Debunking natural hair myths 3: Ignorant hairdresser!

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing great! If you read my previous debunking natural hair myths, Part 1>> Part 2 >>  you would know it was inspired by things I heard or read. Today’s post however was inspired by a conversation I overheard lol yesterday between a ‘hairdresser’ and another man.

He said

Natural hair is just a trend that will die down soon. You know how people catch on to trends. They will realise its expensive and it’s not suitable for UK weather. Natural hair is not versatile, there’s not much you can do with it

Because I was eavesdropping (lol, well I wasn’t I was in the next room and the door was open lol) I couldn’t just barge in and lecture him. I thought about what I heard all the way home and how it’s a pity to hear this from a hairdresser. He’s probably the type to convince you to relax your hair if you walked into his salon. Anyway today’s post will focus on debunking all the myths he said

  1. Natural hair is a trend- I think this is subjective depending on who you talk to. For instance, if you talk to someone who has seen a lot of perfectly defined twist outs and amazing voluminous hair, they are somehow led to believe that will be their case once they transition. They don’t really know what goes into that process aka pre poo, detangle, wash, deep condition, LOC then twist, dry, fluff then ROCK lol. So they transition only to find it’s not the case and give up, it is to those people that natural hair is a trend. I believe most things started off as a trend but stuck because people found it worked for them and they liked it. I also I believe if you did your research prior to transitioning and you had a personal reason/issue why you transitioned aka you had damaged hair etc, and you believe transitioning to natural hair is the only way to recovery, then  you are more likely to keep your natural hair afterwards. it will not die down for those people that has become their lifestyle
  2. Natural hair is expensive- I must confess I thought the same thing when I first became natural, and of course I thought I needed a separate conditioner to detangle and condition. I also thought I needed 10000 different oils for my hair. But now I believe it’s either more or less expensive than relaxed hair. It will cost whatever you put into it. I can have natural hair and use the bare minimum products or relaxed hair with the most products. But for the sake of this man, let’s look at some prices comparisons of natural and relaxed hair products in the same category.


Relaxed hair- Elasta QP shampoo for relaxed hair £2.49/237ml

Natural hair- Motions nourish and acre active moisture shampoo £2.99/473ml


Relaxed hair- Olive oil formula replenishing conditioner- £2.99/250ml

Natural Hair- Eco natural cocktail conditioner- £2.99/8oz


I could go on. It’s what you decide to buy.  A lot of these products are suitable for all hair types too. I think the main reason people think it’s expensive is 1. Some time ago, companies that made natural hair products were very limited hence the high price 2. I believe when you transition or first become natural there is a lot of products that are thrown at you that you want to try out, hence you buy, buy, buy. Trust me when I say about 60% of products you would buy in the first year of been natural will not work for you. As you experiment and play around with different products, you will know your staple products and what works best for your hair.

If he is saying natural hair is more expensive because of all the styling products or oils we buy, once again he is wrong because we just swapped wrapping/setting lotions for curl defining cremes/gels and so forth. But again this really depends on the individual and how much they are willing to spend on their hair products

  1. It’s not suitable for UK weather- 1st of all, no hair is ever suitable for UK weather lol that’s why we got weaves, braids and wigs. Say no more
  2. Natural hair is not versatile, there’s not much you can do with it- well mister take a look at the countless videos on YouTube and decide for yourself

I hope I did a good job debunking these myths, what do you guys think? I would love to hear others opinions on some stuff he said, make sure you comment below: whether you’re relaxed or natural!

Naturals do you think been natural is more expensive than when you were relaxed? People that transitioned but when back to relaxing their hair, what made you go back? Was it a trend for you or did you find it difficult/ not enough time? Do you think I am been defensive because I am natural?

It really gets on my nerves to hear ignorant stuff about natural hair, what people decide to do with their hair is their personal business so why say foolish things about something just because it’s not the norm?. Anyway let me go and drink this tea and apply my oils and sleep lol.



Debunking Natural Hair Myths

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Ever heard someone say something about natural hair and you’re like whatttttt??? Where did you get that from? Well today we are debunking such myths and providing free common sense (lol) to all

Myth 1- Natural hair doesn’t grow!

My answer to this is quite simple: look at anyone who big chopped and their hair now? What is that you say? yh I will wait! Whilst it may be true that for some hair types it’s difficult to retain length, the mere fact that your hair grew from when you cut it is an indication of growth! So your ultimate length is tailbone, floor sweeping hair but that doesn’t mean your shoulder length hair is not growing. Up to some extent your hair length is determined by genetics, after you hit a certain length and it seems your hair is no longer growing, it maybe because you reached your peak. I’m sure you can grow past this length with a healthy hair regime, proper diet and maybe even growth supplements! (Check out my posts on oils and pills  for hair growth)

Take a look at this vintage pic of me back in 2011 when I first big chopped! Compared to this pic of me 2 months ago after I got a bit scissor happy (lol, please excuse my face, I had woken up not too long ago!) you can also take a look at countless of hair journeys on YouTube as well.


Dec 2011
July 2015














Myth 2- if you wear wigs, weaves, braids, you’re not natural!

I’m sorry, this is plain stupidity! Why would an extension make my hair not natural? So what hair did we have when we had relaxed hair and wore our weaves/wigs? Wigs/weaves etc are a protective style that anyone wears when they want a break from their own hair. It also provides versatility in terms of heat styling and colouring that most people won’t want on their own hair e.g. I will never bleach my hair but I don’t mind bleaching my extensions. I have a thriving collection of wigs lol (Check under the virgin hair tab for reviews) which seem to increase each year and look, I still have my 4c hair underneath! Whereas I completely stay away from weaves for personal reasons, it doesn’t mean when a natural gets her weave done, her natural hair is magically going to change!

one of my fav wigs
one of my fav wigs


Myth 3- if you colour or straightened your hair, you’re not natural!

Ok with this I can understand where the person is coming from when they say this but I feel like it’s taken out of context. In our community, natural hair is the absence of permanently chemically straightened hair right? As in the use of relaxers so that the hair that grows out of your scalp and the hair on your head are two completely different structures and textures. Take a look at this picture back in 2011 when I was cutting my relaxed ends off, you can see the completely different textures (boy, I’m really digging deep for these pictures lol)

getting there anndddddddddddddddddddd
you can see the difference in textures Dec 2011


relaxed hair
completely relaxed hair, Feb 2011


If you want to be technical, nobody on earth has completely natural hair because all our shampoos, conditioners, leave in conditioners etc have chemicals we add to our hair and will affect its chemistry but it doesn’t straighten/ drastically change the texture because that’s not what it’s supposed to do. When a natural colours their hair, all they have done is add colour to the hair and not chemically straightened their hair. The same for straightening, I have temporarily re arranged certain bond structures in my hair so that it’s laying ‘flat’ or straight instead of curly or coily. It will easily revert back with the addition of water.

I am going to leave it here because I don’t want this post to be too long but I will be back for part 2! What are some of the common myths you hear about natural hair that makes you wonder if there is still hope for humankind lol. Leave your thoughts below. Also do you agree with my answers? What are you thoughts on the myths above? I would love to hear from you!

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Until next time