New Nordic Hair Volume Review

New Nordic Hair Volume

Hey family I hope all is well! Happy New Year! 1st post of 2016!!

Last month I started my growth challenge with the New Nordic Hair Volume hair growth supplements, I have finished my pack and I am here to give you a review! Read my introductory post here

Side effects

First let’s start with side effects, did I experience any? My number 1 worry when I start taking any new hair vitamin are side effects. With this I didn’t experience any at all: no breakouts or extra hair growth in place where the sun don’t shine lol. I was taking this in addition to my normal multivitamin and biotin and still no breakouts! I didn’t do anything different to my water intake either: I always aim for 1.5 to 2L daily.

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Did it actually work? I’m not sure lol. I haven’t really noticed a huge difference in terms of hair thickness or growth. Around the 2nd week of taking them, I did notice my roots were slightly thicker and my nape area felt thicker. On wash days, I still got my normal amount of hair shedding.


With hair supplements I always want to get a minimum of 3 month supply for the best results. I haven’t noticed a difference in my hair after 30 days.  I did not like the taste of it too and the smell. If you are not used to taking tablets, you may find the size of the tablet big.

It’s available in Holland & Barret, Amazon and some Pharmacies.

I have a new hair challenge for you, stay tuned