Lush Toner Tabs: Q10, Dream steam, Tea Tree

Hey family, happy Sunday! Wait did I not say it would rain today, yesterday lool. Anyway, as promised this post will be the start of our Lush toner series. They have 6 toners in total: 3 tabs and 3 liquid. So there will be only two posts in this series but we will be looking at all the products in this range. As usual I will add prices, where to buy and where possible reviews.

Today we are looking at their toner tabs Q10, Dream steam and Tea tree. All these can be purchased online at or in store. Check their website to find out the closest store to you.

Q10 is their latest toner tab, available since the 18th of August. There are currently no reviews on this but I did find a video on how it works. It’s packed full of chamomile blue, lavender and sandalwood oils to soothe and comfort the skin. It also has aloe vera and carrageenan extract to gently soften and clarify. Its £1.25 for 7g (Which I think it’s one tab)






Dream steam


This is described as perfect for sensitive or dry skin. It’s made with rose absolute, chamomile blue and tea tree. £2.50 for 7g.




Tea tree

t ree


Packed with tea tree oil and aloe vera it’s powerful for acne prone skin. I may just pop into a Lush and get this. Its only £1 for 5g.




That’s all folks. check back soon for the toner water post. If you want to have a look at the cleanser series, everything can be found under the beauty tab.


Until next time