Croatia Travel: Hiking in Plitvice National Park

Plitvice lakes were what sparked my interest in Croatia over a year ago! A friend had just come back from there and told me about it and recommended I visit as I like hikes and the outdoors. A visit to this national park was really why I was in Croatia and I chose Split as a base because it was much cheaper to fly to from London

Travel from Split to Plitvice Lakes

There are a lot of tour companies offering trips to Plitvice but I decided to go via Public transport because I had onward travel plans and going by a tours company would have taken the whole day. I used Get by Bus to book this trip and the others I booked.

Plitvice is about 2.30hrs away from Split with the bus however I didn’t realise break times were not added to the estimated time of arrival on the bus ticket. We were supposed to arrive by 12.50pm however we arrived by 13.30pm. There are 2 entrances to Plitvice and the bus dropped us off at entrance 2. From this bus stop, it’s not clear where to go for tickets but if you climb up the stairs and turn left, walk down those stairs and you will get to the ‘main entrance 2’ where you can get a ticket, map and store your luggage(free).

Plitvice lakes

Croatia Travel: Hiking in Plitvice National Park

We only had about 2-3.30 hrs in Plitvice so the staff recommended a walking trail( Trail E) that would allow us to make the most of the park and still be back in time for our bus. The Plitvice tickets include a boat & panoramic ride so they recommended a walk up then panoramic ride down. After alighting the boat ride climb up the stairs and turn left once you get to the top for trail E. The rest of the trail is clearly signposted. Trail E took us just under 2.30 hrs stopping very frequently for pictures. It’s a one-way narrow wooden path. This path does the upper lakes and 12(or 14 I can’t remember) of the 44 lakes in Plitvice.

Croatia Travel: Hiking in Plitvice National Park

Plitvice lakes is beautiful and I definitely recommend you visit here if you are in Croatia. It’s fairly easy to get to from Zagreb as well and a lot of the tour companies there also organise day trips there.

I would go back and do the lower lakes and a different trail. This place is absolutely stunning and I am so happy I have finally experienced it.

Croatia Travel: Hiking in Plitvice National Park

We made it back in time to grab a snack before our bus to Zagreb at 17.50. If you get off at Entrance 2 bus stop s and you are going to Zagreb it’s the same bus stop. Make sure you double check which bus company you have booked with as it was slightly confusing at first to see other buses at our scheduled departure time arrive but we could not get on. The bus companies are not always obvious in front of the bus but most of the drivers did mention the company when they were picking passengers. Also, bare in time of the breaks/stops they buses take. Our bus was meant to arrive at 17.50 but came at 18.30.

I will definitely recommend Get By bus for booking tickets! I used it for the other trips I booked plus they also sell tickets for buses in other countries. It’s a legit website and it was very easy to navigate, I had no issues with payment or getting my tickets.

My next post is the final post of my Croatian travel adventure and I will tell you what happened in Zagreb and the other ‘travelling while black’ incidents. Lol

Catch you soon!

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