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Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing great! I have been MIA for a few weeks now: been really busy planning! But I’m back now and with a review on the lovely goodies I was sent by Ziyanda Beauty. If you haven’t already, check out my introductory post on the natural skin care brand: Ziyanda Beauty.

As I stated on my social media, I was sent the Mango Shea Marula Butter, Amla & Hibiscus Hair Oil, Kalahari Melon & Marula Facial Oil and the Kalahari Desert Salt & Coffee Body Scrub. I have now used all the products and can bring you a full and honest review on them! Let’s get into it!

Starting with the Facial Oil, it’s suitable for normal, dry or mature skin and can be used alone or in combination with a moisturiser. I found the oil to be lightweight and non-greasy and absorbs really easily into the skin. It hasn’t clogged my pores at all and I use this almost every day, especially on makeup free days! It also works well with my Dermalogica pure night moisturiser. It has a lovely scent and I love the dropper it comes with, makes it easier to dispense and apply. It makes my skin feel soft and moisturised without the need for a moisturiser.

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Moving on to the Mango Shea Marula Butter which I have already finished! What’s not to love about this? It has a very lovely and pleasant scent and it’s very easy to spread. It doesn’t leave your skin oily at all! It melts as you warm it up in your hands. It’s a multipurpose butter for both hair and body but I loved it as my body moisturiser so much, I didn’t get a chance to use it on my hair.

ziyanda review

I haven’t used many body scrubs in my day (I found them to be really gentle and not as gritty as I would like) but the Kalahari Desert Salt & Coffee Body Scrub is my new fav! I found it to be very gritty which I loved and left my skin so soft and smooth! It’s perfect for dried heels too (in combination with the butter = summer feet on fleek!) it has coffee in it which is good for cellulite and shea butter to moisturise the skin

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Last but not least is the Amla & Hibiscus Hair Oil, this one as a pre poo treatment is amazing! If softened my very dry 4c hair and made it easier to remove shed hair. I also used it as the Oil in the L.O.C method and found it be a good sealant oil. It’s not heavy on my hair and works well with my leave in conditioner (Palmers Manuka Honey Leave in Cream), leaving no flakes! I have never used Hibiscus Oil on my hair but it seems my hair really loves it! The hair oil has a slight herbal scent but it’s nothing overpowering.

Verdict– this is the best natural organic line I have used so far! The Body Butter and Facial Oil were serious contenders for my favourite product but I have to choose the Body Butter, I finished it within 2 and half weeks! The oil is really lovely too!

If you are looking for natural, organic skincare you definitely need to check out Ziyanda! And because I love it so much and I know you guys will too, I will have a special discount code for you! coming soon!


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Ziyanda Beauty

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing well! Happy new month, it seems 2016 is going so fast! Wishing everyone a great week, month and rest of the year.

I am super late with this post, but if you follow me on Instagram which you totally should (sarahfynn) product junkies you can’t afford not to, I post new products every day! I posted a lovely bundle of goodies sent by the lovely Thembi of Ziyanda Beauty. I love supporting Black Owned and British Brands, so when Thembi reached out I was definitely interested! Plus its natural and organic products which I am trying so hard to get more of (I currently use African Black Soap for showering and my shea butter mixes as my body moisturiser).

Ziyanda Beauty products are full of natural, organic and fair trade ingredients like shea butter from Ghana and Hibiscus from Burkina Faso. All products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

She stocks oils for body, face and hair, body butters and soaps packed with good ingredients and free from parabens, petroleum, silicones etc. All products are free from SLS and Artificial colours. I was sent a lovely package for a full and honest review. I was sent the


Amla & Hibiscus hair oil

Kalahari Desert salt & coffee body scrub

Mango Shea Marula Butter

Kalahari Melon & Marula facial oil

I have started using the facial oil but not the other products yet but I am really looking forward to trying these out and reporting back to you!

For more information on the products and to read mini reviews, check out her store on Etsy, Ziyanda Beauty

Thank you to the lovely Thembi for the package. You can find Ziyanda Beauty on Facebook- Ziyanda, Twitter- @Ziyanda_Beauty and Instagram- Ziyanda_beauty

See you soon!

What are some of your fav Black owned British Brands?

Love never fails



Keeping Up With the Organics: Makeup & Skincare

Welcome back Peter Minkoff! He’s back with his 2nd article for my blog and this time he is sharing his knowledge on the why and what of organic beauty! Watch out for his recommendations too! Did you catch his 1st post on here? Read all about how to get your hair detoxed for spring here!

A transition from conventional beauty products to organic ones is much more significant than you probably think – it means opting for your health and overall well-being in the first place. Organics are highly-beneficial for many reasons, primarily because they will treat your skin gently and keep it nourished and rejuvenated with their unique formulation and natural ingredients. Even celebrities have gone crazy about these products. This shows that their reputation should not be neglected. Here are some of the ways to keep up with the organics in the best possible way.

Why Organics?

The production of organic beauty products requires specific ingredients that have been produced with unique methods of bio farming which exclude all kinds of toxins and pesticides harmful to our health. Such products don’t contain artificially added fragrances which frequently contain phthalates, substances that can trigger allergic reactions and other health problems. This means that organics are much gentler to your skin than conventional beauty products – their list of ingredients is appropriate for all skin type, even for people with sensitive skin. Regular products also include parabens, which are actually synthetic chemicals that can alter human endocrine system by mimicking our human body’s natural hormones. Accumulating such substances in your body can lead to serious health problems, one of which is cancer. As for organic products – they are free of parabens, which will definitely reduce your daily burden of chemicals.

Simplify Your Beauty Routine

Simplify Your Beauty Routine

The beauty industry nowadays offers a wide range of body creams, lotions and potions that supposedly do wonders. However, reality is much different. Such products often don’t live up to our expectations, which is exactly why you should keep your beauty routine simple. When it comes to day-to-day skincare products, all you need is a basic cleanser and toner, gentle scrub, appropriate moisturiser, and inevitable sunscreen. Just make sure that the label “natural” marks ingredients that are really natural, because some manufacturers tend to write that their products are something they actually are not.  On the other hand, the best way to know exactly what goes into your skincare products is to make your own.  Homemade face masks and scrubs that include ingredients such as eggs, honey, avocado and sea salt are amazing, particularly when you take into consideration that they are very inexpensive yet effective.

Celebrities & Organics


Celebrities have gone crazy about the organics, starting with Gwyneth Paltrow who launched her own makeup collection (Juice Beauty). Her products are crafted from certified organic ingredients that include different vegetables, flowers, fruits and berries. Their prices are also great, and it is actually a good way to popularize such skincare products among the women all over the world. Miranda Kerr also owns organic skincare line, KORA Organics ,  she firmly believes in all-natural approach to beauty. When it comes to organic makeup, celebrity makeup artists absolutely adore 100 Percent Pure Naked Palette which is fruit-pigmented, so it creates completely natural, stunning look. It is very versatile, since it can be used both as an eye shadow and a blush. It’s also perfect for contouring, and its major advantage is definitely the fact that it is organic.

Organics We Love!

100 percent pure

I have been searching for perfect organic skincare products for quite a long time because the conventional ones simply weren’t working for me – starting with cleansers and toners which were too harsh for my skin, as well as moisturisers that whose formulation was just wrong. 100 Percent Pure skincare products are a truly amazing discovery for me because these are very lightweight which keeps my complexion fresh all day long. Organics are definitely a way of life, and I personally couldn’t agree more!

Do you guys use any organic beauty? Share your fav brands with us! I am always looking for new products/brands to try out!

I have to hand it to Peter for a very well written article! Make sure you check him out on Twitter and Facebook>>