Coconut and hibiscus >>

Superfruit complex 10 in 1 renewal system >>

Raw shea butter >>

African lack soap >>

Yucca and plantain >>

Jamaican black castor oil >>

Manuka honey and mafura oil >>

Their final collection is the Tahitian noni and monoi which aims to reduce frizz, smooth and add curl definition back to thick, curly hair. It also helps to restore moisture, body and shine for healthy, bouncy curls.

The main ingredients are

  1. Tahitian noni- antioxidant vitamin c helps maintain hair health
  2. Monoi oil- reparative benefits revive dry, damaged hair
  3. Keratin- smoothes and reduced flyaways while moisturizing hair

The full collection

  1. Tahitian noni and monoi smooth and repair nourishing hair masque
  2. Tahitian noni and monoi smooth and repair conditioning shampoo
  3. Tahitian noni and monoi smooth and repair rinse out conditioner
  4. Tahitian noni and monoi smooth and repair hair and scalp weekly therapy
  5. Tahitian noni and monoi smooth and repair high shine glosser

Shall we check out some reviews?




The final one! I hope you guys have enjoyed this series as much as I enjoyed researching and writing about them. I really didn’t know about some of their products up until now. I am really interested in trying some of their collections and when/if I do, a full review will always be on the blog. You can purchase this collection and all others expect for the Manuka honey and mafura oil collection from British Curlies >>

For more information on all their lines please visit the Shea Moisture website >

And no guys, I wasn’t paid or sponsored to do this mini-series 🙂  I really enjoy learning about new products and different companies.

Are you stuck on choosing the right collection for your hair needs? Don’t worry I got you! My fool proof guide to Shea moisture products will be up shortly! Please repost/ tweet or tag Shea moisture so they can see this!

Speak to you very soon







Hey guys! Another product collection! This time we are headed to Dark and lovely for the next 3 posts to look at their natural hair products collections. To my knowledge they have 3 different collections for natural hair:

Au Naturale moisture L.O.C (Today’s post)

Au Naturale anti shrinkage

Au Naturale anti breakage

So we will be looking at them individually over the next couple of posts.

The moisture L.O.C (liquid, oil, cream) collection was inspired by the L.O.C method that naturals use to moisturise their hair. If you struggle with this method, wondering what products to use, then this collection was designed to take out that guesswork! They say the line was created to work together to deliver up to 7 days of long lasting moisture (hmm, do I see a challenge coming on?). Great ingredient list including coconut oil and moringa oil.

The full collection is as follows

Sulfate free shampoil (I featured this in my cleansing series)

Deep conditioning delight

Super quench leave in spray

Soak it up cocktail

Lock it in sealing cream

You know what guys, I am going to contact them to see if they can provide the products for my challenge ( I will let you know if they responded or ignored) , if not I will purchase them myself and let you guys know the outcome! Challenge accepted! The full range can be bought online from British Curlies >> , join in the challenge #7daymoisturechallenge and let’s see if it lives up to its name. For more information on their products, please visit their website >>

That’s all folks! Let’s continue with the au Naturale anti shrinkage collection

Until then