Everyday Inspiration; Fola

“Transitioning for me was very easy, my family were all very laid back about it, almost indifferent. My dad was very happy because he didn’t want me to relax my hair in the first place!”- Fola

Ok folks, Everyday inspiration is back! Meet Fola, 25 years old from Freetown, Sierra Leone. Sit back and enjoy her story as she shares it with me. 🙂

She currently works for the not-for-profit sector and loves blogging. I actually started talking to her because a friend of mine referred me to her for a blog feature! ( about hair obviously lool) Here’s a link to her blog and my feature on it http://www.blackgirlflow.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/hairstory-sarah-returns-to-her-roots.html . After that, I decided to feature her on my blog too and here’s how it went.

Actually we have been talking( emailing lol) since February about this feature! but due to hectic lifestyles I can only bring it to you now in April (lol) better late than never i guess… Well lets get started!

Born in Freetown and left when she was 5, Fola can remember from pictures that the women around hair had natural hair. (Grandma and her sisters) Her aunties she recalls had a variety of styles ( very expectable lol)

Ok, with this in mind, did you find it any easier or more difficult to transition to natural hair?

Transitioning for me was very easy, my family were all very laid back about it, almost indifferent. My dad was very happy because he didn’t want me to relax my hair in the first place!  ( I think this is great because I havenot heard of men usually been ‘motivators’ (lol) of natural hair, most of them usually dont bother or dont even notice but its great here to see dad do this….

Ooooh that’s a tough one. I’ve actually transitioned twice in my life. The first time I was 16 and just bored of relaxing. My hair never came out as thick or as long as I wanted it and it was always breaking. So I stopped relaxing it. I transitioned again when I was 20 for pretty much the same reason. It was never a conscious decision that ‘I’m going natural’ I just decided not to relax my hair anymore. So I have been natural for 5 years now. – On why she transitioned!  And a lot of people ( including myself) have transitioned because of that reason reason : THICKNESS….

look at that!

Having straight hair was never an issue for me!”  Fola on if transitioning was difficult because of having curly hair instead of straight ( and I mean look a ther hair! am sooo jealous!)


What she had to say

“Over the years I have changed the way I look after my hair tremendously! I’m more aware of the chemicals in products and not just the smell. The more I’ve learnt about afro-textured hair the more I’ve leaned towards using gentler more moisturizing products to help maintain the health of my hair.”

TOP 3 PRODUCTS she uses? And tries to have all the time?

coconut oil

as recommended most most naturals

water, not that you needed a picture but you get the point lol

and any moisturizing conditioner

Has there been a change in your hair routines? Like the number of times you wash your hair a week, how you protect your hair when you sleep? Protective styling? ( weaves, braids, ponytails)

The biggest change has been with washing my hair. Before I was natural I washed my hair every 6 weeks probably, but now, if my hair is not in braids I wash it at least once a week. If it’s in braids then I’ll wash it once a fortnight. 

Fola on product recommendation– A few of my faves apart from the ones I already mentioned are Tresemme Naturals conditioners, they always leave my hair feeling amazing! Another one of my all time favourites is Rhassoul Clay which I buy online from Shea Butter Cottage, it’s a great cleanser and deep conditioner. I also really like the Rhassoul and Honey deep conditioner from Mahogany Naturals UK. I would say that finding products that works for your hair is a process of trial and error in my opinion. What works for me might not work for you!

rhassoul clay

I must say, i never heard of this but after some intensive research ( basically googling LOL) its pretty popular and useful. hmmm added to my never ending list of products to try… after further more intensive research ( youtubing LOOL)

Her Advice – Since going natural I have gained such confidence in myself and my self-esteem has had a bit of a boost! So, of course I would encourage anyone who told me they wanted to stop relaxing their hair.


Learn to love your hair in all it’s different forms. Many women go natural and get frustrated because what they really wanted was the thick long natural hair, but it takes time to get there, so whilst you’re waiting, love your hair for what it is!

miss F to the O to the L to the A…

ok folks, that it from MISS FOLA…. check out her facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Blackgirlflow/171221429617569 for more info on her and her hair! also her blog for more info about natural hair…

its now 4.57am and have a good morning from Sarah xxxxx


its the 24th of Decemeber so i should start with this


lol.. ok so that’s out of the way and the real reason for this post, well 3 main reasons


firstly, its the end of semster 1 for me and i must say it was challenging! it was great fun to see me placed in a whole new environment, away from my comfort zone and watch how i would cope. i barely made it here however i still made it, whether crawling or standing. this semster for me has been tough- spiritually, emotionally and academically. been challenged in every area everywhere i go. ad i meanthat literally! i have met some amazing people, who have impacted in my life in such a short while. i have also had to say goodbye to some people who still impacted my life but for the greater good some connections had to be cut. i hope the new people are ones to stay for longer especially some friends who has helped me in diverse ways. already. PHEW!

secondly, its almost the end of the year 2011 and i must say GLORY TO BE THE LAMB. WHAT!!!  there is a saying that goes ‘ if you have seen anything you cant say anything@ ( or something of the sort LOOOL) but this year? nah i think i will leave it till the manifestations of seeds take place. but all i can say is WOW.

thirdly and quite importantly my hair journey. i started the transition from relaxed hair to natural and in April and i really didnt think i would take it seriously then. i thought it was just  phrase i was going to go through but eight months now the line and am still transitioning. NO WAIT. I BCed!!!! ( big chop for y’all who dont understand. bascially i cut my hair LOOL) oh gosh…. i have so much growth underneath them relaxed hair that when i cut it, i was surprise at it…

hair journery

relaxed hair


july. 4 months


4 months


5 months


6 months


7 months


and 8 months? BC!!! the end of my transitioning journey!!!! pictures

what am working with




getting there anndddddddddddddddddddd




OK SO THAT ME WITH MY HAIR NOW AND ACCORDING TO A FRIEND I LOOK LIKE A TWO YEAR OLD! LOOOL. my journey has been amazing… i learnt a lot of new things and not to mention the amazing people i interviewed for my everyday inspiration series! the new products i have tried and some am still waiting to try. the people that tried to get me to keep relaxing my hair, the people that dared me to and the people that encouraged me, to y’all thank u!!!!!

so 8 months and am done with transitioning now its time to focus on growing my natural hair to my desired lenght which is breast lenght (lool) . and i guess i have to feature myself on my series now? hm! but thts another day… anyways from me to you