Nip Fab Glycolic Fix Radiance Shot Review

Nip Fab’s Glycolic Fix range is one of the best acid collections in the drugstore. I personally love the Glycolic Fix collection and I have tried many items from it. I have a quick review of the Nip Fab Glycolic Fix Radiance Shot I have had for a while now.

This promises luminosity, smoother skin and reduced pigmentation.


So I have had this serum for a very long time but I have been using it on and off. I wasn’t frequently using it because I could not see any benefits plus I did not like the fact that it was iridescent. I do not like gimmicky skincare and this serum has a blue tint which turns golden when massaged into the skin (if you don’t mind this then of course go for it). This is a smooth lightweight texture with a strong chemical scent. It sinks into the skin very quickly but I feel like it leaves a very faint shimmer on the skin.

It wasn’t the gimmicks that made me dislike this, I just felt like I didn’t see any benefits using this. They do not state the glycolic content of this serum however after checking the ingredient list, glycolic acid is the 2nd ingredient. I haven’t seen any difference in my pigmentation and my skin is smooth because I use a 7% AHA toner. The serum adds no hydration to my skin but doesn’t pil with other products.


I couldn’t finish the bottle because I disliked the serum so I have thrown it away. In all fairness, I used more than half of the bottle but I couldn’t bring myself to finish it! I have had this for a while, I actually got it when they were doing a £5 sale ages ago. I love glycolic acids but this serum did not benefit my skin. I also don’t appreciate gimmicky skincare but I will use a product if I felt like it was working, this serum didn’t do anything for me so I stopped using it to move unto something else!

check out my Nip Fab brand review which summaries everything I have used from the brand.

Nip Fab Glycolic Fix Radiance Shot is £19.95 on LookFantastic*

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Best Skincare Products of 2018

Guys, 2018 is almost over! What a year it is has been! I’m kicking off the end of year posts with the best of 2018 skincare edit! These are my best picks of skincare products, products I have used that instantly blew me away or over time I came to love! I will link reviews of products

Right get ready to grab a pen & notebook and wait for the sales, these products are sure to get your new year off with a bang.


An absolute essential in every skincare routine, a well-formulated cleanser will remove traces of dirt, excess sebum and makeup with stripping the skin of oils/moisture. This year two cleansers particularly stood out: Nip Fab Cleansing Fix– this luxurious cleansing balm has the refreshing scent of eucalyptus and removes makeup with ease! It also deep cleanses the skin and it has never let me down. Tri-Balm was my first high-end cleansing stick. The lux balm melts into oil on contact and gently cleanses the skin.

Makeup remover

So I love good makeup remover because I need to make sure every trace of makeup is removed before I go in to cleanse. This year I loved and still do the Primark makeup removal cloth. I never believed those cloths that promise to remove makeup with water only but this actually works! It removes mascara too! I was blown away the first time I used it and honestly, it’s made my cleansing process quick & easy! I use it in conjuc. with cleansing balms and honestly, it’s beautiful. I think using the cloth has really made me fall in love with cleansing balms because I used it hate them lol. Best part? it’s only £1.50 and one cloth actually lasts a while. I am still using my first cloth and it’s been 3-4 months already! I am not experiencing any shedding from it and it feels really gentle on the skin.


Acid tone! Acid Tone! ACID TONE! If you haven’t started already what are you waiting for? I use acid based toners at night and hydrating toners in the morning. In addition to my usual favourites- The Ordinary 7% Glycolic solution and Pixi 5% Glow Tonic, the Glossier Solution impressed me much. It is a blend of AHA/BHA/PHA at 10% it leaves my skin so smooth and radiant. I just wish it came in a bigger size.

For hydrating toners- two really stood out to me: Pixi Rose Tonic was soothing and gentle on my skin and the BodyShop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner added antioxidant protection and hydration in the mornings

Face masks

Sephora Sheet masks win hands down and my favourite flavours are Pineapple and Aloe vera. I also love the Nip Fab Extreme Sheet mask, Nip fab eye masks and the Nip Fab Dragon’s blood Plumping mask.


I think you know what I will say: The ordinary! 4 serums really stood the test of 2018: Niacinamide, Resveratrol & Ferulic acid, MAP and Salicylic acid serums were a skin saviour this year and I lost count of how many times I repurchased them. Another serum (not The Ordinary) that stood out was the Neostrata Tri Therapy Lifting serum– gosh this made my skin glow and added hydration. My skin was also so smooth.

Mists & Essences

I tried Essences for the first time this year, I tried 2 different ones from two brands and I really liked the B. Essence Lotion. It hydrates and soothes the skin! You know I love a good mist, I love Elizabeth Harden 8 hour Miracle Mist and the Espa Refreshing Spritz.

Creams & SPF

Two products: Clinique Dramatically Different moisturising lotion– there is a reason why this is Clinique’s best seller, this adds moisture to the skin without leaving it oily/greasy. It also adds radiance to my skin. The BodyShop Drops of Light SPF 50 is amazing. It’s ultra-light and 100% clear on black skin. I was using it nonstop from March to November I lost count of how many tubes I bought!

That’s all folks! These are the skincare products that made a difference to my skin this year and those that impressed me by far! I have linked my reviews and where to purchase these products!

I will be back with more best of 2018 edits, next time I am coming with MAKEUP!

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Nip Fab Glycolic Instant Fix Mask Review


It’s no secret I have been loving the Glycolic Fix range from NipFab skincare. I have reviewed their products here, here and here too. I recently shared my haul of their products on my insta even. But why do I like the products so much? 1 because its Glycolic acids and my skin loves that, 2 because it’s affordable. Today I have a full review of the Nip Fab Glycolic Instant Fix Mask which is part of their ever popular Glycolic Fix range

What is it?

A 5% glycolic acid mask with evermat technology that promises to smooth skin, reduce the look of enlarged pores and reduce shine. It also has glycerin for moisture


I have had the mask in my collection for a while now. It’s one of those masks I forget I have but when I use it I am impressed and remember why I love it so much. The Instant fix mask is a gel-like texture, and has a 5% glycolic acid content. I reach for this mask when I am having texture issues or clogged pores and when I want smooth skin.

Although my skin is used to higher aha content, this mask stings, just a little bit but only for 1 min or so when I put it on. I can imagine it been worst for 1st-time users so please please patch test before you put this on your whole face! Anyway, I apply a thinish layer wit my mask brush after cleansing my face and leave it on for 10 mins. It’s a little tricky to wash off but I find that with a lot of other gel textured masks. Results? My skin is visibly smoother and my pores look reduced. I do feel like the results get better the next day. My tzone doesn’t get oily and the overall appearance of my skin looks more refined

The Nip Fab Glycolic Instant Fix Mask is my 1st ever glycolic acid mask ( I have now picked up the 30% AHA and 2% BHS from the Ordinary, you know the red one!) and I really love it. For me, it leaves my skin smoother and subsequent application of serums etc sinks in like a dream! Will I repurchase? Yes!


It was a good addition to my collection, I have now run out of it :(.  It’s reasonably priced (and currently on sale on the Nip Fab website) so if you love glycolic acids and have wondered by this one, please pick it up! If you are a hard-core glycolic acid user, I think you will like this. Caution- please do a patch test if you are unsure PLUS USE SPF IN THE MORNINGS IF YOU USE THIS MASK OR ANY OTHER ACID PRODUCT. I mean you should be using SPF anyway and yes that includes winter and fall seasons!

Who can’t wait for my February Ultimate Empties Challenge post? Seriously counting down the days! It doesn’t look like I will hit my target but I still got some time to go! See Jan’s post here

Check out this mask on the Nip Fab website. But also in stores in Boots & Superdrug


Nip Fab Glycolic Fix Scrub Review


Ever since I discovered chemical exfoliation with chemical exfoliants like AHA/BHA’s I scarcely use a physical exfoliant like a face scrub. In fact, in my whole skincare collection, I only have two that were gifted to me and one of those is the Nip Fab Glycolic Fix Scrub. Today’s review will be focused on the Nip Fab Glycolic Fix Scrub and my experiences with it

What is it?

Triple action scrub with 3% glycolic acid and salicylic acid to brighten, renew and refine skin. Deep cleans pores and reduces blemishes from 1st use


This isn’t a scrub I reach for every week; in fact, sometimes I only use this scrub once a month in addition to my normal routine. My daily routine includes the Nip Fab Extreme Glycolic Pads With 5% Glycolic Acid(AHA) and it does a pretty good job of keeping my pores minimised and skin smooth and clear. I only reach for this scrub when I feel my skin needs a little more kick or when I have texture issues/congested skin.

The scrub is mild and quite grainy which I love with a pleasant scent, a little is all I need and a very light pressure to massage this over my face and neck avoiding the eye area. There is no need to use a face wash before using the scrub. After about a min, I would simply wash this off my skin with warm water, it washes off very easily. This scrub leaves my skin super smooth and pores clean! It clears whiteheads (those pesky little white spots you have around your chin and nose area) and texture issues (little bumps on the skin) with ease. It leaves my skin visibly smoother with a glow. I am happy it does dry out my skin. My skin loves AHA so I am not surprised this scrub works well with my skin! I love to follow this up with a soothing or moisturising face mask. but it works amazingly well with the Nip Fab Glycolic Fix mask( review pending)


This scrub is something I definitely want to keep in my routine. In the summer I reach for this more as my skin gets oiler and it also helps to balance oil. I usually switch between this and the Sukin Charcoal Pore Refining scrub which I have reviewed on Brown Beauty Talk. I will definitely purchase this and recommend this for oily, congested skin types. With the low conc of 3%, I think this scrub is perfect for 1st-time users of AHA. I don’t get a stinging sensation with this- my skin is used to higher concs but a low one like this shouldn’t be a problem.

As always, I can’t stress enough the importance of a high SPF when using any sort of acids. AHA/BHA’s no matter the concentration leave your skin more sensitive to the sun, even in the winter so protection is essential!

This scrub is a must have in your skincare routine, it’s not something you need to use every week or frequently but for skin that needs a jump start, this is a must-have!

Nip Fab Glycolic Scrub Fix is £6.63 (on offer, full price £9.95) Boots and from their website NipFab

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