NEW! B.Pure Micellar Water Review

The B. Pure range in Superdrug has been busy releasing new products over the last couple of months. Included in that new product collection is the new B. Pure Micellar Water I picked up a few weeks back. You guys know how I feel about micellar water with previous posts here, here and here and one more here lol so you know I had to pick this up! I mean I walk into Superdrug and there it is plus its on buy one get one free offer?!

The new B.Pure Micellar Water is suitable for all skin types including the ‘most sensitive’. It promises to cleanse, tone and refresh the skin and suitable for use around the eye area. But the claim that caught my eyes was the fact that it is a ‘no-rinse formula’


The new B. Pure Micellar Water comes in a massive 400 ml bottle (there is also a smaller 100ml size) and has a simple cap dispenser. The packaging is a simple clear bottle with the white cap which looks nice.

This micellar water is very good at removing complexion makeup: foundation, powder, blush etc. its also very good with removing eye makeup like mascara and shadows. I do feel like it struggles a little bit with waterproof mascara. It doesn’t say on the bottle if its suitable for waterproof mascara but I found when I have used it for waterproof mascara, it takes a bit longer with a few good swipes. Sometimes I cant be bothered and use a separate eye makeup remover. The formulation is very gentle on the skin and I don’t feel like its stripping my skin of any moisture. I also like using it to cleanse my face even when I have no makeup on.

Regarding the no-rinse formula, I was very excited to test out. So I use about 3 to 4 large pads to take off all my makeup then I wash my face with my Vanity Planet SPS Face brush plus my Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel ( I have just run out  😦 so switched to Simple Face Wash).  I notice on my brush, there is a little makeup residue on it. just a small amount.

Verdict– a very good micellar water from the B. Pure range in Superdrug. Is it truly a no-rinse formula? I think if you wore minimal makeup e.g. just concealer & powder you will be fine with not washing your face after. With full on makeup e.g. foundation, concealer powder etc, the micellar water is still great at removing all of it (in fact one large pad with the micellar water takes off a lot of my makeup) but I think to play it safe and still wash your face afterwards just to ensure its all off.

I do really like this micellar water and I would repurchase.

B.Pure Micellar Water is £ 4.49 in Superdrug. I can see it hasn’t made its way online yet but it’s definitely in stores.